Зображення сторінки

Trinity House, Tower-hill, description of it and its curiosities; 213;-

enumeration of the powers vested in the corporation to which it be.
longs; 214.
Tun, description of the prison so called, its ancient situation, and the

purposes to which it was applied; 120.
Turkey, account of its trade with England ; 13.

U & V.
Union fire office, description thereof; 123.
Vintry ward, account of, its origin, and the name of its streets and princi-
pal magistrates; 93.

Walbrook ward, its origin, situation, and government; 92.
Walloon church, history of that edifice; 448.
Wards, their number in London, their names, origin, extent, and

boundaries; 87.
Water bailiff of London, his office and employment; 41.
Watermen's hall, description of that building, and its use; 292.rules

and orders for the regulation and controul of the company of water-
men; 293.-Number of apprentices annually admitted inro this com-
pany, and number of wherries navigated by them on the Thames; 296.
Westminster, number of churches in that city ; 59.
William Rufus, anecdotes of him and his Jewish subjects; 365, 366, n.
Will Somers, Henry the Eighth's jester, some account of him; 245.
Woul, the great emolument to be derived from it; 4, n.

Yarmouth, number of persons destroyed there by the plague in the four-

teenth century; 192, n.
York, dreadful tragedy acted by the Jews in that city, when persecuted
and driven to despair by the populace in the reign of Richard I.; 371.

Zouch, particulars of the noble family of that name; 157.

Printed by W. Stratford, Crown-Court Temple-Bas,

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