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our arrival in this country. For, although and one of the children are doing remark. we have been exercised with many afflic- ably well; the other child it pleased God tions, yet these may be reckoned among to take to himself, Sister Osborne, during our blessings; for with David we can say her illness, was very happy in God; and "It is good for us that we have been af- though at the commencement she had flicted." “ No affliction for the present some apprehensions that she should not seemeth to be joyous but grievous : ne live, yet she was enabled to " rejoice in vertheless, afterwards it yieldeth the hope of the glory of God.” O blessed repeaceable fruit of righteousness unto them ligion, that carries the soul superior to which are exercised thereby.” Our afflic. every earthly trial. Thus dear brethren, tions, through the Divine blessing, have we have given you an account of some been productive of this good; they have of our individual and domestio afflictions. tended to draw our affections more fully During the past quarter we have had from the present world, to increase our no increase to our Society, but God has spirituality, and 10 stir us up to seek with deepened his work in the hearts of many. greater diligence to be found of God with. The progress which several of them have out spot and blameless.“ Most gladly, made in holiness is equal to any thing we therefore, will we glory in our infirmities have ever seen, for the time, even in (afflictions) that the power of Christ may England; and we seldom hear them rerest upon us."

late their experience without being humAt the commencement of the past quar. bled in the dust on account of our great ter we were visited by our dear Bro. Ers- unfaithfulness. The young men's class kine, whose state of health obliged him is in a blessed state ; and of late they for a time to leave his station. Soon after have been greatly surred up. They have his arrival, he began to recover, and in often prayer-meetings among themselves; a little time was able to resume his labour. and there is only one of whom we stand While here he often told us his soul was in doubt; all the rest are very much ia greatly refreshed by witnessing the happy earnest. During the last month three state of our little Society.

of them have found peace with God: they Soon after Bro. Erskine's arrival here, it are now going on their way rejoicing, was deemed adviseable that Bro. Carver and adorning the doctrine of God their should take a little journey to the coast. Saviour in all things. Last night their It was evident that a little relaxation was tickets were renewed ; and they were necessary for the recovery of his health, much delighted to find that they were which had long been in a declining state. now considered as regular members of God was pleased to bless the meats used, our Society. and in a short time he returned, strong to Our congregations are all on the inlabour. Before Bro. Erskine could have crease; buth tiie Malabar and Portuguese time to leave this, we received the painful congregations till the chapel : and even in intelligence that brother Osborne was laid our English preaching we have often up with the Trincomalee sever. As nearly more than a hundred hearers. Numbers all who had been taken with it, had been ofthere have received good by our preach carried off, we had alarming apprelien- ing, though they do not meet in class. sions that this would be the case with our We have established a prayer.meeting dear brother. It was considered by some on Sunday mornings, at six o'clock. It experienced persons, that the only hope is very well attended; and here the of his life was in his leaving Trincomalee. young naeu have an opportunity of praying Brothers Erskine and Squance therefore in public, which will, we hope, be the wrote, praying him to come hither as soon means of bringing them forward to greater as possible. He took our advice, and ar- usefulness. rived in Jaffna, the night befor. brother Our schools begin to assume a more Erskine's departure. We were deeply af- encouruging appearance than ever. We sected when we saw him; and brother informed you in our last of our intention Erskine left, entertaining but little hope to open one at Vannarpannay, which we that he should see him again in the flesh. did on the 26th of April, with 64 boys; But in a few days he began so revive, it has since increased io 92, 24 of whom and through the goodness of God he is are the children of Moormen; many of now able to preach, though he still con- them can already read the Scriptures, tinues weak.

and all are making rapid improvement. Brother Carver is gone to Trincomalee, But a few have already returned to the for the present, to supply his place; and heathen schools, because that heatheni:m it is likely he will be obliged to remain is not taught in ours. This is a trial we for sonre time. Sister Osborne was last shall no doubt be often exercised with on week delivered of two daughters. She, this side of the island. Our Jaffina school was become so large that we found it far the most encouraging of all; for in necessary to divide it; so we have now this we find many whose minds are in Jaffna two schools, the one consisting opening to receive religious impressions. of European descendants, and the other Upon the whole, we have reason to bless of natives. But our Sunday School is by, God for what our eyes have seen.

