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Pages Moore's Poetical Works. • Lalla Rookh. .

17 Irish Melodies .

Songs and Ballads Roby's Remains , Shakspeare, by Bowdler

's Sentiments and Similes Southey's Poetical Works

British Poets . . Thomson's Seasons, illustrated Watts's Lyrics of the Heart . Political Economy & Statistics. Caird's Letters on Agriculture . . ? Francis on Life Assurance Greg's Essays on Political and Social

Srience . . . . . . 10 Laing's Notes of a Traveller . 12 & 22 M'Culloch's Geographical Dictionary 15

» Dictionary of Commerce . . 15

London : . .

Statistics of the British Empire Marcet's Political Economy . Tegoborski's Russian Statistics Willich's Popular Tables . . The Sciences in General and

Mathematics. Arago's Meteorological Essays

Popular Astronomy .
Bourne's on the Screw Propeller .
Brande's Dictionary of Science, etc.

Lectures on Organic Chem
Cresy's Civil Engineering .
Dela Beche's Geology of Cornwall,

Geological Observer.
De la Rive's Electricity . .
Faraday's Non-Metallic Elements
Herschel's Outlines of Astronomy
Holland's Mental Physiology .
Humboldt's Aspects of Nature

Hunt's Researches on Light .
Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopædia.

Marcet's (Mrs.) Conversations 15 & 16
Moseley's Engineering and Architecture
Owen's Lectures on Comparative Anatomy 18
Our Coal Fields and our Coal Pits.
Pereira on Polarised Light .
Peschel's Elements of Physics
Phillips's Fossils of Cornwall, etc.


Guide to Geology
Portlock's Geology of Londonderry
Powell's Unity of Worlds . .
Smee's Electro-Metallurgy
Steam Engine, by the Artisan Club
Tate on Strength of Materials.
Wilson's Electricity and the Electric

Telegraph . . . . .




Veterinary Medicine, etc. Cecil's Stable Practice

. Stud Farm .
The Hunting Field
Pocket and the Stud.
Practical Horsemanship
Richardson's Horsemanship
Stable Talk and Table Talk
The Stud for Practical Purposes
Youatt's The Dog
» The Horse . . . . .

Voyages and Travels.
Baker's Rifle and Hound in Ceylon .
Barrow's Continental Tour
Barton's Medina
Carlisle's Turkey and Greece . .
De Custine's Russia.
Ferguson's Swiss Men and Mountains
Forester and Biddulph's Norway
Gironière's Philippines .
Gregororrius's Corsica .
Hill's Travels in Siberia .
Hope's Brittany and the Bible

> Chase in Brittany. Howitt's Art Student in Munich

» Victoria Huc's Chinese Empire Huc and Gabet's Tårtary and Thibet . Hughes's Australian Colonies. Humboldt's Aspects of Nature Jameson's Canada . . . Jerrmann's Pictures from St. Pe Laing's Norway.

Notes of a Traveller
Macintosh's Turkey and Black Sen . .
Marryat's California. .
Mayne's Artic Discoveries
Miles' Rambles in Iceland
Month before Sebastopol,
Oldmixon's Piccadilly to Peru
Osborn's Narrative of Discovery of N.W.

Passage . .
Paton's Bulgarian, etc. .
Pfeiffer's Voyage round the World
Power's New Zealand Sketches
Richardson'e Arctic Boat Voyage
Seaward's Narrative of his Shipwreck
St. John's (A.) Indian Archipelago.

Hon. F.) Rambles . . .
Sutherland's Arctic Voyage .
Wathen's Victoria
Werne's African Wanderings . . .


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Works of Fiction.

Rural Sports. Baker's Rifle and Hound in Ceylon Berkeley's Reminiscences. . Blaine's Dictionary ot Sports Cecil's Stable Practice

Records of the Chase
Cecil's Stud Farm .
The Cricket Field
Davy's Angling Colloquies .
Ephemera on Angling

's Book of the Salmon Hawker's Young Sportsman .



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Arnold's Oakfield
Lady Willoughby's Diary.
Macdonald's Villa Verocchio
Sir Roger De Coverley .
Southey's Doctor .
Trollope's Warden
White's Charles Randon.

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Miss Acton's Modern Cookery- | Arrowsmith.-A Geographical Book.-Moderu Cookery in all its Brauches, Dictionary of the Holy Scriptures: Includ reduced to a System of Easy Practice. For ing also Notices of the Chief Places and the use of Private Families. In a Series of People mentioned in the Apocrypha. By Recipes, all of which have been strictly the Rev. A. ARROWSMITH, M.A., late Curate tested, and are given with the most minute of Whitchurch, Salop. 8vo. price 153. exactness. By ELIZA ACTON, New Edition ; with various Additions, Plates and Wood Arnold.-Poems. By Matthew cuts. Fcp. 8vo. price 78.6d.

