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W: few days ago, which con


filled, and ran a different way; in

consequence of which, fourteen Puerto Orotava (Teneriffe), Dec. persons were drowned in their 12, 1815.

houses. E had a dreadful fire here There is now, or was very rea

which con

cently, living in Constantinople, sumed a large convent for women; a very extraordinary man, upand I am sorry to relate, seven wards of 100 years of age, geneunhappy victims felt the fury of rally known under the name of the unrelenting flames. The scene “ Soliman, the eater of sublifor some hours was dreadful. It mate." This man, when young, was first discovered about ten was accustomed, as the Turks do, to o'clock at night : all the nuns swallow opium; but having taken were in bed, and it was some time by degrees a large quantity, withbefore they could be made ac- out producing the desired effect, quainted with their danger. The he adopted the use of sublimate, few that escaped were obliged to and, for upwards of thirty years, leave the convent naked, as they has taken a drachm, or sixty never sleep in their clothes. Those grains, a day. He would somethat were burnt were seen at the times go to the shop of a Turkish windows, till the flames consumed Jew and call for a drachm of subthem. There were no means of limate, which he mixed in a glass saving them, as the windows were of water, and drank it up immestrongly grated with iron, and diately. The first time the apoonly one door that they could thecary was very much alarmed, get out of, which was entirely for fear he should be charged enveloped in flames. The fire was with poisoning the Turk; but he occasioned by a nun making was struck with amazement when sweetmeats : she had placed her he saw the same man again on the fire on a table, in a small earthen next day, who called for another stove, and left it unextinguished; dose. Lord Elgin, Mr. Smith, the heat of the stove made the and several gentlemen now in rosin in the wood to fry out : it is England, have met this extraorsupposed a cinder had fallen, and dinary man, and have heard him the convent being built of the say, that the sensation he expesame kind of wood as the table, rienced after having drank that it was soon in a blaze. The next extremely active poison, was the night we had a tremendous fall most delicious he ever enjoyed. of rain ; the water courses were Such is the force of habit! It is Vol. LVIII.


generally generally thought, that since te mitted to discourse with the days of Mithridates, no one had King, except the medical gentleever made constant use of such a men and his Majesty's personal substance.

attendants. In Dr. John Willis's 1. State of the King.--The public absence, Dr. Robert Willis, his Bulletins which have been issued brother, takes his place. The for some months past, have all other medical gentlemen take it stated that his Majesty's disorder in rotation to be in close attenremains undiminished. At times, dance upon the King. The suit however, it appears that he is to- of rooms which his Majesty and lerably composed. The number his attendants occupy have the of persons specially appointed to advantage of very pure and ex attend him by the physicians, are cellent air; and his Majesty would reduced from six to two, and his not be prevented from occasionally principal pages are admitted, and walking on the terrace, but he have been for some time, to at- declines it, owing to the bad state tend him, as when he enjoyed of his eyes, which do not enable good health. His Majesty dines him to enjoy the views. The at half-past one o'clock, and he lords and grooms of the King's in general orders his dinner; he bed-chamber, his equerries, and invariably has roast beef upon his other attendants, are occasionally table on Sundays. He dresses for in attendance at Windsor Castle dinner, wears his orders, &c. the same as if the King enjoyed His Majesty, together with his good health. Two King's mesattendants, occupy a suit of 13 sengers go from the secretary of rooms, which are situated on the state's office daily to Windsor and north side of Windsor Castle, un- return to London, as they have der the state rooms. Five of the been acçustomed to do for a num. 13 rooms are wholly devoted to ber of years past. The messenger the personal use of the King. who arrives at noon brings a daily Dr. John Willis sleeps in the sixth account of the state of the King's room, adjoining the five rooms, health to the Prince Regent and to be in readiness to attend his the members of the Queen's counMajesty : every morning after cil. His Majesty has never been breakfast, about half past ten left, since his malady, without one o'clock, he waits on the Queen, of the royal family being in the to report to her the state of the castle, and a member of the King's health; he afterwards pro- Queen's council, appointed under ceeds to the Princesses and other the Regency Act. branches of the Royal Family who Copenhagen. - In the last year happen to be at Windsor, and the following number of ships makes a similar report to them. paid the Sound duties :-2,398 In general her Majesty, returns English, 2,270 Swedish, 497 Norwith Dr. Willis down a private wegian, 676 Danish, 455 Dutch, staircase leading into the King's 1,927 Prussian, American, and suit of rooms, and converses with Portugueze ; 699 Russian, Spaher royal husband. The Queen nish, French, Hamburgh, &c.; is the only person who is ad- in all, 8,815 ships,