From Mr. Carver, datod Trincomalee, June 29, 1818. Tais being the proper time for commu- Such is the state of this place at prenicating to each other an account of the sent, that it wears a rather unfavourable several stations, shewing the progress of aspect towards religious things; and the blessed work of God among us, as I many have paid litte attention to the am the only brother found here, it be dying groans of their fellow creatures, hoves me to give you all the information hardening themselves against the voice of which is in my power.

God, which has so loudly sounded in The unhealthy season which has aw- their ears. May they finally escape the fully prevailed at Trincomalee, and care severe censure of an incensed judge, ried so many, at a short notice, to the when God shall say to the wicked, « í tremendous bar of God, was felt also, but called, and ye refused; I stretched out in mercy, by each of our dear brethren. my hand, and no man regarded ; I also Brother Osborne, as most of you know, will laugh at your calamity, and mock has been severely afflicted ; and was when your fear cometh.” finally obliged to make a hasty departure The cases of fever have diminished, to Jaffnapatam, where he has happily and it is to be hoped the wrath of God recovered, although sister Osborne's has nearly passed over us, for this seahealth remains delicate.

son. In regard to the work, our English I had but just returned from an excur- congregations are small, and the Portusion to Tanjore and Trinchinopoly to re- guese ì am told seldom attended. They gain a little strength, by a change of air, are not very numerous, and still less in when it became necessary someone should clined to hear the word of God. Of the join brother Erskine at this station. Malabars I can say nothing, not having Therefore I set out from Jaffna, on the had any opportunity yet of seeing many 8th instant, and after a run of 24 hours of them; and as it respects the school, landed here.

that is reduced very low indeed ; only Brother E. was taken ill the day after eight boys have attended since I came. my arrival; and becoming worse daily, They have been dispersed by sickness, was constrained also to seek a purer air. and are afraid of taking the fever; most He sailed for Balticoloa on ihe 19th of them complain, saying they cannot instant.

come out in the sun. So that my present Having immediately on reaching this, situation recommends itself to the prayers to become the companion of a sick bed, I of the brethren, that God may bear with could learn little from my brethren of the us a little longer, and awaken those that station, which will be accepted cheerfully sleep; and that he may yet proclaim himby you as may apology for not being more self to us as a God of mercy, pardoning particular in my remarks,

iniquity, transgression, and sin. From Mr. ERSKINE, dated Batlicoloa, July 10, 1819. A short time after my return from this place the 19th ultimo, und arrived Jaffna, I was seized with a violent head- the morning of the 20th. Through the ache, and soon after a burning fever. mercy of God I got a house in a conveniBrother Carver had just arrived one day, ent situation; and was rot here three Medical assistance was obtained, and by days before I experienced a considerable strong opening medicines, the fever was change for the better. I have had no carried off, but I was left very weak; return of fever, and my cough is much and my cough so bad, I could not rest at abated, so that I sleep without interrupnight, nor enjoy ease in the day. The tion. And although I still feel at times doctor said I must leave Trincoinalee,- much indisposed, yet thanks be to God that the climate did not suit me. I felt that I am so well. Batticoloa is a pretty very reluctant again to remove; but find- spot, and I think healthy; it is ahout 3 ing my appetite failing, my weakness miles in circumference, surrounded by a daily increasing, and that I was rendered beautiful river. unable to do any work, I consented 10 The island contains about 500 inhabit

It was my wish to have got ants, and the district about 15,000. Here round to Galle or Colombo; but there there are many nominal Christians, probeing no opportunity by sea, I sailed for fessiug the Protestant religion, and inany


