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Finally, dear Brethren, let us iutreat you, in reference to the subject now under consideration, to be careful that your conversation be as becometh the Gospel of Christ. And be in nothing terrified by your enemies, who may threaten you for your loyalty to your Religion, to your Government, and the Institutions of our beloved Country; for even on the supposition that such threats should ever be executed against any

of you, it would only follow, that unto you it wonld then be given on the behalf of Christ, not only to believe on his name, but also to suffer for his sake. If there be therefore any consolation in Christ, if any comfort of love, if any fellowship of the Spirit, if any bowels and mercics, fulfil ye our joy, that ye be like minded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind, blame. less and harmless, the sons of God without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom shine ye as lights in the world.-Signed on behalf and by order of the Committee,


Tuomas BLANSHARD, Secretary. P. S. The Committee respectfully recommend that the Preachers should read this Address to the Societies, or take such other methods for making them acquainted with it, as local circumstances may seem to them to render expedient.



CEYLON, Extracts from Mr. NewsTEAD's Journal. Continued from page 870. Our brother Lalman (who is an assise distant. He has a charming residence' at tant Missionary, raised up from the Mis- the foot of an inmensely high rock, sion at Galle,) is a mosi zealous and covered to the very top with verdure, so active young man, who appears to be that only here and there a craggy point purely acwated by the love of God in his of rock is seen. This lovely place is, howardent endeavours to save souls; and is ever, the haunt of tigers, several of which both humble and modest in his deport- have been killed in the garden; indeed ment. He preaches very fuently in Por- they so abound in the place, that no tuguese and Ciugalese, and also in English. less than three were seen together within On his way to this place on a visit, be a stone's throw of the house in which we collected the natives in some places, and I conversed a long time with the preached to them at the rest-houses; and family at this sweet place, in Dutch and such was the effect of the word, that the Portuguese, through ile son, who is an idolatrous people tore off the charms, &c. intelligent young man, and speaks good which were suspended from their necks, English; he was lately the magistrate of and bound round their arms, and threw the place where he resides, and has a them away! On a former occasion, sense of Divine things on his mind. The brother Erskine exhibited some of these whole family joined very gladly in prayer.

charms and a small idol, wbile preaching The old gentleman, who is sick, wept in the Bazar, through brother Lalman, much, and earnestly, pressed a second and asked the deluded people “What visit, which I promised. (He is since such trash would do for them when God dead.) He invoked many blessings on came to judgmeut!” Al Matura it is my unworthy head, in Duich. pleasing to know there is a class of Cin- 21. I preached, or rather read my own galese women, who regularly enter into sermon in Portuguese, this evening, with the regulation of class money, &c. tolerable success. An old gentleman,well

June 20. Accompanied brother Lalman acquainted with the language, told me, part of the way io Matura, and on my that he suspected I had been acquainted return called at the house of a gentleman with Portuguese before I left Europe; who is a hearer of the gospel at the Mis. this was rather encouraging to me, as it sion-house, though living several miles argued some improvement.

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26. Attended the formation of a Bible upon God. I was overjoyed to hear the Society at Galle, as a Branch of the talk of their convictions for sin, and of Colombo Auxiliary Bible Society. It is seeking the mercy of God in Christ. This cheering indeed to see the Word of God evening saw a dreadful sight; a poor in every clime, even in this remote re- wretched Cingalese woman had killed gion,"win its widening way.”

her little child, which lay on the road “ A glory gilds the sacred page,

before our house, with two deep wounds Ilustrious as the sun;

in its neck. The woman afterwards New light it gives to every age,

affected to be out of her mind, and said, It gives, but borrows none !"

she thought the child had been 8 serpent, 27. I journeyed to Matura to supply and so she killed it! But this, the jailor for brother Callaway, while he goes to informs me, is a frequent custoin with reconnoitre at a new station. I have an them, when they dread punishment. O almost unconquerable aversion to tra- how full of darkness, and of the habitavelling in the usual mode here, (in a tions of cruelty, is this place. palanquin) but being disappointed of a 2. The maha modelier and the inter. horse which was promised me, I was preter modelier called on me, to invite obliged to submit. The beauty of the me to their houses ; they are really very road was indescribable, lined all the way fine men, and uncommonly polite and with an almost endless variety of flower: well bred. The maha modelier is a kind ing shrubs, sheltered by cocoa-nut plan- of prince or governor over the others, as tations, and cooled by the sea-breeze; his title signifies, mala being the Cingsamazing rocks and stipendous mountains, lese word to express great or greatness. covered with trees and jungle, with fine 6. Preached here again in the moruing rivers and fields, presented themselves. in English, and in the evening in PortaBut there are no lovely villages of indus- guese. The modelier was at church, trious peasantry, no refreshing views of and afterwards came to invite us to tea spires and steeples, to tell us that this at the maha modelier's house ; we acbounteous God of universal nature is cepted the invitation, in hope to do them known and adored! No " sound of the good, and to draw them to the evening church-going bell.". No cheering salu. preaching, which we did. The maba tations from the guiltless lips of Christian modelier sent his boat across the river for friendship! The entire absence of all us, and it shortly took us down the noble these, an English, but especially a Chris- strearn to his house. We were received tian heart, painfully feels.

