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Engineer's Assistant.

PRACTICAL ASSISTANT ; comprising a Collection of Useful
Tables, Rules, and Data. Compiled and Arranged, with Original

Matter, by W. TEMPLETON. 4th Edition. 18mo, 25. 6d. cloth. “So much varied information compressed into so small a space, and published at a price which places it within the reach of the humblest mechanic, cannot fail to command the sale which it deserves. With the utmost confidence we commend this book to the attention of our readers.”-Mechanics' Magazine,

“Every mechanic should become the possessor of the volume, and a more suitable present to an apprentice to any of the mechanical trades could not possibly be made." -Building News.

Designing, Measuring, and Valuing.

THE STUDENT'S GUIDE to the PRACTICE of MEA. SURING, and VALUING ARTIFICERS' WORKS; containing Directions for taking Dimensions, Abstracting the same, and bringing the Quantities into Bill, with Tables of Constants, and copious Memoranda for the Valuation of Labour and Materials in the respective Trades of Bricklayer and Slater, Carpenter and Joiner, Painter and Glazier, Paperhanger, &c. With 43 Plates and Woodcuts. Originally edited by EDWARD Dobson, Architect. New Edition, re-written, with Additions on Mensuration and Construction, and several useful Tables for facilitating Calculations and Measurements. By E. WYNDHAM TARN, M.A., Architect. Svo, Ios. 6d. cloth.

[Just published. “This useful book should be in every architect's and builder's office. It contains a vast amount of information absolutely necessary to be known.”—The Irish Builder.

“The book is well worthy the attention of the student in architecture and surveying, as by the careful study of it his progress in his profession will be much facilitated.” Mining Journal, Feb. 11, 1871.

“We have failed to discover anything connected with the building trade, from excavating foundations to bell-hanging, that is not fully treated upon in this valuable work.”—The Artizan, March, 1871.

“Mr. Tarn has well performed the task imposed upon him, and has made many further and valuable additions, embodying a large amount of information relating to the technicalities and modes of construction employed in the several branches of the building trade... ... From the extent of the information which the volume embodies, and the care taken to secure accuracy in every detail, it cannot fail to prove of the highest value to students, whether training in the offices of provincial surveyors, or in those of London practitioners."-Colliery Guardian, February ioth, 1871.

Altogether the book is one which well fulfils the promise of its title-page, and we can thoroughly recommend it to the class for whose use it has been compiled. Mr. Tarn's additions and revisions have much increased the usefulness of the work, and have especially augmented its value to students. Finally, it is only just to the publishers to add that the book has been got up in excellent style, the typography being bold and clear, and the plates very well executed.”—Engineering, March 24, 1871.

Superficial Measurement.

SUREMENT. Tables calculated from 1 to 200 inches in length,
by i to 108 inches in breadth. For the use of Architects, Surveyors,
Engineers, Timber Merchants, Builders, &c. By JAMES Haw-
KINGS. Fcp. 35. 6d. cloth.




Gregory's Practical Mathematics.

MATHEMATICS for PRACTICAL MEN ; being a Commonplace Book of Pure and Mixed Mathematics. Designed chiefly for the Use of Civil Engineers, Architects, and Surveyors. Part I. PURE MATHEMATICS--comprising Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Mensuration, Trigonometry, Conic Sections, Properties of Curves. Part II. MIXED MATHEMATICS--comprising Mechanics in general, Statics, Dynamics, Hydrostatics, Hydrodynamics, Pneumatics, Mechanical Agents, Strength of Materials. With an Appendix of copious Logarithmic and other Tables. By OLINTHUS GREGORY, LL.D., F.R.A.S. Enlarged by HENRY LAW, C.E. . 4th Edition, carefully revised and corrected by J. R. YOUNG, formerly Professor of Mathematics, Belfast College ; Author of “A Course of

Mathematics,” &c. With 13 Plates. Medium 8vo, il. Is. cloth. “As a standard work on mathematics it has not been excelled."-Artizan.

“ The engineer or architect will here find ready to his hand, rules for solving nearly every mathematical difficulty that may arise in his practice. As a moderate acquaintance with arithmetic, algebra, and elementary geometry is absolutely necessary to the proper understanding of the most useful portions of this book, the author very wisely has devoted the first three chapters to those subjects, so that the most ignorant may be enabled to master the whole of the book, without aid from any other. The rules are in all cases explained by means of examples, in which every step of the process is clearly worked out."-Builder.

