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· Inquisition, speeches in the Cortes.at Lisbon, Order of Worship in the Primitive Churches

on its abolition, 26, 27.- Account of, 28. | Essay on, 267.
Inspiration of the Scriptures, mistakes re- Polytheism, its absurdities exposed, 62.**
specting, corrected, 58.

Poor Sarah, Life of, reviewed, 216.
Jesuits, their tricks detailed, 52.

| Poetry, Original, 32, 96, 142, 160, 203, 264,
Jeffrey, Mr, his letter to the Editor, 94.- 296, 360.

To the Secretary of the Baptist Home Port of London Society, ill.
Mission, 154.

Porter, Mr, review of his Pleasures of
Jews Society, 190.

Home, 55.
Jones, Mr. Í. R. of Ramotb, his death, 263. Preaching and Hearing, remarks on, 74, 99.
Justification, Essay on, 195.-defended, 311. Protestant, reviewed, 44.
King, Dr. William. Memoirs of, 33. Prize Essays, proposed, 80.--awarded, 217.
Knollys, Mr. Hansard, Memoirs of, 1. Protestant Society, Anoiversary Meeting of,
Lawson, Mr. on the book of Proverbs, 218.
reviewed, 252..

Preacher, the, Vol. I and 2, notice of, 153.
Leifchild, Mr. his Lectures on the Beatis Psalmo Doxologia, a collection of Music,
tudes reviewed, 314.

noticed, 154,-
Letter from a Country Pastor, 236.—Re- Repentance, remarks on, 201.--the subject
marks on, 237. :

illustrated, 274.
Letters to Mr. Wilberforce on the Catholic Reverend, remarks on the use of the title,
claims, 146,214.

Lily Douglas, the Story of, reviewed, 151. Revelation, the views it gives of God, 62.-
Lisbon, proceedings there in abolishing the is an inexhaustible mine, 75.-remarks on
Inquisition, 28.

its plajoness and sublimity, 322.
London Missionary Society, Enquiry into Riland, Mr. of Sutton-Coldfield, his death,

its proceedings, 313.
Lord's Supper, Enquiry concerning, 165.- Robinson, Mr. Benjamin, Memoirs of, 97.
Remarks in reply, 166,

Rogers, Mr. Timothy, Memoirs of, 193.
Man, Inquiry into the Nature of his Inabi- Roses from Sharon, character of, 281.

Jity to do the will of God, 284, 305, 341, Russell, Mr. David, his Letters practical and

consolitary, reviewed, 150.
M'Gavin, Mr. Letter to him, 302.-his reply | Sanctification, essay on, 10, 38.
in defence of the Protestant, 361.

Scott, Mr. on the Scriptural claims of the
MʻLean, Mr. A. his Sermon on the Millen Devil, reviewed, 248.
nium, 108, 131.

Scriptures illustrated, 2 Peter i. 19, 43.
Mabire's Conversational Preceptor, 185,

- 1 Cor. iii, 9, 111.
M‘Crie's Life of Melville, quoted, 49. "

-- 2 Cor. iii. 11, 172.
Marshman's, Dr. Sunday School Dialogues,

- Heb, xii. 17, 203.

- Romaos vii. 6, 237.
Marked Separation, letter on, 294, 326. Shoveller, Mr. his Plain Dialogues, re-
Meekness of Christ, illustrated, 316.'

viewed, 251.-new edition, 353.
Millennium, remarks on the, 107.-Objec Sketches of Sermons, Vol. 2, notice of, 152.

tions to the literal view of that subject,i33. Signs of the Times, the Duty of attending
• Ministerial Qualifications, remarks on, 134. I to them, 86.

Character, importance of con- | Sleigh, Mr. S. bis Sermon on the death of
sistency in, 297.

Mrs. Sloper, 23.
Morison, Mr. John, his Lectures reviewed, Smith, Dr. J. P. his Scripture Testimony to

the Messiah, reviewed, 143, 178, 204,
Montgomery's Songs of Zion, reviewed, 214. 240, 248.
Màsic, instrumental, remarks op, 13. Stennett, Dr. Joseph, original letter of, 42.
Morning and Evening Sacrifice, review of, Sturtevant, Mr. bis Conversations on

Preaching, reviewed, 184.
Missionary Ordinations, enquiry concerning, Sufferings of Christ, on describing them in
139, 334.

paintings, 80.
Missionary -Establishments, Mr. Myers's Strict Communion Baptist, bis letter on the
remarks on, 258, 291, 356.

admission of Members into Churches, 367.
Modification of Matter, Essay on the, 238. Taylor's, Mr. Elements of Thought, re-
Mulock, Mr. review of his two Letters, 279./ viewed, 280.
Naval and Military Bible Society, 93, 194. Time's Telescope for 1822, review of, 24.
Napoleon in Exile, reviewed, 253.

Ditto, for 1823, review of 389.
Oratorios, enquiry respecting, 14.

Wardlaw, Dr. his Memoir of W. Durant,
Organs, their use in Dissepting Chapels, de-1 quoted, 176.
· fended, 78.--and disputed, 140.

Wisks, Jóho, his Memoirs of the late Queen,
Owen, Dr. John, Memoirs of bim, by Mr. / reviewed, 120.--his Observations on the
Orme, 15,81, 112.

Profanation of the Sabbath, 121,
Oldfield, Dr. Joshua, Memoirs of, 161. Young men, important advice to, 92.






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