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University of Rochester. Robinson, Otis Hall. Notes from Rochester.

(see Library journal, May 1880, 5 : 142-43) 020.5 qL61 e

- Rochester university library; administration and use. (see U. S.-Education, Bureau of. Circular of information, 1880, no. 1, p. 15–27)

379.73. Unë e For abstract see Library journal, June 1880, 5: 180-82, 020.5 qL61. Utah university. Coray, G. Q. Library and reading room. (see Uni

versity chronicle, Mar. 1894, 2: 221–22) 378.792 YUQ e Editorial on p. 220.

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Vermont university. Billings library. (see Vermont-Library commis

sion. Biennial report; 1897-98. 1898. 2:55-56) 027.4743 e Has ove exterior view. Billings library; the gift to the University of Vermont of Frederic

Billings. 14pl. ob.Q. Bost. 189- Heliotype printing co.

Harv. e Loose plates in portfolio. Goodrich, J. E. Library of the University of Vermont. (see

Vermont-Library commission. Biennial report; 1895-96. 1896. 1:73-75)

027.4743 e Has one exterior and two interior views. Winslow, William C. Library of Vermont university. (see University quarterly, July 1861, 4: 30-48)

378 Un3 e Vermont university-Library. Catalogue of the books belong

ing to the library. 93p. O. Burlington 1836. Congress e

— Alphabetical supplement; 1842. 25p. O. n.t-p. Burlington 1842.

Congress e The Catalogue, 1836 and Supplement, 1842 were also issued as one volume.

– Alphabetical and analytical catalogue of the library. 163P. O. Burlington 1854.

Congress e Marsh, George Perkins. Catalogue of the library of G: P. Marsh. 742p. Q. Burlington 1892. Vermont university.

019.2 qM35 e Koopman, Harry Lyman. Bibliography of George Perkins Marsh. 24p. O. Burlington 1892. Vermont university.

012 M35 e Reprinted from G:P. Marsh's Catalogue, 1892, p. 439-46, 019.2 qM35.

Virginia university. Harrison, James Albert. Martin Hertz and

the Hertz philological collection in the university library. (see Virginia university_Faculty. Alumni bulletin, May 1897, 4:8-18)

378.755 QUM e K, C. W. University of Virginia and its burned library. (see

Library journal, Jan. 1896, 21:17-18) 020.5 qL61 e Extracts from his “University ablaze" in Virginia university faculty, Alumni bulletin, Nov. 1895, 2:67–78, 378.755 qUM. Library. (see Virginia university-Faculty. Alumni bulletin, Feb. 1895, 1: 109-10)

378.755 ZUM e Page, F. W. Our library. (see Virginia university-Faculty.

Alumni bulletin, Nov. 1895, 2:78–85) 378.755 qUM e “Further note on the library”, p.101-3. Virginia university-Library, Catalogue; arranged alphabetic

ally under different heads; also notice of donations of books to the university. 1140. O. Charlottesville, Va. 1828.

017.1 V81 e Wabash college. Wabash college-Library. Catalogue. 287p. O. Lafayette, Ind. 1889.

019.1 Wue Washington and Jefferson college. Washington and Jefferson col

lege - Library. Catalogue; 1885. gop.O. Wash, Pa. 1885.

Congress e Wellesley college. Godfrey, Lydia Boker. College library. 3p. illus. sq.O. n.t-p. n.p. 189-.

022 e Originally printed in Wellesley magazine, Jan. 1897, 5: 209–11, 376.8 WQ.

- Design for a new library building for Wellesley college.

(see Library journal, Feb. 1899, 24:63–64) 020.5 qL61 e Largely quoted from the preceding article. Has plan. Library festival at Wellesley college, June 4, 1886. 65p. ipl. Q. Camb. Mass. 1886. J: Wilson.

Harv. e Wesleyan university. Wesleyan university-Library. Catalogue. 5op. O. Middletown, Ct. 1837.

018.1 e Russell library & Wesleyan university-Library. Class

list for literature; with appendix: Books of all time by F. Ley. poldt and L. E. Jones. 64+76+39p. T. Middletown, Ct. West Virginia university. Raymond, Jerome H: The university

028 e


library. (see Athenaeum of the West Virginia university, Oct. 1897, v. 10, no. 2, p. 57)

378.754 W5Q e Williams college. Williams college library. (see Norton's literary gazette, Mar. 1853, 3: 37)

015.73 qL71 e Has one illustration. * Williams college-Library. Catalogue. 1794.

63p. 1852.
87p. O. Bost. 1861.

017.1 e 233p. 1874.

