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We have perfected a heating system so sensitive that the flames from an armful of newspapers will send a glow of warmth over every radiator in the house.

A system which insures plenty of heat everywhere on the coldest day of January; and perfect comfort without overheating, on cool evenings in June.

A system so flexible, and so economical of fuel that it pays its own cost and saves its own maintenance.

And its first cost is less than that of common heating systems.

"RICHMOND Boilers - Radiators

The Richmond System of heating represents the climax of inventive ingenuity.

Compare the Richmond boiler, for instance, with any other boiler for producing steam or hot water.

You will find that the same fire which in common boilers heats 90 square feet of water surface, beats in the Richmond, 128 square feet, or 40 per cent more. Think of it!

“Diving" Flues The flues used in common heaters de liver the burned gases and smoke to the chimney before it is half used.

While our diving Alue forces the fire to The selection of heating system, whether it

travel over the heating surfaces until its

heat giving power is exhausted. be for a home, a public building, a factory or a

You will find that common heaters are business block, is too important to leave to the

perched on separate bases and that the judgment of others.

cold water enters them at the fire level.

The result is that the fire is chilled, and By inefficiency it may render comfort impos

that for two inches around the edge of the sible; by improper design it may run the coal

fire box, where fire is most needed, there bill into an endless extravagance.

is nothing but dead ashes.

Adds Strength-Lessens Cost Find Out For Yourself

The water line of the Richmond extends

to the bottom of the ash pit. This water If you contemplate building, please write us

base level adds strength and lessens cost. for full details of the new Richmond system of

But more, it absorbs the heat of the heating, which saves itself on costs and pays

ashes and warms the water before it

reaches the fire. The result is that the for itself on maintenance.

Richmond boilers have no dead line of

ashes or clinkers adjoining the water surAddress in the West

faces-but instead a hot burning line of

flame. Cameron, Schroth, Cameron Co.

Yet these are only a few of countless

points of economy and of efficiency which Western Distributors for

186 Michigan Street are to be found only in Richmond Richmond Boilers and Radiators


systems. "RICHMOND" Bath Tubs and Enameled Ware If you are about to build, investigate, too, to bath tubs, which bears the name, Richmond, the Richmond line of enameled ware. Every- is the best that can be made, less expensive in thing in enameled ware, from kitchen sinks the beginning and in the end.


THE MOCRUM-HOWELL Co. 46 E. 20th St., New York City

New Address after June 15th, Park Avenue and 41st Street

In answering advertisements please mention SCRIBNER'S MAGAZINE

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