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local strikes are to be financed by the International Union, they must be sanctioned by the International Executive Board. "?

"The Board shall have power between Conventions, by

a two-thirds vote, to recommend the calling of a general

strike, but under no circumstance shall it call such a strike

until approved by a referendum vote of the members."2

The United Mine Workers say nothing officially to in

dicate that they are class-conscious.

Neither do they say

anything about being a revolutionary organization, about controlling the industry, for example, or abolishing capitalism.

In this respect they differ from all other industrial unions

under consideration.

4. The United Brewery workers

The United Brewery and soft Drink Workers of America

are another industrial union affiliated with the A. F. of L.

As prohibition strenched more and more upon the brewing industry, the union jurisdiction was extended to yeast, cereal,


denatured alcohol, vinegar, cider, and mineral water workers. Office employes are excluded from membership. Members who refuse or neglect to take out second citizenship papers are

4 suspended.

There may be one or more Local Unions in a place,

but no two unions of the same branch of the industry shall

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1 be recognized in one and the same locality.

Local Union

No. 91, for instance, comprises the Delivery and General

Labor Departments of Cleveland, Ohio, and vicinity, i.e.,

its membership is made up of beer drivers, stable hands,


and laborers;

and there can be no other local union in

Cleveland for workers in these departments.

There is a

shop delegate in each establishment, whose duty it is to

report all just complaints against employers to the secre

tary of the Local Union, who will endeavor to settle the

3 matter.

If there is more than one local union in a place

4 they must form a Joint Local Executive Boara.

At the head of the general organization is a Gen

eral Executive Board of eighteen members, including the officers, Nine members, however, are non-resident, and meet regularly with the rest of the Board only twice a

5 year. They are nominated in various ways, but all mem

bers of the Board are elected by the entire membership through referendum vote. 6 Mhey serve three years.

7 Conventions are triennial.

Authority is centralized.

Local unions are obliged


submit their contracts to the Joint Local Executive

and the General Executive Board for endorsement,


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