by him with great politeness. We had 28. Walked out to see the place, and much interesting conversation with them call on the collector, &c. Matura is a on the Christian religion. The maha very pleasant little place, beautiful walks modelier introduced his wife; she scarcely and scenery, and a very fine river. The lifted her head, and seemed evidently Mission-house is close to the sea. Here unwilling to be long with us. I learn are four Budhist priests, who are come to that these poor degraded females are our brethren, professing their conviction very seldom seen out of their own rooms, of the truth of Christianity; they subinit even in the arrangement of their own to learn the English alphabet, and are no household, but are perfectly ignorant of more expense than their rice, and a plain every thing except Budhism and betel, cloth and jacket. This is certainly some (a leaf which they chew as men do tobacproof of their sincerity, for they have no co,) and which turns their teeth black, emolument whatever with us will they and their mouths red as scarlet ; to this are well tried, and initiated into the prin- practice they are absolutely enslaved by ciples of the Christian religion. There habit, till it seenis as if necessary to their is also a Cingalese and Portuguese class. existence. They really have no enjoy.

29. Preached, and had a very blessed ment beyond this, and no society bat that opportunity in Matura church in English, of their ayahs, (maid-servants) of which and in the evening at the Mission-house, they have plenty, to carry their bete! in Portugliese.

box, &c. and as this is their chief enjoy. 30 Brothers C. and L. went off to the ment, they often honour their betel new station ; th-y went up the river in a with an elegant box, made of Snely covered boat. Received a letter from marked wood, in the shape of a book, England, which was like a cordial to my and richly ornamented with silver. The heart, though it had no relation to me silver key of this, their precious treasure, whatever.

is always tied to the corner of their handJuly 1. Met the Cingalese class. O kerchiefs. It will give joy to our friends what a mercy it is that a lew poor hea. in England, after reading this account of thens tegin to know, and love, and call the siate of the females in Ceylon, to

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learn, that we have now hundreds of Mahomedan. I earnestly urged him to female children under instruction in our pray to God for light and grace, with the Mission schools! Before we came away most powerful arguments I could draw from the maha modelier, I asked leave to from the Bible. He seemed often struck pray with them, which was readily as if surprised, and could not answer granted; and prayer to God was offered, directly, but shifted and evaded. He I think for the first time in the house, for read parts out of an Arabic Bible which through they are called Christians, it is I bid him, and seemed pleased with it. thought that they secretly countenance 22. We set out for Colombo, to be Budhism! However, I bless God for this present at the little Conference. Brother opportunity of opening a way among Callaway and myself walked part of the them, and of praying with and for them. way by moonlight, which was very deThey all came back with us to the preach- lightful; the road all the way is beautiing. I think we had not fewer than 18 in ful, and much diversified, the scenery on the boat.

the banks of the river is very grand. 7. Returned to Galle; was on the road. After a variety of interesting incidents, the whole day. A branch, falling from a we all arrived in safety at Colombo, on cocoa-nut tree, almost broke off the corner the evening of July 25, and found brothers of the palanquin; but “He who keepeih Harvard, Clough, Fox, and Osborne, Israel, kept us from all harm !"

with the sisters, all well. We met brother 10. Preached at the Badhist temple at Clough going into the Fort to lead the Dadallah, from Acts xvii. 23. They had soldier's class. provided me a place to stand inside of the 26. The chapel here is a beautiful place, building; about twelve of the yellow. but a little time finished, and well lighted robed fraternity were present, wlio stood with glass. Every morning the whole very quietly, and heard their system of the Mission family, with workmen, exposed, to which of course the text led servants, &c. assemble in the chapel me; they seemed to listen with deep for singing, reading the Scriptures, and attention, and I found it really a time prayer; so there is quite a congregation of good to my own soul, feeling as I did, for family worship. This is an excellent real pity for the poor deluded slaves of regulation, as it ensures more regular such a system of glaring falsehood. Some attendance on worship, when the bell of them appear to be men of shrewd is rung at eight o'clock. sense, and will argue with great subtilty August 3. In the morning heard the to support their opinions. The provincial anniversary sermon for the Colombo Auxjudge accompanied us, and took, great liary Bible Society, by Mr. Bisset, at the interest in the service, as he does in all Fort church, and in the afternoon re. our endeavours to promote the spread of ceived with much joy my first letter from the Christian religion.

