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The Chas. H. Manley Co., PRET.JOHN'S MICHIK





Ardendale Sanitarium..
Crest View Sanatorium.
Cromwell Hall...
Dr. Barnes' Sanitarium..
Dr. Bowman's Sanitarium.
Dr. Brooks' Sanatorium..
Dr. Cheney's Sanatorium.
Dr. Givens' Sanitarium..
Dr. Styles Sanitarium..
Grand View Sanitarium
Grey Towers ..
Hall Brooke.....
Moss Hill Villa..
Newhope Private Sanitarium
On-the-Hill Sanitarim..
Spring Hill Home.
Stamford Hall
Walnut Lodge Hospital..
Westport Sanitarium.
Wilson Sanitarium.
Woodland Sanatorium..

Physician in Charge,

Address. O. F. Duryea..

Greenwich Henry M. Hitchcock

Greenwich Frank K. Hallock.

Cromwell F. H. Barnes.

Stamford J. E. Bowman.

Greenwich M. J. Brooks..

New Canaan Benjamin Austin Cheney. 404 Whitney ave,, New Haven Amos J. Givens.

Elmer L. Styles.

19 Court st., New Britain
Edwin Smith Vail. ... Enfield
W. P. Stuart Keating. South Windham
F.H. Barnes

D. W. McFarland.

Green's Farms
Edwin E. Smith.

A. DeW. Wadsworth. South Norwalk
Clarence Edward Skinner, 63 Grove st., New Haven
Charles W. Jackson.

John L. Buel

Litchfield Amos J. Givens.

Stamford W.J, Wellington..

Green's Farms T. D. Crothers

Hartford F. D. Ruland..

Westport Francis Wilson

151 Retreat ave., Hartford M. M. Johnson..

122 Woodland st., Hartford

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TT is absolutely essential, in the selection of a site for a Sanatorium, that the surrounding landscape

shall impart a feeling of rest, ease and peace to the patrons. In this particular, none of this class

of institutions throughout the United States, is more favored than “ELMCROFT,which was established in 1890 for the care and treatment of persons suffering from nervous and mental diseases, and which has, under the management of Dr. Edwin Smith Vail, enjoyed seventeen years of professional

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prosperity. Dr. Vail is peculiarly fitted to conduct an efficient institution for people with mental disabilities.

The Sanatorium takes its name from the typical old New England mansion, “ELMOROFT," which forms part of the institution and is the residence of Dr. Vail. It is of the usual quaint and restful construction with an emerald setting of beautiful foliage. The Sanatorium building is a three-story structure and is thoroughly modern in all of its details,

No appliance that science can suggest for comfort or cure is missing. This building which is adjacent to the old mansion home of the Doctor, is placed in an elm-studded lawn, on a wide elm-shaded street in the beautiful old New England town of Enfield, Conn. The town is situated on the N. Y., N, H. & H. R. R., a direct route between New York and Boston, and between the cities of Hartford and Springfield. The electric railroad connecting these two cities passes the Sanatorium grounds. Fifty acres of shady lawns, orchards, meadow and woodland surround the buildings and make it an ideal resting place for nervous invalids who demand beauty of surroundings as well as quiet and retirement. The material care of the invalid has been thought of as well as the mental, for, attached to this model institution, there is a herd of Jersey cattle, kept constantly in a sanitary condition; a large poultry yard ; a kitchen garden; fruit in abundance and everything that would go to make up a perfectly appointed country home.

The Sanatorium Buildings are attractive and of modern exterior design. They are heated by steam, lighted by electricity, have open fireplaces and are finished in hard wood. The first story has a

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reception hall, billiard room, patients' parlor, dining room, consultation room, kitchen, etc., on the east &nd west sides of which are large verandas from which beautiful views can be had of the Connecticut River and Valley. The second and third stories are devoted to patients' rooms. They are two sizes12 x 14 and 15 x 16—all are light, airy and cheerful, with restful views of the surrounding country. There are large modern bath rooms at the end of each hall. These floors will accommodate fifteen patients, and this is the capacity of the institution.

Dr. Vail has practised for 25 years and enjoys the confidence and patronage of members of his profession because his institution is conducted along strictly ethical lines. He was for a time on the staff at Ward's Island where he made a study in the psycopathic ward of that famous institution.

Dr. Vail has surrounded himself with a staff of agreeable and competent nurses'and attendants and the State Inspector of Sanatoriums declares that “ Elmcroft” is the most pleasantly situated and one of the best conducted institutions in this country. Applications should be made to DR, EDWIN SMITH VAIL, Physician-in-Charge and Proprietor. P. 0. address, Thompsonville, Conn.

Physician in Charge.

Adams' Nervine Asylum.

Daniel H. Fuller.

990 Center st.. Boston Blue Hills Sanitarium.

Frank J. Perry

East Bridgewater Buscall's Home.

Isaac Buscall.

235 Pine st., Springfield Channing Sanitarium.

Walter Channing

Brookline Children's Island Sanitarium. J. E. Goldthwail, Sec'y.. Marblehead Dr. Douglas' Sanatorium.

