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lity of their incoherent and confused the ship had anchored. But before I aggregate, that, on our awaking, few touch briefly on our ramble in Long of the hovering forms of such as were Island, and on the entertainment we latest reflected on the sensorium, can met with there, it will be right to say with any distinctness be traced. But something of our “ bill of fare” on in the example, among others, of long board, during the latter part of our calms at sea, fancy has either to weave voyage. Our stock of tea and sugar her web from materials before collecte being expended, our breakfast-substied, or to supply others which may be tute was gruel, with a slice of butter, stored in the worst-provided of the the primitive rancidity of which was cells. The mind not having been other- any thing but corrected by a change wise than intellectually employed du- of climate, thrown into it to relieve its ring the day, in the absence of all the mawkish taste. Hosts of the insects external objects she would cheerfully called weevils had taken possession of have embraced, seeks a compensation the biscuit, and required some effort at night, and, culling from her maga- to dislodge. The cheese was not of zine the choicest of its treasures, forms the kind called Suffolk-bang, which images, which, although ideal, rival keeps well, and is best cut with a in congruity and perspicuousness those hatchet, it having been sometime disthat are real. It was thus, that, du- used in the navy; but of a skim-milk ring our wearisome detention in the quality too feeble to resist putrefacGulf-stream, I was favoured by dreams, tion. The ship-beef may be passed the interesting particulars of which I over as too common to deserve a place could have accurately written down at in these annals; but the pork, unlike: breakfast-time, and several of which, the heteroclite substance of Hostess if I had been born a Frenchman, in Quickly, who was taxed by the fat the true spirit of that nation, I might knight with being “ neither fish nor have introduced into a “ Recueil choisi flesh,” having been eured on the Irish de pièces galantes."

coast, where the pigs are said to estaThe calms were succeeded by gentle blish their fond domain, aud to feed breezes, which having freshened by on whatever the waters, in their imdegrees into a brisk and steady gale, petuous course, may chance to throw we were at length wafted to the anxi- up, was as fishy to the taste as the ously desired port. We made the flesh of a sea-gull. My guardship-dehigh land of Neversink; passed Sandy bauch having given me a fixed averHook, at the entrance of the river of sion to spirits and water, vulgarly callNew York; anchored in the evening ed grog, when the ship-beer was no of the 10th of March, 1777, off Graves- longer abroach, I surrendered to my end, in Long Island; and arrived at messmates my daily allowance of rum, New York early the following morn- and confined myself at my meals to ing, after a passage of precisely four- the pure element, if pure that can be teen weeks, during which we had not called, which gave out a squalid fetor seen any intermediate land. Several that would have nauseated a chamberof our convoy had, as the safest expe- maid if she had had to empty it into dient, wind and weather considered, her slop-pail, and was of as deep a been to the West Indies, and there re- tinge as if it had served to rince a fitted : these we found lying in the hatter's cauldron. It was pleasant, harbour, as if to verify the old proverb, however, when we were on a scanty that “the farthest way about is the allowance of this delectable fluid, to nearest way home.”

observe the seamen, oppressed with It is said that certain dogs, with the thirst, while the frigate was in the particular breed of which I am unac- trolly-lollies, as they term it, that is, quainted, but which must have been rolling to and fro in the Gulf-stream, found useful at sea, in cases where a form an evening party to beguile the bad reckoning has been kept, and chro- marine-centinel planted over the wanometers not provided, scent the land ter-butt at the fore part of the quarterat a great, nay, almost inconceivable deck ; taking advantage of the nonchadistance. My companions and myself lance of the officers on watch, during snuffed its balmy fragrance; and, long- this interval of comparative repose, ing to taste its sweets, obtained per- while some, collected on the gangway, mission to visit the shore shortly after drew his attention to a bewitching tale, others on the main-deck below, pro- tering prospects, which were speedily vided with a gimlet and a spill, tapped realized. We sailed for Delaware Bay. ; the butt, and filled their cans. and, during an absence of less than

