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The Delinquent, 2s od Notoriety, a Comedy, 28 od
The Will, a Comedy, 2s 6d How to grow Rich, 2s6d
Folly as it Flies, 2s 6d The Rage, a Comedy, 2s 6d
Life, a Comedy, 2s 6d Speculation, a Comedy, 2s od
Management, a Comedy, 2s 6d The Blind Bargain, 28 od
Laugh when you can, 2s od Fortune's Fool, 2s 6d
The Dramatist, 2s od

Werter, a Tragedy, 25

The Honey Moon, a Comedy, by John Tobin,28 6d
The Duenna, a Comic Opera, by Mr. Sheridan, 2s od
The Heiress, a Comedy, by General Burgoyne, 25 od
'The Road to Ruin, a Comedy, By Mr. Holcroft, 2s od
Deserted Daughter, a Comedy, by ditto, 2s 6d
The Belle's Stratagem, a Comedy, by Mrs. Cowley, 2s6d
Which is the Man ? a Comedy, By ditto, 2s 6d
England Preserv'd, a Tragedy, by Mr. Watson, 2s 6d
The Bank Note, a Comedy, by Mr. Macready, 2s 6d
The Votary of Wealth, a Comedy, by Mr. Holman, 2s 6d
Ramah Droog; or, Wine does Wonders, by J. Cobb, Esq. 2s 6d
Mary, Queen of Scots, a Tragedy, by Hon. Mr. St. John, 2s od

The Stranger, a Play, as performed at Drury Lane, 2s 6d
The Maid of Bristol, a Play, by Mr. Boaden, 2s
Raising the Wind, a Farce, by Mr. Kenney, is 6d
Matrimony, a Petit Opera, by ditto, is 6d
Too many Cooks, by ditto, is od
The Point of Honour, a Play, by Mr. C. Kemble, 2s
What is She? a Comedy, 2s 6d
Wife in the Right, a Comedy, by Mrs. Griffith, 2s od
Julia; or, the Italian Lover, a Tragedy, by Mr. Jephson, 25 od
Clementina, a Tragedy, by Kelly, 2s od
Doctor and Apothecary, a Farce, is od
Smugglers, a Farce, is od
First Floor, a Farce, is 6d
Tit for Tat, a Farce, 1s 6d
Sultan, a Farce, is 6d
Match for a Widow, an Opera, is od
Turnpike Gate, a Farce, by Knight, is od
Soldier's Return, a Farce, is od
Hartford Bridge, a Farce, by Mr. Pearce, is od
The Midnight Wanderers, an Opera, by ditto, is od
Netley Abbey, an Opera, by ditto, 1s 6d
Arrved at Portsmouth, a Farce, by ditto, ls 6d
The Mysteries of the Castle, by Mr. Andrews, 2s od
The Irishman in London, a Farce, by Mr. Macready, 1s 0:1
Lock and Key, a Farce, by Mr. Hoare, 1s od
Marian, an Opera, by Mrs. Brookes, is od

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