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" ble young baronet, at the west end of the " town, the apparent object of her own choice.”

Lady Risc. Finely circumstantial, it is im-, possible for any body to err in the person.

Lucy. Not in nature; now, I think, we shall pull down Miss Prudery's pride.

Lady Risc. It cannot fail. Kitty, you have carefully perused the instructions I gave you,

Kitty. Please your ladyship, I have them by heart.

Lady Risc. Don't be too forward in replying to any question they put to you; but answer with a kind of reluctant hesitation, as if the facts were forc'd from your mouth.

Kitty. Never fear, Madam.

Lady Risc. Don't forget to make frequent professions of the great love and affection you bear your young mistress, that you could not have thought it, shan't know whom to trust for the future; ready to lay down your life for your lady.

Lucy. Suggest too, that some strange arts must have been used, or you are convinc'd she could never have been brought to submit.

Kitty. I fall carefully, Madam, obey your directions.

Lady Risc. And squeeze out a tear now and then if you can.

Lucy. Or, if they won't come, rub your eyes till they are red.

Lady Risc. Right; this will give probability to all that you say.

Lucy. Otherwise, the young hypocrite's behaviour has been always fo fpecious, those wno know her won't credit the story.

Kitty. Suppose, Madam, Sir James Biddulph, or any body else, should make any en


Lady Risc. Answer none of their questions ; your tenderness for Lydia will be a proper excuse; to your master's authority, indeed, you are obliged to submit. You comprehend me?

Kitty. Perfectly, Madam.

Lody Risc. Within, I will give you further instructions; and remember, Kitty, your fortune is at stake: Success, in this one instance, will make you easy for life.

Kitty. The best I can do will be but a poor return for your ladyship’s goodness.

Lady Risc. Send the news paper into your master. [Exit Kitty.) You have, James, seen none of our people this morning ?

James. I have not enter'd the shop.

Lady Rifc. Then get out of the way as fast as you can; secrete yourself somewhere, that will give additional strength to the story. Your withdrawing will argue a consciousness arising from guilt.

James. That I most sufficiently feel.

Lady Risc. Success will soon drown the remembrance. [Exit James.] That fellow must not appear; his mind is so maukish, that, should he be confronted with Lydia, he would betray our whole plot in an instant.

Lucy. It is a wonder, Madam, how you have got all this address: instead of a private family, you are form'd to govern a country,

Lody Risc. Why, I think, I may without vanity fay, that I deriv'd from nature some talents for this kind of intrigue; but to the care of my education I chiefly owe what I ain.

Lucy, Lucy. Indeed, Madam!

Lady Risc. My father was a stock-broker, you know, and your father, my first husband, an attorney, my dear.

Lucy. True, Madam.

Lady Risc. And as they had no reserve, they kept no secrets from ine, I must have been a blockhead, indeed, not to have made some progress in their professional arts.

L::cy. True, Madam.

Lady Risc. But after defeating Sir James Biddulph's designs upon Lydia, to turn the tide of his affections, and substitute you in her room, will, Lucy, be the great political effort.

Lucy. From your ladyship's great abilities there cannot be the least doubt of success: besides, her father is fo hafty and violent that, I am sure, he will never be brought to forgive' her.

Lady Risc. There is no relying on that; no mortal was ever so mutable. Our various climate is not so inconftant as he. Sir Robert is choleric enough, but then, as he is provoked without cause, he is appeared without reafon; one word will infame, another extinguish the fire; whom one minute he perfecutes, the next he protects. His joy, grief, love, hatred, are

are in eternal rotation, and I have been often tempted to think his mind a machine, moved only by the immediate objects before it.

Lucy. And yet, Madam, how compleatly you rule him!

Lady Risc. No longer, child, than I stay by his fide; a ter that, she first person has him с


that sees him, and all my impressions are effac'd in an instant,

Enter Kitty Kitty. My master has got at the paragraph. Lady Risc. Has he so? well, and

Kitty. He enquired, Madam, for you, and putting his finger here, bid me shew this direêtly to your ladyship.

Lady Risc. He did not suspect then that I had seen it before?

Kitty. Not in the least-but here he comes tottering and trembling-with his face as white as a sheet. Lady Risc. Get you behind.

Enter Sir Robert Riscounter. Sir Rob. Risc. Well, my dear, have you read

Lady Rifc. Sir Robert, I have.

Sir Rob. Risc. Have you so? Well, and pray what do you think? Did you ever fee such an audacious, abominable, impudent, scandalous piece of fcurrility ? Zounds, give me my cane, I will go directly to the rascally printer's, and

Lady Rijc. But fuppose, Sir Robert, the printer should not be passive, and, in return for the strokes of your cane, should leave the marks of his nails in your face.

Sir Rob. There may be something in that, as your ladyship fays, I have heard fome of the rogues are strong and sturdy enough.

Lady Risc. And, first, let us be sure who the party is the paragraph points at.

Sir Rob.

Sir Rob. Hey! what d'ye say? points at ? why, it is as clear as the sun-[takes the paper] banker---Monument --- first venture---Zounds they might as well have published my name, and my daughter's, at length.

Lady Risc. Why, to say truth, the marks are pretty strong; but still let us coolly consider the case. Kitty, go down; Lucy, my dear, leave Sir Robert and me together a little.

[Exit Lucy and Kitty. Sir Rob. Ay, go, child, pr’ythee go.

I don't believe, Lady Riscounter, that there is a single man in the Ward, who would have the least hesitation in pronouncing who was--

Lady Rifc. Well, but don't let us be in such hurry to make the application ourselves; the malice of others will be ready enough to do that: let me see, is there no other banker lives near the Monument ?

Sir Rob. Not that I know; but suppose there should, here, the west end of the town, and the amiable baronet, puts the matter out of disputè: hey, what d’ye say ?--

Lady Risc. That, indeed; but, hold a little, does not it mention the name of the

paramour? Ay, here it is, J.--S.

Sir Rob. J--s.

Lady Risc. J---s, I don't recollect any body that visits here, whose name those letters will suit.

Sir Rob. There is no Jones, nor Joddrell poo, pox, that is an L---nor Jennings, nor Jarvis, nor Jenkins, nor

Lady Rijc. Not that I recollect.
Sir Rob. There is Jacobs the Jew, but

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