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Good-bye to Summer. School Song, re-arranged from the composer's forthcoming Second Book of

New Tunes to Choice Words." Poetry by W. ALLINGHAM.

Music by THOMAS MURBY. Andante. mf.


1. Good-bye, good-bye to sum-mer! For sum-mer's near - ly done; The 2. Bright yel-low, red, and or-ange, The leaves come down in hosts; The 3. The fire-side for the crick-et, The wheatstack for the mouse, When

gar - den faint - ly smil-ing, Cool breez-es in the sun; Our trees are In - dían prin-ces, But soon they'll turn to ghosts; The tremb-ling night-winds whis-tle, And moan all round the house;



thrush-es now si - lent, Our swal-lows flown a way,

But leath-ery pears and ap-ples Hang rus - set on each bough; It's frost -y ways like i · ron, The branches plumed with snow- A.


Rob-in's here in coat of brown, And scar - let breast-knot gay.

au - tumn, au- tumn, au-tumn late, 'Twill soon be win - ter now. - las! in win - ter dead and dark, Where can poor Rob - in go?


Ro-bin, Robin
Ro-bin, Robin
Ro-bin, Ro - bin

[blocks in formation]

dim. e rall.

the year.

Ro- bin sings so sweet-ly In the fal-ling of what will this poor Ro-bin do, For pinch-ing days are near? crumb of bread for Ro-bin, His lit - tle heart to cheer.

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Fourth Edition, fscp. 8vo, cloth, 1s. 6d.,


NEW TUNES TO CHOICE WORDS: A favourite Collection of Original School Songs, for Four Voices, arranged in Short Score, and accompanied with Hints and Suggestions for their correct performance by Young People. By Thomas MURBY, late Teacher of Music at the Training College of the British and Foreign School Society ; Composer of the “Devonshire Melodist,"

Rhymes, Jingles, and Songs,' Merry Songs for Little Voices,” &c., &c.

CONTENTS, 1. The Graves of a House- 17. Hunting Song. hold.

18. The Little Scarecrow. 2. Excelsior,

19. The Angel of Patience. 3. The Sabbath Bell.

20. Deeds of Kindness. 4. Casabianca.

21. The Psalm of Life. 5. The Village Blacksmith.

22. Winter Song. 6. The Song of the Grass. 23. The Blind Boy. 7. The Pilgrim Fathers. 24. Song for Boys. 8. The Wandering Boy. 25. The Death of the 9. Sympathy

Flowers. 10. Song to May.

26. The Ivy. 11. The Slave's Dream. 27. The Orphan Boy. 12. England is England still 28. The Light of Hoine. 13. The Bereaved One. 29. 'Tis Time. 14. A Fairy Song.

30. Birthday Ode. 15. Autumn Leaves.

31. The Mountain Daisy. 16. My Mother.

32. The Evening Bell.

“Some of the pieces are among the sweetest and most effective which we have ever heard."--Educational Record.

“The words are unexceptionable, and the music superior to much of that now used in schools."-Papers for the Schoolmaster:

LONDON: THOMAS MURBY, 32, BOUVERIE ST., FLEET ST., E.C. Crown 8vo, 228 pp., 3s. 6d. cloth,



By Thomas MURBY, late Teacher of Music at the Training Collage of the British and Foreign School Society ; Composer of the “Devonshire Melodist,” “Golden Wreath,” “Merry Songs for Little Voices,” &c., &c.

This Work treats in an exhaustive manner of the elementary knowledge connected with the following topics :1. Sound.

7. Harmonic View of the 2. The Musical System of

Scale and Musical


8. Relationship of Keys. 3. Names of Musical

9. Modulation. Sounds.

10. Rhythm. 4. Notation of Musical 11. Duration of Sounds. Sounds.

12. Grouping of Sounds,

Phrase, Section, Pe5. Intervals.

riod, &c. 6. General View of Major 13. Accentuation of Sounds

and Minor Scales. 14. Beating Time, &c.

It contains, besides, a complete Course of Exercises on the Reading of Music; numerous Transcription Exercises, to familiarize the Pupil with the nature of the Musical System and Notation; also Questions on the Text are appended to each Chapter.

“Superior to any English work of its kind within our knowledge."-Sunday Times.

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