“One of the most serviceable books to the practical mechanics of the country. ... The edition of 1847 was fortunately entrusted to the able hands of Mr. Law, who revised it thoroughly, re-wrote many chapters, and added several sections to those which had been rendered imperfect by advanced knowledge. On examining the various and many improvements which he introduced into the work, they seem almost like a new structure on an old plan, or rather like the restoration of an old ruin, not only to its former substance, but to an extent which meets the larger requirements of modern times. . . . . In the edition just brought out, the work has again been revised by Professor Young. He has modernised the notation throughout, introduced a few paragraphs here and there, and corrected the numerous typographical errors which have escaped the eyes of the former Editor. The book is now as complete as it is possible to make it..... We have carried our notice of this book to a greater length than the space allowed us justified, but the experiments it contains are so interesting, and the method of describing them so clear, that we may be excused for overstepping our limit. It is an instructive book for the student, and a Textbook for him who having once mastered the subjects it treats of, needs occasionally to refresh his memory upon them."-Building News. The Metric System.

A SERIES OF METRIC TABLES, in which the British
Standard Measures and Weights are compared with those of the
Metric System at present in use on the Continent. By C. H.

DOWLING, C. E. 8vo, ios. 6d. strongly bound.. “Mr. Dowling's Tables, which are well put together, come just in time as a ready reckoner for the conversion of one system into the other.”—Athenæum.

Their accuracy has been certified by Professor Airy, the Astronomer Royal."Builder.

“Resolution 8.-That advantage will be derived from the recent publication of Metric Tables, by C. H. Dowling, C.E.”- Report of Section F, British Association, Bath.

interestinging our liming once masbuilding News.



Inwood's Tables, greatly enlarged and improved.

TABLES FOR THE PURCHASING of ESTATES, Freehold, Copyhold, or Leasehold; Annuities, Advowsons, &c., and for the Renewing of Leases held under Cathedral Churches, Colleges, or other corporate bodies; for Terms of Years certain, and for Lives; also for Valuing Reversionary Estates, Deferred Annuities, Next Presentations, &c., together with Smart's Five Tables of Compound Interest, and an Extension of the same to lower and Intermediate Rates. By WILLIAM INWOOD, Architect. The 18th edition, with considerable additions, and new and valuable Tables of Logarithms for the more Difficult Computations of the Interest of Money, Discount, Annuities, &c., by M. FÉDOR THOMAN, of the Société Crédit Mobilier of Paris. 12mo, 8s. cloth.

** This edition (the 18th) differs in many important particulars from former ones. The changes consist, first, in a more convenient and systematic arrangement of the original Tables, and in the removal of certain numerical errors which a very careful revision of the whole has enabled the present editor to discover; and secondly, in the extension of practical utility conferred on the work by the introduction of Tables now inserted for the first time. This new and important matter is all so much actually added to Inwood's TABLES ; nothing has been abstracted from the original collection: so that those who have been long in the habit of consulting Inwood for any special professional purpose will, as heretofore, find the information sought still in

its pages. “Those interested in the purchase and sale of estates, and in the adjustment of compensation cases, as well as in transactions in annuities, life insurances, &c., will find the present edition of eminent service."-Engineering.

“More than half a century has elapsed since the first edition was published, yet Inwood's Tables' still maintain a most enviable reputation ; and when it is considered that the new issue, the Eighteenth edition, has been enriched by large additional contributions by Mr. Fédor Thoman, of the French Crédit Mobilier, whose carefully arranged tables of logarithms for the more difficult computations of the interest of money, discount, annuities, &c., cannot fail to be of the utmost utility, its value will be appreciated. The introduction contains an admirable epitome of the principles of decimals, and an explanation of all that is necessary to render the elaborate tables in the book of thorough utility to all consulting it. This new edition will certainly be referred to with quite as much confidence as its predecessors."-Mining Fournai.

Compound Interest and Annuities.

THEORY of COMPOUND INTEREST and ANNUITIES ; with Tables of Logarithms for the more Difficult Computations of Interest, Discount, Annuities, &c., in all their Applications and Uses for Mercantile and State Purposes. With an elaborate Introduction. By FÉDOR THOMAN, of the Société Crédit Mobilier,

Paris. 12mo, cloth, 5s. A very powerful work, and the Author has a very remarkable command of his subject."--Professor A. de Morgan.

“No banker, merchant, tradesman, or man of business, ought to be without Mr. Thoman's truly 'handy-book.'”–Review. “The author of this ‘handy-book 'deserves our thanks."-Insurance Gazette, “We recommend it to the notice of actuaries and accountants." --Athenceum.




The Military Sciences.

AIDE-MÉMOIRE to the MILITARY SCIENCES. Framed from Contributions of Officers and others connected with the different Services. Originally edited by a Committee of the Corps of Royal Engineers. Second Edition, most carefully revised by an Officer of the Corps, with many additions ; containing nearly 350 Engravings and many hundred Woodcuts. 3 vols. royal Svo, extra

cloth boards, and lettered, price 41. ios. "A compendious encyclopædia of military knowledge, to which we are greatly indebted."-Edinburgh Review.

