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CEYLON. The last arrivals have brought us various letters from the brethren in the island, with the Minutes of their Conference, held January 14, 1819, at Point de Galle. The contents of these comnunications are such as to call for lively thanksgivings to God, who continues his blessing upon the rising Mission in that benighted country; and is there, as well as in India, opening doors for new exertions and usefulness. The number in society, in Ceylon and Madras, is now 249, making an increase upon the last return, of 149 members. The number of children now taught in the schools, is 4484. The Conference was marked by the unity of affection which prevailed among the brethren, who departed to their respective stations more fully determined to consecrate themselves to the glorious work and service of their Saviour. Five additional assistant missionararies were taken on their list Cornelius de Sylva, a converted Cinga ese, who had been employed for a considerable tiine as catechist and school-master; and Johu Anthoniez, a young man of Portuguese descent, who had also been similarly employed. We deeply regret, however, to state the necessity of the return of Mr. Harvard, (now daily expected in England,) whose health has fallen a sacrifice to his pious and indefatigable exertions ; and the painful circumstance of the death of Mrs. Fox, as mentioned in a subjoined letter. Mr. Fox had also been seriously ill, but was recovered by the mercy of God, “ lest the brethren should have sorrow upon sorrow."'.

The brethren have had calls to establish Missionaries at Molativa, on the eastern coast of the province of Jaffna ; Poonercene, in the province of Jaffna, to the south of the town of Jaffoa ; and to llamisseram, the celebrated resort of pilgrims from India. To these stations they would pay attention as soon as the Missionaries, now on their passage, arrived. They had also received invitations from some important stations on the Continent of India ; which, however, must depend on our exertions at home for supply.

The whole of the excellent plans of the brethren appear to be in regular and efficient operation ; and promise, with the continued blessing of God, important successes. We are happy to notice in these Minutes, that an opening had presented itself in the Candian province of Saffagan, for the establishment of schools; and that the first attempt to establish Christianity in that part of the dominions of the late king of Candy,was about to be made. Extract of a letter from Mr. Fox to the COMMITTEE, dated Point de Galle,

Jan. 7, 1819. I HAVE several times begun to write to recovered from a severe illness, in which you; but by a succession of afflictive oc- I was given up by an eminent physician. currences, which I could only surmount The Lord brought me from the grave; by sustaining them, I liave hitherto been and, Ohow inscrutable are luis ways! he uoable to finish. It has pleased the all- renoved my dear wife thither. How glad. wise Disposer of events to strew, my path ly, had heaven permitied, would' i have with attrictive circumstances;- he saw it ransomed her life with mine, but it could best-I submit and adore. On the third not be. 'Twas her's to enter heaven, of December last, it pleased him to visit me 'ris mine tò mourn below. I have lost, with the most severe stroke of fatherlychas- till death shall join us again, a most powtisement I can ever suffer,-by removin erful stay, a most valuable counsellor, to everlasting rest my beloved wife. This comforter, and friend, I have lost all, was an almost insupportable stroke ; it but the favour of God, and a honoured was hard to say, with a broken beart, thy place in his vineyard. I do not murmur, will be done. Her disorder was a cons but I grieve. Though in the blessed sumption, and her decline gradual;-but abodes she rests, I mourn her absence. the end sudden to me. i had only just When I look back a few months, and comVol. XLII. AUGUST, 1819.

* 4C *

pare i: with the present, then surrounded ledge of the true God and Saviour of man. with my happy live family, now stripped kind. I feel myself, more than ever, the of all, my Katherine, my little girl going to property of God, of his church. To him Europe, and my little boy noi a year old, I again offer myself and my lule ones, must be absent from me a few months, may I faithfully endure to the end ; and I cannot refrain weeping; but I look up. then, dying in the harness, join my part. wards, and in my deepest sorrow say, ner in the skies. Thiy will be done! I shall finish my la- In the latter end of February, or the bours and the journey of life, animated beginning of March, I intend to go up by her love to the cause of Christ; and I into the Kand yan territories, about 90 cannot offer a more worthy tribute to her miles. I have a school on the banks of memory, then by more zealously labour. Caltura river, about 12 miles from the ing in that blessed cause which she loved Kandyan limits, and from that point ! unto death. How long I may stay behind shall probably make an attempt on the her, or how soon I may follow her, I ground on which the Kandyan idols stand, know not:while I live, no power, of Ignorance : and trust that even the wilbody or mind, shall be inactive, or di- derness shall become a fruitful field. It rected to any other object than the glory is represented as not very healthy ;--thal of God in the salvation of mankind. I do will have no influence ; I shall use all not know that I have a feeling of discon- prudence ; but no bodily fears will indutent; I believe I am in the place and work ence me. The report of our present numthat God approves. The residue of my ber of children under instruction exceeds days will, I trust, be spent in the jungle, 4000, and our Cingalese congregations, Jabouring to bring the ignorant idolatrous which we have raised with great labour, tribes of the Ceylon wilds to the know- are very pleasing,

The following letters are of earliar date, but they are necessary to fill up the scries of intelligence from the different stations in Ceylon.

