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" Earl of. Religion and policy and the countenance and assistance each should give to the other. With a survey of the power and jurisdiction of the Pope in the dominions of other princes. "
A Catalogue of the Library of the Athenæum - Сторінка 67
автори: Athenæum Club (London, England). Library - 1845 - 536 стор.
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Book Auction Records

Frank Karslake - 1908
...Edn., with Notes of Warburton, 7 vol., crimson mor. gilt, Oxford, 1849 Edwards, £2 2s. S. May 26 - Religion and Policy,... with a Survey of the Power and Jurisdiction of the Pope, 2 vol., LP, port., mor., ge with arms of the University of Oxford, imp. 8vo., Oxford, 181 1 Hunt, 13s....
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