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" Neath our feet broke the brittle bright stubble like chaff; Till over by Dalhem a dome-spire sprang white, And "Gallop," gasped Joris, "for Aix is in sight! " " How they'll greet us ! " — and all in a moment his roan Rolled neck and croup over, lay... "
A Library of Poetry and Song: Being Choice Selections from the Best Poets - Сторінка 393
редактори - 1872 - 789 стор.
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Social Marketing: Why Should the Devil Have All the Best Tunes?

Gerard Hastings - 2007 - 367 стор.
...And sunk tail, and horrible heave of the flank, As down on her haunches she shuddered and sank. . . . 'How they'll greet us!' - and all in a moment his...fate, With his nostrils like pits full of blood to the brim, And with circles of red for his eye-sockets' rim. . . . And all I remember is, friends flocking...
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