Arnold. Second Edition. Fcp. 8vo. 58. 64. Aikin. - Select Works of the Arnold.-Poems. By Matthew

British Poets, from Ben Jonsou to Beattie. Arnold. Second Series, about one-third With Biographical and Critical Prefaces by new; the rest finally selected from the Dr. AIKIN. New Edition, with Supplement volumes of 1849 and 1852, now withdrawn. by Lucy AIKIN ; consisting of additional Fcp. 8vo. price 5s. Selections, from more recent Poets. 8vo. price 188.

Arnold.- Oakfield; or, Fellow

ship in the East. By w. D. ARNOLD, Alcorn. -A Compendium of Lieutenant 58th Regiment, Bengal Native

Infantry. The Second Edition, revised. Chronology. Edited by the Rev. JOHN

2 vols. post 8vo. price 21s. ALCORN, M.A. Post 8vo.

(Nearly ready. Atkinson,(G.)-Sheriff-Law; or,

a Practical Treatise on the Office of Sheriff, The Works of Francis Arago, Undersheriff, Bailiffs, etc.: Their Duties at Member of the Institute, Perpetual Secre

the Election of Members of Parliament and tary of the Academy of Sciences, Director

Coroners, Assizes, and Sessions of the of the Observatory of Paris. Copyright

Peace: Writs of Trial ; Writs of Inquiry; Edition, Translated by Rear-Admiral W. H.

Compensation Notices; Interpleader ; 8MYTH, Foreign Secretary, R.S., Corres

Writs; Warrants; Returns; Bills of Sale; ponding Member of the French Institute,

Bonds of Indemnity, etc. By GEORGE etc. ; Lieutenant-Colonel E. SABINE, R.A.;

ATKINSON. Third Edition, revised. 8vo. Treasurer and V.P.R.S.: the Rev. BADEN price 10s. 6d. POWELL, M.A., V.P.R.S., Savilian Professor of Geometry in the University of Atkinson, (G.)- The Shipping Oxford ; and ROBERT GRANT, Esq., M.A, Laws of the British Empire : Consisting of F.R.A.S.

Park or Marine Assurance, and Abbott on

Shipping. Edited by GEORGE ATKINSON, The following portions will be the first to Serjeant-at-Law. 8vo. price 103.60.

appear 1POPULAR ASTRONOMY. Translated by

Austin.-Germany from 1760 to Rear-Admiral W. H. SMYTH, Foreign 1814; Or, Sketches of German Life from Secretary; assisted by ROBERT GRANT, the Decay of the Empire to the Expulsion Esq., M.A., F.R.A.S. 8vo.

of the French, By Mrs. AUSTIN. Post 840.


lated by Lieutenant-Colonel E. SABINE, Joanna Baillie's Dramatic and R.A., Treasurer and V.P.R.S. 8vo.

Poetical Works, complete in One Volume: LIVES of DISTINGUISHED SCIENTIFIC Comprising the Plays of the Passions, MEN: to which are prefixed, Arago's Miscellaneous Dramas, Metrical Legeuds, History of my own Life, and Humboldt's Fugitive Pieces, (several now first pubPreface to the collected Works. Trans. lished), and Ahalya Baee. Second Edition, lated by Professor Powell, F.R.S., Rear. including a new Life of Joanna Baillie ; with Admiral W. H. SMYTH and R. GRANT, Portrait and Vignette, Square crown 8vo. Esq., M.A. 8vo.

21s. cloth, or 428. bound in morocco.

Baker.-The Rifle and the Hound Dr. Bloomfield's College & School in Ceylon. By S, W. BAKER, Esq. With Greek Testament. With brief English several Illustrations printed in Colours, Notes, chiefly Philological and Explanaand Engravings on Wood. 8vo. price 145. tory. Seventh and cheaper Edition, with

Map and Index. Fcp. 8vo. price 73. 6d. Balfour.-Sketches of English Dr. Bloomfield's College and

Literature from the Fourteenth to the School Lexicon to the Greek Testament.
Present Century. Bs CLARA LUCAS BAL-| Fep. 8vo. price 103. 6d.
FOUR. Fep. 8vo. price 7s.

Bode.-Ballads from Herodotus : Bayldon's Art of Valuing Rents With an Introductory Poem. By the Rev. and Tillages, and Tenant's Right of Enter.

