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business from our department; which, if it TO MR. WORDSWORTH.

take place, will produce me more time, i.e.

Aug. 9th, 1815. my evenings free. It may be a means of “Dear Wordsworth, — Mary and I felt placing me in a more conspicuous situation, quite queer after your taking leave (you which will knock at my nerves another way, W. W.) of us in St. Giles’s. We wished we but I wait the issue in submission. If I can had seen more of you, but felt we had scarce but begin my own day at four o'clock in the been sufficiently acknowledging for the share afternoon, I shall think myself to have Eden we had enjoyed of your company. We felt days of peace and liberty to what I have had. as if we had been not enough expressive of As you say, how a man can fill three volumes our pleasure. But our manners both are a up with an essay on the drama, is wonderful; little too much on this side of too-much- I am sure a very few sheets would hold all I cordiality. We want presence of mind and had to say on the subject. presence of heart. What we feel comes too “ Did you ever read 'Charon on Wisdom?' late, like an after-thought impromptu. But or 'Patrick's Pilgrim ?' If neither, you have perhaps you observed nothing of that which two great pleasures to come. I mean some we have been painfully conscious of, and are day to attack Caryl on Job, six folios. What every day in our intercourse with those we any man can write, surely I may read. If I stand affected to through all the degrees of do but get rid of auditing warehousekeepers' love. Robinson is on the circuit. Our pane- accounts and get no worse-harassing task in gyrist I thought had forgotten one of the the place of it, what a lord of liberty I shall be ! objects of his youthful admiration, but I was I shall dance, and skip, and make mouths at agreeably removed from that scruple by the the invisible event, and pick the thorns out laundress knocking at my door this morning, of my pillow, and throw 'em at rich men's almost before I was up, with a present of fruit night-caps, and talk blank verse, hoity, toity, from my young friend, &c. There is some- and sing—'A clerk I was in London gay, thing inexpressibly pleasant to me in these 'Ban, ban, Ca-Caliban,' like the emancipated presents, be it fruit, or fowl, or brawn, or monster, and go where I like, up this street what not. Books are a legitimate cause of or down that alley. Adieu, and pray that it acceptance. If presents be not the soul of may be


luck. friendship, undoubtedly they are the most “Good bye to you all.

C. LAMB." spiritual part of the body of that intercourse. There is too much narrowness of thinking in this point. The punctilio of acceptance,

The following letter was inclosed in the methinks, is too confined and strait-laced. I could be content to receive money, or clothes,

same parcel with the last. or a joint of meat from a friend. Why should he not send me a dinner as well as a dessert ? I would taste him in the beasts of the field,

“ Aug. 9th, 1815. and through all creation. Therefore did the “Dear Southey, Robinson is not on the basket of fruit of the juvenile Talfourd not circuit, as I erroneously stated in a letter to displease me; not that I have any thoughts W. W., which travels with this, but is gone of bartering or reciprocating these things. to Brussels, Ostend, Ghent, &c. But his To send him anything in return, would be to friends, the Colliers, whom I consulted reflect suspicion of mercenariness upon what respecting your friend's fate, remember to I know he meant a free-will offering. Let have heard him say, that Father Pardo had him overcome me in bounty. In this strife effected his escape (the cunning greasy rogue), a generous nature loves to be overcome. You and to the best of their belief is at present in wish me some of your leisure. I have a Paris. To my thinking, it is a small matter glimmering aspect, a chink-light of liberty whether there be one fat friar more or less before me, which I pray God prove not in the world. I have rather a taste for fallacious. My remonstrances have stirred clerical executions, imbibed from early recolup others to remonstrate, and, altogether, lections of the fate of the excellent Dodd. I there is a plan for separating certain parts of hear Bonaparte has sued his habeas corpus,



and the twelve judges are now sitting upon
it at the Rolls.
“Your boute-feu (bonfire) must be excellent

* May 6th, 1815. of its kind. Poet Settle presided at the last “Dear Southey, -I have received from great thing of the kind in London, when the Longman a copy of 'Roderick, with the pope was burnt in form. Do you provide author's compliments, for which I much any verses on this occasion ? Your fear for thank you. I don't know where I shall put Hartley's intellectuals is just and rational. all the noble presents I have lately received Could not the Chancellor be petitioned to in that way; the 'Excursion,' Wordsworth's remove him? His lordship took Mr. Betty two last vols., and now ‘Roderick,' have come from under the paternal wing. I think at pouring in upon me like some irruption from least he should go through a course of Helicon. The story of the brave Maccabee matter-of-fact with some sober man after was already, you may be sure, familiar to me the mysteries. Could not he spend a week in all its parts. I have, since the receipt of at Poole's before he goes back to Oxford ? your present, read it quite through again, Tobin is dead. But there is a man in my and with no diminished pleasure. I don't office, a Mr. H., who proses it away from know whether I ought to say that it has morning to night, and never gets beyond given me more pleasure than any of your corporal and material verities.

