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ple, frenzied by his own words. France was a great amphitheatre of blood, and De Lisle's song was the battle cry.

There is no national air that will compare with the Marseillaise in sublimity and power; it 'embraces the soft cadences fall of the peasant's home, and the stormy clangor of silver and steel when an empire is overthrown; it endears the memory of the vine dresser's cottage, and makes the Frenchman in his exile, cry, "La belle France !" forgetful of the torch, and sword, and guillotine, which have made his country a spectre of blood in the eyes of the nations. Nor can foreigners listen to it, sung by a company of exiles, or executed by a band of musicians, without feeling that it is the pibroch of battle and war.


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Name of Ruler.

Title. From. Anhalt Bernberg,

.. Alexander Oharles, Duke, 1834 Anhalt Dessan Voet'n,..... Leopold Frederick, G. Duke, Argentine Confed., ...J.J. Urquiza,

. Governor,.

..1853 Austria,

.. Francis Joseph II.. ... Emperor,......1848 Baden,

Louis, .

.G. Duke, 1852 Bavaria,

.... Maximiliam II.,... . King, .........1848 Belgium, .... Leopold I.,

King, .........1841 Bolivia, ...P. Linares,

President, ..1857 Brazil,

Don Pedro II............ Emperor.......1831 Brunswick (Duchy). .... Louis William, . Duke, ..1831 Buenos Ayres,

Don Alsinu,

President,.....1858 Cabool,..

...... Dost Mahomined, ....... Ameer............. Chili,

Manuel Montt,. .. President, 1856 China, Hein Fung,

Emperor, Cochin China,


Emperor, 1841 Costa Rica,

Juan Raphael Mora,. . ... President,.....1856 Denmark, ... Frederick VII.,

King, ... .1858 Dominica,

Pedro Santana, .. President, ..1858 Eucador,

.Francisco Robles,

President,.....1858 Egypt, , . Said Pasha,


Viceroy, France,

. Napoleon III., ...Emperor, ..1852 Great Britain,

Victoria I.,

.. Queen,.. 1837 Greece, ...

Otho I........

King, .......




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Name of Ruler.

Title. From.

.Rafael Carrera, ...President,.....1851 Hanover,

George V.,...... ........ King,

King, .... ..1851 Hayti,.... ... Faustin I.,

.Emperor,......1852 Hesse Cassel,

William I.,

Elector,.. .1847 Hesse Darmstadt, ......... Frederick William I., ..

. Elector, .1847 Hesse Homburg, .... Ferdinand Henry,.......

L'grave,.. ....1848 Holland,'.

. William II.,.

.King, .. 1849 Honduras,

... Santo Guardiola, .President, Liberia,

.Stephen A. Benson,. ....President,. ....1856 Lichtenstein,

Alois Jose[ h,. ......

...Prince, ... ..1836 Madagascer,

Ranavalano,......... .Queen,
Mecklenberg Strelitz,......0. George Frederick,.... Grand Duke,...1811
Mecklenberg Schwerin, ....Frederick Francis,. ...... Grand Dake,...1842

SF. Zuloago, Church,..... President,.....1858
Benito Juarez, const.,.....

President, .1858
. Francis Frederick, Duke,

1846 New Grenada,

... Mariano Ospina,.. President, Oldenberg,

. Nicholas T. Peter, Grand Duke,...1853 Paraguay,

.O. Autonio Lopes, President, 1841 Parama,

Robert I.,

.Duke, .1854 Persia,

. Nesser-ad-Din, Peru,

Ramon Castilla, President, .....1853 Portugal,

Don Pedro V., .King, ..1853 Prussia,

Frederick William, ... Regent,... .1858 Reuss Elder Line, .. Henry. XX.,


1836 Russia, ... Alexander II.,

Czer,... 1855 Sandwich Islands, ..Kamehameha IV., ....... King,..

, ...... .1855 San Salvador,

..D. M. Sant'l Castillo,.... President, .....1858 Sardinia,

Victor Emanuel, ........King, .. .1849 Saxe Coburg Gocha, ...... Ernst II.,

..Duke, .1844 Saxe Altenberg, .... Ernst Frederick, . .... Duke,,.......1853 Saxe Weimar Elsen,. Oarlos Alexander,... Grand Duke,...1853

Phra Bard Klau,........ 1st King,... Siam,

Phra Pin Klan,

...20 King, Society Islands, ..Pomare I.,

Isabella II., ...


1832 States of the Church,

Pias IX.,

.Pope, .1846 Sweden and Norway,


1844 Swiss Republic, Jean J. Stehlen,

. President,. .,..1858 Turkey,.....

. Ab dal Medjid,..... Sultan,.. .1839 Tuscany,..

.Leopold II...... ..Grand Duke, .1824




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.....Oscar I., .


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The Almanach de Gotha contains the names of forty-seven Emperors, Kings, Princes, Grand Dukes, and Dukes reigning in Europe, as well as the Emperor of the Brazils. The oldest of the sovereigns is the Grand Duke of Mecklenburg Strelitz, who was born the 12th of August, 1779; and next to him the King of Wurtemberg, born on the 27th of September, 1784. The Prince who has had the longest reign is the Prince of Schaumbourg-Lippe.