From Mr.M.Kenny, dated Point de Galle, June 30, 1818. Every day's experience has the imme- hold on this truth; it is the word of God. diate tendency to deepen in my mind, the This is enough. I pass on, froin the conviction, that our work is the most im- gloomy babitations of demons, to be porçant and glorious in the world. Most eheered with a sight of our neat, clean, important, because of its object, the pre- and commodious schools, for the instruction sent happiness and eternal blessedness of of youth. These I look upon, as one of ilie human race: and most glorious, be- the very important means, which God will cause of its end, the glory of the ETERNAL bless to the accomplishment of his great Gop! Surely, then, no other subject is so purpose of bringing “all flesh to see his capable of supplying the mind with serong salvation." and powerful motives to zeal and activity. It is true, idolatry appears formidable, It appears in me that no principle is in this laud of darkness; but you know more necessary for a Missionary, than it has had time to take root, and has met faith, for this alone can enable him to with little to impede its progress; but I enter into the designs of infinite Wisdom, am far from thinking, that it is very rapid Power and Goodn Ess, in reference to the in its advancement. On my circuit there conversion of the heather, and all this is are several temples unfinished, which necessary to his being enabled to rise si- have been in hand, two, four, șix, and perior to seoning impossibilities. When eight years! Now, when I coutrast with I meet with heathen temples, as I travel this, the facility with which our blessed through the country, sometimes I am work goes on, I am comforted, and encou. alınost put to a stand, and the working of raged; that without the noise of pomp, unbelief would say, where is the strength or glure of show, our work will (1 trust) sufficient to pull ihein down ? and where imperceptibly, sap the foundation of the is the influence required to reinove from towering walls of heathenism. The the minds of the deluded natives, the wickedness of man may build temples, ideas of sanctity which they are accus. and establish idolatry; but the power of tomed to attach to the spot on which they man can destroy neither. However, lel stand ? I confess if I knew no more, than the light of Divine trulk enter the minds that which directs the world in [grming of the people, let the rising generation its decision on this subject, I should say le broughi up in Christian principles with it, the task is impossible: but fails then the foriner will moulder into decay, comes, and lends its mighey hand to my and the latter be forgotten. help; and by its aid my mind takes fast The last quarter has been still more


was sworn

abundant in labour, and also in blessings: godde, to attend weekly at Galle, I have it has added six to my former number of coinmenced a similar meeting at llickschools, and four hundred and twenty- kodde, for the school-masters at that side ; three children. The schools are as fol- this is held every second Monday. These lows: 1st, Amblamgodde, which contains meetings are likely to be attended with 84 boys. 2d, Tilwalte, in this village happy effects. there are two schools; Ist for boys of the During the last session of the Supreme fisher cast, and 2d for those of the Ma- Court at this place, I attended a few habadda; the two schools contain 132 hours, to hear an important trial, which boys. 4th, Wawelle, which contains 74; however did not come on that day. While 5th, Dodandowe, 30; Boepe, 56 ; and I was in court, many native witnesses Boesse, 50 boys. “As I am about to pre- were sworn : they had all Christian names pare my school report, a more detailed with the exception of one; but, to my account will appear there of these schools. astonishment, every man I feel very grateful to be able to say that uccording to the Budhist religion! It the work in general on this circuit is in a would not, my brethren, be difficult to prosperous state. With few exceptions, prove, that, with very few exceptions, the the schools continue to improve. In my whole reported body of nominal Chrislast quarterly letter, I mentioned the tians, among the Cingalese, are pure heacommencement of a meeting in our little thens; and not only Budhists, but also chapel in the Fort, for the instruction of worshippers of devils! About two weeks the school.masterx; and it is with heart. ago, after preaching in our school at felt satisfaction, that I have now to inform Amblamgodde, I heard the sound of you, that this meeting, which was at first several tom-loins, at but a little discomposed of but a few, has so increased tance; and, on inquiring into the cause, as to fill the chapel. I thought it well to I was informed thai it was a decil-dance. allow the school-masters to bring with I went to the spot, and found them in the them some of the most attentive and for- heat of their performance. I called for ward of their boys. By this means they the man of the house, asked his name, lie are greatly encouraged, as they consider replied, Johan, &c. then I said, you have their liberiy to attend with their masters, been baptized ? Yes. You call yourselt an honour and privilege. It also appeared a Christian? Yes. I told him of ihe sinto me that it would be well to make this fulness of his conduct, and thought to meeting more public, and to give a gene- persuade him to give up the ceremony, ral invitation io all the Cingalese people but in vain; he said some of his family of the Fort; at the same time, keeping in were sick, and that he had been at great view the original object of the meeting; expense! This is the constant practice knowing that in general, the instructions of those who are called Christian, among given to the masters would be suitable to the Cingalese inhabitants of Ceylon ! and all. A» I could not expect the school- those who think otherwise are strangers masters from Hickkode and Amblam- to the real state of things.

