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was vastly struck with me during the races; and I don't see why I have not as good a right to profit by my person, as I am told some ladies do, who live in this

Enter Waiter.
Well, Sir, what return to my tetter?

Waiter. The colonel, madam, will obey your commands.

Mrs. Air. Very well! when he comes, shew him into the next room.


Another Room in the Bagnio. Enter Colonel Gorget, reading a letter. Gorget. Bravo, bravo, my sweet country acquaintance ! this is a rendezvous with a witness. Let me see! Um, um, um ! Unexpectedly

brought by business to town no time to make “ a proper provision-accommodate me with “ Five Hundred Guineas"--accommodate ! an apt phrase, and a pretty sum too; but how the deuce could the woman fuppofe that I was able to advance fuch a sum ? Um, um !-" Not prove ungrateful Elizabeth"- Oh, ho! now I begin to conceive.Stay ! who have we here? Zooks! the husband himself,

Enter Aircaftle. Air. What, Colonel Gorget!

Gorget. Mr. Aircastle, I am happy to see you ! But what important, business can have brough you to London Air. Some family affairs, and to lay out a pret


ty large sum, which I lately got for a parcel of land. But is this vist intended to me?

Gorget. No; I was quite a stranger to your being in town. A lady in the house, that I lately knew in the country

Air. What, from our part of the world ?

Gorget. No, no; but a devilish fine woman : Laft fummer some liale gallantries past between us below.

dir. Ay, ay; you officers play the very deuce when you come down into the country. I remember enlign Salh, about ten years ago-his father came from Barbadoes--I met him at Treacle's, the great sugar-baker's, who had a house in St. Mary-Axe-he took the lease from alderman Gingham, who served sheriff with deputy-there was tight work on the hustings

Gorget, Oh, the devil I he runs on at the old rate.-But we forget the lady.

Air. Oh, ay ; * Gallantry with her below;" which I suppose you have finished above.

Gorget No, faith, not entirely, my friend ; but I think we are in a fair way.

dir. Ay!
Gorget. The garrison has offered to surrender.

dir, Then what prevented you from taking poffeffion?

Gorget. The governor, as usual, insists on a bribe, which it was not immediately in my power to pay

dir. Damn those governors !-why, there was the governor of Bergen-op-zoom, in the last

Gerget. But hear me! I was just stepping home to provide the credentials ; but, however,




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Gorget, If

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this lucky meeting will, I flatter myself, put an end to my journey. Air. Ashow?

you will supply me with the sum till evening, I shall close the bargain without quitting the house.

Air. How much ?
Gorget. Five hundred guineas.

Air. Five hundred guineas ! what a cormorant the woman must be !

Gorget. Not at all, when her husband is rich, and she is above accepting a trifle.

Air. Now, I should have thought that would have made her more reasonable.

Gorget. 'Quite the reverse ; why, did you ever know a wealthy courtier accept of a moderate pension ?

Air. That, indeed—But are you really serious ?

Gorget. So serious, that if you will lend me the money

Air. Nay, but, colonel, that is
Gorget. Nay, but if you hesitate-

Air. No, it is not that; the money is quite at your service; but you will repent, and then reproach me-What! five hundred ? there can be no woman worth it. Gorget. You would alter your tone,


you saw her.

Air. Should I? Prithee tell me her name; perhaps I may know her.

Gorget. I durft not; you know my honour is concerned.

Air. Honour with such a woman as that?
Gorget. She is very well known.
dir. And ought to be better.


i Gorget. But I waste time, and may lose the critical minute : Will you supply me, or must I

Air. With the greatest pleasure in life : Here is in this bag the very sum, which I have just received for a draft in the city.

Gorget. Ten thousand thanks, my dear Mr.-
Air. I can't say tho', but I am sorry

Gorget. Oh, it is not impoffible but I may come off at an easier rate: With such a capital in hand, one may haggle, you know.

Air. True, true; I'd endeavour to get her for nothing : Chouse her, chouse her! do, colonel. If indeed she had asked for a ring with a poesy, or any such trifle as that but such a monstrous demand ! I would give something to see her.

Gorget. Why, it is my opinion you know who she is.

Air. Really?

Gorget. Now, if it should turn out that you had been happy with the lady yourself, would not that greatly surprise you?

Air. Me? ha, ha, ha! the deuce a bit : Tho', when I came first to the Temple, there was a lawyer's wife that lived in Quality-court, that I was exceedingly fond of her husband came home one night, and I crept under the bed, where I should have remained concealed, but for a little dog of Charles's breed; he went bow, wow, wow

Gorget. On, the devil !-But consider, time preffes ; I must away to the lady.

Air. True, true, and I to the shops with my boy. And I happy with the-ha, ha, ha-However, if that be the case, colonel, it is a stronger reafon for closing your purse-strings; for the devil take me if I ever knew a woman who was de


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ferving a tythe of that sum in my life Yes; I
lie! I did ; a Greek girl, they called Circassian
-I saw her at Tunbridge-where, by the bye,
they have the oddeft pantile-walk with the mu-
fick on a shelf—and as the company walk to and
fro, the fidlers go tal, lah lama
--Gorget. Nay, but [pushing him our). This is
lucky beyond expectation ; what a civilized huf-
band, to supply me with the very money I wanted!

Enter Tom.
Is the lady at leifure ?

Tom. She knows her husband is gone out, and will be with you this instant.

Gorget. Very well! take care, and watch his return. Tom. Here the is.

[Exit, Enter Mrs. Aircastle. Mrs. Air. What, you are come, my dear co. lonel! I have waited for you with the utmost im, patience.

Gorget. And I, madam, have flown to obey your commands.

Mrs. dir. No more of that, colonel, I beg : I blush to consider

Gorget. Blush ! and why so, madam?

Mrs. Air. At what you must think of my let. ter : But the high sense I entertain of your friendthip, induced me, in such an exigence, to make the trial.

Gorgeta and the wiseft step you could take.

Mrs. dir. Pardon me, Sir! I am not to learn how dangerous it is to have an obligation to you.


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