%. An iuquest wis taken at of inaliciously stabbing serjcant the Guildhall, Newport, Isle of Donald Grant, who, it is hopedt Wight, before Thomas Sewell, will recover. esq. coroner of the island, and a 3. The Venus de Medicis has respectable jury, on the body of made its solem re-entry into Charles Cavendish, serjeant of the Florence ; it arrived on this day, 75th regiment. It appeared in preceded by a brilliant suite; the evidence, that the soldiers of the principal pictures of the Italian 75th, quartered in Newport,agreed school, the chef d'ouures of Ra. to dine together with their wives phael, Michael Angelo, Guido, and families at the Castle-inn, on Salvator Rosa, Andrea del şarto, New-year's day : they made a sub- and Julio Romano, served for the scription for the purpose, und escort. All the population went engaged a room to themselves, out to meet it. where they all, to the number of Mr. Dumubreck, supervisor of 2.3, assembled at dinner at four excise, accompanied by several o'clock : about half-past nine, a officers, discovered near Tum. man of the 36th, named James bowis, in the parish of New KilM‘Kean, opened the door and in patrick, Scotland, an illicit distruded himself into the room, tillery of great extent. The house and said he wanted beer; he was was of rnde construction, consistcivilly told, that if he wanted leer ing of branches of trees interhe must go to the tap-room, and woven with leaves and straw, serjeant Grant pụt him gently supported partly by a steep bank into the passage, saying he would and partly by some tine elm trees show him to the lay-room.--- which formed its walls. The M'Kean iinuediately drew his working utensils, however, were bayonet, stabbed serjeant Grant, of a superior kind. They conand then ran away. Serjeant sisted of a still and boiler, placed Cavendish was coming out of the upon convenient furnaces capable kitchen as M'Kean ran by; he of coạtaining the one 70, and the caught at him, but instantly fell other 300 gallons, a new wooden back, crying "I am murdered.”' mash tun and cooler, ten fer-M*Kean had at this instant his menting tuns, and various other ba; onet uplifted, as if in the act smaller utensils, amounting in all of stabbing. Cavendish expired to more than twenty vessels. At in a few minutes. M.Kean was the time of the discovery, the pursued and taken atout a quarter smugglers were actively employof a mile from Newport, on the ed; one mash of malt bad been Carisbrooke road, with his bayonet finished during the night and a drawn, with which he attempted second was in operation, eight of to stab his pursucrs. The jury re- the fermenting tuns were filled turned a verdict of Wilful Murder with worts, and a hogshead with against M‘Kean, who was imme- some smaller casks were filled diately committed to take his trial with low wines newly distilled. at the ensuing assizes. M'Kean An establishment such as this, on is further detained, under Lord a moderate calculation, would Ellenborougli's Act, on a charge prepare more than fifty gallons

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of spirits a-day. Nr. Dumbreck present to your Majesty a copy of having caused the utensils to be the Poems of the immortal Ossian, overturned and einptieil, lodged in the original Gaclic. We conthe most valuable in a neighbour- sider it hardly ncccssary to recall ing malt barn. It is certain that to your Majesty's ' remembrance the landlord on whose property the ancient friendship which exthis work was discovered knew isted for so many ages betwist nothing of its existence. He pos- Scotland and your Majesty's illossesses great influence in the coun- trious ancestors; but, in the name try, which he lately strenuously of the Society, we beg to offer to exerted for the suppression of il- your Majesty our sincere congralicit distillation.