Instead of uncivilized Indians dwell- seven weeks, were present at the caping in their wigwams, and the wild ture of nearly twenty American and scenery fancy had pictured, we found, French vessels. Such a state of marion landing, buildings and cultivated time warfare was never before witgrounds much resembling those of our nessed, and will never perhaps be seen own “ blest isle." As we penetrated again, nearly all the force and means into the interior, the similitude was of annoyance being on one side. The still more striking ; for, with the ex. Congress had not as yet equipped any ception of an occasional plantation of ships of war; and from the privateers maize, and a few black faces that be- we had so little to dread, that the spoke a slavish condition, all was cha- captain of our frigate had, in the comracteristically British. The population mand of one of the smallest class, was not purely so, as we found on in- beaten off an entire flotilla of them quiry; but the descendants of the some months before. We were, thereearly Dutch settlers, having sunk their fore, not under any apprehension of national character into the aggregated falling in with, and having to encounmass, were only distinguishable from ter, a superior foree, or what is jocutheir neighbours by speaking among larly called “a Scotch prize;" but had themselves the language of their pro- much to hope, and nothing to fear. genitors. We bounded like kids over On the day following that of our pleasantly diversified tracts of hill and departure, we captured a French brig dale; and after a ramble of two hours, from Martinique bound to Philadelreturning toward the shore, demandó phia : finding that there was but little ed refreshments at a farm-house. The chance of her reaching her destined mistress, whom we were to consider port, she did not give us much trouble as our landlady, it being then the cus- to chace, but very politely met us tom, in the absence of taverns, to en- half-way. The circuitous route she tertain strangers at the farm-houses, had taken to shun our cruizers, joined was not long in providing a breakfast to adverse winds, had reduced her of tea, coffee, buttered toast, bacon, crew, and several merchant-passengers, and eggs. Our demands on her were to straits forcibly illustrative of the so unceasing, and of such a magnitude, miseries attendant on a navigation in that she must have supposed our pro- troubled seas. For some time past visions on board to have been expend- their daily allowance of food had been ed, and that we were laying in a store confined to half a biscuit each, their for a long cruize. While the good- other provisions having been utterly natured soul expressed her pleasure at expended : it is true that molasses, being enabled to gratify our almost which might have afforded some nuinsatiable cravings, we threw a glance, triment, constituted a part of her carfrom time to time, not without emo- go; but how were they to allay the tion, on her pretty, bashful daughters. thirst it would have provoked, when Contrasting our present cheer, which the water on board was as scarce as the exercise we had taken in a salu- the bread ? It was an affecting spectabrious air made still more inviting, cle to observe them, when they found with that on board, to which, after that the cooks were preparing the dinhaving passed the night in a foul and ner they were to share with the ship's damp atmosphere, we listlessly seated company, while the countenance of ourselves-not to appease bunger-for each beamed with gladness, hastily to that we were strangers—but to sup- devour the portion which, but for our port nature - I would ask whether rencounter, must have served them for those who suffer these privations, set- the day. ting aside the perils to which they are Our next capture presented us with exposed, and the toils they have to en- an agreeable case of somnambulism. dure, do not earn more than the bread At three in the morning, a blazing they eat?

light, apparently close to us, was disa The success of the British cruizers cerned through a dense fog: the helm then on the station, which was an- was instantly put up, and in two minounced to us by the daily arrival of nutes we were along-side of an Ametheir prizes in port, held out very flat, rican sloop from St Eustatia bound to Philadelphia. No sooner had the crew return to New York, we hailed each been brought on board the frigate, new success as contributing to the than they assailed the cabin-boy, and means; and it was well for us that would have handled him very roughly, these successes were multiplied. At if we had not interfered. Having, it that time the niarket was so glutted inay be conjectured, bis mind strong with prizes and their cargoes, that, on ly impressed with his customary morn- our afterward coming to a reckoning ing-task, he had risen in his sleep, had with the agent, our expectations were struck a light, and kindled the wood. baulked of more than the one-half. To shavings lie had laid overnight in the proceed now to a survey of the expenses grate for cooking. But for this sudden that were likely to be incurred in these illumination, our Yankee guests might projected scenes of mirthful interhave taken their breakfast in their own course :-In Great Britain each merway on board the sloop, instead of cantile commodity has its graduated being indebted to the tarnation tories, value, from a farthing to a pound: at as they styled us, for one they could New York the estimate was made by little relish.

the dollar and its greater divisions. The instruction given to the cruizers Our boatswain had been on shore to was either to burn, or scuttle and sink purchase what he called the vigitables, the smaller craft, after taking out, as meaning the necessaries of life. On his prudence dictated, the most valuable returning on board, he was chided for parts of their cargoes. A sufficient having stayed beyond his leave; and number of hands could not be spared his excuse was somewhat whinsical. to send into port what would yield He had not dared, he said, to ask the but little profit ; at the same time, hour, for – and here he drew from that, by this measure, the Americans, his pocket a pair of scissars, and a claspwho were straining every nerve to pro- knife, both of the coarsest Birininghain cure West India and other produce, manufacture on his stepping into together with warlike implements and a store, it had cost him a quarter of a stores, would be cramped in their dollar to open his mouth, and half a means of transport, it being well known dollar to shut it. At the tavern, a beefthat they had agents at New York for steak, and a flock-bed laid on chairs, the purchase of prize-vessels. Having in an apartment where at least a dozen delivered ours of a few puncheons of inmates snored in concert, were priced rum, as we had caught her in a blaze, at a dollar each, or eight shillings New she was sentenced to be burnt. York currency;* a bottle of port-wine,

