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" A compendious or briefe examination of certayne ordinary complaints, of divers of our country men in these our dayes... "
Bibliotheca Grenvilliana - Сторінка 684
автори: British Museum. Department of Printed Books. Grenville Library - 1842
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Catalogue of Works on European Philology and the Minor European Languages

Bernard Quaritch - 1878
...Horse, with a treatise on Draught, 8vo. 581 pp. many woodcuts, cloth, 5s 1851 13700 [STAFFOED (William)] Compendious or briefe Examination of certayne ordinary complaints of divers of our countrymen in these our dayes, by WS Gentleman, sm. 4to. woodcut border round the title, fine copy...
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The British Critic: A New Review, Том 42

...dwellynge without Newgate, отег agaynft S. Sepulche» church. [1575.] " A compendious or brieffe Examination of Certayne ordinary Complaints, of divers of our Country men in thefe our Dayes : which although they are in fome part unjuft and frivolous, yet are they all, by way...
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