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ENCYCLOPEDIA of RURAL SFOBTS; a complete Account, Historical, Practical, and Descriptive, of Hunting, Shooting, Fishing, Racing, and all other Rural and Athletic Sports and Pastimes. By D. P. Blainb. With above 600 Woodcuts (20 from Designs by John Leech). 8vo. 21s.

The FLY-FISHER'S ENTOMOLOGY. By Alfred Ronalds. With coloured Representations of the Natural and Artificial Insect. Sixth Edition, with 20 coloured Plates. 8vo. lit.

A BOOB on ANGLING; a complete Treatise on the Art of Angling in every branch. By Francis Francis. New Edition, with Portrait and 15 other Plates, plain and coloured. Post 8vo. 15s.

WILCOCBS'S SEA-FISHERMAN; comprising the Chief Methods of Hook and Line Fishing in the British and other Seas, a Glance at Nets, and Remarks on Boats and Boating. Second Edition, with 80 Woodcuts. Post 8vo. 12'. 6d.

HORSES and STABLES. By Colonel F. Fitzwygram, XV. the King's Hussars. With Twenty-four Plates of Illustrations, containing very numerous Figures engraved on Wood. 8vo. 16*.


Miles, Esq. Ninth Edition, with Ulnstrations. Imperial 8vo. 12*. 6<f.

A PLAIN TREATISE on HORSE-SHOEING. By the same Author. Sixth Edition. Post 8vo. with Illustrations, 2*. 64

STABLES and STABLE-FITTINGS. By the same. Imp. 8vo. with 13 Plates, 15s.

EEMARES on HORSES' TEETH, addressed to Purchasers. By the same. Post 8vo. Is. 6<2.

A TREATISE on HORSE-SHOEING and LAMENESS. By Joseph Gamgee, Veterinary Surgeon. 8vo. with 65 Woodcuts, price 15s.

The HORSE: with a Treatise on Draught. By William Yotjatt. New Edition, revised and enlarged. 8vo. with numerous Woodcuts, 12s. 6tf.

The DOG. By the same Author. 8vo. with numerous Woodcuts, 6s.

The DOG in HEALTH and DISEASE. By Stonehbnge. With 7 Wood Engravings. Square crown 8vo. 7s. 6d.

The GREYHODND. By Stonehbnge. Revised Edition, with 24 Portraits of Greyhounds. Square crown 8vo. 10s. 6d.

The SETTER: with Notices of the most Eminent Breeds now Extant. Instructions how to Breed, Rear, and Break, Dog Shows, Field Trials, and General Management, &c. By E. Laverack. Crown 4 to. with 2 plates, 7s. 6d.

The OX; his Diseases and their Treatment: with an Essay on Parturition in the Cow. By J. R. Dobson. Crown 8vo. with Illustrations, 7s. 6d.

Works of Utility and General Information.

The THEORY and PRACTICE of BANEING. By H. D. Macleod, M.A. Barrister-at-Law. Second Edition, entirely remodelled. 2 vols. 8vo. 80s.

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A DICTIONARY, Practical, Theoretical, and Historical, of Commerce and Commercial Navigation. By J. R. M'culloch. New and thoroughly revised Edition. 8vo. price 63*. cloth, or 70*. balf-bd. in russia.

The CABINET LAWYER; a Popular Digest of the Laws of England, Civil, Criminal, and Constitutional: intended for Practical Use and General Information. Twenty-fourth Edition, Fcp. 8vo. price 9*.

A PROFITABLE BOOK UPON DOMESTIC LAW; Essays for English Women and Law Students. By Perkins, Junior, M.A. Barrister-at-Law. Post 8vo. I0j. Gd.

BLACKSTONE ECONOMISED, a Compendium of the Laws of England to the Present time, in Four Books, each embracing the Legal Principles and Practical Information contained in their respective volumes of Blackstone, supplemented by Subsequent Statutory Enactments, Important Legal Decisions, &c. By D. M. Amo, Barrister-at-Law. Second Edition. Post 8vo. Is. Gd.