Scarcely a morning passed but we free of duty, was rated ten shillings; were roused at day-break by the shrill and every other requisite or luxury we pipes of the boatswain and his mates, could ask for was proportionately dear. to announce a sail a-head, on the wea- A basin of pea-soup, purely farinacether-bow, on the lee-bow, &c.; and ous, cost a quarter of a dollar, and on never did sportsman rejoice more than one occasion might have cost the life ourselves at having his game in view. of a meritorious land-officer, whose priThe idlers, as they are called on ship- vate affairs had brought him from his board, because they do not partake of regiment to New York. It is well the active duties of seamanship, how- known that this culinary preparation, ever some among them may be occa- when not properly qualified, is apt to sionally occupied by more serious tasks, generate flatulencies; it may, theresprang forward to the forecastle, each fore, be conjectured by some, that our provided with his telescope, to watch hero, having come off his journey hunfor the object which, now faintly dis- gry and fatigued, and with his stomach cerned from the mast-head, would intlated by wind, was, by the effect of soon, if our superiority in sailing this sudden additament, in danger of should permit, afford us a profitable bursting explosively like an overcharsolution of the problem of the convex- ged musket; but such was not the ity of the earth. It being our decided fact. A sea-officer, or, if the reader intention to recreate ourselves on our will needs have it so, a sea-brute, with

On the subject of colonial currencies, a curious story was related to me by a midshipman, a young sprig of fashion. He had been at Newport, in Rhode Island, where several of the trades-people still kept their accounts in old-tenor, the dollar being reckoned at ten pounds. "To reconcile his noble relatives in England to the heavy draughts he had made on them, he sent home his tailor's bill of two hundred and eighty pounds for a suit of uniforms!

out feeling or discretion, suspecting that island belonged exclusively to the his poverty, which would not allow society of Friends more commonly callhim to keep pace with the current ex- ed Quakers. Jenkins, the master, raipenses, taxed him in the coffee-room, sed the officer in his arms, and held inost perseveringly and provokingly, him up as if he had been an infant:with making a paltry dinner; the de- “Friend,” said he, “ I have only to bate at length ran so high, that it throw thee overboard, and return to threatened to terminate in a duel, as Philadelphia ; but I will not take adwas the case some years ago in Paris, vantage of thy distress. I will go on on a similar occasion. A French offi- board the frigate, and act the part of a cer, arriving on a congé from a distant friend, by using my best endeavours province, entered the café militaire, to free her of her peril." His offer was and called for a bavaroise au lait,* of cheerfully accepted; and, by his help the value of six sous, at an hour when and intelligence, that was done which the badauds, or Paris cocknies, were might not otherwise bave been accommostly occupied in making a solid re- plished; the frigate once more floated past. Another officer, observing this, in deep water. placed himself at his side, and, in terms Friend Jenkins was a man of an too gross to bear translation, reproach- uncommonly large stature, and athletic ed hiin with the sorry dinner he was make; but mild and gentle in his detaking. His bitter taunts were no portment. The feats of' strength he longer to be endured; the parties sal- displayed on board the frigate, entitled lied forth, and the one who had re- him to a place in the foremost rank of ceived the provocation fell, booted and those whose surprising muscular powspurred, with the bavaroise on his sto- ers have acquired thein celebrity. Cofmach.

fin, the mate, possessed a vigorous What shall I say of you, harmless mind, and, of the two, was the most natives of the island of Nantucket, interesting. Without money in his whose mildand beneficent creed had in- pocket, be had landed at Boston, in structed you to shun individual strife, his early youth, and, penetrating into and to shudder at the calamities of a the interior, had spent several years warfare in which you were never ac- among the Indian tribes of both Ametively engaged ? Would that I could ricas, studying their manners, and conhave softened efficaciously those which forming himself to their usages. He befel you, at a time when the only had visited the greater portion of these offering I could make you, was to con- tribes; and his details respecting them, sole you, and to share your griefs ! We and what he had seen besides, were a were sailing up Delaware Bay, when a constant fund of entertainment to us, vessel was descried a-head, making to- while he was pining inwardly with wards us as if we had been "friends.” grief. It is related of the original HarWhen within reach of gun-shot, she lequin of the French scene, that, haobeyed the signal, and lowered her ving become hypochondriacal, he consails. She was boarded ; but scarcely sulted a physician, not of his acquainthad the officer, with his boat's crew, ance, who recommended to him to taken possession, when the frigate repair to the theatre, and see Carolan. struck on the Brandy-wine shoal. “I am,” said he, “ the Carolan by The utmost consternation prevailed on whom all Paris is amused, and who board ; the water was started from the am myself consuming with melanchobutts of the upper tier; other means ly.” Thus it was with friend Coffin, were resorted to, to lighten her and who still wore an air of tranquil conlessen her draught, to the end that, by tent, while he stifled his sorrows in hacking the sails, she might free the the efforts he made to contribute to shoal ; it was even proposed to throw our amusement. Estranged from the over-board the guns. In this extre- comforts and conveniences of a civil. mity, the boat's crew had been sent ized state, by the erratic life be liad back to the frigate, where their pre- led among savage hordes, custom had sence was required, the officer remain- made him as hardy as a Bedouin-Arab; ing on board the prize, the Raven his bed was a sack filled with straw, schooner of Nantucket. It should here in which, laid on the planks, he buried be observed, that the inhabitants of himself to the chin.