J. E. BODE, M.A., late Student of Christ ing and Quitting Farms, explained by

Church. Second Edition, with four additiseveral Specimens of Valuations; with

Opal Pieces. 16mo. price 7s. Remarks on the Cultivation pursued on Soils in different Situations. Adapted to A Treatise on the Steam Engine, the Use of Landlords, Land Agents, Ap.

in its Application to Mines, Mills, Steam praisers, Farmers, and Tenants. New Edition; corrected and revised by JOEN

Navigation, and Railways. By the Artisan

Club Edited by JOAN BOURNE, C.E. DONALDSON. Sro 103.68.

New Edition ; with 33 Steel Plates, and

349 Wood Engravings. 4to. price 27s. Berkeley.-Reminiscences of a

Huntsmar. By the Honourable GRANTLEY | Bourne. - A Treatise on the F. BERKELEY. With four Etchings by Screw Propeller : With various Suggestions John Leech. 8vo. price 148.

of Improvement. By JOHN BOURNE, C.E. New edition, thoroughly revised; with 20

large Plates and numerous Woodcuts. 4to. Black's Practical Treatise on price 38s.

Brewing, based on Chemical and Economical Principles: With Formulæ fer Public

Brande.-A Dictionary of SciBrewers, and Instructions for Private Fami ence, Literature, and Art ; comprising the lies. New Edition, with Additions. Svo. History, Description and Scientific Prin. price 10s. 6d.

ciples of every Branch of Human Know. ledge; with the Derivation and Definition

of all the Terms in general use. Edited Blaine's Encyclopædia of Rural oy W. T. BRANDE, F.R.S.L. and E.; assisted

by Dr. J. CAUVIN. Second Edition, reSports; or, a complete Account, Historical,

vised; with Woodcuts. 8vo, price 60s. Practical, and Descriptive, of Hunting, Shooting, Fishing, Racing, and other Field Sports and Athletic dmusements of the Professor Brande's Lectures on present day. With upwards of 600 Woodcuts. A New Edition, thoroughly revised

Organic Chemistry, as applied to Manu. by HARRY HIEOVER, EPREMERA, and Mr.

factures, including Dyeing, Bleaching, A. GRAHAM; with nunerous additional

Calico-Printing, Sugar Manufacture, the Illustrations. 8vo. price 508.

Preservation of Wood, Tanning, etc. deli vered before the Members of the Royal Institution. Arranged by permission from

the Lecturer's Notes by J. SCOFFERN, M.B. Blair's Chronological and His Fcp. 8vo., with Woodcuts, price 78. 6d.

torical Tables, from the Creation to the present Time: with Additions and Cor. rections from the most authentic Writers; Brodie. - Psychological Inincluding the Computation of St. Paul, as quiries, in a series of Essays intended to connecting the Period from the Exode to illustrate the influence of the Physical Orthe Temple. Under the revision of SIR ganization on the Mental Faculties. By HENRY ELLIS, K.H. New Edition, with

Sir BENJAMIN C. BRODIE, Bart., D.C.L., corrections, Imperial 8vo, price 31s. 6d. V.P.R.S., Corresponding Member of the

Institute of France, etc. Second Edition.

Fcp. 8vo. price 5s. Bloomfield.-The Greek Testament: With copious English Notes, Critical, Autobiography of James Silk Philological, and Explanatory. Especially Buckingham: Including his Voyages, Traformed for the use of advanced Students and vels, Adventures, Speculations, Successes, Candidates for Holy Orders. By the Rev. and Failures, frankly and faithfully narrated : S. T. BLOOMFIELD, D.D. F.S.A. New with Characteristie Sketches of Public Men Edition. 2 vols. 8vo. with Map, price £2. with whom he has had personal intercourse

during a period of more than fifty Years.

With a Portrait engraved by G.T. Doo from Dr. Bloomfield's Additional

a recent Miniature. Vols. I. and II. post Annotations on the above. 8vo. price 15s. 8vo. price 21s.

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Bull.-The Maternal Manage- | Bishop Butler's General Atlas ment of Children in Health and Disease. of Modern and Ancient Geography ; com. By T. BULL, M.D. New Edition, Fcap. prising Fifty-two full-coloured Maps; with 8vo. price 5s.

complete Indexes. New Edition, tearly all re-engraved, enlarged, and greatly in

proved; with Corrections from the most Dr. Bull's Hints to Mothers for authentic Sources in both the Ancient and the Management of their Health during

Modern Maps, many of which are eutirely the Period of Pregnancy and in the Lying

new. Royal 4to. price 248. half-bound. in Room: With an Exposure of Popular

The Modern Atlas, 28 fullErrors in connexion with those subjects, etc.; and Hints on Nursing. New Edition. Separately

coloured Maps. R1.8vo. 128.