PEWTNER'S COMPREHENSIVE SPECIFIER; a Guide to the Practical Specification of every kind of Building-Artificers' Work, with Forms of Conditions and Agreements. Edited by W. Young. Crown 8vo. 6*.

COLLIERIES and COLLIERS; a Handbook of the Law and Leading Cases relating thereto. By J. C. Fowled, of the Inner Temple, Barrister. Third Edition. Fop. 8vo. Is. Gd.


Disease. By Thomas Bull, M.D. Fcp. 6s.


during the Period of Pregnancy and in the Lying-in' Room. By the late Thomas Bull, M.D. Fcp. 5i.


By William Pole, F.R.S. Fifth Edition, enlarged. Fcp. 8vo. 2s. Gd.

CHESS OPENINGS. By F. "W. Lonoman, Balliol College, Oxford. Second Edition revised. Fcp. 8vo. 2*. Gd.


By James Pierce, M.A. and W. T. Pierce. With numerous Diagrams. Square fcp. 8vo. Is. 6d.

A PRACTICAL TREATISE on BREWING; with Formulae for Public Brewers, and Instructions for Private Families. By W. Black. 8vo. Io». Gd.

MODERN COOKERY for PRIVATE FAMILIES, reduced to a System of Easy Practice in a Series of carefully-tested Receipts. By Eliza Acton. Newly revised and enlarged; with 8 Plates and 150 Woodcuts. Fcp. 8vo. 6*.

WILLICH'S POPULAR TABLES, for ascertaining, according to the Carlisle Table of Mortality, the value of Lifehold, Leasehold, and Church Property, Renewal Fines, Reversions, lie. Re-edited by M. MArRIOTT.Post 8vo. 10*.


Reference; comprising an EnglishDictionary and Grammar, Universal Gazetteer, Classical Dictionary, Chronology, Law Dictionary, a synopsis of the Peerage useful Tables, &C. Revised Edition. Fop. 8vo. 6*. cloth, or 10*. calf.