Bave, slaver-hence, bavaroise-how delicate! It is an infusion of the herb called "tea," sweetened with the syrup of capillaire, and is prepared either with or without milk.

The small island of Nantucket, ly- pected “ friends!" it was in vain that ing in the vicinity of Rhode Island, is you mingled with the throng, while too barren to grow corn; its peaceful as yet a gleam of illusive hope burst and industrious inhabitants are there on you, and you did not forebode the fore obliged to procure elsewhere the extent of the calamity that was to beprime necessary of life, by bartering fal you. Never were you to witness against it the produce of their coasts. the return of the well beloved, and to The schooner had taken to Philadel- press them to your bosoms !-allphia a cargo of dried fish, and was re- yes, all !-were swept off by the conturning with a lading of four. So tagious fever which then raged in the little did friend Jenkins, in his sim- jail of New York. plicity, suspect that we should detain Among our prizes was a brig-of-war, him, on learning his errand, and the the Raleigh, which had been just fitnecessities of his fellow-islanders, by ted for sea, and, as her officers informwhich it bad been prompted, that he ed us, bore the first commission issued had persuaded himself he hail merely by Congress. She was to make a trial to relate the artless tale, to be allowed of her strength in a cruize off the island to proceed. He did not dilate on the of Martinique; and we captured her particular service he had rendered us, . within the Bay of Chesapeak, precisely however he might be sensible that, five hours after she had sailed from but for him, our best accommodation Baltimore, in Maryland, on which aemight have been sought within the count our sailors christened her, “ the narrow limits of our boats. « The five hours' frolic.” This was not the flour," he said, “ can be conveniently only fatality that hung over her, as stowed in the frigate ; let it be taken the sequel will show. The captain and out, and permit me and my crew to the two lieutenants, having very obsereturn to Nantucket, with a paper ad- quiously surrendered their swords on dressed to the vessels of your nation the quarter-deck; the former, a fine we may chance to fall in with on our young man, was conducted at midnight way. The schooner is old and crazy; to the great cabin, to become the inshe will not tempt them, and will mate of our cominander. Several of his fetch but little at New York; while brother officers, provided they became the advantage, for which we shall be acquainted with this, must have taken ever thankful, will to us be great." A high umbrage, and have condemned it humane feeling, not to speak of grati- as an act of over civility to a rebel, tude for a benefit received, might have who, according to them, was entitled yielded to this suggestion; a portion, to no other than the harshest treatat least, of the cargo might have been ment, and whose partizans would, in generously added to the boon; and the their rooted opinion, never have an opschooner might have been reckoned portunity to retaliate. They were tenamong the worthless craft directed to der towards the traders, but relentbe scuttled or burnt; but the barba- less to those of any note in the armed rous usage of war ordered it otherwise. vessels that fell into their hands. She had sailed from an island, the in- ! Who are you, sir ?" said, much habitants of which professed, it is true, about the same time, in a stern tone of to be in amity with all mankind, but voice, an officer of this persuasion who whose position brought them into a commanded a consort ship. “ The more strict relation with those who captain.”—"Put a broom in his hand; were hostile to us; she had carried a he will make an excellent sweeper." -supply to an enemy's port, and was to “ And you, sir?” to a spruce gentlebe delivered over to the court of Vice- man, who, fearful of being plundered, Admiralty on our arrival at New York. had clad himself in his best suit. Our stay there was short; but, on our “ A merchant passenger.”—“ Hand return from the next cruize, we anxi- him over to the cook, to scour the copously hastened on shore, to inquire pers.” And this was still the usage ; after our

friends, and the captive and thus the interrogatories were ad

Men of Nantucket ! honest dressed to the selected few. Quakers! it was in vain that you as- “ How do you do, Mr -? I'm sembled daily on the beach, to watch glad to see you,” was the salutation of the approach of your companions, with old Stephen Turmidge, one of our the promised succour. And you, wives, quarter-masters, to an inferior officer children, and relatiyes of the long ex- of the brig. “ It is now some years


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