The Ancient Atlas 24 fullFcp. price 58.

coloured Maps. RI. 8vo. 128.

Bunsen.-Christianity & Man | Bishop Butler's Sketch of Mo

kind; Their Beginnings and Prospects. dern and Ancient Geography. New Edition, By C. c. J. BUNSEN, D.D., D.C.L., D.Ph, thoroughly revised, with such Alterations Being a New Edition, corrected, remodelled, introduced as continually progressive Disand extended, of Hippolytus and his Age. coveries and the latest Information have 7 vols, 8vo. price 51.58.

rendered necessary. Post 8vo. price 78. 6d. ... This Second Edition of the Hippolytus is composed of three distinct works, The Cabinet Gazetteer: A Popuwhich may be had separately, as follows:

lar Exposition of all the Countries of the

World; their Government, Population, Historical Section.

Revenues, Commerce and Industries; 1. Hippolytus and his Age ; or, the Be Agricultural, Manufactured, and Mineral ginnings and Prospects of Christianity.

Products ; Religiou, Laws, Manners, and 2 vols. 8vo. price 11. 108.

Social State. By the Author of The Cabi.

net Lawyer. Fcap. 8vo. price 108.6d. cloth; I. Hippolytus and the Teachers of the

or 138. calf lettered,
Apostolical Age;
Il. The Life of the Christians of the
Apostolical Age.

The Cabinet Lawyer: A Popu

lar Digest of the Laws of England, Civil Philological Section.

and Criminal; with a Dictionary of Law 2. Outlines of the Philosophy of Universal

Terms, Maxims, Statutes, and Judicial AntiHistory applied to Language and Religion :

quities; Correct Tables of Assessed Taxes, Containing an Account of the Alphabetical

Stamp Duties, Excise Licences, and PostConferences. 2 vols. 8vo. price il, 138.

Horse Duties; Post Office Regulations, and
Prison Discipline. 16th Edition, compris.

ing the Public Acts of the Session 1854. Philosophical Section.

Fcap. 8vo. price 105.6d. 3. Analecta Ante - Nicæna. 3 vols. 8vo. price 21.28.

Caird.-English Agriculture in I. Reliquiæ Literariæ;

1850 and 1851 ; Its Condition and Prospects. II. Reliquiæ Canonicæ ;

By JAMES CAIRD, Esq., of Baldoon, AgriIII. Reliquiæ Liturgicæ: Cum Appen cultural Commissioner of The Times. The dicibus ad Tria Analectorum Vo

Second Edition. 8vo. price 148. lumina,

Calvert.-The Wife's Manual, Bunsen.- Egypt's Place in Uni or, Prayers, 'Thoughts, and Sougs on Seve. versal History: Au Historical Investigation,

ral Occasions of a Matron's Life. Ornain Five Books. By C.C. J. BUNSEN, D.D.

mented from Designs by the Author in the D C.L., D.Ph. Translated from the Ger

style of Queen Elizabeth's Prayer Book. man, by C.H. COTTRELL, Esq. M.A. with

By the Rev. WILLIAM CALVERT, Minor numerous Illustrations, Vol. I. Svo. 288.;

Canon of St. Paul's. Crown 8vo. 108. 6d. Vol. II. 8vo. 308.

Carlisle (Lord).- A Diary in Burton, (R. F.)-Personal Nar Turkish and Greek Waters. By the Right

Hon. the Earl of CARLISLE. Fifth Edition, rative of a Pilgrimage to El Medipah and Mecca. By RICHARD F. BURTON, Lieut.

post 8vo. 108. 6d. enant, Bombay Army. 3 vols. 8vo., with numerous Illustrations. [In the Press. Catlow.- Popular Conchology:

or, the Shell Cabinet arranged according Burton.-The History of Scot

to the Modern System: With a detailed ae.

count of the Animals; and a complete Deland, from the Revolution to the Extinction scriptive List of the Families and Genera of of the last Jacobite Insurrection (1689 the Recent and Fossil Shells. By AGNES 1748.) By JOAN HILL BURTON. 2 vols. 8vo. CATLOW. Second Edition, much improved ; price 268.

with 405 Woodcuts. Post Svo. price 148.

Cecil. - The Stud Farm, or, Conybeare and Howson.- The

Hints on Breeding Horses for the Turf, Life and Epistles of Saiut Paul: Comthe Chase, and the Road. By CECIL. Fep. prising a complete Biography of the Apostle, 8vo. with Frontispiece, price 5..

and a Translation of his Epistles inserted in Chronological order. By the Rev. W.J.

