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replied with horrible objections, and the terribleness of their drum ; but the town made answer with the flapping of their slings, and the melodious noise of their trumpets. And thus the fight lasted for several days together, only now and then they had some small intermission, in which the townsmen refreshed themselves, and the captains made ready for another assault.

The captains of Emanuel were clad in silver armour, and the soldiers in that which was of proof. The soldiers of Diabolus were clad in iron, which was made to give place to Emanuel's engine shot. In the town some were hurt, and some were greatly wounded. Now the worst on't was, a chirurgeon was scarce in Mansoul, for that Emanuel at present was absent, Rev. xxii. 2. Psa. Xxxviii. 5. How beit, with the leaves of a tree the wounded were kept from dying; yet their wounds did greatly putrify, and some did grievously stink. Of the townsmen these were wounded, to wit,

My Lord Reason, he was wounded in the head.

Another that was wounded, was the brave Lord Mayor, he was wounded in the суе.. .

Another that vas wounded, was Mr. Mind, he received his wound about the stomach.

The honest subordinate preacher also, he received a shut not far off the heart, but none of these were more tal. Many also of the inferior sort were not only wou

rounded, but slain outright.

Now in the camp of Diabolus were wounded and slain a considerable number. For instance,

Captain Rage he was wounded, and so was Captain Cruel.

Captain Damnation was made to retreat, and to intrench himself further off of Mansoul; the standard also of Diabolus was beaten down, and his standardbearer Captain Much-hurt, had his brains beat out with

a sling

a sling-stone, to the no little grief, and shame of his Prince Diabolus.

Many of the Doubters were slain outright, though enough of them were left alive to make Mansoul shake and totter. Now the victory that day being furued to Mapsoul, did put great valour into ihe townsmen and captains, and did cover Diabolus's camp with a cloud, but with all it made them far more furious. So the next day Mansoul rested and commanded that the bells should be rung, the trumpets also joyfully sounded, and the captains shouted round the town.

My Lord Will-be will also was not idle, but did notable service within against the domestics, or the Diabolians, that were in the town, not only by keeping of them in awe; for he lighted on one at last, whose name was Mr. Anytbing, a fellow of whom mention was made before, for 'twas he, if you remember, that brought the three fellows to Diabolus, whom the Diabolians took out of Captain Boanerges's companies, and that persuaded them to list themselves under the tyrant, to fight against the army of Shaddai; my Lord Will-be-will did also take a notable Diabolian, whose name was Loosefoot; this Loosefoot was a scout to the vagabonds in Mansoul, and that did use to carry tidings out of Mansoul to the camp, and out of the camp to those of the enemies in Mansoul; both these my Lord sent away safe to Mr. Trueman the gaoler, with a commandment to keep them in irons; for he intended then to have them out to be crucified. when it would be the best to the corporation, and most for the discouragement of the camp of the enemies.

My Lord Mayor also, though he could not stir about so much as formerly, because of the wound that he had lạtely received, yet gave he out orders to all that were the natives of Mansoul; to look to their watch, and

stand many,

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stand upon their guard, and as occasions should offer, to prove themselves men.

Mr. Conscience the preacher, he also did his utmost to keep all his good documents alive upon the hearts of the people of Mansoul.

Well, awhile after, the captains and stout ones of the town Mansoul agreed, and resolved upon a time to make a sally out upon the camp of Diabolus, and this must be done in the night, and there was the folly of Mansoul, for the night is always the best for the enemy, but the worst for Mansoul to fight in; but yet they would do it, their courage was so high; their last victory also still stuck in their memories.

So the night appointed being come, the Prince's brave captains cast lots who should lead the van in this new and desperate expedition against Diabolus, and against his Diabolian army, and the lot fell to Captain Credence, to Captain Experience, and to Captain Goodhope, to lead the Forlorn-hope. This Captain Experience the Prince created such when himself did reside in the town of Mansoul. · So, as I said, they made their sally out upon the army that lay in the siege against them; and their hap was to fall in with the main body of their enemies. Now Diabolus and his men being expertly accustomed to night-work, took the alarm presently, and were as ready to give the battle, as if they had sent them word of their coining. Wherefore to it they went amain, and blows were hard on every side, the Hell-drum also was beat most furiously, while the trumpets of the Prince most sweetly sounded. And thus the battle was joined, and Captain Insatiable looked to the enemies carriages, and waited when he should receive some prey.

The Prince's captains fought it stoutly, beyond what indeed could be expected they should, they wounded many, they made the whole army of Diaholus to make a retreat. But I cannot tell how, but the brave Captain Credence, Captain Good-hope, and Captain Experience, as they were upon the pursuit, cutting down, and following hard after the enemy in the rear, Captain Credence stumbled and fell, by which fall he caught so great a hurt, that he could not rise, till Captain Experience did help him up, at which their men were put in disorder; the Captain also was so full of pain, that he could not forbear but aloud to cry out; at this, the other two captains fainted, supposing that Captain Credence had received his mortal wound. Their men also were more disordered, and had no mind to fight. Now Diabolus being very observing, though at this time as yet he was put to the worst, perceiving that an halt was made among


men that were the pursuers, what does he, but taking it for granted, that the captains were either wounded or dead; he, therefore, at first makes a stand, then faces about, and so comes upon the Prince's army, with as much of his fury as hell could help him to, and his hap was to fall ina just among the three captains, Captain Credence, Captain Good-hope, and Captain Experience; and did cut, wound, and pierce them so dreadfully, that what through discouragement, what through disorder, and what through the wounds that now they had received, and also the loss of much blood, they scarce were able, though they had for their power the three best bands in Mansoul, to get safe into the town again.

Now when the body of the Prince's army saw how these three captains were put to the worst, they thought it their wisdom to make as safe and good a retreat as they could, and so returned by the sally-port again, and so there was an end of the present action. But Diabolus was so flusht with this night's work, that he promised himself in a few days, an easy and complete conquest


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over the town of Mansoul; wherefore on the day following, he comes up to the sides thereof with great boldness, and demands entrance, and that forthwith they deliver themselves up to bis government. The Diabolians too that were within, they began to be somewhat brisk, as we shall shew afterward.

But the valiant Lord Mayor replied, That what he got be must get by force ; for as long as Emanuel their Prince was alive (tbo' be at present was not so with them as they wished) tboy sbould never consent to yield Mansoul up to anotber.

And with that the Lord Will-be-will stood up, and said, Diabolus, thou master of the din, and enemiy to all tbut zs good, we poor inbabitants of the town of Mansoul, are ivo well acquainted with thy rule and government, and with the end of those things that for certain will follow submitting to thee, to do it. Wherefore, though a wbile we were wit-, out knowledge, we suffered thee to take us (as the bird tbat suw not the snare, fill into the hands of the fowler,) yet since we bave been turned from darkness to light, we have also been turned from the power of Satan to Gol. Ailú ibu toruugb tby subtilty and the subtilts of the Diabolians witbin, we bave sustained mucb loss, and also plunged ourselves into much perplexity, yet give up ourselves, lay down our arms, and yield to so borrid a tyrant as thou, we will not; die upon the place we choose' raibur to ilo. Besides, we have hopes that in time deliverance will come from court unto us, and tberefore we yet will maintain a war againsở tbee.

This brave speech of the Lord Will-be-will, with that also of the Lord Mayor, did soinewhat abate the boldness of Diabolus, though it kindled the fury of his rage. It also encouraged the townsmen and captains; yea, it-was as a plaister to the brave Captain Credence's wound; for you must know that a brave speech now, when the captains of the town, with their men of war, came home routed, and when the enemy took boldness


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