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such doubts, is desirous to adopt the most speedy and effectual

measures, and without the delays (No. 1.)-PORTUGAL. incident to the ordinary forms of Convention between Great Britain law, to provide a liberal indemnity

and Portugal, signed at Vienna, for the parties whose property 21st January, 1815, in the En- may have been so detained under glish and Portuguese Languages. the doubts as aforesaid ; in fur

therance of the said object, the CIS Britannic Majesty and his high contracting Parties have ap

Royal Highness the Prince pointed as their Plenipotentiaries, Regent of Portugal, being equally viz. His Majesty the King of the desirous to terminate amicably all United Kingdom of Great Britain the doubts which have arisen re.. and Ireland, the Right Honour. lative to the parts of the coast of able Robert Stewart Viscount Africa with which the subjects of Castlereagh, &c.; and his Royal the Crown of Portugal, under the Highness the Prince Regent of laws of that kingdom and the Portugal, the Most Illustrious Treaty subsisting with his Bri- and Most Excellent Don Pedro de tannic Majesty, may lawfully Sousa Holstein Count of Palmella, carry on a trade in slaves ; and &c.; the Most Illustrious and whereas several ships, the pro- Most Excellent Anthony de Salperty of the said subjects of Por- danha da Gama, &c.; and Don tugal, have been detained and Joachim Lobo de Silveira, &c.; condemned, upon the alleged who, having mutually exchanged ground of being engaged in an their full powers, found in good illicit traffic in slaves ; and where- and due form, have agreed upon as his Britannic Majesty, in order the following articles :to give to his intimate and faith- Art. 1. That the sum of three ful ally the Prince Regent of hundred thousand pounds be paid Portugal, the most unequivocal in London, to such person as the proof of his friendship and the Prince Regent of Portugal may regard he pays to his Royal High- appoint to receive the same; ness's reclamations, and in con- which sum shall constitute a fund sideration of regulations to be to be employed under such regumade by the Prince Regent of lations, and in such manner as Portugal for avoiding hereafter the said Prince Regent of Portu


this money.

gal may direct, in discharge of abolition of the said traffic upon claims for Portuguese ships de- the parts of the coast of Africa, tained by British cruizers previous which are situated to the northto the 1st day of June, 1814, up- ward of the Line: his Britannic on the alleged ground of carrying Majesty and his Royal Highness on an illicit traffic in slaves. the Prince Regent of Portugal,

Art. 2. That the said sum shall equally animated by a sincere debe considered to be in full dis- sire to accelerate the moment charge of all claims arising out of when the blessings of peaceful captures made previous to the 1st industry and innocent commerce day of June, 1814; his Britannic may be encouraged throughout Majesty renouncing any interfer- this extensive portion of the Conence whatever in the disposal of tinent of Africa, by its being de

livered from the evils of the Slave (Signed)

Trade, have agreed to enter into (L. S.) CASTLEREAGH. a treaty for the said purpose, and

(Signed) have accordingly named as their (L. S. Conde De Palmella. Plenipotentiaries (Plenipoten(L. S.) ANTONIO DE SALDAN- tiaries as before.) ha Da Gama.

Art. 1. That from and after (Li S.) B.JOAQUIM LOBO De the ratification of the present Silveira.

treaty, and the publication there

of, it shall not be lawful for any (No. 2.)-PORTUGAL. of the subjects of the crown of Treaty between Great Britain and Portugal to purchase slaves, or to

Portugal, signed at Vienna, the carry on the slave trade, on any 22d of January, 1815, in the part of the coast of Africa to the English and Portuguese Lan- northward of the Equator, upon guages.

any pretext, or in any manner His Royal Highness the Prince whatsoever : provided, nevertheRegent of Portugal having, by less, that the said provision shall the 10th article of the Treaty of not extend to any ship or ships Alliance, concluded at Rio de Ja- having cleared out fron. the ports neiro on the 19th February 1810, of Brazil, previous to the publideclared his determination to co- cation of such ratification; and operate with his Britannic Ma- provided the voyage, in which jesty in the cause of humanity such ship or ships are engaged, and justice, by adopting the most shall not be protracted beyond efficacious means for bringing six months after such publication about a gradual abolition of the as aforesaid. Slave Trade ; and his Royal Art. 2 His Royal Highness Highness, in pursuance of his the Prince Regent of Portugal said declaration, and desiring to hereby agrees, and binds himself effectuate, in concert with his to adopt, in concert with his Bri. Britannic Majesty and the other tannic Majesty, such measures as powers of Europe, who have may best conduce to the effectual been induced to assist in this be- execution of the preceding ennevolent object, an immediate gagement, according to its true intent and meaning; and his Bri- final abolition shall take effect, it tannic Majesty engages, in con. shall not be lawful for the subcert with his Royal Highness, to jects of Portugal to purchase or give such orders as may effectu- trade in slaves upon any parts of aily prevent any interruption the coast of Africa, except to the being given to Portuguese ships southward of the Line, as specified resorting to the actual dominions in the second Article of this Treaty: of the Crown of Portugal, or to nor to engage in the same, or to the territories which are claimed permit their flag to be used, except in the said treaty of alliance, as for the purpose of supplying the belonging to the said Crown of trans-Atlantic possessions belongPortugal, to the southward of ing to the Crown of Portugal. the Line, for the purposes of Art. 5. His Britannic Mjesty trading in slaves, as aforesaid, hereby agrees to remit, from the during such further period as the date at which the ratification same may be permitted to be mentioned in the first article shall carried on by the laws of Portugal, be promulgated, such further and under the treaties subsisting payments as may then remain between the two crowns.