From Mr. CALLAWAY, dated Matura, June 30, 1818. ABOUT three months ago, brother Lal- I have been exerting myself in supplymau's health seemed very precarious; but ing the wants of the schools, and attemptthrough mercy it has evidently taken a ing to facilitate the progress of the chilfavourable turn ; and for the last eight dren: and I confidently hope the coming weeks he has been as strong and active quarter will in every respect far exceed as ever. He regularly conducted our any preceiling one. The poverty of the meetings, &c. while I was away, and I people in general will not allow the child am happy to learn they were well at- dren to spend more time at school than tended. He also itinerated a good deal. they can conveniently spare from labour, Some of the letters be sent me, will, I and it is highly desirable that this golden think, be very interesting to our friends opportunity should put them in immeat home. Two Mission-schools have diate possession of what is sure to be of been opened, within three miles of this continual service to them. As the geplace, both of which are in a promising nerality of those under our care will prostate, and some are preparing in other bably remain in the humbler walks of places. I am happy to say our school life, I liare required none to learn En. Masters preserve unblemished characters, glish: but such as have expressed an inand have the general confidence of the clination, and displayed a capacity to people. Their adherence to their work, learn, are instructed. and the consequent improvement of the It is our delight to fall into conversa"children, bas exceeded my expectations. tion with the natives, and give them spiritual instruction in a free and familiar dical men seldom interest themselves in manner. Their attention and capacity is the complaints of the natives, partly in known by their replies. Last evening we consequence of having much to do besides, were at a heathen village about a mile and partly because it is reckoned no part from hence. We talked for some time of their professional daty, several indiviwith an intelligent man, by profession a duals in the neighbourhood must have writer. Old and young quickly assem- perished, if timely aid had not been afbled, and stood around. The conversation forded them. Among a dozen dangerous was supported in an interesting manner, cases, a few I think deserve particular and several of the men made occasional notice. We were going to see a school remarks. I think of sending home an one morning, and found a poor beggar outline of what passed. The stillness of lying on a bridge, reduced to a skeleton, the eveningold and young attentively exposed to the piercing rays of the sun, listening-some standing some leaning and with half his left foot literally rotting against the trees—others sitting on the off, and devouring by worms. His conground-an aged matron looking through dition did not seem to excite the least the paling and the rich variety of sur notice in the numerous passengers. He rounding objects—led me to fancy that a could scarcely speak. We had him brought painter could scarcely conceive a more to a room near our house ; and by proper interesting Missionary scene. We have attention, and the Divine blessing, the an opening for a school in that neighbour- poor mari is considerably recovered. His hood; and were our labourers equal to general strength is so far restored, and his the harvest, I believe this heather, wilder- foot so much healed, as to allow him to ness would be changed to the garden of walk a little. He has gladly listened to inthe Lord.

* 4 C 2*

struction, and bis heart is in a good degree There is a pious sergeant here of the affected by Divine things. The moment 73d. He was brought to God at Galle, he sees us, his countenance beams with under our brethren, some time ago. He gratitude. tells me, with gratitude to God, how won- A poor Cingalese female, about two derfully he has been preserved in the in- months ago, was sadly afflicted with a terior, from the invisible stroke which has dropsy in her chest. Her husband had removed many into eternity. He enjoyed caused a variety of charms and ceremoDivine consolation and reliance on God, nies to be performed by her, but all to no though far removed from Christian friends, purpose; and as he fancied her case to be and deprived of the public means of desperate, he sent her to the house of her grace.

mother. There her distress was doubled, Brother Lalman's acquaintance with by the extreme poverty of the family, medicine, and his long experience, has who were destitute of the necessaries enabled him to rescue several of the poor of life. Brother L. being sent for, he people from an early grave. The absurd went directly, and took from the poor prescriptions of the heathen doctors, their woman 24 bottles of water! Through enforcement of charms and ceremonies, mercy she is now well, and able to work, are well known. Those who have been and attend to her business at the bazar, brought to see the futility of these things, as usual. I have not seen her, but I unhave rejected them ; and as regular me- derstand her gratitude is extreme.