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Roman Catholics—they have two cha- two officers, burghers, &c. The evening pels. Contiguously, over the river, there I preached in Portuguese, at 5 o'clock, is a village, pretty populous, and many to 20 serious hearers, males and females. nominal Christians, ihat I intend to visit Finding there were nearly 30 in the hospis the 15th instant, if all be well. Several tal, wounded sick, I obtained leave of the Modeliars and their sons have called on commandant to visit them; this I do me.

twice a week, when I am heard with I ventured to preach twice, the 281h thankful attention. I had a pretty large ult. The morning congregation consisted congregation last Sabbath. of a company of soldiers, the commandant,

From Mr. Clough, daled Colombo Mission-House, October 16, 1818. During the last eight months we have this station, I am happy to assure you, met with many and serious hindrances dear brethren, and you will be no less in our proceedings. The Lord has been hapry to hear, that every department of pleased to visit us with afflictions, inso. our work has been carried on, almost as much so, that during that time one or usual. We have derived great help the other of us has been entirely laid from the great kindness and continued aside. These have been trials, and trials exertions of our dear brother Callaway; that we have greatly felt; yet, bless the and I met on my arrival here, our dear Lord, who has thus får helped us, kept us brother Newstead, who had left his stafrom repining at any of his gracious tion to our help, when brother Harvard dispensations, and bas so blessedly ac- was supposed to be in dying circumcompanied his providential visitations stances. The Lord reward these dear with Divine grace, that I rejoice to think brethren. they bave all been much sanctified to our I am, however sorry, that I cannot good, and have tended to revive the work enter into an exact detail of things during of grace in our souls.

Thus we are the last three months, having only just enabled to praise God for our afflictions. arrived ; and brother Harvard's attempt.

When I left Madras, I felt much rejoiced ing to write is out of all question ; and I at the prospect of so soon joining my must also assure you, there is nothing dear colleague, brother Harvard, in the affects the complaint I feel still to hang arduous concerns of this station, and, as I about me, more than writing; so that thought, with body and soul benefitted, these circumstances will necessarily curand better prepared to enter on my work, tail our correspondence from this station. than I had been for a long time. But on I have indeed heard of a variety of pleasmy arrival at Colombo, I found brother ing and interesting circumstances which H. confined to his bed by an sttack of in- have occurred in my absence, and which flammation on the lungs,and utterly unable convinces me the Lord is still with ns, to attend to any thing. As I had not and blessing our labours. The work heard a word of his affliction, previous to appears going on well, and prospering in my arrival, you may easily conceive, iny all its branches ; not indeed so extensively dear brethren, what a trial this was to my as we wish, and pray for, and expect; but feelings. I could not help recalling to so really, as leaves not a doubt on our my mind those words of our blessed Lord: minds that it is of God. “ What I do thou knoweat nou now, but We are much satisfied and pleased thou shalt know hereafter."

with the prospects of good in our English I felt, however, truy thankful to God, congregation and society in the Fort. that I came so providentially, and just in During the last quarter I understand the time to lend a hand to the work, which congregations have always been compa. otherwise, in some of its departments, ratively large, and a sensible unction must have stood still: and though a par- from Above has accompanied the word. tial relapse of my affliction, which I had I have felt my own soul greatly refreshed met with in Jaffna, had greatly weakened since my return in preaching to them; me •again, yet I do bless God for the and the other night, at the renewal of strenyin which he has hitherto given me, the tickets, bad the pleasure to join two and which has enabled me to take my three new members, who appear quantum of labour on the station, and in earnest for the full salvation of the which we are constrained almost to con. gospel. Last nighi, when I preached to sider miraculous. O that'any soul may them,our preaching-house was

so crowded be kept humble, and thankful to the God that numbers could not get in, and the of all grace and goodness.

heat was so great that several were taken But notwithstanding we have had these ill; and indeed I could hardly, proceed affictive dispensations to encounter on with my sermon, yet the tears and prayers




of the people assured us that God was We do the best we can,

we can do with us.

