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_ Pago

East India and the Opium Trade, by Francis Wharton, Esq 9

A General Bankrupt Law,by J. Van Cott, Esq 29

Turkey, Egypt, and Mehemet Ali, by E. W. Stoughton, Esq 35

The Coal Business of the United States, by J. Blunt, Esq 62

Imprisonment for Debt 72

American Steam Navigation, by James H. Lanman, Esq 105

Commerce and Commercial Character, by Philip Hone, Esq 129

Governmental History of the United States, from the earliest settlement, to the

adoption of the constitution, by Henry Sherman, Esq 146

Origin and Nature of Fire Insurance, by George W. Savage, Esq 159

Annual Report of the Mercantile Library Association 165

The American Cotton Trade, by James H. Lanman, Esq 201 - •

Free Trade, by S. G. Arnold, Esq 227

Origin and Nature of Fire Insurance, (con. from p. 159,) by Geo. W. Savage, Esq., 238

Banks, Banking, and Paper Currencies 245

The English East India Company, by Francis Brinley, Esq 297

The Currency, by George Wood, Esq - 317

Weights and Measures—Comparison of the Weights and Measures of the United
States, and several countries with which they have commercial intercourse, by

D.J. Browne, Esq 333

Commerce and Resources of New Hampshire, bv Jacob B. Moore, Esq 346

British Navigation Act, by Rev. Charles W. Upham 393

The Social Influence of Trade, and the Dangers and Duties of the Mercantile

Classes, by Rev. G. W. Burnap 415

Remarks on Free Trade, by Horace Greely, Esq 425

Coins, Weights, and Measures—Proposed change in Weights, Measures, and Moneys

in Great Britain and the United States, by D. J. Browne, Esq 434

Liability of Insurers to pay Contributions, by Zebedec Cook, Jr., Esq 440

Profits of Marine Insurance, by Joseph Balch, Esq. 444

Merchants of the Time of Queen Elizabeth, by T. W. Tucker, Esq 490

Duties on Imports considered, by Professor George W. Tucker, L.LD., of the University of Virginia 506

Plan of a National Bank, by W. S. Wetmore _ 528

Imprisonment for Debt, by Constance Freeman Daniels, Esq 538

LAWS RELATIVE TO DEBTOR AND CREDITOR. New York—Process—Provisions—Property Exempt from Execution—Jail Limits —False Pretences—Deeds—Wills—Statute of Limitations—Foreign Attachments—Courts—Bills of Exchange—Insolvency—Mortgages and Assignments —Judgment and Execution, by James H. Lanman, Esq., counsellor at law,

New York ~ 74


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