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AOTON'8 Modern Cookery 28

AIED'8 Blackstone Economised *8

Alpine Club Map of Switzerland 24

Alpine Guide (The) 24

A I/thaus'Medical Electricity 17

Auos's Jurisprudence 6

Primer of the Constitution 6

ANDERSON'S Strength of Materials 13

Armstrong's Organic Chemistry 13

Arnold's Manual of English Literature ... 8

ARNOUlD'sLifeofDenman 4

Atherstone Priory 25

Authority and Conscience 22

Autumn Ilolidays of a Country Parson 9

Aybb's Treasury of Bible Knowledge 23

Bacon's Essays, by Whatrly 6

Life and Letters, by Sprdding 6

Works, edited by Sprdding 6

Bain's Logic, Deductive and Inductive 10

Mental and Moral Science 10

on the Senses and Intellect 10

Ball's Alpine Guide 2*

Batldon's Rents and Tillages 20

Bkcker's Charicles and Gallus 25

BENFRY'S Sanskrit Dictionary 8

Black's Treatise on Brewing 23

Blaoklrt's German-English Dictionary... 9

Blaine's Rural Sports 27

Bloxam's Metals 13

Boasr & Courtney's Bibliotheca Cornu-

biensis 4

Boui-tbrr on 39 Articles 21

Botjbnr's Catechism of the Steam Engine. 20

Handbook of Steam Engine 20

- _ Improvements in the Steam

Engine 20

Treatise on the Steam Engine ... 20

Bowdlbr's Family Shakspearr 26

Brahley-moorr's Six Sisters of the

Valleys 25

Brandr's Dictionary of Science, Litera-
ture, and Art 16

Bbay's Manual of Anthropology 11

Philosophy of Necessity 10

..- on Force 10

Brenchlry's Cruise of H.M.S. Curacoa ... 24

BRinkLey's Astronomy 11

Browne's Exposition of the 39 Articles 21

BRUNEl'sLifeof BRUNRl 5

Bucklr's History of Civilization 3

Miscellaneous Writings 9

Bull's Hints to Mothers 28

Maternal Management of Children 28

Bunsrn's Prayers 21

Burgomaster's Family (The) "- 25

Burke's Rise of Great Families 5

. Vicissitudes of Families - •

Burton's Christian Church 3

Busk's Folk-Lore of Rome 26

Valleys of Tirol 23

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Cabinet Lawyer 28

Campbell's Norway 24

CATEs'S Biographical Dictionary 5

and Woodward's Encyclopaedia 4

Cats* and Farlie's Moral Emblems 18

Changed Aspects of Unchanged Truths 9

Chb8nby's Indian Polity 3

Modern Military Biography ... 4

. Waterloo Campaign 2

Christ the Consoler 21

Clougu's Lives from Plutarch 2

Codrjngton's (Admiral) Memoir 5

Colrkbo (Bishop) on Pentateuch 22

on Moabite Stone, &c 22

, on Speaker's Bible Commentary iil

Collins's Perspective IB

Colomb's Slave Catching 33

Commonplace Philosopher, by A.K.H.B. ... 9

COMYN's Elena 24

Congrrvr's Politics of Aristotle 6

Connington's Translation of the JSna'd... *s

-— Miscellaneous Writings 9

Contaxsxau's French-English Diction-
aries 8

CONYBRARR and Howson's St. Paul t. 1

Cookr's Grotesque Animals 18

COPlAN D*s Dictionary of Practical Medicine 17

Cotton's (Bishop) Memoir 5

Counsel and Comfort from a City Pulpit 9

Cox's Aryan Mythology 3

Crusades 4

History of Greece 2

Tale of the Great Persian War 2

Tales of Ancient Greece 2ft

COX and JONRS'S Popular Romances 25

Tales of Teutonic Lands 25

Cbawlry's Thucydides 3

Creasy on British Constitutions 3

Crrsy's Encyclopaedia of Civil Engineer-
ing 19

Critical Essays of a Country Parson 9

Crookr's Chemical Analysis 16

Dyeing and Calico Printing 16

CUllbY'8 Handbook of Telegraphy 19

Cusack's History of Ireland 3

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Edwards's Travels in Tyrol — ■

Elements of Botany — J*

Ellioott's Commentary on Ephesians — 22

Galatians ..„„ 22

Pastoral Epist. 22

-_-_-._-__ „Philippians,8,c 22

Thesaaloniani 22

Lectures on the life of Christ... 22

Epochs of History *

Erichsen's Surgery M

Evans's Ancient Stone Implements M

EWALD'S Antiquities of Israel — M

History of Israel _ B

Fairbaibn's Applications of Iron 20

_.. Information for Engineers ... 20

Mills and Millwork.... 20

FARBAB'S Chapters on Language ... 7

Families of Speech 7

Fitzwtgbam on Horses and Stables 97

Forsyth's Essays -———. '*

Fowler's Collieries and Colliers 28

Francis's Fishing Book - — 37

Freeman's Historical Geography of Europe 4

Freshfield's Travels in the Caucasus..... 24

From January to December .." 15

Fboudb's English in Ireland 1

_-_-_ History of England 1

—-— Short Studies on Great Subjects 9

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Macaulay's (Lord) Miscellaneous Writing! 9