England. Our friends at home would 13. Brother M.Kenny preached a very often write, if they could but conceive the excellent sermon from Mark xvi. 15, for joy it affords to the favoured receiver. the Missionary collection. The congre- 4. We visited the Mission school at gation was very respectable; the collec. Colpetty at the monthly exoinination; tor and provincial judge, the colonial Sir Alexander Johnston and his lady chaplain and bis lady, were present, with were present and distributed the rewards. most of the more respectable Dutch and It was a pleasing siglit. This is certainly Portuguese inhabitants in the Fort; and one of the very best regulated schools I the grand modelier with his large family, have seen ; I had no idea of the children who all come to contribute to our Chris. being in such a state of mental a ndmoral tian cause.

improvement; doubtless the school is much 14. A new member attended the class, indebted to the care and attention of its lately a wakened to flee from the wrath to excellent master Cornelius, who, I do not

() that the work of the Lord may doubt, is truly converted to God, and is indeed prosper here and every where! hinself one of the blessed fruits of Mis. and that“ God, even our own God, would sionary exertions in this island. give us his blessing.”

(To be continued.) 15. Had a long conversation with a

We have great pleasure in laying before our readers the following Extracts from the last Report of the Colombo Bible Society. They show with what zeal the objects of this important Institution are conducted, and that the means of acquaintance with the truths of religion are greatly multiplying, for the benefit of the inhabitants of this interesting island.

'The several heads of all the business be classed in the following manner : properly beionging to the Society, may Trauslation of the Scriptures and Reli.


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gious Trealise into Cingalese; Printing;

were not only repeatedly consulted, brt! distribution of the Scriptures and reli- 200 copies of the gospels of St Matthew gious works into Cingalese, Tamil, and St. Mark were separately printed Englisli, Portuguese; and Dutch, and the and distributed for the very purpose of state of the Society's Funds.

obtaining from different quariers, an opOn the day of the last anniversary, it nion of the correctness and perspicuity may be remembered, that the completion of the language. Yet all that tad of the new Cingalese Version of the New been done to ascertain the truth, it was Testament was announced, and a copy of not until the whole was printed, that it the work presented to the General Meet. became generally admitted, that if the ing: it was likewise declared, that the language of the old version was so Dean book of Genesis was begiin, and that no and low as to disgust any Cingalese of time would be lost in carrying on the moderate literary knowledge, the new translation of the Old Testament till the translation contained many worús not vzlrole volume of the Scriptures should be generally inteilibible, or according to the given to the Cingalese in theirown native usual phrase, too high, for comirion reelanguage. This, it is true, is an arduous ders. "To remedy such a material defect, and exiensive undertaking: but the diffi- it became necessary to add to this edition culty is much diminished by the practice a glossary, or explanation of all words of the translators for sueli a length of which being taken from the Sancrit or time in rendering the New Testament other languages, or not being in familiar into Cingalese, and the extent of the work, use, might not be generally understood. with all its incidental expenses, could This was immediately begun, but ir prered never operate as a discouragement, when a work of more difficulty, and requiring it was considered how much we had more time than was at first expected. A always been in the habit of relying upon frequent and careful perusal was neces. a most liberal aid from resources far more sary, and a scrupulous delicacy was obample than our own.

served, both to avoid marking as intelligiThe duty of carrying this design ble, without strong reason, words which into execution was felé also to be of such had received the approbation of Mr. Tolparamount obligation, that no religious frey, and to prevent the glossary from association could be thought worthy to adding too much to the bulk of the volume bear the name of a Bible Society, that It is to be remarked, that the glossary is did not exert itself to the utmost, to strictly confined to the explanation of repair the faults of past negligence in this difficult and uncommon words, by synoessential point, and 10 give to the Cinga. nymous expressionsinfamiliar use; nothing Jese ibat access to the book of their relin like a note or comment is added. gion, which, during three centuries of It was not till near the close of the year their submission 10 a Christian govern- 1817, that this work was finished; the ment, they had never possessed. printing was completed in the month of

Thus prompted by a sense of duty, and March, and it was then bound up at the encouraged by the prospect of external end of the new translation with the malfassistance, the Committee, it might have rials for binding, received from the Parent been expected, would have made a rapid Society. progress in a Cingalexe version of the When the translators had compiled Old Testament: but the immediate pro- and corrected the Glossary, they beguo secution of this important purpose was upon the book of Genesis, and pursued interrupted by unforeseen circumstances, the same course which had been adopied which it is incumbent upon your Com- with the New Testament, dividing the mittee to explain to the Society and the chapters among themselves, and revising Public.

