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to improve; but we now possess a Constitution and laws so nearly similar to those delineated by M. De Lolme, that a new edition of his admirable work, with appropriate notes and illustrations, appears to be well adapted to the present time.






The approbation with which the public have been pleased to favour this work, together with the nature of the subject, embolden me to lay the present fourth and enlarged edition of the same at your Majesty's feet, both as an homage and an expression of the desire I entertain, that the book may for a few minutes engage the attention of a person of your deep and extensive knowledge.

Your Majesty's reign has, for many years past, afforded proofs, in more respects than one, that, though human wisdom may not always be able to anticipate difficulties, yet, assisted by fortitude, it can succeed in terminating them in a more favourable manner than it seemed at first possible to be expected, or even in bringing them to a happy issue. According to the common course of nature, your Majesty has only yet seen the less considerable part of the years of which your reign is to be composed : that the part which now opens before your Majesty may be attended with a degree of satisfaction proportionate to your Majesty's public and private virtues, to your disinterested government, and religious regard for your royal engagements, is the fond hope of

Your Majesty's

Most humble and most devoted Servant,

And, these many Years,

Subject by Choice,


May 1784.

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