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" ... think of thee with many fears For what may be thy lot in future years. I thought of times when Pain might be thy guest, Lord of thy house and hospitality ; And Grief, uneasy lover ! never rest But when she sate within the touch of thee. O too industrious... "
The Book of Authors: A Collection of Criticisms, Ana, Môts, Personal ... - Сторінка 453
автори: William Clark Russell - 1871 - 516 стор.
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Rab and His Friends

John Brown - 2005 - 208 стор.
...the touch of thee. O, too industrious folly 1 O, vain and causeless melancholy ! Nature will cither end thee quite, Or, lengthening out thy season of...delight* Preserve for thee by individual right A young Iamb's heart among the full-grown flock." And we can imagine Scott, when holding his warm, plump little...
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