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" ... hundred. As I was counting the arches, the genius told me that this bridge consisted at first of a thousand arches ; but that a great flood swept away the rest, and left the bridge in the ruinous condition I now beheld it ; but tell me farther, said... "
The Spectator, with Illustrative Notes: To which are Prefixed, the Lives of ... - Сторінка 167
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An Anthology of the Short Story in 18th and 19th Century America, Том 2

Edward W. R. Pitcher - 2000 - 793 стор.
...several broken Arches, which added to those that were entire made up the Number about an hundred. As I was counting the Arches, the Genius told me that this...rest, and left the Bridge in the ruinous Condition 1 now beheld it. But tell me further, said he, what thou discoverest on it. I see Multitudes of People...
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