tulations on the happy termination Paris, Jan. 5. On the 29th of the late contest, which, in reult. a deputation from the High- storing to France her legitimate land Society of London, consist- Sovereign, will, we doubt not, ing of the Right Hon. Lord Sal- unite her to Great Britain in the toun, lieutenant colonel of the strongest bonds of amity.' Grenadier Guards, C.B. K.M.T. In presenting, Sire, to your and St. G.; lieutenant colonel Majesty the Poems of our illus. James Macdonnel, of the Cold- trious bard, we request your Mastream Guards, C.B. K. M. T. and jesty's acceptance of a work, St. W.; lieutenant colonel Daniel every sentiment of which is foundMackinnon of the Coldstreamed on the exalted principles of the Guards; and James Hamilton, most fervent patriotism and of the esq. the secretary, had the honour most devoted loyalty to the Soof presenting, at the palace of the vereign: principles which, we are Tuilleries, to his majesty Louis proud to say, have ever been preXVIII., a copy of the Poems of dominant in the breast of the Ossian, in the original Gaelic. Highlander." The preliminary arrangements

To this Address, his Majesty having been made by the British was pleased to reply in the folAmbassador, his Excellency the lowing terms :Right Hon. Sir Charles Stuart, “ My Lord and Gentlemen,G. C. B., the deputation, after It is with infinite pleasure I acpassing through the hall of the cept from the Highland Society Marshals, and the superb suit of of London a copy of the poems of apartments on that side, were in- the immortal Celtic bard, not troduced by the Duke de Duras, more interesting to me from the First Gentleman of the Chamber, sublime sentiments expressed in and received in the private closet every page, than from their being by his Majesty, in the most gra- in the original tongue, the ancient cious manner. Lord Saltoun, one language of my native land. of the Presidents of the Society, “I have ever entertained the addressed the King in French as highest esteem and respect for the follows :

Scottish character, from the nu“ Sire,-Pursuant to a resolu- merous memorable feats achieved tion of the Highland Society of by the natives of that country, London, we have the honour to and the many important services



rendered by them to my ancestors be of the highest advantage to the on the most trying occasions ; but whole province. These basins lowever great those sentiments were begun in 1805, and the plan of esteem and respect are, they being successively extended, conare not exceeded by those of gra- tained, in 1813, 21 ships of the titude for the kind and hospitable line, 7 frigates, three brigs, and reception given in Caledonia to five corvettes, carrying 1,994 my fanily in the day of distress. I request that my thanks may be His Majesty, adds the goconveyed to your illustrious Pre- vernor, might have doubtless sident, bis Royal Highness the made use of these basins for the Duke of York, and to the other advantage of the public treasury; members of the Highland So- but, says he, the city and province ciety."

of Antwerp are dear to the heart It being a grand court day, the of the King, and he has not hesipalace was crowded with persons tated to make a present to the of distinction, and the deputation subjects of a superb establishcreated no small interest. The ment which cost nine years of the noble Vice President, and the most astonishing labour, and 13 Lieutenant Colonels, wore the or 14 millions of money (francs) uniforins of their respective regi- to the state. ments, with the insignia of the 6. The Carlisle Patriot condifferent orders conferred on them tains long details of the damage for their distinguished services. done by floods over the whole of The Secretary of the Society ap- the North of England and South peared in the full Highland garb. of Scotland. The rivers Caldew,

The Deputation had it also in Eden, Peterill, Line, Irthing, &c. charge to present a copy of Ossian &c. have overflown or burst their in the original Gaelic language to banks. Two or three benighted Marshal Macdonald, Duc de Ta- travellers have lost their lives, rente, a member of the Highland some cattle have been swept away Society; but his grace having and drowned, whole districts been detained at Bourges by the inundated, and in many places important inission entrusted to the inhabitants of houses near him by his Sovereign, it was the waters were compelled to save at his request delivered to his themselves by taking refuge in daughter, the Duchess of Massa, the upper apartments, while who gave a grand rout on the those below were completely occasion to all the beauty and flooded. fashion of Paris.

8. Five men, members of a 5. The governor of the pro- committee of cloth-dressers in vince of Antwerp has addressed a Leeds, were convicted last week circular letter to the mayors, on of combining illegally to prevent the subject of the donation made a fellow workman from following by the King to the city of Ant- his trade, until he had paid 51. to werp of the magnificent basins them for permission to work, as constructed there by the French a punishment for having been government-a preşent which will employed in Ireland on a species


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