Зображення сторінки

Brush has seen you Abroad at the Court of the reigning Prince of Blan in.

Puff. Yes; I was do Business mightily for Prince Blantin.

Brush. Your Portraits go first, Carmine, Novice, Sir Positive Bubble, Jack Squander, Lord Dupe, and Mordecai Lazarus, the Jew Broker, have appointed me to examine with them the History Pieces.---Which are most likely to stick?

Canto. Here's a Lift.

Brush. Hush, hide the Erasmus, I hear the Com, pany on the Stairs,

(Exit Carmine, and re-enters anon.

Enter Lord Dupe, Bubble, Squander, &c.

Lord. Mr. Brush. I am your devoted Servant. You have procured my Ancestor.

Brush. It is in my Poffeffion, my Lord; and I have the Honor to assure your Lordship, that the Family Features are very difcernable ; and allowing for the Difference of Dress, there's a strong likeness between you and your Predeceffor. Lord. Sir, you have obliged me.

All these you have mark'd in the Catalogue are Originals?

Brush. Undoubted. But my Lord, you need not depend solely on my Judgement; here's Mynheer Baron de Groningen, who is came hither to survey, and purchase for the Elector of Bavaria ; an indirputable Connoiffeur; his Bidding will be a Direction for your Lordship. 'Tis a Thousand Pities that any of these Masters Mould quit England. They were conducted hither at an immense Expence. and if they now leave us, what will it be but a public Declaration, that all Taste and liberal knowledge is vanish'd from amongst us?

Lord. Sir---leave the Support of the National Credit to my Care. Could you introduce me to Mynhưer ? ---Does he speak Englisha?

Brush. Not Auently, but so as to he understood. Mynheer, Lord Dupe--the Patron of Arts, the Petronius for Taste, and for well-timed Genetofity, the Leo-and the Mecenas of the present Age, desires to know you.

Puff. Sir, you honour me very mightily. I was hear of Lord Dupes in Hollandt. I was tell he was one Delatant, one Curieuse, one Precieuse of his Country,

Lord. The Dutch are an obliging, civilized, wellbred, pretty Kind of People. But, pray Sir, what occasions us the Honour of a Vifit from


? Puff. I was come to bid for Paints for de Elector of Bavaria.

Lord. Are there any here that desorve your Attention

Puf, O! dare are good Pieces; but dare is one I likes mightily; the off Sky, and Home Track is fine, and the Maifter is in it.

Lord. What is the Subject ?

Puf. Dat I know not; vat I minds, vat you call the Draws and the Colors,

Lard. Mr. Canto, what is the Subject? "Canto. It is, my Lord St. Anthony of Padua exerciêng the Devil out of a Ram-cat; it has a Companion somewhere---Oh! here, which is the fame Saint in a Wilderness, reading his Breviary by the Light of a Glow-worm.


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Brush. Invaluable Pictures, both ! and will match your Lordship’s Corregio in the Saloon.

Lord. Pll have them. What Pictures are those, Mr. Conto?

Canto. They are not in the Sale ; but I fancy I could procure them for your Lordship. : Lord: This, I presume, might have been a I andskip; but the Water, and the Men, and the Trees, and the Dogs, and the Ducks, and the Pigs, they are obliterated, all gone.

Brush. An indisputable Mark of its Antiquity ; its very Merit; belides a little Varnish will fetch the Figures again..

Lord. Ser it down for me-The next. .

Canto. That is a Mofes in the Bulrushes. The blended Joy and Grief in the Figure of the Sister in the Corner, the Distress and Anxiety of the Mother here, and the Beauty and Benevolence of Pharoah's Daughter, are Circumitances happily imagined, and buldiy express’d.

Brush. Lack-a-day, 'tis but a modern Perform, ance ; "the master is alive, and an Englijbaan. ; Lurd. Oh! then I would not give it House-room.

Puf. Here is a pretty Piece I find itick up here in de Corner: I was see in Hoilandt; at Loo, a Piece mighty like';' there was little Mices, that was nibble, nibble, nibble, upon vat you call Frumage, and little Shorels all with. Brush cails ran up the trees; and there was great things. vat you call-Pshaw, that have long Bearts, and cry Ba. Brush. Wnat Goats ;

Puf. Ay, dat was de name. :

Lord. I thould think, by the Cheese and the Goats, Mynheer, yours was a Welch Piece, instead of a Dutcb.


Puff. Ah, 'twas good Piece. "I wish to my Heart Lord Dupes was have that Piece.

Enter Novice. Novice. Where's Mr. Brusb? My dear Bruhi am I too late?

Brufla. In pretty good Time.

Nov. May I lose my Oibo, or be tumbled from my Phaëron the first Time I jehup my Sorrels, if I have not made more Haste than a young Surgeon to his first Labour. But the Lots, the Lors, my dear Brush, what are they? I'm upon the Rack of Impatience till I see them, and in a Fever of Defire till I possess them. : 5

Brush. Mr. Canto, the Gentleman would be glad to see the Bufts, Medals, and precious Ķe.iques of Greece and ancient Rome.

Canto. Perhaps, Sir, we may show him some.. thing of greater Antiquity-Bring them forward The first Lot consists of a Hand without an Arm, the first joint of the Fore-Finger gone, supposed to be a Limb of the Apollo Delphos --The second, Half a Foot, with the Toes entire, of the Juno Lucina-The third, the Caduceus of the Mercurius InfernalisThe fourth, the Half of the Leg of the Infant Hercules--all indisputable Antiques, and of the Mempbian Marble.

Puff. Let me see Juno's Half Foot. All the Toes entire ? Canton. All.

Puff. Here is a liccle Swelt by this Toe, that looks bad Proportion. All. Hey, hey.

Puff. Puf. What's dat?


Canto. That! Plhaw! that! Why that's only a Corn.

All. Oh!

Puff. Corn! dat was extreme natural; dat is fine; the Maister is in it.

All. Very fine! Invaluable !

. Where is de Hercules' Calf? . Upon my Word 'tis a very large Calf; big, big, big, all de Way up, all de Way down.

Lord i believe this Hercules was an Iris Man.

Nou. But where are your Bufts? Here, here; Gentlemen; here's a Curiosty; a Medal of Oriuna, got for me by Doctor Mummy; the only one in the visible World; there may be fome under Ground!

Lord. Fine, indeed! Will you permit me to tafte it? It has the Relish.

( All taste. Nov. The Relish ! 'Zooks it cost me a hundred Guineas.

Puff. By Gar, it is a dear Bir tho'.

Nov. So you may think; but three Times the Money should not purchafe it.

Lord. Rray, Sir, whose Buft is it that dignifies this Coin ?

Nou. The Empress Oriuna, my Lord.

Lord. And who, Sir, might she be? I don't recollect to have heard of the Lady before.

Nov. She, my Lord? Oh! she was a kind of a What-dy'e-call'em-a Sort of a Queen, or Wife, or something or other to somebody, that liv'd a damn'd while ago-Mummy told me the whole Story; but beforc Gad, I've forgot it. Buţ come, theBusts.


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