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State Library Bulletin

Bibliography no. 20 December 1899



The list of really good authorities on this subject is a small one. It is true that “any specific advice in regard to furnishing and decorating is apt to be ludicrously unpractical;” but it is also true that “every fresh suggestion has its value” though it may not exactly suit the taste or convenience of the reader who receives the suggestion. Mrs Alice Morse Earle's advice on this class of books is admirable. She says: “Get the book and learn what you can from it, but reserve to yourself a very keen judgment about many things that it advises."

ABBREVIATIONS Call numbers are given for all books in the New York state library even though the edition differs from that described in the list. Books in the home education department bave no book number. Books marked e bave been persopally examined, while e indicates that the editiou examined is not the same as that entered in the list.

The source of critical notes is given, whether quoted exactly or given in substance ; unsigned notes are by the compiler. Volume and page numbers are separated by a colon; e. g. 3: 145 means vol. 3, p. 145.

The following are the principal abbreviations used. Others are selfexplanatory. Drexel Drexel institute of art, science and industry-Library, Decoration and

design. (Reference lists, Dec. 1896, no. 3) Leypoldt Leypoldt, Mrs A. H. & Iles, George. List of books for girls and

women and their clubs. 1895 N. Y. state traveling lib. ; household economios N. Y. (state)--Public libraries

division. List of 50 volumes on household economics. 1898 Sturgis Sturgis, Russell & Krehbiel, H: E: Annotated bibliography of fine art. 1897

The forms used for foreigo) prices with their approximate American equivalents are as follows: £ pound $5

m mark 24c d penny 2c

S shilling 250 fr franc 20c

American catalogue. 1880-96
American library association Catalog of A. L. A.” library. 1893
American newspaper directory. 1897
Annual American catalogue. 1895-98
Annnal index of periodicals and photographs. 1891-98
Annual literary index. 1892-98
Avery architectural library, Columbia university. Catalogne. 1895
Boston-Public library. Decorative art. (Bulletin, Ap. 1878, 3: 348)

- Works on ornament and decoration. (Bulletin, July 1875, 2 : 389-92)
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Bowdoin college--Library. Bibliographical contributions. 1893-98
Campbell, Mr8 Helen (Stuart). Household economics. 1897

Bibliography on decoration, p. 104-6; furnishing, p. 126.
Carnegie library of Pittsburgh (Pa.) Catalogue of the J. D. Bernd depart.

ment of architecture. 1898 Cumulative index to periodicals, 1896-Feb. 1899. 1897-99 Drexel institute of art, science and industry-Library. Decoration and design.

(Reference lists, Dec. 1896, no. 3) English catalogue. 1864-98 Fletcher, W:I: “A. L. A." index. 1893 Gayley, C: M. & Scott, F. N. Guide to tbe literature of aesthetics. 1890 Haferkorn, H: E. & Heise, P. E. A. Handy lists of technical literature.

1889-93. pt 1, 5-6 Hartford (Ct.)-Public library House building and house furnishing. (Bul.

letin, Jan. 1884, v.6, no. 1, p. 2-3) Johnson, Mrs Elizabeth (Winthrop). Studio arts. 1878

“Books upon art,” p. 147-57. Loypoldt, Mrs A. H. & Iles, George. List of books for girls and women and

their clubs. 1895 Massachusetts library club. Books of the year. 1897 Nachtmann, Mr8 Alice (Newman). Index to subject bibliographies in library bul

letins. 1898 (N. Y. (state)-Library. Bulletin; bibliography. no. 14) N. Y. (state)-Library. Subject card catalogue N. Y. (state)-Public libraries division. Best books. 1894-99 - List of 50 of the best volumes on household economics selected by the New York housebold economic association. 1898

– Traveling library finding lists. 1892-98 Nottingham (Eng. )-Free public libraries. Fine arts. 1884 (Reference library

class lists. 10. 4. H) Osterhout free library, Wilkesbarre (Pa.) Catalogue. 1889 Peabody institute of the city of Baltimore. Catalogue of the library. 1883-92 Perkins, F: B. Best reading. 1885 Poole, W: F: & Fletcher, W: I: Index to periodical literature. 1882

-- supplement. 1888-97 Pratt institute-Free library. Literature pertaining to household art; revised to Jan. 10, 1898. 1898

Typewritten list.

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