Зображення сторінки
[blocks in formation]

Copyright, 1915

B. V. Hubbard



To the innumerable multitude of motherly women, who

love and faithfully serve their fellowmen with a high regard for duty, with a veneration for God, respect for authority, and love for husband, home and heaven, whether such a

woman is the mother of children, or whether she has been

denied motherhood and bestows her motherliness upon all

who are weak, distressed and afflicted.

This book is also dedicated to the man who is, in nature, a knight and protector of the weak, the defender of the good, who shrinks no responsibility, who has a paternal love of home, a patriotic affection for country, veneration for moral and religious precepts, and who has the courage to combat evil and fight for all that which is good.

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