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" Now scarcely moving through a reedy pool, Now starting to a sudden stream, and now Gently diffus'd into a limpid plain ; A various group the herds and flocks compose, Rural confusion ! on the grassy bank Some ruminating lie ; while others stand Half in... "
The Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne, in the County of Southampton - Сторінка 28
автори: Gilbert White - 1888 - 568 стор.
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From Enlightenment to Romanticism: Anthology II

Ian L. Donnachie, Ian Donnachie, Carmen Lavin - 2004 - 376 стор.
...back-ground, nor a more beautiful group. Such combinations are pleasing in life, in painting, and in poetry. -On the grassy bank Some ruminating lie, while others...flood; and often bending sip The circling surface. In the middle rears The strong, laborious ox his honest front, Which incomposed he shakes; and from...
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