- 233p. O. North Adams 1875. 017.1 e Yale university. Beach, David N. Library by moonlight. (see Porter, J: A. ed. Sketches of Yale life. 1886. p.18-23)

378.746 YE4 e Reprinted from Yale literary magazine, Oct. 1870, 36: 17-22, 378.746 YQ. Beach, Harlan P. Consolidation of the libraries. (see Yale

literary magazine, Mar. 1864, 29: 193-98) 378.746 YQ e Belden, Ezekiel Porter. College library. (see his Sketches of Yale college. 1843. p.94-102)

378.746 YE3 e Has one plan and one view of library. College edifices and their relation to education. (see American

• literary magazine, Nov. 1847, 1: 269–74) 051 Am23 e Devoted largely to the library of Yale university. Frontispiece of the November number of American literary magazine is Yale college library. Curtius library; many old and valuable volumes come to Yale. (see Yale alumni weekly, Feb. 1897, v.6, no. 20, p.4)

378.746 fYT e
Half a column.
Decrow, William Emery. The library. (see his Yale university
n.d. p.13-18)

Harv. e
Contains three illustrations of the Yale libraries.
Farnam, Henry W. Unpleasant figures ; library resources of dit-

ferent universities. (see Yale alumni weekly, Feb. 1896, v.5,
no. 17, p.1)

378.746 fYT e A column and a balf. Editorial on p. 4 and suggestions by G: B. Adams

on p. 6.

Yale university. Gilman, Daniel Coit. Archaeological collection in

the library of Yale college. (see University quarterly, Oct. 1861, 4:277-86)

378 Unz e - Library of Yale college. 189.89. n.p. 1860. Also published in University quarterly, Oct. 1860, 2: 244–61, 378 Un3. Herrick, Edward Claudius. Yale college library. (see Norton's literary gazette, Oct. 1852, 2:188)

015.73 9L71 e Also printed in Norton's literary register and book buyer's almanac for 1853, p. 18–22, 020.5 N82. Has one illustration.

— Yale college library. (see Guild, R.A. Librarian's manual. 1858. p.128–36)

016.01 G94 e Based on the preceding article. One illustration. Joy, James R. Can Yale keep the pace? it seems to depend on

the future of the library. (see Yale alumni weekly, Jan. 1896, V. 5, no. 15, p. 1)

378.746 fYT e One column. Editorial on p. 4. Statements corrected Feb. 1896, v. 5, no. 16, p. 4. Libraries of the university. (see Yale alumni weekly, June 1894, V. 3, no. 33, p. 2)

378.746 fYT e Library. (see Yale literary magazine, Mar. 1869, 34:215-19)

378.746 YQ e Lounsbury, Thomas Raynesford. Yale college library. (see Yale, literary magazine, Feb. 1886, 51: 219-27)

378.746 YQ e Memorial library, Yale college. (see Library journal, Aug. 1888, 13:249)

020.5 qL61 e From Yale new8, June 29, 1888, 378.746 YQ. Palmer, Arthur H. A remarkable collection; some of the

features of the Riant library. (see Yale alumni weekly, Oct. 1896, v. 6, no. 4, p. 1, 5)

378.746 fYT e Editorial on p. 4. Public libraries. (see New Englander, July 1843, 1:307-11)

051 N421 e Has two pages on Yale college library with a view and plans. Skinner, Richard. An hour or two in the college library. (see Yale literary magazine, Nov. 1861, 27:41-52)

378.746 YQ e Smith, Charles Henry. The university library. (see Chamber.

lain, J. L. and others, ed. Universities and their sons. 1898. 1:368–76)

378.73 qC35 e Has exterior and interior views.

Yale university. Van Name, Addison. The college library and its

auxiliaries. (see Atwater, E: E. ed. History of the city of New Haven. 1887. p. 187-88)

974.68 qAto e - Library. (see Kingsley, W: L. ed. Yale college. 1879. 1:184-89)

378.746 fYE e Contains two plates of library. Welch, Lewis Sheldon & Camp, Walter. The library. (see their Yale. 1899. P.383-88)

378.746 YE e Contains exterior view of new Yale library building Yale university-Library. Extract from the laws of Yale col

lege respecting the library ; Aug. 1855. 2p.8o. n. t-p.

New Haven 1855. - - Laws. 7p. O. n.t-p. n. p. 1872. 024 e Yale's new university library building. (see Library journal, Aug. 1890, 15: 233)

020.5 qL61 e From the Sun (New York). Contains one exterior view of library.

Catalogues Yale university-Library. Catalogue. 43p. S. New London, Ct. 1743.

017.1 YI - Catalogue of books. 52p. O. New Haven 1791. f -- Jan. 1808. 79p:0. New Haven 1808. f

Catalogue of the library. 102p.O. New Haven 1823. e
Catalogue of books. 47p.S. New Haven 1855. f

Catalogue of the cabinet of coins. 47p.0. New Haven 1863.

737 Yi e - Catalogue of the Greek and Roman coins in the numismatic collection ; by Jonathan Edwards. 236p.0. New Haven 1880.

737 Yu e Riant, Paul E. D. comte. Catalogue de la bibliothèque de feu

M. le Comte Riant; rédigé par L. de Germon et L. Polain ; première partie : livres concernant la Scandinavie. 409p.O.

Par. 1896. A. Picard & Fils. “Passed entire into the library of Yale university.” Yale university-Library. Catalogue of books. 106f. 1 tab.O. Lpz. 1896.

016.8917 Yie Catalogue of the Russian collection, privately printed. The donor chose to have both the gift and the catalogue anonymous.

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