better. Nearly half of our Fort society are in At Wellewatte, about six miles from the field, and it is a satisfaction to learn Colombo, Cornelius preaches every Friday that they continue steadfast, and are ad- evening in Cingalese. This is an additivancing in Divine things. It has afforded onal sermon which the people earnestly us no small degree of pleasure to hear of requested. In that village there is a man the little ola churches which they have who was formerly a notorious gambler erected in the jungle, in different parts of and cock-fighter; he came one night to the interior, to which they retired when hear Cornelius preach ; the word went duty allowed! O that our efforts to with power to his soul : he began to be enter the interior ourselves, may not be alarmed at his situation, insomuch so that entirely frustrated, but that God may on his going home, the first thing he did graciously open our way to go and preach was to cut off the heads of his fighting the gospel of Christ to the benighted and cocks; resolving, lest they should again idolatrous Kandians!

lead him into temptation, to put an end Our English congregations in the Pet. to that kind of wickedness at one stroke. tah still continue small; but this is more A small claşs has been formed in this than compensated by our Portuguese and village, of some native people, who have Cingalese congregations, which continue begun to inquire whai they must do to not only undiminished, but'are evidently be saved, and appear under much conon the increase. I am confident there is Cornelius meels it regularly. a real work of grace on the minds of some I would gladly, give you a full and of our Portuguese hearers.

exact account of ihe printing department But notwithstanding we have these for the last three months, but I am preprospects of usefulness among the Euro. vented by not having been on the station. peans and country-born inhabitants of Brother Callaway has it at present under this station, we are the most pleased and his care, and has furnished me with a few encouraged with the openings we have particulars of what has been done since among the poor native Cingalese. Our his arrival; the rest I have learned from schools are all doing well; praise the brother Harvard. The whole concern Lord! Our school-masters are drinking appears increasingly important, and reinto a spirit of piety; and as they begin to quires much more attention than a single feel the happiness of religion themselves, Missionary could be supposed to give it. they do all in their power to bring the The arrival of Mr. Gogerley to take the children to

an acquaintance with it. concern under his care and superintendSome of them have lately requested us to ance, is most providential ; and I have form the serious part of their scholars not the least doubt, by prudent manageinto classes, like those of Colpetty and ment, it will prove a blessing, not only to New.bazar: but as it is impossible for us to the present generation, but millions yet be present with them unless very seldom, unborn. I never think of the fact that we we feel it necessary to act a little cauti- are now, by means of the presses, sending ourly; yet the work will go on, nay it is Divine light into all directions, but my going on. In my absence brother 'Har- heart glows with gratitude to God, who vard opened a new school at a village has so singularly favoured us in this called Kallibowilla, near Papiliana, most respect, delightfully situated, and quite in the We have just finished the sixth report jungle, on the new road, lately cut into of the Bible Society, and the anniversary the interior. It promises well; the inhabi- sermon. Since our last letter we have tants have earnestly requested us to give nearly printed off 1000 copies of the book them a sermon every ‘Sunday, in the of Genesis in Cingalese. We have begun school-bouse. Thus we now supply four a second edition of 3500 copies of ibe places in the country with preaching every New Testament in Cingalese. This is

for the Bible Society. The Gospel by St. In this part of our Sunday labours we Matthew is nearly' finished. As this is have now an additional assistant in Don printing in the new type, it will give the Adrian, one of the priests spoken of in Cingalese the whole of the New Testaour last January letter, who has been meni in a pretty portable octavo volume. appointed a reader of sermons, and who We are happy also to inform you, that we We hope will prove in time a useful have in band an edition of 3500 copies of native preacher. The sermons which he the Common Prayer. Book in Cingalese. reads, are copied principally from those This has been translated by Mr. Armour, which we and Cornelius supply him with. atid we are printing it at the expense of