Chas. J. Douglas.

321 Ceniter st., D. D., Boston Dr. Leitch's Sanitarium...

J. A. Leitch.

Andover Dr. Ring's Sanatorium.

Allan Mott Ring.

Arlington Heights Framingham Nervine.

Ellen L. Keith.

Framingham Greystone Towers Sanatorium... Ellis S. Lee Lacheur.... West Bridgewater Harbor View Sanitarium.

Laura V. Gustin-Mackie.. Cottage City Maquan Sanitarium.

Flavel S. Thomas.

South Hanson Millett Sanitarium.

C. S. Millett.

East Bridgewater Nauheim Sanitarium.

Mary Sanderson.

Springfield New England Sanitarium.

C. Č. Nicola.

Melrose Newton Nervine..

N. Emmons Paine

West Newton Newton Sanatorium.

N. Emmons Fraine.

West Newton Norwood Private Hospital.

E. C. Norton..

Norwood Ocean View..

William S. Birge

Provincetown Riverview Sanitarium.

W. F. Robie..

Baldwinville Sharon Sanatorium.

V. Y. Bowditch.

Sharon Somerville Sanitarium.

Henry Hull

16 Austin st., Somerville The Asa Millet Sanatorium.

C. S. Millet

East Bridgewater The Attleboro and

Martha's Vineyard Sanitarium..

Laura V. Gusit in-Mackie.. | Attleboro (Winter)

Cottage City (Summer) The Berkshire Hills Sanatorium. Wallace E. Brown

No Adams The Highlands.

Frederick W. Russell. Winchendon Tothill Lodge..

Albert H. Tuttle.

Cambridge Union General Hospital.

F. L. Burt.

Boston Walter Baker Sanitarium.

Frederick L. Tavlor.

524 Warren st., Roxbury, B'ton Wellesley Nervine..

Edw. H. Wisewall.

Wellesley Wheeler Sanitarium..

Mrs. Maria H. Paul, Supt.. Roxbury, Boston Woodside Cottages.

Frank W. Patch..

Worcester Sanitarium (The Pines) H. A. Gibbs.....

Physician in Charge.

Highland Spring Sanitarium. A. E. Brownrigg.

Nashua Pembroke Sanatorium for Consumptives...

H. T. Fontaine...

Concord Surgical Sanitarium..

N. E. Guillet.

2108 Elm st., Manchester

Physician in Charge.

Fair Oaks.

Eliot Gorton..

Summit Galen Hall,

F. L. Young.

Atlantic City Idylease Inn..

E. A. Day.

Newfoundland Oak Hill Sanitarium..

David Moulton Gardiner... Caldwell Plainfield Sanitarium.

J. H. Cooley.

Somerset st., Plainfield Riverlawn.

Daniel T. Millspaugh. 45 Totowa ave., Paterson Summit Grove Place Sanitarium..S. S. Nivison..

Hammontown Treniton Sanitarium..

R. C. Phillips..

227 Greenwood ave., Trenton Vaughan Private Sanitarium. Fred W. Vaughan.


Physician in Charge.

Adirondack Cottage Sanitarium... Edward L. Trudeau. Saranac Lake
Avon Springs Sanitarium.

Irving C. Allen..

Avon Bethesda Sanitarium..

Chas. De Land Clawson. Montour Falls Breezehurst Terrace.

D. A. Harrison.

Whitestone, N.Y.C. (fr. 34th st.) Buffalo Electrical Sanitarium. John T. Pitkin.

206 Connecticut ave., Buffalo Corwin Sanitarium...

Elizabeth Corwin.

104 Main st., Binghamton Deer Park Sanitarium.

B. J. Teahy

Port Jervis Dr. Bond's House...

Geo. F. M. Bond.

960 N. Broadway, Tonkers Dr. H. W. Carter's Sanitarium.. H. W. Carter.

..148 E. 35th st., New York Dr. Combes's Sanitarium.

R. C. F. Combes.

Flushing, N.Y.C. (fr. 34th st.) Dr. D. A. Harrison's Sanitarium. D. A. Harrison...

Whitestone, N. Y. City (L.I.) Dr. Kellogg's House...

T. H. Kellogg.

Riverdale. N.Y.C. (fr. G. C. S.) Dr. Kidder's House.

Walter H. Kidder.

219 E. 7th st., Oswego Dr. MacDonald's House.

Carlos F. McDonald. Pleasantville Dr. McMichael's Sanitarium. Geo. H. McMichael.

75 W. Tupper st., Buffalo Dr. Morton's Private House. L. J. Morton.....

Ft. Ham. P'kway, 88 st.,B'klyn Dr. Shepard's Sanitarium..

Charles H. Shepard. 81 Columbia Heights, B'klyn Dr. A. Josephine Sherman's Private Sanitarium ...

Dr. A. J. Sherman. 58 E. 75th st., New York Dr. Strong's Sanitarium.

s E. Strong.

Saratoga Springs Dr. Wells' Sanitarium.

Thos. L. Wells..

. 945 St. Mark's ave., B'klyn (Concluded on page xxxviii,)

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