COXYBEARE, M.A., aud the Rev, J. S. Cecil.-Records of the Chase, Howson, M.A. With 40 Steel Plates and and Memoirs of Celebrated Sportsmen ;

100 Woodcuts. 2 vols. 4to. price £2.85. illustrating some of the Usages of Oldeu Times and comparing them with prevailing Customs : Together with an Introduction

Dr. Copland's Dictionary of to most of the Fashionable Hunting Practical Medicine : Comprising General Countries; and Comments. By CECIL. Pathology, the Nature and Treatment of With two Plates by B. Herring. Fcp. 8vo. Diseases, Morbid Structures, and the Disprice 7s. 60. half-bound.

orders especially incidental to Climates, to Sex, and to the different Epochs of Life,

with numerous approved Formulæ of the Cecil.-Stable Practice; or Hints Medicines recommended. Vols. I. and Il. on Training for the Turf, the Chase, and the

8vo. price £3; and Parts X. to XVI. price Road : With Observations ou Racing and

43. 68. each.
Hunting, Wasting, Race Riding, and Han-
dicapping. By CECIL Fcap. 8vo, with
Plate, price 5s, half-bound.

Cresy's Encyclopædia of Civil
Engineering, Historical, Theoretical, and

Practical. Illustrated by upwards of 3000 Chalybaeus's Historical Survey Woodcuts, explanatory of the Principles,

Machinery, and Constructions which come of Modern Speculative Philosophy, from

under the Direction of the Civil Engineer. Kant to Hegel. Translated from the German

8vo. price £3. 133.60. by ALFRED Tulk. Post 8vo. price 88. 6d.

Peace, War, and Adventure ;

The Cricket-Field; or, the Sci

ence and History of the Game of Cricket. Being an Autobiographical Memoir of

By the Author of Principles of Scientific George Laval Chesterton, formerly of the

Batting. Second Edition; with Plates and Field Train Department of the Royal Ar

Woodcuts. Fcp. 8vo. 58. half-bound. tillery, subsequently a Captain in the army of Colunbia, and at present Governor of the House or Correction in Cold Bath Lady Cust's Invalid's Book. Fields. 2 vols. post 8vo. price 168.

The Invalid's Own Book: A Collection of

Recipes from various Books and various Chevreul's Principles of Har Countries. By the Honourable LADY CUST.

Fcp. 8vo. price 30. 6d. mony and Contrast of Colours, and their Applications to the Arts : Including Painting, Interior Decoration, Tapestries, Car

The Rev. T. Dale's Domestic pets, Mosaics, Coloured Glazing, PaperStaining, Calico Printing, Letterpress

Liturgy and Family Chaplain, in Two Parts : Printing, Map Colouring, Dress, Landscape The First Part being Church Services adapted and Flower Gardening, etc. Translated by for Domestic Use, with Prayers for every CHARLES MARTEL ; and illustrated with Day of the Week, sclected exclusively from Diagrams, etc. Crown 8vo. price 128, 6d. the Book of Common Prayer. Part II.

Comprising an appropriate Sermon for every

Sunday in the Year. 2d Edition. Post 4to. Clinton.-Literary Remains of

219. cloth; 318.6d. calf; or £2.10s, morocco. Henry Fynes Clinton, M.A. Author of the Sepa


Separately the DOMESTIC LITORGY, 108.6d. Fasti Hellenici the Pasti Romani, etc. Comprising an Autobiography and Literary Journal, and brief Essays on Theological Subjects. Edited by the Rev. C.J. Fines Dalton. - History of British CLINTON, M.A, Post Svo. price 9s. 6d.

Guiana : Comprising a General Description of the Colony, and a Narrative of some of

the Principal Events from the Earliest Conversations on Botany. New Period of its Discovery to the Present

Edition, improved; with 22 Plates. Fcp. Time ; with an Account of the Climate, 8vo. price 78. 60.; or with the Plates Geology, Staple Products, and Natural His. coloured, 125.

tory. By H.G. DALTON, MD., with Plates, Maps, etc. 2 vols. 8vo, 363. ; or royal 8vo.

528. 60 Conybeare.-Essays, Ecclesias

tical and Social: Reprinted, with additions, from the Edinburgh Review. By w. J. Davy, (Dr. J.)-The Angler and CONYBEARE, M.A., late Fellow of Trinity his Friend; or, Piscatory Colloquies and College, Cambridge. 8vo.

Fishing Excursions. By JOAN Daye, M.D., (Nearly ready. I F.R.S., etc. Fcp. 8vo. price 68.

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