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Take thy last look; if yet ihy eyes can bear
To look upon a wretch accurst, cast off
By Heaven and thee-

Eud. Forbear,
O cruel man! Why wilt thou rack me thus ?
Didst thou not mark--thou didst, when last we

The pangs, the strugglings of my suffering soul;
That nothing but the hand of Heaven itself
Could ever drive me from thee!-

-Dost thou now Reproach me thus ? or canst thou have a thought That I can e'er forget thee ?

Pho. (Rising.] Have a care !
I'll not be rtur’d more with thy false pity !
No, I renounce it. See, I am prepar'd.

[Showing a Dagger. Thy cruelty is mercy now—Farewell ! And death is now but a release from torment !

Eud. Hold-Stay thee yet !-O madness of despair ! And wouldst thou die ? Think, ere thou leap'st the gulf, When thou hast trod that dark, that unknown, way, Canst thou return? What if the change prove worse ! O think if then

Pho. No--thought's my deadliest foe; And therefore to the grave I'd fly to shun it! Eud. O fatal error

-Like a restless ghost,
It will pursue and haunt thee still; even there,
Perhaps, in forms more frightful.
How wilt thou curse thy rashness than ! How start,
And shudder, and shrink back ! yet how avoid
To put on thy new being ?

Pho. I thank thee !
For now I'm quite undone- LI

gave up

all For thee before, but this ; this bosom friend, My last reserve -There

[Throws away the Dagger. Tell me now, Eudocia, Cut off from hope, deny'd the food of life,

And yet forbid to die, what am I now?
Or what will fate do with me ?
Eud. Oh-

[Turns away, weeping.
Pho. Thou weep’st!
Canst thou shed tears, and yet not melt to mercy ?
O say, ere yet returning madness seize me,
Is there in all futurity no prospect,
No distant comfort ?
[Here they both continue silent

for some time.
Still thou art silent !
Hear then this last,
This only prayer!—Heaven will consent to this.
Let me but follow thee, where'er thou go'st,
But see thee, hear thy voice; be thou my angel,
To guide and govern my returning steps,
Till long contrition, and unweary'd duty,
Shall expiate my guilt.
Eud. No more-

-This shakes
My firmest thoughts, and ifm. [A Cry is heard.
What shrieks of death !
I fear a treacherous foe-have now
Begun a fatal harvest !--Haste,
Prevent- wouldst thou see me more with com-

fort, Fly, save them, save the threaten'd lives of christians, My father and his friends !—I dare not stayHeaven be my guide, to shun this gathering ruin!


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Enter CALED. Cal. [Entering.] So-Slaughter, do thy work! These hands look well. (Looking on his Hands. Phocyas ! Thou’rt met-But whether thou art here


forward, A friend or foe I know not ; if a friend, Which is Eumenes' tent?

Pho. Hold, pass no further.
Cal. Say'st thou, not pass ?

Pho. No-on thy life no further.
Cal. What, dost thou frown too!-sure thou know'st

me not ! Pho. Not know thee !- -Yes, too well I know thee

now, O murd'rous fiend ! Why all this waste of blood ? Didst thou not promise

Cal. Promise !-Insolence!
'Tis well, 'tis well- -for now I know thee too.
Perfidious, mongrel slave ! Thou double traitor!
False to thy first and to thy latter vows !
Villain !

Pho. That's well-go on-I swear I thank thee.
Speak it again, and strike it thro'my ear !
A villain ; Yes, thou mad'st me so, thou devil!
And mind'st me now what to demand from thee.
Give, give me back my former self, my honour,
My country's fair esteem, iny friends, my all-
Thou canst not-O thou robber !- -Give me then
Revenge or death! The last I well deserve,
That yielded up my soul's best wealth to thee,
For which accurst be thou, and curst thy prophet !
Cal. Hear’st thou this, Mahomet?-Blaspheming

mouth; For this thou soon shalt chew the bitter fruit Of Zacon's tree, the food of fiends below. Go-speed thee thither--Pushing at him with his Lance, which PhocyAS

puts by, and kills him.
Pho. Go thou first thyself.

Cal. [Falling.) O dog! thou gnaw'st my heart I
False Mahomet!
Is this then my reward- -O-

(Dies. Pho. Thanks to the gods, I have reyeng’d my country!

[Exit Phocyas.

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Several Parties of CHRISTIANS and SARACENS pass over the further end of the Stage,

fighting. The former are beaten. At last EUMENES rallies them, and makes a stand, then,

Enter A BUDAH, attended.
Abu. Forbear, forbear, and sheath the bloody

Eum. Abudah ! is this well ?

Abu. No- -I must own
You've cause,

-O mussulmans, look here! Be hold, Where like a broken spear, your arm of war Is thrown to earth !

Eum. Ha ! Caled ?

Abu. Dumb and breathless.
Then thus has Heaven chastis'd us in thy fall,
And thee for violated faith! Farewell,
Thou great, but cruel man!

Eum. This thirst of blood
In his own blood is quench'.

Abu. Bear hence his clay
Back to Damascus. Cast a mantle first
O'er this sad sight : so should we hide his faults-
Now hear, ye servants of the prophet, hear!
A greater death than this demands your tears,
For know, your lord the caliph is no more !
Good Abubeker has breath'd out his spirit
To him that gave it. Yet your Caliph lives,
Lives now in Omar. See, behold his signet,
Appointing me, such is his will, to lead
His faithful armies warring here in Syria.
Alas !—foreknowledge sure of this event
Guided his choice ! Obey me, then, your chief.
For you, O christians ! know, with speed I came,
On the first notice of this foul design,
Or to prevent it, or repair your wrongs.

Your goods shall be untouch'd, your persons safe, Nor shall our troops, henceforth, on pain of death, Molest your march.- If more you ask, 'tis granted. Eum. Still just and brave ! thy virtues would

adorn A purer

faith! Thou, better than thy sect,
That dar’st decline from that to acts of mercy!
Pardon, Abudah, if thy honest heart
Makes us even wish thee ours.

Abu. (Aside.] O Power Supreme !
That mad'st my heart, and know'st its inmost frame,
If yet I err, O lead me into truth,
Or pardon unknown error !--Now, Eumenes,
Friends as we may be, let us part in peace.

Exeunt severally.


Eud. Alas! but is my father safe?

Art. Heaven knows.
I left him just preparing to engage ;
When, doubtful of th' event, he bade me haste
To warn his dearest daughter of the danger,
And aid your speedy flight.

Eud. My flight! but whither ?
O no-if he is lost-

Art. I hope not so. The noise is ceas'd. Perhaps they're beaten off. We soon shall know ; -here's one, that can inform


Enter first Officer. Soldier, thy looks speak well. What says thy tongue ? 1 Offi. The foe's withdrawn ; Abudah has been

here, And has renew'd the terms. Caled is kill'd

Art. Hold-first thank Heaven for that !

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