due and payable upon the loan of Art. 3. The treaty of alliance 600,0001. made in London for concluded at Rio de Janeiro, on the service of Portugal, in the the 19th Feb. 1810, being found- year 1809, in consequence of a ed on circumstances of a tempo- Convention signed on the 21st of rary nature, which have happily April of the same year ; which ceased tu exist, the said treaty is Convention, under the conditions hereby declared to be void in specified as aforesaid, is hereby all its parts, and of no effect; declared to be void and of no without prejudice, however, to effect. the ancient treaties of alliance, friundship, and guarantee, which ADDITIONAL ARTICLE. have so long and so happily subsisted between the two crowns, It is agreed, that in the event and which are hereby renewed by of any of the Portuguese settlers the High Contracting Parties, being desirous of retiring from and acknowledged to be of full the settlements of the Crown of force and effect.

Portugal on the coast of Africa to Art. 4. The High Contracting the northward of the Equator, Parties reserve to themselves, and with the Negroes bona fide their engage to determine by a separate domestics, to some other of the treaty, the period at which the possessions of the Crown of Portrade in Slaves shall universally tugal, the same shall not be deemcease, and be prohibited through ed unlawful, provided it does not out the entire dominions of Por- take place on board a slave-tradtugal; the Prince Regent of Por- ing vessel, and provided they be tugal hereby renewing his former furnished with proper passports declaration and engagement, that and certificates, according to a during the interval which is to form to be agreed on between the clapse before such general and two governments.


The present Additional Article Government shall have paid for shall have the same force and salt in the districts in the vicinity effect as if it were inserted word of the French possessions on the for word in the treaty signed this coast of Coromandel and Orixa day, and shall be ratified, and the respectively, the salt that may be ratifications exchanged at the manufactured in the said possessame time.

sions, subject however to a re

'servation of the quantity that the (No. 3.)-FRANCE.

agents of his Most Christian Ma.. Convention between Great Britain jesty shall deem requisite for the

and France, signed at London 7th domestic use and consumption of of March, 1815.

the inhabitants thereof; and upon The trade in salt and opium the condition, that the British throughout the British sovereign- Government shall deliver in Benty in India having been subjected gal, to the agents of his Most to certain regulations and re- Christian Majesty, the quantity strictions which, unless due pro- of salt that may be judged necesvision be made, might occasion sary for the consumption of the differences between the subjects inhabitants of Chandernagore; and agents of his Britannic Ma- reference being had to the popujesty and those of His Most Chris- lation of the said settlement: tian Majesty; their said Majesties such delivery to be made at the have thought proper to conclude price which the British Governa Special Convention for the pur- ment shall have paid for the said pose of proventing such differ- article. ences, and removing every cause Art. 2. In order to ascertain of dispute between their respec- the prices as aforesaid, the official tive subjects in that part of the accounts of the charges incurred world, and in this view have by the British Government, for named for their respective Pleni- the salt manufactured in the dispotentiaries, viz. : his Majesty the tricts in the vicinity of the French King of the United Kingdom of settlements on the coasts of CoGreat Britain and Ireland, Robert romandel and Orixa respectively, Earl of Buckinghamshire, &c.; shall be open to the inspection of and his Majesty the King of a Commissioner to be appointed France and Navarre, the Sieur for that purpose by the agents of Claude Louis de La Chartre, &c.; His Most Christian Majesty in who, after having communicated India; and the price to be paid to each other their respective full by the British Government shall powers, found in good and due be settled according to an average form, have agreed upon the fol. to be taken every three years, of lowing articles :

the charges as aforesaid, ascerArt. 1. His Most Christian tained by the said official accounts, Majesty engages to farm to the commencing with the three years British Government in India, the preceding the date of the present exclusive right to purchase at a Convention. fair and equitable price, to be re- The price of salt at Chandernagulated by that which the said gore to be determined, in the


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