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each, and many a fall over the cradle dawn, united in the praises of God, and hills amongst the light snow since morn- imploring the Divine presence, we again ing, we were quite fatigued, weary and resumed our journey, travelling down the faint, wizhout food, fire, or human friend. river which was then frozen hard, upon

Our only resort now was to take up which we soon met iwo tall Indians with our lodgings in a camp near to the river, their fire arms, and fishing spears, who in which some wood-men lad lived dur directed us to the place where their party ing the suminer. The first thing we lived; and proceeding about wo miles furthought of was, what shall we do for a ther, we entered their little village of wig. fire very providentially Mr. S. had a wains. Having agreed with them to put piece of Hint in his pocket, with which, Ils over to the harbour, they launched a the back of a pocket knife, and a piece of canoe, having to break the ice to make punk, (a soft furzy substance which grows way for the little vessel, composert of thin upon trees, which is once on fire will not laths, covered over with birch bark, sod go out until all consumed,) after many a in that state we laboured from nine o'clock struggle we succeeded in getting a tire. in the morning, until three in the after. Our concern then was, what shall we get 1100n, obliged to sit as still as possible, to burn, for we have no axe? looking lest the ice should cut through our frail around we found some short pieces of vessel, and in one minute launch us into logs, an old barrel, and a sort of table, the eternal world. But“ Lo! I am with upon which the wood-inen had eat, and you alway, even unto the end," was veto our great joy, they had left upon it a rified in our protection and safe arrival few potatoes; those we carefully pre on the desired shore. If we had to bare served, and though as hard as stones, we gone a little further, the relater of this roasted them, sucked some snow, and if merciful deliverance, would in all proba. ever we were thankful to God in all our bility now have been in another state of lives, it was for that, though coarse, but being, for the bark of the cance, a subvery seasonable repast. We also found stitute for board, by the frictiou of the under the snow some hay; of this, when ice was just rubbed ibrough! dried before the fire we made our bed; I thank God I feel a sense of his love we then sung an hymn, each went to and enjoyment of his favour, and increasprayer, and found that “God was in the ing desires to live in the spirit of my callwild waste, as in the city full.” We ing, and to be useful in my day aud then by turns for half an hour each, kept generation. watch until morning, und at an early

WEST INDIES. Extract of a Letter from Mr. Binning, to Mr. Jonn PURDON, Hull; dated Montego

Bay, Jamaica, April 11, 1819. As to the Mission in this island, various sour and five hundred members, and have are the states, privileges, and prospects, now succeeded in establishing a Sunday of its different societies. In Kingston, school. This institution has met with during the last year much good has been the marked approbation of the Custos; a done. They purchased a large and com- teacher is regularly employed by him, and modious building, which is now converted he has submitted the superintendance into a chupel, having received the sanction of it to Messrs. Horne and Underhill, in of the gentlemen in their application for a conjunction with the minister of the Estalicense, and preach in both places at one blished Church. At Grateful-hill, which bour. Yet notwithstanding this addi- was my station, the hand of the Lord was tional room, there are no less than seven over us for good; though the congregahundred even in society who could not tions, compared with those in the above be accommodated, supposing all were to places, were small, yet we bad an increase attend at one time. At Spanishi-town, of near 60 members, and many who had we have a very excellent chapel, a people previously lasted of the good word of devoted to God, and who are on the in- God, made evident advances in the crease. Here 100, in all our applications to Divine life, and are still growing in their the higher powers we have been received allachments to every thing virtuous and in a most kind and respectful manner, praise-worthy. At Falmouth, we have and the favours desired readily granted met with every encouragement. The Hon.

At Morant Bay, the work has been, Mr. Stewart. who is the Custos, has shown and I believe is suill going on rapidly. us very marked approbation; Mr. S. laLast year they had many new openings boured in this parish during the last year. in its vicinity, an increase of between I made application to the quarter-sessions


keld in Falmouth, February 9th, and was what they have to the dead, with some kindly admitted by the honourable gen- of those liquors the person loved most teman above mentioned, and his associ- during his life, at the same time speaking ate judges, to qualify for acting in con- to the deceased as though he were suli junction with Mr. S.' in this part. We alive and present with them. These cehave also two places in the country, remonies many of them repeat for some where our congregations, though not time, and generally at Christmas, taking large, are respectable and attentive. The to the grave poultry, or hogs fattened greater part of our hearers in this parish for the purpose, and other provisions, are white people; they approve of our with such liquors as the deceased was doctrines, and treat us very politely; but partial 10 when living. These, with their I am sorry to say notwithstanding, that practices of Obiah, are calculated at little good seems to be done. Though once to affect the human mind, and to exthey have enjoyed the Gospel for several cite in every bosom, an ardent zeal to monihs, we have still to take up the pro- extend to this degraded race of men, that phet's complaint, “Who hath believed light which is alone sufficient to dissipate our report and to whom is the arm of these clouds of ignorance and superstithe Lord revealed ?" However, we shall tion, to correct their judgment, and esteem ourselves highly honoured, if we bring them from this state of mental are but made the instruments of opening darkness; and lead them to Him, who the way to better days, in laying a foun. has said, “ He that cometh to me I will dation on which to raise a superstructure in no wise cast oui.”. This is possible that will appear to praise and honour, even with this degraded and superstitious and glory, at some future period. race of beings, for the “ Gospel is the

