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young gentleman of an ancient family, and “agreeable person??- Toby, hold up your head !

Toby. I does, mother, I does.

Air. It is impoffible, my dear, the boy should ever. walk in that manner; why he will run against every body he meets. Toby, do you: think you can step without stumbling;

Toby. Not in the streets; but cross a room pretty well, I believe.

Mrs. dir. Mr. Aircastle, have you no idea of grace? Shoulders back, Toby; and chest a liule more out !

Air, Now, child; look at his elbows! you have pinioned him down like a pickpocker.

Mrs. Air. Grace, Mr. Aircastle, grace. Air. Grace! he has neither grace, nor grease : his breast-bone sticks out like a turkey's

Mrs. Air. Nothing but grace! I wish you would read some late Posthumous Letters; you would then know the true value of grace : Do you know, that the only way for a young man to thrive in the world, is to get a large dish of hy. pocrisy, well garnished with grace, an agreeable person, and a clear patrimonial estate? “A *wife with a very large portion ; If the fortune. 4 answers, proper, allowance will be made for “ person and mind. The party, and his rentroll, may be seen at the Lamb in Long-Acre,

every hour of the day. Air, Why, this will bring the whole town to the house,

Mrs. Air. That is just what I'intend ; the more. bidders, the better.


Enter Tom and Flaw. Tom. Mr. Flaw,

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Flaw. Good folks, you are welcome to London s

Air, Ay, here we are, Mr. Flaw: here's Toby too.

Toby. Yes, here I am, Mr. Flaw.

Flaw, Bless me! what a change! I should scarce have known him,

Toby. Yes, I fuppose I am pretty much altered, being garnifhed with grace.

Air. Ay; a grace, I believe, that will tempt nobody to taste of the dish.

Mrs, Air. Never mind him, Mr. Flaw; he is a desponding creature, you know. But, as a proof that we have not been idle, here is the first fruits of my labour.

Flaw. What is it?

Mrs, Air. An advertisement to procure a partner for Toby,

Flaw. A partner!
Mrs. Hir. Ay, a wife, with a fuitable fortuno.
Flaw. I hope it is not fent to the papers.

Toby. What, the notice where I am to be keen? here it is in

hand. Mrs. Air. Give it me; and go you bit, and wait till you are wanted : And don't listen ! d'ye hear? And, Toby, be mindful of grace ! and; d'ye hear? don't laugh! you may grin, indeed, to thew your teeth, and your manners.

Toby. Will chat do ?
Mrs. Air, Pretty well, for the first time,

{Exit Toby. Flaw. Bless me, madam! how could such a thought

Mrs. Air. Don't we every day fee fuch things in the news?

Flaw. Ay, from an old maid in despair, a." broken milliner, or a tottering tobacconist:

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dir. I told her so, Mr: Flaw : Zounds, says 1, you treat the boy as if he was a white bear, or an ostrich--though it is quite a mistake, Mr. Flaw, that those creatures eat iron : I saw one once at the Checquer ac Salisbury- the keeper's name was Evan Thomas, a Welshman-he had but one hand-he lost the other, endeavouring to steal a piece of cheese out of a rat-trap--the trap went down, and

Mrs. Air. Did ever mortal see such a man?

Air. And, zounds, why must not 1 speak ? she likes to liften to no founds but her own ; but I will be heard, and

Mrs. Air. And so you shall, when you talk to the purpose.

Air. Purpose, madam! Damn it, I would have you to know

Flaw. Oh, fy, fy, good people! curb your cholers a little : Consider you are not now in thecountry.

Air. Well, well, I am calm.

Flaw, Then, to return to our business : Befides, my good madam, I had provided a match that would have completed all our matters at once. Mrs. Air. How?

Flaw. A lady, an acquaintance of mine, lately arrived with her niece from the Indies---

Mrs. Air. And rich ?

Flaw. Enough to purchase the sceptre of Po. land.

Air. How!

Flaw. Ay, even before his very good neighbours had brought that monarchy down to a manor. Air. And pray, as to the party? C 2


Flaw. Fleece'em is the name of the aunt ; not much indebted to fortune; but whoever is happy enough to marry the niece, won't scruple, I dare say, to procure her a proper provision.

Mrs. Air. The most reasonable thing in the world.

Flaw. I ventured to promise as much.
Mrs. Air. Then you have hinted the business?

Flaw. As good as concluded. As marriage. bonds are illegal, it will be right to make a deposit before the solemnization.

Mrs. Air. To be sure. Now, Mr. Aircastle, I hope I was right; for seeing a little calh might promote our designs, I got him to sell Sycamorefarm, and we have brought the money to town.

Flaw. How much might the
Mrs. Air. Five thousand.

Flaw. But, with a few diamonds, for which I will

Mrs. Air. By all means. When should we wait on the young lady?

Flaw. This very morning, we cannot be too quick ; some of the young blades about town begin to have an inkling, I fear; I observe them throw their eyes up to the windows.

Mrs. Air. Without doubt. Mr. Aircastle, you will

go out to the shops, and provide Toby with a new Beckford-hat, and a couteau du chaffe?

Flaw. And purchase at the same time some presents for the young lady.

Mrs. Air. The first time?

Flaw. Always the rule in the East; you never approach a superior without a suitable present.

Mrs Air. No!

Air, No! why, fool, that is the way the Nabobs have got all their wealth–I knew one of


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them once; and, if he had not been so rich, really a good fort of a-he was inocylated for the small-pox, by one of the Suttons, at the great house by Hyde-park-the builder of it got into the Bench, and was afterwards cleared by an act of insolvency--though Tom Jenkins, one of his creditors

Mrs. Air. You see!-Lord bless me, now, Mr. Aircastle, how can you, when we have not a moment to lose-Go, go out with the boy, I beseech you ! Air. Well, well, well!

[Going. Flaw. I'll run before, and prepare Mrs. Fleece'em.

Mrs. dir. By all manner of means.

Air. Pray, is not the toy-shop at the end of the street, kept by the son of remember I met the father once at Newarket-he was in a one-horse chaise, made by Varnish here in LongAcre-who built a state-coach for the Empress of Russia-he was recommended by Lord--I can't think of his name—who was chosen one of the sixteen for the kingdom of

Mrs. Air. Take him with you, dear Mr. Flaw! Flaw. Come, Sir, I will shew you the shop.

[Eseunt Aircastle and Flaw. Mrs. Air, So! having provided for Toby, I am at leisure to attend to my own private conWho's there?

Enter Maid-Servant. Bid the Waiter come up

! If Colonel Gorget answers my letter in the way. I expect, it will prove a pretty good beginning : The colonel, I make no doubt, knows the ways of the world, and will foon take the hint: He


[Exit Maid.

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