the work together, so that no passage was When the Cingalese version of the New admitted which had not received the Testament was finished, it was found that approbation of all. The first sheet of an the desire of elevating the style above the edition of 1000 copies has been printed vulgar language of the old translation, with the old types, and is now submitted had introduced many words not familiar to the meeting: 10 the bulk of ordinary readers. Great Your Committee taking into considerepains had been taken, as your Committee tion the circumstances hereafter to be have detailed in former reports, to ascer. mentioned, which prevent their using the tain the public opinion upon the merits of small types, for the present, in printing the new translation, during its progress, the Old Testament, resolved, that instead when any errors that were observed, of going regularly on with the Pentamight have been corrected. The Mode- teuch, the translators should proceed with liars, interpreters, and other persons best some other part of the Old Testamen!, Rcquainted with their own language, which might be of more immediate use

to the Cingalese, than the early history probabiy, to there not being at Seramand laws of the Jewish nation. They pore any person well versed in the Cin. have, therefore, now begun upon the galese language. Psalıns, of which the first 21 are already In consequence of these defects, which translated and nearly corrected.

rendered the types for the present useGreen's Principles of Religion were less, a letter was written to Serampore, translated by Gregory de Znyza, inter- enclosing a list and specimen of the letters preter to the Ecclesiastical Department, wanting. and the excellent prefatory dialogue, The next ships from Calcutta will prowritten by Hardinge Giffard, Exq.H.M. bably bring all that is necessary to comAdvocate Fiscal, was translated by his plete the font. In the mean time, Mr. own interpreter:

Harvard, with that zealous and intelliThe folly of idolatry exposed from the gent activity which has always marked Scripture, consists of a selection of pas. his conduct towards the Society in the sages from the Old Testament. The 18th management of their press, sei about chapter of the 1st book of Kings; the establishing a small foundery, in which 44th chapter of Isaiah; the 3d chapter of he might have the deficient letters cast. the book of Daniel; with the 115ih and This he has so well accomplished, that the 135th Psalms. The selection and the new font of types is now ready for translation are both the work of Mr. A. use. The first service in which it is to Armour, whose perfect knowledge of be employed will be in printing a new both the manners and language of the octavo edition of the Cingalese New Cingalese, enables him to judge what is Testament, consisting of 3500 copies. the kind of address best suited to their The miscellaneous subjects which your taste, and to clothe it in a style familiar Committee have been accustomed 10 noto their comprehension.

tice in their Annual Report, still continue To Mr. Armonr, the Society is already to deserve a fuil share of the public at. indebted for more than his common la- tention : but they are become so well bours, in translating and correcting with known, that it is no longer necessary lo the other translators; and the prayers dwell upon then with minuteness. Soine which the preceding year had been of them are indeed so much enlarged, as printed in Cingalese and English, were to preclude the possibility of their being taken from his iranslation of the Liturgy, treated with sufficient perspicuity in a which he constantly uses in performing Report to which they no oiherwise beDivine service in Cingalexe.

long, than inasmuch as they are connected The second head under which your with it by their common tendency to Committee has arranged their summary strengthen the cause of religion and vir. of the last year's transactions, is that of tue. Such are the many excellent Printing

schools established in various parts of The press continues still under the this island, and so much increased in skilful and active management of the number of scholars, as well as improved Wesleyan Missionaries, and besides the in means and progress of tuition, partiglossary to the Cingalese translation of cularly with respect to the English lanthe New Testament, there bave been in guage, that it would greatly exceed the the course of the last year printed 2000 province of your Committee to describe, copies of Green's Principles of Religion, or even to enumerate them. Such also with a preface in Cingalese and English; are the labours of the numerous Mission2000 copies of a publication entitled aries dispersed throughout their different

The Folly of Idolatry exposed from the stations, whether employed in the pious Scriptures," in Cingalese and English ; task of enlightening the uninformed 2000 Discourses and 2000 Sermons of our Christian, preaching the Gospel to the Saviour upon the Mount, in Tamul and idolatrous Heathen, or preparing the way English.

to a more general and effectual converOf these works the first had been nearly sion by superintending the schools which printed in the preceding year, and ac- they have themselves established. The cordingly noticed in the last Report, but lasi arrival of Missionaries deserves, it was not finished with the introductory however, to be particularly noticed, for dialogue till some time after the General they are the first ever settled in Ceylon, Meeting.

who were ministers of the English In the month of November, the ne.v church. The Rev. Samuel Lambrick, font of Cingalese types arrived from Cal- the Rev. Benjamin Ward, tlie Rev.Joseph cutta. Tliey are of a very good small Knight, and the Rev. Robert Mayor, size, clear and neatly cut, but unfortu- landed at Colombo on the 17th of last nately some letters are wanting, and a June. They are sent out by the Church few others are not properly formed, owing Missionary Society, and they are all

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