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" Parliament, it was essential to the success of the commission with which your Majesty had honoured Sir Robert Peel, that he should have that public proof of your Majesty's entire support and confidence, which would be afforded by the permission to make... "
History of Europe: From the Fall of Napoleon, in MDCCCXV to the Accession of ... - Сторінка 351
автори: Archibald Alison - 1858
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The Spectacle of Intimacy: A Public Life for the Victorian Family

Karen Chase, Michael Levenson - 2009 - 264 стор.
...winning his point in that sacred space — by winning "permission to make some changes in that part of your Majesty's household which your Majesty resolved on maintaining entirely without change" (397) — would Peel feel that he had achieved the "confidence" to govern. The Whig polemic moved on...
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