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330, 399



Page. A development of the fundamental no

Moral instruction, 8, 97, 135, 237, 282, 352 tions of grammar,

14, 43, 143

MATHEMATICAL DEPARTMENT, 22, 59, 119, 154, Æsthetic Education,


220, 248, 291, 324, 393 A school-room vision, 348 Mental arithmetic,


Book TABLE, 28, 64, 94, 128, 159, 191, 260, 298, National teachers' association,

380 Boarding around,


Our system of school supervision,

33 Our common schools,

261, 302 Christ and the little ones,

10 Overtasking of pupils while in school, 319 Conscience,

168 Cloud Castles,


P Chippewa Valley Teachers' Association, 384

Proeeedings of Board of Regents of Nor. D mal schools,

20, 185, 363

Proceedings of seventh annual meeting Discipline in school,

of state teachers' association,

57 Do you read,

343 Practical science, industrial art, and 4 Duties of Teachers,

public health,

194 Popular and unpopular teachers,

264 Parental influence,

314 E Past and present,

342 EDITORIAL MISCELLANY, 24, 61, 90, 122, 155,

R 188, 224, 250, 296, 326, 365, 395 Equality of rights,


Report of a town superintendent, 6, 47

Religious instruction in common schools, 69 F

Report of committee on revision of the school law,

79 False education of girls, 103 Rock Co. teachers' association,


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The uses and abuses of English grammar, 75
Teachers' institutes for 1859, 89, 118, 169, 204 Use of text-books in school,
Teachers' examinations,

The quiet slumber,

The past,


Teachers should study,

Teachers' Institutes for 1860,

Teaching astronomy,

338 Windsor teachers' association,
The frozen brook,

339 Watch, mother,
The idea of a graded school,

373 Wind and Sea,
The reward,

385 Work for children,


From the real ground we distinguish the moral ground (motive) which determines a person to will something. Ex.-He wears furs on account of the cold. He retrenches on account of his chil


The contemplated effect of an activity is called the aim or end.

Ex:-He travels for pleasure,--reads a discourse for edification. Not only the spatial, but the time and the causal relations are generally denoted, as in the examples cited, by those form-words wbich are called prepositions.

(d) The relation of manner, hovo any thing is done, is expressed by special forms of potion-words, called adverbs of manner. It is also de noted by prepositions.

Ex.-He speaks loud. He labors industriously, or with industry. Remarks.-By manner is understood an activity which is taken up into the notion of the predicated activity in such a way that with this it constitutes only one notion, eg. to cry aloud (to scream), to go fast (to run, to hasten). Adverbs of manner are therefore commonly formed from adjectives, or substantives of abstract signification. Like adjectives they also commonly represunt the notion in an antitheris, e.g. to speak loud and soft, to write well and ill, to run fast and slovo,

Superintendent's Department.



(Continued from the March Number.)


Q. Has the County Treasurer a right to deduct fees on the apportiooment which passes through his hands?

A. The statutes give the County Treasurer the right to charge two per cent, on all moneys passing through his hands. Of course this includes all school moneye. Bat the County Treasurer can make no further deductions, in payment of drafts, express charges, and the like, as his fees must cover all such expense.

Q. In case of an alteration of a district, when the Town Officers are called in to act with the Town Superintendent, can they adjourn as they may deem expedient?

A. The Board formed as above, possesses all the rights and powers of a Town Superintendent, and can adjourn the hearing, which adjourned meeting will possess all the authority of the first.

Q. Have the District Board full authority to select library books.

A. They have not. This power rests entirely with the district, who are empowered, at a district meeting to direct, by vote, the purchase of such books as they see fit. In case any one person is authorized by the district to prepare a list, it must be approved by the district before the purchase is made.

Q. Has the Town Superintendent power to dismiss a teacher against the wishes of the people of the district ?

A. The Town Superintendent can not dismiss a teacher under any circumstances. He can annul bis certificate, which renders the contract void, and thus in effect dismisses the teacher.

Q. If the Town Superintendent makes an illegal decision, or performs an illegal action, would a District Board be justified in treating it as a nullity?

A. All decisions of the Town Superintendent are binding until reversed, illegal as well as legal. An illegal decision may be set aside on appeal, but it is not void at once, and can not be treated as void until it is reversed.

Q. Can the District Board allow the use of the school.house for any private parpose ?

A. They can not, except by the unanimous consent of the district. The Board are entrusted with the care of the school-house in the capacity of school officers, and not as private individuals. Consequently they have no power except in their corporate capacity, and have no authority to personally let the house for any private use.

Q. How long do officers appointed to fill a vacancy hold office?

A. Only until the next annual meeting, when the vacancies must be filled by election. All appointments are in their nature temporary.

Q. Can the District Board enforce the use of any particular textbooks?

A. The Board can determine what text-books are to be used in school, and the teacher is not required to hear recitations from any other. It is doubtful whether a refusal on the part of scholars to provide themselves with the adopted books, would render them liable to expulsion.

Q. Can a Town Superintendent add territory from his owo town to & joint district, or take away territory wholly within his town from a joint district ?

A. He can not. It is equally an alteration whether territory is added or taken away, or wbether the territory is wholly within his town or not,

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