From Mr. NewsTEAD, dated Negombo, July 7, 1818. THOUGE I have nothing particularly systematic opposition,) ! do hope that new or interesting from this station to Divine truth is making its way in some communicate this quarter, it is yet with hearts; and a spirit of inquiry, which real and undiminished pleasure that I nothing can quench, is certainly awakaddress you; having already experienced ened, and many are searching the Scripthe benefit of our quarterly correspone tures to see whether these things be so. dence in many respects. Through the The congregations here, whatever is the past quarter the circumstances of the mis. language, are exceedingly small: except sion here have varied very little: the work indeed those which I can recollect in the of God on this station has much to coun- Bazar; but I have the pleasing satisfac. teract is progress; which will, in the na- tion of observing them always very attentural course of things, prevent a very tive, as well as of knowing that their rapid spread to our cause for some time. minds are gradually enlighiening; for It is, however, I humbly, hope, taking they almost all cone frequently under

Notwithstanding the apaths of private instruction, either at our little heathenism, and the bigotry of supersui- ciass, or at the sacrament. I have also been tion, (the latter of which is evinced by a considerably blest, in some of my late


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school visits, in preaching to the poor hea- heathen dominion. If I succeed in this, then people who attend, and who truly it will more than recompense me in every have every thing to learn relative to their point of view. May the Lord prosper ii, eternal salvation. But, not so much from without whom,. “Nothing is strong, any outward encouragement or circum- nothing is holy i" My other schools are stances, as from inward conviction, I generally going on well; praise the Lord. have this quarter felt blessedly assured, Perhaps it may not be improper to that we shall certainly be prospered of mention here, a circunstance which has the Lord, and eventually successful, yea, no doubt occurred to the brethren who and speedily successful too, if we live for are acquainted with this station, before ; eternity, and labour on with a single eye, I mean, that, at the first practicable opin faith and patience. For the work is portunity, there should certainly be two the Lord's, and not ours; and his blessed brethren here; one entirely for the Malaword has engaged that every man shall bar department: precisely for this reason, be rewarded according to his own labour. that there is as wide a field of usefulness I freely confess I haie been much hum- in that language here as in the Cingalese. bled, of Jate, before God, for the want of One brother certainly could learn both more of the faith of a Missionary, and for the languages, after a long time; but he looking for too much, perhaps, from my could not properly attend to the work own exertions; and that where the seed which would open before him. The work was scarcely sown.

at the station does not call for it, but I have established, this quarter, a round the station it does, and loudly 100. Cingalese service, between the morning I have several schools entirely Malabar and evening sermons, on the Sabbath; and English ; two of the best in the cir. principally for the use of their schools ; cuit are of that description ; many more at which we read brother Clough's Cin- might be established: but it would be galese translation of the liturgy, which is impossible for me to attend to them all, also read by the masters in all the native if at all ; indeed there might be a com schools in the country; and I believe will plete Malabar circuit formed on the more be very useful in establishing order and de- northern side of the station, corum among a people who have little The young men under my care, I am idea of the nature of Christian worship! happy to say, continue to maintain a conAfter this service, the children are taught sistent and upright conduct, in every for two hours, by catechizing, readir.g the respect suitable to the profession of reliScriptures, &c. in the Mission Bungaloe. gion they have been led to make. Their

Our little class, which now consists of attention to the duties of the closet, to nine members, generally meet with a reading the Scriptures, meditation and Divine blessing. Several of the number prayer, is truly exemplary; and I do have truiy Christian experience; and I humbly hope that the Lord will train am not without hope from their prayers; them up to be useful to our mission herefor surely every praying soul is a real ac. after. They are not inactive now; it is quisition to ihe cause of God. May they customary with one of them to collect all be greatly increased all around the island, the servants, &c. together on Sunday till their united prayers shall penetrate afternoons, to pray and converse with the interior, and instrumentally throw them oa Divine subjects; and the other down all the allars of idolatry,

I can with confidence send, when I cannot I lament to state, that I have this quar- go myself, to speak to the prisoners, or to ter had the pain to witness the desiruc. visit the sick. tion of another of my schools, from a spirit I bless God that I never felt less dis. decidedly hostile to the gospel, not at all posed to be inactive in his blessed cause, uncommon here. This school had cost or more determined to lay myself out in me more than usuai care and anxiety; service so divine ! But my daily prayer is but the instruments of its overthrow, i for more of the spirit of my work, of which forbear to mention, as it would answer I am conscious I still stand in need. no good end. I am much consoled under

“ Jesus confirin my heart's desire, this loss, by a pleasing prospect of being To work, and speak, and think for thee; able soon to establish two schools more, Still let ine guard the holy fire, .considerably into the interior, from the

And still stir up thy gift in me!" coast, and in places now entirely under

From Messrs. SQUANCE and OSBORNE, dated Jaffna, June 30, 1818. “Having obtained help of God, we viving; and upon the whole we have reacontinue to this day ;” our souls prosperson to say that the past has been one of and are in health: the work of God is re- the happiest quarters we have spent, since

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