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Shaddai! Would we were under the government of the captains, and of Shaddai, their King. When the Lord Mayor had intelligence that Mansoul was in an uproar, down he comes to appease the people, and thought to have quashed their heat with the bigness and shew of his countenance. But when they saw him, they came running upon him, and had doubtless done him a mischief, had he not betaken himself to his house. However, they strongly assaulted the house where he was, to have pulled it down about his ears; but the place was too strong, so they failed of that. So he taking some courage, addressed himself out of a window, to the people in this manner.

Gentlemen, What is the reason that there is here such an uproar to-day?

Then answered my Lord Understanding : It is even because that thou and thy master have carried it not rightly, and as you should, to the captains of Shaddai; for in three things you are faulty: First, in that you would not let Mr. Conscience and myself be at the hearing of your discourse. Secondly, In that you propounded such terms of peace to the captains, that by no means could be granted, unless they had intended that their Shaddai should have been only a titular Prince, and that Mansoul should still have had power by law, to have lived in all lewdness and vanity before him, and so by consequence, Diabolus should still here be King in power, and the other only King in name.

Thirdly, For that thou didst thyself, after the captains had shewed us upon what conditions they would have received to mercy, even undo all again with thy unsavory, and unseasonable, and ungodly speech.

When old Incredulity had heard this speech, he cried out, Treason ! Treason! To your arms! To your arms! O ye, tbe trusty friends of Diabolus in Mansoul! Sir, you may put upon my words what meaning von

please, please, but I am sure thäi the captains of such an higð Lord as theirs is, deserved a better treatment at your hands.

Then said old Incredulity, This is but little better. But Sir, quoth he, what I spake I spake for iny Prince, for his government, and the quieting of the people, whom by your unlawful actions you hare this day set to mutiny against ils.

Then replied the old Recorder, whose name was Mr. Conscience, and said, Sir, you ought not thus to retort npon what my Lord Understanding bath said. "Tis evident enough that he hath spoken the truth, and that you are an eneiny to Mansoul; be convinced then of the evil of your saucy and malapert language, and of the grief thai you have put the captains to; yea, and of the damages ihat you have done to Mansoul thereby. Had you accepted of the conditions, the sound of the trumpet, and the alarm of war had now ceased about the town of Mansoul; but that dreadful sound abides, and your want of wisdom in your speech has been the cause of it.

Then said old Incredulity, Sir, if I live I will do your errand to Diabolus, and there you shall have an answer to your words. Meanwhile we will seek the good of the town, and not ask counsel of you.

Sir, your Prince and you are foreigners to Mansoul, and not the natives thereof. And who can tell but that when you have brought us into greater straights, when you also shall see that yourselves can be safe by no other means than by flight; you may leave us, and shift for yourselves, or set us on fire, and go away in the smoke, or by the light of our burning, and so leave us in our ruins.

Sir, you forget that you are under a governor, and that you ought to demean yourself like a subject: and know ye, when my Lord the King shall hear of this


day's work, he will give you but little thanks for your labour.

Now while these gentlemen were thus in their chiding words, down comes from the walls and gates of the town, the Lord Will-be-will, Mt. Prejudice, Old Illpause, and several of the new made Aldermen and Burgesses, and they asked the reason of the hubbub and tumult. And with that every man began to tell his own tale, so that nothing could be heard distinctly. Then was silence commanded, and the old fox Incredulity began to speak. My Lord, quoth he, here are a couple of peevish gentlemen, that have, as a fruit of their bad dispositions, and as I fear, through the advice of one Mr. Discontent, tumultuously gathered this company against this day; and also attempted to run the town iifto acts of rebellion against our Prince.

Then stood up all the Diabolians that were present, and affirmed these things to be true, Now when they that took part with my

Lord Understanding, and with Mr. Conscience, perceived that they were like to come by the worst, for that force and power was on the other side, they came in for their help and relief:

: so a great company was on both sides. Then they on Incredulity's side, would have had the two old gentlemen presently away to prison, but they on the other side said they should not. Then they began to cry up parties again: the Diabelians cried up old Incredulity, Forget-good, the new aldermen, and their great one Diabolus ; and the other party, they as fast cried up Shaddai, the captains, his laws, their mercifulness, and applauded their conditions and ways. Thus the bickerment went awhile; at last they passed from words to blows, and now there were knocks on both sides. The good old gentleman, Mr. Conscience, was kooc.ed down twice by one of the Diabolians, whose Dame was Mr. Benumming; and my Lord Understand

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ing had like to have been slain with an harquebuz, but that he that shot wanted to take his aim aright. Nor did the other side wholly escape, for there was one Mr. Rash-head, a Diabolian, that had his brains beaten out by Mr. Mind, the Lord Will-be-will's servant; and it made me laugh to see how old Mr. Prejudice was kick'd and tumbled about in the dirt. For though, awhile since he was made a captain of the Diabolians, to the hurt and damage of the town, yet now they had got him under their feet; and I'll assure you he had by some of the Lord Understanding's party, his crown cracked to boot. Mr. Anything also, he became a brisk man in the broil, but both sides were against him, because he was true to none. Yet he bad for his malpertness, one of his legs broken, and he that did it, wished it had been his neck. Much harın more was done on both sides; but this must pot be forgotten, it was now a wonder to see my Lord Will-be-will so indifferent as he was; he did not seem to take one side niore than another, only it was perceived that he smiled to see how old Prejudiee was tumbled up and down in the dirt. Also when Capt. Anything came halting up before him, he seemed to take but little notice of him.

Now when the uproar was over, Diabolus sends for my Lord Understanding and Mr. Conscience, and claps* them both up in prison, as the ring-leaders and managers of this most heavy riotous rout in Mansoul. So now the town began to be quiet again, and the prisoners were used hardly; yea, he thought to hare made them away, but that the present juncture did not serve for that purpose; for that war was in all their gates. But let us return again to our story: The captains, when they were gone back from the gate, and were come into the camp again, called a council of war, to consult what was further for them to do. Now some said, Let us go presently and fall upon the town ; but the greatest part


thought, rather better 'twould be to give them another summons to yield, and the reason why they thought this to be the best was, because, that so far as could be perceived, the town of Mansoul was now more inclinable than heretofore. And if, said they, while some of them are in a way of inclination, we should by ruggedness give them distate, we may set them further from closing with our summons, than we would be willing they should.

Wherefore to this advice they agreed, and called a trumpeter, put words into his mouth, set him his time, and bid him God speed. Well, many hours were not expired before the trumpeter addressed himself to his journey. Wherefore, coming up to the wall of the town, he steereth his course to Ear-gate ; and there sounded, as he was commanded; they then that were within, came out to see what was the matter, and the trumpeter made them this speech following:

“hard-hearted and deplorable town of Mansoul! how long wilt thou love thiy sinful simplicity, and ye fools delight in their scorning? As yet despise you the offers of peace and deliverance? As


will the golden offers of Shaddai, and trust to the lies and falsehood of Diabolus ? Think you when Shaddai shall have conquered you, that the remembrance of these your carriages towards him, will yield you peace and comfort; or that by ruffling language you can make him afraid as a grasshopper? Doth he intreat you, for fear of you? Do you think that you are stronger than he? Look to the heavens and behold, and consider the stars, how high are they? Can you stop the sun from running his course, and hinder the moon from giving her light? Can you count the number of the stars, or stop the bottles of heaven? Can you call for the waters of the sea, and cause them to cover the face of the ground? Can you behold every one that is proud, and



ye refuse

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