the Bishop of Calcutta, and the Hon. and 1000 copies, all in the Tamul language ; venerable the Archdeacon of Colombo, and which will help forward the blessed We are just going to print another edition work. of 2000 copies of the little Form of Prayer The type-founders have been busily which we liad selected from the Liturgy, employed since our last. Many Cingafor the use of our native congregations ; lese, and some Tamul types have been and I intend to add the burial service get ready, and we are trying if we cannot and the marriage ceremony, and also a accomplish a font of European types, of short collection of Cingalese hymns, prin- the size called minion. cipally translations from our own hymo- It gives me pleasure also to inform you, book.

that I have been enabled to resume my I wish my time would allow me to seat in the translating-room. We are translate for the use of our school-masters now going through the book of Psalms. a series of short sermons on the most At our last meeting we finished the 38th important subjects, for them to read in Psalm. By degrees we hope to have the the schools on Sundays, when a preacher Word of Life in Cingalese, which will cannot attend. I had indeed begun this preach when we are gone. work when I was taken ill, and forced to I have not lost sight of the Cingalese go to Madras. I still see it of such im. Dictionary. I am giving all the time 10 portance that it will not be lost sight of, it I can possibly spare from other engage until an opportunity occurs to effect it. ments; and consider it in fact as part of In addition to those, we have printed a my missionary work. It will be a most variety of little things, and among others, essential help, not only to all classes of for our brethren in the Tamul stations, people in the island, but to Missionaries we have finished,

who may succeed is in the great work. 1, Mr. Wesley's Instructions for Chil. The farther I get, the more arduous I dren, 1000 copies.

find the undertaking; yet have no fear 2, Wood's Catechism, 1000 copies. about me respecting it, should the Lord 3, Folly of Idolatry, a Scripture Tract, spare my life.

From Mr. NEWSTEAD, dated Negombo, October 8, 1818. In my last quarterly letter, I with inuch I have felt at the prospect of the loss to pleasure noticed the progress and im- the mission of the valuable labours and provement in spiritual things, of the two servicer of our dear brother Harvard from young men who were with me. And it his present affliction and proposed reis with increased satisfaction that I now moval. May he, in answer to united confirm that statement, with this addic prayer, be raised up again to his health tion, that I have placed one of them (the and to his work! My late visit to Colembo young man that came with me from for a few days, in consequence of Galle) under favourable circumstances brother Harvard's illness, was very profi. as English master, over a very flourishing table to me, having an opportunity of school of nearly 80 children, newly formed, preaching reveral times in my own lasand which is doing very well under his guage, to a people wbo not only under. care. I believe he is not only truly con- stand, but who also enjoy the precious verted, but also seeking holiness with truths of the gospel. And ihis to me, who great sincerity; and hence I have reason am on a station where not a single Eoto anticipate that he will be useful in ropean resides, is no inconsiderable primany ways; the school being in an en- vilege. tirely heathen neighbourhood. The By the grace of God, I feel an undi. other youth who continues with me, goes minished desire to be useful in any way on with much application to improve in that I can, to the blessed cause in which mental and spiritual acquirements, and is we are engaged, and to answer the end, so great a help to me on frequent occa- in some hunible measure, of Divine Prosions, that without him, not being fa- vidence, in bringing me to labour in convoured with a colleague, I know not how junction with the brethren on this island I should have carried on the work of the an honour of which I often feel myself station.

deeply unworthy, a situation in which ! | cannot but mention the deep concern am but too unprofitable.

From Messrs. SQUANCE and OSBORNE, dated Jaffna, November 19, 1818. During the last quarter we have gone knowledge as well as in grace, and proon much as usual in our work. Our mise very fairly at present to be useful. members in society visibly grow in grace, They read much, and frequently are meet. and our class-meetings consequently, are ing together for prayer. peculiary interesting and profitable. A few weeks ago we missed two of

Our Portuguese young men increase in them from our preaching on Sabbath-day,

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