He'd get long poenis.

Kehama' is doubtless more these crack-brain metaphysics out of the powerful, but I don't feel that firm footing young gentleman's head as soon as any one in it that I do in ‘Roderick;' my imagination I know. When I can't sleep o' nights, I goes sinking and foundering in the vast imagine a dialogue with Mr. H., upon any spaces of unopened-before systems and faiths; given subject, and go prosing on in fancy I am put out of the pale of my old sympathies; with him, till I either laugh or fall asleep. my moral sense is almost outraged ; I can't I have literally found it answer. I am going believe, or, with horror am made to believe, to stand godfather; I don't like the business; such desperate chances against omnipotences, I cannot muster up decorum for these occa- such disturbances of faith to the centre; the sions ; I shall certainly disgrace the font. I more potent the more painful the spell. was at Hazlitt's marriage, and had like to Jove, and his brotherhood of gods, tottering have been turned out several times during with the giant assailings, I can bear, for the the ceremony. Any thing awful makes me soul's hopes are not struck at in such conlaugh. I misbehaved once at a funeral. Yet tests; but your Oriental almighties are too I can read about these ceremonies with pious much types of the intangible prototype to be and proper feelings. The realities of life meddled with without shuddering. One never only seem the mockeries. I fear I must get connects what are called the attributes with cured along with Hartley, if not too invete- Jupiter. I mention only what diminishes my rate. Don't you think Louis the Desirable delight at the wonder-workings of ' Kehama," is in a sort of quandary?

not what impeaches its power, which I con“ After all, Bonaparte is a fine fellow, as fess with trembling ; but 'Roderick' is a my barber says, and I should not mind comfortable poem. It reminds me of the standing bareheaded at his table to do him delight I took in the first reading of the service in his fall. They should have given Joan of Arc.' It is maturer and better him Hampton Court or Kensington, with a than that, though not better to me now than tether extending forty miles round London. that was then. It suits me better than Madoc. Qu. Would not the people have ejected the I am at home in Spain and Christendom. I Brunswicks some day in his favour? Well, have a timid imagination, I am afraid. I do we shall see.

C. LAMB.” not willingly admit of strange beliefs, or out

of-the-way creeds or places. I never read

books of travels, at least not farther than The following was addressed to Southey in Paris, or Rome. I can just endure Moors, acknowledgment of his “Roderick,” the most because of their connection as foes with sustained and noble of his poems.

Christians; but Abyssinians, Ethiops, Esquimaux, Dervises, and all that tribe, I hate.


I believe I fear them in some manner. A "I am doing nothing (as the phrase is) Mahometan turban on the stage, though but reading presents, and walk away what enveloping some well known face (Mr. Cook of the day-hours I can get from hard occuor Mr. Maddox, whom I see another day pation. Pray accept once more my hearty good Christian and English waiters, inn- thanks, and expression of pleasure for your keepers, &c.), does not give me pleasure remembrance of me. My sister desires her unalloyed. I am a Christian, Englishman, kind respects to Mrs. S. and to all at Keswick. Londoner, Templar. God help me when I

“Yours truly, C. LAMB." come to put off these snug relations, and to I get abroad into the world to come! I “The next present I look for is the 'White

shall be like the crow on the sand, as Words- Doe.' Have you seen Mat. Betham’s ‘Lay worth has it; but I won't think on it; no of Marie ?' I think it very delicately pretty need I hope yet.

as to sentiment, &c." “ The parts I have been most pleased with, both on first and second readings, perhaps, The following is an extract of a letter, are Florinda's palliation of Roderick's crime, addressed shortly afterwards, confessed to him in his disguise--the retreat of the Palayos family first discovered, -his being made king—For acclamation one form Since I saw you I have had a treat in

must serve, more solemn for the breach of old the reading way, which comes not every day; ! observances.' Roderick's vow is extremely the Latin poems of Vincent Bourne, which | fine, and his blessing on the vow of Alphonso: were quite new to me. What a heart that

man had, all laid out upon town scenes, a "Towards the troop he spread his arms,

proper counterpart to some people's extrava-
As if the expanded soul diffused itself,
And carried to all spirits with the act gances.-Why I mention him is, that your
Its affluent inspiration.'