MY DEAR YOUNG FRIENDS:-It has been a long time since I have written you a letter, but I have not forgotten you. You are now hard at work in school. Your fathers and mothers are busy every hour, that they may be able to furnish you with suitable clothing and books. How happy you can make them by improving your time. Never be late at school. I never knew a boy or girl, who was late at school, without a good excuse, that made good progress in study. I have known a great many who have become very bad men and women by playing by the way when sent to school.

If I should go into your school-room, I believe I could pick out the tardy scholars by their looks. They are staring about the room, wishing night would come. They are not as neat as those who were in their places in good season. Their faces and hands are dirty. Their hair is not nicely brushed. Their clothes are torn. Their mamas fixed them nicely before they left home, but they found some bad boys and girls by the way, with whom they stopped to play, and in so doing soiled their faces and hands, and tore their clothes. They feel guilty, and show it. They know that they have been stealing. But I hear one little fellow ory out “stealing! I never did such a thing in my life.” Now, my little fellow, listen to me a moment, and I will explain what I mean by stealing. Perhaps

you do not take money, or apples, or cake, from your schoolmates without their consent, but do you not take their time? Is not time as valuable as money? You came in late this morning. There are thirty scholars in the school. It would take you at least one minute to get to your seat and get your books ready to study. During this time the other scholars can not study because of your noise. You have then taken from them one minute each or thirty minutes in all. Have you not stolen half-an-hour ? But this is not all. There is little Charlie, who finds it so hard to keep his mind on his books; he is so full of play. Just as you came in he had gotten fairly interested in his lesson, and would have learned it in a little while without interruption, Your noise has broken the charm. The little fellow must lose all the rest of the day, because now his eye is off his book, be sees so much to laugh at, he can not study any more. You have stolen part of a day from him. Your teacher must stop frequently to speak to Obarley, and in doing so take him from his classes, and so you continue stealing all day.

But the most of all is; you have been robbing yourself. You lost the reading of the Bible, and the prayer in the morning. You lost a half hour's study or more. If your recitation came first, you robbed yourself of the instruction you might have had. You robbed yourself of self-respect and the respect of others.

I do not wish to charge you adjustly; but tell me honestly, my little friend, have you not taken time from others which was not your own? Is not that a kind of stealing ?

This letter is for such as are late at school without a good excuse. Next month I will tell you what a good excuse is. Your friend, PLATTEVILLE, Dec., 1958.


A COTEMPORARY OF BURNS.— A Scotch journal says:

4 Another of the contemperaries of Burns, has been gathered to his fathers. James Neil died recently at Hnrlford, aged 90 years. He had many reminiscences of the bard, which he was accustomed to relate with great glee. Among others we may mention the following: They were plowing together at & match on the Strather's farm here. Among the prizes was one for the best kept harness. Barns excited the mirth of the field by appearing with a straw harness, and the judge awarded him the prize for his ingenuity, Throughout the whole day Barns kept calling to the boy who aided him. “Scud on! soud on, Davie ! if we be wurst, w'ell not be last.'

Editorial Miscellany.

The annual report of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, Hon. L. C. Draper, is now before us, and we give extracts showing the number of children in the State, school attendance etc.:

Number of Children. The whole number of children reported between the ages of four and twenty years, adding for Dunn County 421, the same as last year is 264,078—showing an increase over last year of 22,533. Last year's increase over the year preceding was 27,649; so this year exhibits a less increase by 5,126 than its predecessor. It may astonish not a few to learn, that according to the most recent statistics at command, only the States of New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, and Indiana-and in this relative order-surpass Wisconsin in their number of reported children of school age.

"School Attendance. -- Last year the total number of children of school age was 241,545, of which 153,613 attended school. This year, out of 264,078, there has been a reported attendance of 167,110—thus showing that last year there were 87,932 children in the State who did not attend school, and 96,968 of the same class this year. Some of these reported as non-attendants at the public schools have attended private schools, academies, and colleges, whlie ill health and other causes have prevented the attendance of others. Still, after making all other rea. sonable deductions for these causes, it will be found that about one-third of all our youth of school age are not availing themselves of the benefits of the education provided for all. This is to be lamented. Yet even this is s a decided improvement, since the organization of the school system of the State ; for the First Annual Report of this Department exhibited, in round numbers, only 32,000 out of 70,000 children as attending school-considerably less than half

"Number of Districts.—The number of separate districts in the State is 3,181, and 1,566 parts of districts, which form joint districts—and estimating two and a half parts as equal to a district, we shall have 626 to add to the 3,181, giving a grand total of 3,807 districts. Last year there were reported 3,018 districts, 1,360 parts, or 544 joint districts, making altogether 3,562 districts.

"Number and Value of School-Houses.—Nine years ago, when the first School Report was made, 674 school-houses were reported, nearly one-half of which were of log construction; last year the total number was 2,945; this year 3,482, of which something over one-third are logs—increase of school-houses over last year 537.

“The total valuation of the school-house property of Wisconsin nine years ago,

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