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PARIS, 1851-2.

[THE coup d'état took place on the 2nd, and Mr. Senior reached Paris on the 21st of December.—ED.]

Paris, December 23, 1851.--I dined with Mrs. Grote, and drank tea with the Tocquevilles.

1« This,' said Tocqueville, 'is a new phase in our history, Every previous revolution has been made by a political party. This is the first time that the army has seized France, bound and gagged her, and laid her at the feet of its ruler.'

Was not the 18th fructidor,' I said, almost a parallel case? Then, as now, there was a quarrel between the executive and the legislature. The Directory, like Louis Napoleon, dismissed the ministers, in whom the legislature had confidence, and appointed its own tools in their places, denounced the legislature to the country, and flattered and corrupted the army. The legislature tried the usual tactics of parliamentary opposition, censured the Government, and refused the supplies. The Directory prepared a coup d'état. The

1 I was not able to resist retaining this conversation in the Journals in France. -ED.

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