_-. Speeches 7

, Complete Work*. 1

Maglhod's Economical Philosophy ... 7

Theory and Practice of Banking 27

Mcculloch's Dictionary of Commerce ... 28

Markhah's History of Persia S

Marshall's Physiology 17

Todas 11

MARSHMAH'sLiieof Havelock ~ 5

History of India *

MARTIXBAU'S Christian Life 23

-__--_ Hymn* „ - TM-« 23

Matjndbr's Biographical Treasury 6

Geographical Treasury I2

Historical Treasury 3

-____ Scientific and Literary Treasury - 16

-_ Treasury of Knowledge 28

Treasury of Natural History... 15

Maxwell's Theory of Heat 13

MAY'S Constitutional History of England.1

----- History of Democracy 1

Mhlyillb's Novels and Tales 25

MENDElSSOHN'S Letters - 5

Mbuivalb's Fall of the Roman Republic... 2

Romans under the Empire ... 2

MERRiPtElD's Arithmetic & Mensuration. 13

Magnetism 12

Miles on Horse's Feet and Horseshoeing... 27

. Horses* Teeth and Stables 27

Mill (J.) on the Mind - 10

Mill (J. S.) on Liberty .. 7

on Representative Government 7

---. on Utilitarianism 7

*s (J.S.) Autobiography 4

Dissertations and Discussions 7

--- Political Economy 7

System of Logic 7

. — Hamilton's Philosophy 7

--- Subjection of Women .„ 7

--------_ Unsettled Questions 7

Miller's Elements of Chemistry 16

Inorganic Chemistry 13

Mihto's (Lord) Life and Letters - 4

Mitchell's Manual of Architecture 19

-_--_----- Manual of Assaying 20

Monsell's Spiritual Songs 23

Moore's Irish Melodies 26

LallaRookh 26

Morell'8 Elements of Psychology 10

—— Mental Philosophy 10

Morris's French Revolution 4

Mobsman's Catholic Church 3

Mulleb/s (max) Chips from a German

Workshop 10

- , , - . Lectures on Language 8

ji Science of Religion 2O

Mubchisos on Continued Fevers 17

on Liver Complaints 17

New Testament, Hlustrated Edition 18

Horthoott's Lathes and Turning „. 19

O'COKOB'fl Commentary on Hebrews ,,.-.-, 2I

O'conob's Commentary on Romans 21

Odlxxg's Course of Practical Chemistry ... 1 :>

O'Keeffe Case (the) - ...... H

Owen's Lectures on the In vertebra ta 14

— Comparative Anatomy and Physio-
logy of Vertebrate Animals _ 14

Paokb's Guide to the Pyrenees 24

Paget's Lectures on Surgical Pathology ... 17

Payen's Industrial Chemistry It

Febeira's Elements of Materia Medica ... 17

Perkins's Legal Essays 23

Pbtit's History of Mary Stuart ...... 2

Pewtnbb's Comprehensive Specifier ..—... 2B

Pierce's Chess Problems 28

Pole on Whist 28

Pbrndebgast's Mastery of Languages 9

Present-Day Thoughts, by A. K. H. B 9

Proctor's Astronomical Essays U


. . New Star Atlas .. 13

Orbs Around Us 12

Plurality of Worlds 11

Saturn and its System 13

Scientific Essays (Two Series)... 14

Sun U

Universe n

Public Schools Atlases (The) 12

Modern Geography It

QUAiN's Anatomy 17

Ramsay's Geology for Beginners 4

Rankest on Strains in Trusses 1ft

RAWLlNSON'SParthia 2

Sassaniam Monarchy 2

Recreations of a Country Porson - 9

Redgrave's Dictionary of Artists '18

REIllY'S Map of Mont Slanc 24

Rich's Dictionary of Antiquities 8

R1 Veils' Rose Amateur's Guide 1&

Rogers's Eclipse of Faith 10

Defence of ditto 10

Roget's English Words and Phrases 7

Ronald's Fly-Fisher's Entomology 27

Rotbschild's Israelites 22

Russell's (Count) Pau and the Pyrenees... 24

Russell (Lord) on Christian Religion 29

on Constitution & Government 1

Salter on the Teeth 17

SANDABS'S Justinian Institutes 6

San Ford's English Kings 1

Savory's Geometric Turning - 19

Sohellen's Spectrum Analysis 12

Scott's Albert Durer 16

Seaside Musings by A. K. H. B »

Seebohu's Oxford Reformers of 1498 2

Protestant Revolution 4

aSWEll'S Examination for Confirmation... 22

History of the Early Church 3

Passing Thoughts on Religion ... 22

—-———-— Preparations for Communion 23

-_--_ Principles of Education » 23

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