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5 They know not, nor will understand,

In darkness they walk on,
The earth's foundations all are * mov'd,
And * out of order gone.

* Jinmots. 6 I said that ye were gods, yea

all The sons of God most high ; 7 But


shall die like men, and fall As other princes die. 8 Rise God, * judge thou the earth in might,

This wicked earth * redress. * Skiphta. For thou art he who shalt by right

The nations all possess.

- Psalm LXXXIII.

1 BE

E not thou silent now at length,
O God hold not thy peace,
Sit thou not still O God of strength,

We cry, and do not cease.
2 For lo thy furious foes now * swell,
And * storm outrageously,

* Jehemajan. And they that hate thee proud and fell

Exalt their heads full high. -3 Against thy people they + contrive + Jagnarimu.

* Their plots and counsels deep, * Sod. 10 *Them to insnare they chieflystrive* Jirthjagnatsug.

+ Whom thou dost hide and keep. + Tsephuneka. 4 Come let us cut them off, say they,

Till they no nation be,

That Israel's name for ever may

Be lost in memory. 5 For they consult * with all their might, * Lev And all as one in mind

(jachdau. Themselves against thee they unite,

And in firm union bind.
6 The tents of Edom, and the brood

Of scornful Ishmael,
Moab, with them of Hagar's blood,

that in the desert dwell,
7 Gebal and Ammon there conspire,

And hateful Amalec,
The Philistines, and they of Tyre,

Whose bounds the sea doth check.
8 With them great Ashur also bands

And doth confirm the knot :
All these have lent their armed hands

To aid the sons of Lot.
9 Do to them as to Midian bold,

That wasted all the coast, To Sisera, and as is told

Thou didst to Jabin's host, When at the brook of Kishon old

They were repuls'd and slain, 10 At Endor quite cut off, and rollid

As dung upon the plain. 11 As Zeb and Oreb evil sped,

So let their princes speed, As Zeba, and Zalmi na bled, So let their princes bleed.

12 For they amidst their pride have said,

By right now shall we seise God's houses, and will now invade

# their stately palaces. + Neoth Elohim bears both. 13 My God, oh make them as a wheel,

No quict let them find,
Giddy and restless let them reel

Like stubble from the wind.
14 As when an aged wood takes fire

Which on a sudden strays,
The greedy flames run higher and higher,

Till all the mountains blaze, -
15 So with thy whirlwind them pursue,

And with thy tempest chase ; 16 † And till they + yield thee honor due, Lord fill with shame their face.

+ Heb. They seek thy Name. 17 Asham'd and troubled let them be,

Troubled, and asham'd for ever, Ever confounded, and so die

With shame, and 'scape it never. 18 Then shall they know that thou whose name

Jehovah is alone,
Art the most High, and thou the same
O'er all the earth art one.


1 How lovely are thy dwellings fair!

O Lord of Hosts, how dear

The pleasant tabernacles are,

Where thou dost dwell so near! ? My soul doth long and alınost die

Thy courts O Lord to see, My heart and flesh aloud do cry,

O living God, for thee. 3 There ev’n the sparrow freed from wrong

Hath found a house of rest,
The swallow there, to lay her young

Hath built her brooding nest,
Ev'n by thy altars, Lord of Hosts,

They find their safe abode,
And home they fly from round the coasis

Tow'ard thee, my King, my God. 4 Happy, who in thy house reside,

Where thee they ever praise, 5 Happy, whose strength in thee doth bide,

And in their hearts thy ways. 6 They pass through Baca's thirsty vale,

That dry and barren ground, As through a fruitful watry

Where springs and showers abound.
7 They journey on from strength to strength

With joy and gladsom cheer,
Till all before our God at length

In Sion do appear.
8 Lord God of Hosts hear now my pray's,

O Jacob's God give ear,
9 Thou God our shield look the face

Of thy anointed dear.

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10 For one day in thy courts to be

Is better, and more blest, Than in the joys of vanity

A thousand days at best. I in the temple of

my God Had rather keep a door, Than dwell in tents, and rich abode,

With sin for evermore.
11 For God the Lord both sun and shield

Gives grace and glory bright,
No good from them shall be withheld

Whose ways are just and right.
12 Lord God of hosts that reign'st on high,

That man is truly blest, Who only on thee doth rely,

And in thee only rest.

Psalm LXXXV.

1 Thy land to favour graciously

Thou hast not Lord been slack, Thou hast frum hard captivity

Returned Jacob back.
2 Th’ iniquity thou didst forgive

That wrought thy people woe,
And all their sin, that did thee grieve,

Hast hid where none shall know.
3 Thine anger all thou hadst. remov'd,

And calmly didst return

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