'Power of Music' reminded me of his poem

of the ballad-singer in the Seven Dials. Do “ It struck me forcibly that the feeling of you remember his epigram on the old woman these last lines might have been suggested to who taught Newton the A, B, C, which, after you by the Cartoon of Paul at Athens. all, he says, he hesitates not to call Newton's Certain it is that a better motto or guide to Principia ? that famous attitude can no where be found. "I was lately fatiguing myself with going I shall adopt it as explanatory of that violent, over a volume of fine words by - excelbut dignified motion. I must read again lent words; and if the heart could live by Landor's 'Julian. I have not read it some words alone, it could desire no better regale ; time. I think he must have failed in Roderick, but what an aching vacuum of matter! I for I remember nothing of him, nor of any don't stick at the madness of it, for that is distinct character as a character-only fine only a consequence of shutting his eyes, sounding passages. I remember thinking and thinking he is in the age of the old also he had chosen a point of time after the Elizabeth poets. From thence I turned to event, as it were, for Roderick survives to v. Bourne; what a sweet, unpretending, no use ; but my memory is weak, and I will pretty-manner'd, matterful creature ! sucking not wrong a fine poem by trusting to it. The from every flower, making a flower of everynotes to your poem I have not read again ; thing. His diction all Latin, and his thoughts but it will be a take-downable book on my all English. Bless him! Latin wasn't good shelf, and they will serve sometimes at break- enough for him. Why wasn't he content fast, or times too light for the text to be duly with the language which Gay and Prior appreciated. Though some of 'em, one of the wrote in ?" serpent penance, is serious enough, now I think on't. Of Coleridge I hear nothing, The associations of Christmas increased nor of the Morgars. I hope to have him like the fervour of Lamb's wishes for Manning's a re-appearing star, standing up before me return, which he now really hoped for. On some time when least expected in London, as Christmas-day he addressed a letter to him has been the case whylear.

at Canton, and the next day another to meet




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him half-way home, at St. Helena, &c. (who am one of the few that remember you) There seems the distance of half a globe those golden hairs which you recollect my between these letters. The first, in which taking a pride in, turned to silvery and grey. Lamb pictures their dearest common friends Mary has been dead and buried many years as in a melancholy future, and makes it -she desired to be buried in the silk gown present—lying-like dismal truths-yet with you sent her. Rickman, that you remember a relieving consciousness of a power to dispel active and strong, now walks out supported the sad enchantments he has woven, has by a servant-maid and a stick. Martin perhaps more of what was peculiar in Lamb's Burney is a very old man. The other day cast of thought, than anything of the same an aged woman knocked at my door, and length which he has left us.

pretended to my acquaintance; it was long before I had the most distant cognition of

but at last together we made her out

“ Dec. 25th, 1815. to be Louisa, the daughter of Mrs. Topham, “Dear old friend and absentee,—This is formerly Mrs. Morton, who had been Mrs. Christmas-day 1815 with us; what it may Reynolds, formerly Mrs. Kenney, whose first be with you I don't know, the 12th of June husband was Holcroft, the dramatic writer next year perhaps ; and if it should be the of the last century. St. Paul's church is a consecrated season with you, I don't see how heap of ruins ; the Monument isp't half so you can keep it. You have no turkeys ; you high as you knew it, divers parts being would not desecrate the festival by offering successively taken down which the ravages up a withered Chinese bantam, instead of of time had rendered dangerous ; the horse the savoury grand Norfolcian holocaust, that at Charing Cross is gone, no one knows smokes all around my nostrils at this moment, whither,—and all this has taken place while from a thousand fire-sides. Then what you have been settling whether Ho-hing-tong puddings have you? Where will you get should be spelt with a — or a — For holly to stick in your churches, or churches aught I see you had almost as well remain to stick your dried tea-leaves (that must be where you are, and not come like a Struldthe substitute) in? What memorials you brug into a world where few were born can have of the holy time, I see not. A when you went away. Scarce here and chopped missionary or two may keep up the there one will be able to make out your thin idea of Lent and the wilderness; but face ; all your opinions will be out of date, what standing evidence have you of the your jokes obsolete, your puns rejected with Nativity?—'tis our rosy-cheeked, homestalled fastidiousness as wit of the last age. Your divines, whose faces shine to the tune of way of mathematics has already given way unto us a child was born ; faces fragrant to a new method, which after all is I believe with the mince-pies of half a century, that the old doctrine of Maclaurin, new-vamped alone can authenticate the cheerful mystery up with what he borrowed of the negative -I feel, I feel my bowels refreshed with quantity of fluxions from Euler. the holy tide--my zeal is great against the “Poor Godwin! I was passing his tomb unedified heathen. Down with the Pagodas the other day in Cripplegate churchyard. -down with the idols—Ching-chong-fo— There are some verses upon it written by and his foolish priesthood! Come out of Miss -, which if I thought good enough I Babylon, O my friend ! for her time is come, would send you. He was one of those who and the child that is native, and the Proselyte would have hailed your return, not with of her gates, shall kindle and smoke together! boisterous shouts and clamours, but with the And in sober sense what makes you so long complacent gratulations of a philosopher from among us, Manning? You must not anxious to promote knowledge as leading to expect to see the same England again which happiness—but his systems and his theories

