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The New Pioneer

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HE INDUSTRIAL PIONEER is back in the field again. And what

is more, this time it is here to stay. The Pioneer needs the co

operation of the workers, and the workers need the Pioneer. It will voice the aspirations of the class-conscious and courageous working ciass for more of the good things of life, and for final emancipation from the yoke of wage slavery.

The keynote to the policy of The Industrial Pioneer will be solidarity of labor. Capital is strong because it is organized and united; labor is weak because it is unorganized and divided. Labor will remain weak as long as the workers persist in fighting their battles single-handed, or in segregating themselves by crafts. When they learn to band themselves together into industrial unions they will become the greatest and most irresistible power on the face of the earth.

A part of the American working class today mistakenly flatters itself with the possession of economic security. Fellow workers, do not allow yourselves to be lulled to sleep by a mirage. These so-called good times will not last forever. The cycle of capitalist production for some months past has been on the upward swing, but by now it seems to have about reached the apex. As you all know, what goes up has to come down. After depression sets in, the only thing that will help the workers maintain living wages and decent conditions, will be organization on the job.

This then will be the main object of The Industrial Pioneer: to point out to the working class that the road to power is to be found in industrial unionism.

We hereby appeal to our readers and sympathizers to co-operate with us in spreading the gospel of the solidarity of labor.

They can do this by supplying us with timely and original articles about what is taking place in industry and in the labor movement. But the Pioneer will not confine itself to printing only educational and propaganda matter. We believe in variety: in our columns will appear poetry, humor, short stories, sketches and cartoons, by the best working class talent obtainable.

The Industrial Pioneer never did and does not now approve of personalities or futile controversies. The workers cannot afford to squander their energies in calling each other names. People ought not personally be held accountable for the opinions that they hold on various subjects, since these are in the vast majority of cases determined by circumstances beyond their control. We are concerned with issues and principles, not with persons.

While the pages of this magazine will be used primarily to present the industrial union philosophy, we shall at the same time maintain a policy of broadmindedness in our treatment of the labor movement in its various manifestations. Our intention is to reach as many of the workers as possible, irrespective of their industrial or political views or affiliations.

It is the duty of all of us to ourselves and to our fellow workers to
do all that lies in our power to make the working class as a whole realize
the tremendous power that it possesses if it were but properly educated
and organized.
In union there is strength!

JACK GILLIS, General Sec'y-Treas.
HARRY G. CLARK, Chairman G. E. B.

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