Jamaica peeds the extension of the power of God unto salvation to all that truth of God; much has been done, for believe;" and these, though ignorant of which we acknowledge the indulgent the nature of faith, &c. are ready to rehand of heaven, bet much remains to be ceive the message, and to the uttermost of done. The moral condition of the greater their power, comply with its requisitions, part of the population is most alarming, that they may be saved. Of this I have even the free people of colour, many had occular demonstration; I have beheld of them are deeply sunk into different them at the throne of grace, urging the species of heathenish superstition; but sinner's plea, rejoicing in the evidence of the state of the majority of the Negroes their acceptance, aud afterwards maniis most deplorable. The reformation festing their attachment to the gospel by wrought since the introduction of the an humble, obedient, and persevering Gospel, is certainly visible to all; but attention to its sacred precepts. there are many places which its enlight- As is respects myself, thank God, I am ing rays have not as yet penetrated, con- well, though by a late sickness I have sequently, comparatively speaking, they been somewhat reduced, yet upon the are still enveloped in all their original whole, my health has been as good as ignorance and superstition. Of the de- when at home. As to trials, I have been parted, many of the living have the great. favoured far above many of my worthy est horror imaginable, and would perhaps predecessors; their lot has been the lot a thousand times sooner offend those wiih of extreme sufferings and opposition,, whom they still associate, than do or say whereas I, in all my applications, have any thing that they imagine would dis- succeeded without the least difficulty. please à deceased friend or relative. Though I have been but little more than Their funeral processions, their proceed- one year in the Island, Providence has ings at the grave, their annual visits und been so favourable, that I have obtained presents, and their prayers to the dead, legal authority to act in my ministerial shew the superstitious veneration they function in tive distinct parishes. With have for them. Their funeral processions respect to my situation, work, &c. upon are attended with all the noise and riot the whole things are gratifying ; I bind that ignorance and superstition can invent. myself so far from regretting my leaving Eating, drinking, drumming, and danc- home, that I rejoice that ever I was called ing, are their funeral solemnities; in to preach the gospel in the torrid zone. short, every kind of tumult and festivity, It is true, that we are panting under the which was pleasing to the deceased in his extreme heat of the tropical nun, while life-time, is practiced at his funeral. Their you are enjoying the refreshing breezes of proceedings at the grave are equally as a temperate clime; and we are des. ridiculous, putting ihe corpse into the titute (at least in a good degree) of that grave, they dance, beat their drums, and suitable society with which you are ever make a feast about it, offering a part of surrounded. But it was at the call of

God, that I at first liasted to erect the to my fellow-mortals, reconciles me to standard of the cross on this burning soil, the whole, and stimulates to a pauent and this, connected with the aid he perseverance in the great object of sering affords, the promises he hath given, and souls from death. the liope of being at least of some service

Extract of a Letter from Mr. Wartworti, dated Tortola, June 20, 1819. I have lately paid a visit to the Danish all blessings flow," &c. I endeavoured Island of St. Thomas, where our society to be very short, that I might speedil; is forbidden by the colonial law, the dismiss them. benefit of a publick ministry by one of After sermon I met another class, many their own Missionaries. The following of whom gave satisfactory evidence of a are extracts from my journal writter change of heart. In the evening I met a when there :

third class, with several of the other May 28. Arrived safe at the Island of members, who had stolen in to hear the St. Thoinas.

word. I commended them to God, and 29. Reported myself, according to cus- to the word of his grace, which is able to tom at the ottice of the judge. He knew, build them up, and to give them an inmy person ; for in one of my former heritance among them that are 'sanctivisits with brother Jackson, he summoned fied. us to appear before him: but only asked Having conversed with every indihow long we were going to stay. To-day dual in the society, except two or three he asked the same question. I answered, who are absent, I am able to form a only one or two days: to which he made tolerably correct opinicn of their state of no reply. This I took to be a tacit per- grace. The leaders are pious, sensible, mission to visit the people.

and prudent woinen. They have quietly In the evening I met one class, and kept the people together in the most found that but few had experienced the troublesoine times; and such has been puriloning love of God. I laboured to their deportment, that they have met point them to the Lamb of God, who with 110 l:indrance, but have conciliated taketh away the sin of the world. the affection of their neighbonrs, which

Sunday 30. Ten days ago, a procla. are chiefly French and Spaniards. mation was made by order of the Com- When the preachers were obliged to mandant, unat no store should be opened abandon the society here, these women or any business done upon the Sabbath. determined to quit the country, and go to One person opened his store, and anoiher an English island, where they might ensold something privately; but they were joy the blessings of a Gospel ministry : heavily fined the next day.

but Providence seemed to hedge up their Here is a synagogue, a French, a Da- way, and would not let them leave; and nish, a Dutcli, and a Moravian church now we see the design of God was to (in which Divine service is performed in make then the means of keeping together low Dutch,) out at each end of the town; those who were determined to keep but there is no English church, though themselves unspotted from the world. there are far more English (chiefly from Many of the society prove that they are the neighbouring islands) than there are the disciples of Jesus, by the testimony of any other nation: yet these can go to, of their experience, and ihe boliness and no place of worship!

uniformity of their lives. Others are At ten I read prayers and preached to seeking iheir Saviour. O, when will it the society from Rom. vii. 16, 17. We please the Lord to turn the captivity of had purposely kept my coming down as ibis people, and thereby to fill their secret as possible, that we might not be mouth with laughter, and their tongue crowded with people, and thereby be with singing; then shall the heathen suspected of holding illegal meetings. It say, the Lord hath done great things for was my design to meet no more than 40, them. which the judge had formerly allowed ; Monday, 31. I wished very much to but it was impossible to hinder the people get a passage to Tortola, but was disap. from coming. Such was their hungering pointed. I walked through the town, afier the word, thai, before the time, the and was surprised to see the number of House and yard were crowded. We did residents from the Windward Islands, not ning till the last, when we closed our most of whom knew me, and all of whom worship with, “ Praise God from whom once enjoyed the ministry of salvation.

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