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Specimens of Prose Composition. The Short Story. Edited by Dr. Geo. H. NETTLETON of Yale. vii + 229 pp 16mo. 500., net,

Lamb's Superannuated Man, Irving's Rip Van Winkle, Haw. thorne's The Great Stone Face, Poe's Purloined Letter, Thackeray's · Phil Fogarty, Dickens' Dr. Marette's Manuscript, Harte's Vuicasts of Poker Flat, and Stevenson's Markheim. With introduction and


50c., net.


Forms of Discourse. Edited by Prof. E. H. LEWIS of Lewis

Institute, Chicago. 367 pp. 16mo. 600., net. A compact manual, with 58 selections, chiefly from contemporary authors, and designed to cover the field of the volumes below. Prose Narration. Edited by Dr. W. T. BREWSTER of Columbia.

xxxviii+209 pp. 16mo. Selections from Scott, Thackeray, Hawthorne, Austen, George Eliot, Stevenson, Henry James, etc. Part 1. Elements-Plot, Character, Setting, and Purpose. II. Combination of the Ele

III. Various kinds. IV. Technique of Good Narrative. Prose Description. Edited by Dr. CHARLES SEARS BALDWIN of

Yale. xlviii +145 pp. 16mo. 50c., net. Selections from Newman, Gibbon, Du Maurier, Burroughs, Carlyle, Swinburne, Pater, Henry James, Brander Matthews, Lamb, Landor, Stevenson, etc. With introduction and notes. Exposition. Edited by Prof. HAMMOND Lamont of Brown. xxiv +180 pp.

16mo. Includes : Development of a Brief ; G. C. V. Holmes on the Steam-engine ; Bryce on the U. S. Constitution ; “The Nation” on the Unemployed ; Matthew Arnold on Wordsworth ; etc., etc. Argumentation. Modern. Edited by Prof. Geo. P Baker of

Harvard. vii + 186 pp. 16mo. Speeches by Chatham, Lord Mansfield, Huxley, Erskine, etc., the first letter of Junius, and specimen brief.

50c., net.

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50c., net.

HENRY HOLT & CO., 3% Wabash Ave., Chicago.

St., New York

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Tutor in Rhetoric in Columbia College

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