are ten feet deep in Cripplegate mould. "Empires have been overturned, crowns Coleridge is just dead, having lived just long trodden into dust, the face of the western enough to close the eyes of Wordsworth, world quite changed : your friends have all who paid the debt to nature but a week or got old—those you left blooming—myself two before-poor Col., but two days before

you left.

he died, he wrote to a bookseller proposing old age, as that lying letter asserted, antician epic poem on the 'Wanderings of Cain,' pating rather what must happen if you kept in twenty-four books. It is said he has tarrying on for ever on the skirts of creation, left behind him more than forty thousand as there seemed a danger of your doing—but treatises in criticism, metaphysics, and divi- they are all tolerably well and in full and nity, but few of them in a state of comple- perfect comprehension of what is meant by tion. They are now destined, perhaps, to Manning's coming home again. Mrs. wrap up spices. You see what mutations the never lets her tongue run riot more than in busy hand of Time has produced, while you remembrances of you. Fanny expends herhave consumed in foolish voluntary exile that self in phrases that can only be justified by time which might have gladdened your her romantic nature. Mary reserves a porfriends—benefited your country; but re- tion of your silk, not to be buried in (as the proaches are useless. Gather up the wretched false nuncio asserts), but to make up spick reliques, my friend, as fast as you can, and and span into a bran-new gown to wear when come to your old home. I will rub my eyes you come. I am the same as when you and try to recognise you. We will shake knew me, almost to a surfeiting identity. withered hands together, and talk of old This very night I am going to leave off things—of St. Mary's church and the barber's tobacco! Surely there must be some other opposite, where the young students in world in which this unconquerable purpose mathematics used to assemble. Poor Crips, shall be realised. The soul hath not her that kept it afterwards, set up a fruiterer’s generous aspirings implanted in her in vain. shop in Trumpington-street, and for aught I One that you knew, and I think the only one know resides there still, for I saw the name of those friends we knew much of in common, up in the last journey I took there with my has died in earnest. Poor Priscilla ! Her sister just before she died. I suppose you brother Robert is also dead, and several of heard that I had left the India House, and the grown up brothers and sisters, in the gone into the Fishmongers' Almshouses over compass of a very few years. Death has not the bridge. I have a little cabin there, otherwise meddled much in families that I small and homely, but you shall be welcome know. Not but he has his horrid eye upon to it. You like oysters, and to open them us, and is whetting his infernal feathered yourself; I'll get you some if you come in dart every instant, as you see him truly oyster time. Marshall, Godwin's old friend, pictured in that impressive moral picture, is still alive, and talks of the faces you used “The good man at the hour of death. I to make.

have in trust to put in the post four letters " Come as soon as you can. C. LAMB.” from Diss, and one from Lynn, to St. Helena,

which I hope will accompany this safe, and Here is the next day's reverse of the one from Lynn, and the one before spoken of picture.

from me, to Canton. But we all hope that TO MR. MANNING.

these letters may be waste paper. I don't

Dec. 26th, 1815. know why I have forborne writing so long. “Dear Manning,-Following your brother's But it is such a forlorn hope to send a scrap example, I have just ventured one letter to of paper straggling over wide oceans. And Canton, and am now hazarding another (not yet I know when you come home, I shall exactly a duplicate) to St. Helena. The first have you sitting before me at our fire-side just was full of unprobable romantic fictions, as if you had never been away. In such an fitting the remoteness of the mission it goes instant does the return of a person dissipate upon; in the present I mean to confine all the weight of imaginary perplexity from myself nearer to truth as you come nearer distance of time and space! I'll promise home. A correspondence with the utter- you good oysters. Cory is dead that kept most parts of the earth necessarily involves the shop opposite St. Dunstan's, but the in it some heat of fancy, it sets the brain tougher materials of the shop survive the agoing, but I can think on the half-way perishing frame of its keeper. Oysters conhouse tranquilly. Your friends then are not tinue to flourish there under as good auspices. all dead or grown forgetful of you through Poor Cory! But if you will absent yourself

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