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dices, or designs, unfold' the mysteries of prediction, fhow the 'fulfilment of the Divine will, and in reality advance the interests of Revelation,

The following Work is intended to fet these truths in a striking point of view; IT DISPLAYS THE HARMONY OF PROPHECY-THE ONE GREAT SCHEME THAT PERVADES ALL ITS PARTS AND THE



Fully aware that this work falls extremely short of that excellence which the subject demands, I lament that such a sketch of Prophetical and Historical harmony as the times seem urgently to require, delineating present as well as past occurrences with a faithful and an able pencil, and marking them with the colours of ftrong and vivid description, has not hitherto been offered to the public. I am perfuaded, that such a work would most effectually 'anfwer the ends which thefe Volumes are most seriously intended

promote_namely, to establish the doubtful, to

to recal the wandering, awaken the thoughtless, to instruct the



unlearned and more particularly to produce in the minds of the rising generation fo strong a conviction of the superintendence of the Almighty over the affairs of the world--of the Divine origin of the Gospel+-and the momentous concerns of another life, that they may view the FOLLY and the WICKEDNESS of the NEW PHÍLOSOPHY in their proper light, and ever stand up as THE FIRM SUPPORTERS OF THE SACRED CAUSE OF CHRISTIANITY.

Before I conclude this Preface, I must make an acknowledgment, which is no less due to justice, than fatisfactory to my own feelings of gratitudę. I have received fo much aslistance in the prosecution of this Work, as greatly to invalidate my claims to being reputed its Author.

The plan originated with an ardent Friend to the cause of Religion, who was led, by a very extensive knowledge of History and Scripture, to consider the passing train of events with peculiar attention; and forcibly struck by their agreement with the Divine word, was anxious to represent this enlightening and confolatory truth to the public. From this Person, whose name I am pot at liberty to mention, and


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whose anxiety for the success of this Publication is perfectly disinterested, I have not only received many judicious corrections of what I had written, but such valuable communications as are deservedly substituted for many of the materials which I had prepared for the prefs. I had also the advantage of submitting my papers to the perusal of the learned and excellent Prelate, to whom I am allowed the honour of infcribing this Work ; to whose enlightened and comprehensive views of the subject of Prophecy itself, I am happy to acknowledge my obligations; and to whom the public are indebted for the first intimation of the PRINCIPLE that alone can explain the extraordinary events which excite universal attention". I congratulate my Readers on my having obtained such important assistance, as it has stamped that value upon the Volumes now offered to their notice, which I am confident could not have been derived from my own unaided labours.

* See the Bishop of Lincoln's excellent Discourse on the Day of Public Thanksgiving, 1797.

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THIS Work has been delayed and increased much beyond, the original design, stated in the Introductory Chapter to the first Volume. This delay and this increase are to be attributed to my anxiety to obtain from the fame Pen, to which I am indebted for so much assistance in the first Volume, A DEVELOPEMENT OF THE PROPHETICAL SCHEME CONCERNING ANTICHRIST; being well convinced that no one could prefent this new and comprehensive system to the public in so clear a light, as the person with

• This Work was first published in three Volumes, 12mo. The fecond volume commenced with the Introductory Chapter to the second Class of Prophecies; and the third Volume contained the third and fourth Chapters of the fame Class.


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