“ The most comprehensive work of reference to the military and collateral sciences. Among the list of contributors, some seventy-seven in number, will be found names of the highest distinction in the services. ... The work claims and possesses the great merit that by far the larger portion of its subjects have been treated originally by the practical men who have been its contributors." - Volunteer Se Field Fortification.

NOITRING. By Colonel I. S. MACAULAY, late Professor of
Fortification in the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich. Sixth
Edition, crown 8vo, cloth, with separate Atlas of 12 Plates, sewed,

price 125. complete.
Dye-Wares and Colours.

Properties, Applications, Valuation, Impurities, and Sophistications.
For the Use of Dyers, Printers, Dry Salters, Brokers, &c. By J.

W. SLATER. Post Svo, cloth, price 7s. 6d. [Recently published. “Essentially a manual for practical men, and precisely such a book as practical men will appreciate."-Scientific Review,

"A complete encyclopædia of the materia tinctoria. The information given respecting each article is full and precise, and the methods of determining the value of articles such as these, so liable to sophistication, are given with clearness, and are practical as well as valuable."-Chemist and Druggist. Electricity.

A MANUAL of ELECTRICITY; including Galvanism, Mag. netism, Diamagnetism, Electro-Dynamics, Magno-Electricity, and the Electric Telegraph. By HENRY M. NOAD, Ph.D., F.C.S., Lecturer on Chemistry at St. George's Hospital. Fourth Edition, WORKS PUBLISHED BY LOCKWOOD & CO.

entirely rewritten. Illustrated by 500 Woodcuts. Svo, il. 45. cloth. “This publication fully bears out its title of 'Manual.' It discusses in a satisfactory manner electricity, frictional and voltaic, thermo-electricity, and electro-physiology." -Atheneum.

“ The commendation's already bestowed in the pages of the Lancet on the former editions of this work are more than ever merited by the present. The accounts given of electricity and galvanism are not only complete in a scientific sense, but, which is a rarer thing, are popular and interesting."-Lancet.


Text-Book of Electricity.

THE STUDENT'S TEXT-BOOK OF ELECTRICITY: including Magnetism, Voltaic Electricity, Electro-Magnetism, Diamagnetism, Magneto-Flectricity, Thermo-Electricity, and Electric Telegraphy. Being a Condensed Résumé of the Theory and Application of Electrical Science, including its latest Practical Developments, particularly as relating to Aerial and Submarine Telegraphy. By Henry M. NOAD, Ph.D., Lecturer on Chemistry at St. George's Hospital. Post Svo, 400 Illustrations, 12s. 6d, cloth.

** In carrying out the design of this work, the author has availed himself both of the matter (in a condensed form) and of the illustrations of his “ Manual of Electricity;" but the present volume will be found to contain much additional and important information, (with many new illustrations,) which has become available since the publication

of his larger work. “We can recommend Dr. Noad's book for clear style, great range of subject, a good index, and a plethora of woodcuts. Such collections as the present are indispensable." -Athenæum.

A most elaborate compilation of the facts of electricity and magnetism, and of the theories which have been advanced concerning them."-Popular Science Review.

“Clear, compendious, compact, well illustrated, and well printed, this is an excellent manual.”- Lancet.

“We can strongly recommend the work, as an admirable text-book, to every student -beginner or advanced-of electricity."-Engineering. “The most complete manual on the subject of electricity to be met with."-Observer.

Nothing of value has been passed over, and nothing given but what will lead to a correct, and even an exact, knowledge of the present state of electrical science.”Mechanics' Magazine.

“We know of no book on electricity containing so much information on experimental facts as this does, for the size of it, and no book of any size that contains so complete a range of facts.”- English Mechanic. Chemical Analysis.

THE COMMERCIAL HANDBOOK of CHEMICAL ANALYSIS; or Practical Instructions for the determination of the Intrinsic or Commercial Value of Substances used in Manufactures, in Trades, and in the Arts. By A. NORMANDY, Author of “Practical Introduction to Rose's Chemistry," and Editor of Rose's “Treatise of Chemical Analysis.” Illustrated with Woodcuts.

Second and cheaper Edition, post Svo, gs. cloth. “We recommend this book to the careful perusal of every one ; it may be truly affirmed to be of universal interest, and we strongly recommend it to our readers as a guide, alike indispensable to the housewife as to the pharmaceutical practitioner."Medical Times.

“A volume of surpassing interest, in which the Author describes the character and properties of 400 different articles of commerce, the substances by which they are too frequently adulterated, and the means of their detection."-Mining Journal."

“The very best work on the subject the English press has yet produced.”—Mechanics' Magazine. Practical Philosophy.

John CARR, M. A., late Fellow of Trin. Coll., Cambridge. Second
Edition. 18mo, 5s. cloth.

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