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the eye and a candle, a flash of light was fames into one fame, of equal brillancy instantly produced, by representing the with the real flame of the candle. For the flame of the candle magnified to the size same law of nature by which the flame is reof the whole of the inner surface of this presented a thousand times in as many mirpiece of metal, and gave an increased light rors so united, it would be represented in upon the wall opposite to him. After this one flame if the mirror be made of a proper discovery, he had several pieces of metal form, and placed in a proper position to reformed, retaining the same angle, but of ceive the rays of light that emanate from various diameters, and found, to his great the candle in the direction of the angle of surprise, that, although their area were great this peculiar formed mirror. ly increased, the representation of the fame As the light of a small candle is visible at still filled them without the least diminution the distance of four miles in a dark night, in the quality of the light, but with an in. what must the diameter or circumference of creased light against the wall, in proportion that zone of flame be that is produced by to the increased area of the surface of the this discovery from one of the gas lights in metal." How far this power and effect may the streets of London ? Thus two lamps or extend, is not a present ascertained ; but it stations would be sufficient to light the is believed, that a zone of light of the same longest street, when its position approaches quality and effect may be produced to an in- to a right line, as the diameter of the zone conceivable extent. Some idea may be may be made of the same diameter as the formed of the powerful and important re- street ; and as the rays of light that are insults that may be derived from this discove. creased by this invention diverge from the ry, by reasoning philosophically on its prin- luminous body, all parts of the street would ciples :-Let a candle, or any other light, be be filled with light. Many are the minor represented in a mirror at a given distance advantages that will be derived from its apfrom the flame, and the eye of the spectator plication to domestic purposes, for writing, be placed so as to view its reflection nearly reading, and working by candle or lamp in the cathetus of incidence. Let him mark light. This, like Dr Brewster's kaleidoscope, the quantity of light represented in the mir. is another instance of the effects to be proror, and such will be its true quality when duced by mirrors. forming a zone of represented flame of double It appears that the great impediment to the diameter of the distance betwixt the real improvement and discovery in this branch of fame and the mirror.

the science of optics, bas arisen from the If a candle be placed before a mirror, its difficulty of foiling glass to the various forms flame will be represented ; and if a thouand necessary, in lieu of which we have

been mirrors are placed in a given circle round a compelled to use metallic substances. These candle, the candle will be represented a difficulties once removed, a vast field of ima thousand times, and each representation portant discovery will be opened on the naequal in brilliancy, if the mirrors are at ture and effect of light. May not many of equal distances from the flame. Suppose the phenomena that are observed in the air, that the thousand mirrors were united in such as halos round the sun, be produced by such a form as to bring all the represented this principle, the rays falling upon a denser

medium than air, and thus producing a This invention is not confined solely to zone of light, &c. light, but the increase of heat keeps pace We have given the preceding account of with the increase of light, and both in the Mr Lester's discovery, without being able ratio of the area of the surface.

thoroughly to understand it, or to perceive The apparatus is so constructed as to be that it contains any principle; but we have placed upon a candle, and sinks down with no doubt that this arises from the brevity the flame, without either flooding or waste. and obscurity of the statement.



ces to Lady Morgan's work on France, has

just put to press his Sketches of the Philo. The Philosophy of Chemistry, which does sophy of Life. not consist in being an Improvement on the M. Kotezebue is preparing for publicaOpinions of others, much less a Copy of tion, his Account of the Russian Embassy them, but is an entire New System of the to Persia. It will appear at the same time Science of Nature ; by T. H. Pásley, H. M. at London and Weimar. Dock-yard, Chatham.

Another National Novel, from the pen of Sir Charles Morgan, already so well Lady Morgan, is now in the press, entitled, known to the literary world by his appendi. Florence Macarthy. A correspondent obi VOL. III.


serves, that the style of Romance, of which Bible, already in part published, will be the author of the Wild Irish Girl was the completed in Five Parts, at One Guinea original inventor, still remains in her exclu- each ; the Volume of Modern European sive poseession ; for though Miss Edgeworth Languages, in Five Parts, at 18s. each ; has depicted with great fidelity and incom- and the Polyglott Common Prayer, of Eight parable humour the manners of the lower Languages, in Five Parts, at 10s. 6d. each. classes of the Irish,--and though the author - With the above Quarto Edition, are reof Waverley has left in perishable monu- gularly published, separate Pocket Editions ments of Scottish peculiarities, yet the illus. of the Bible, in Hebrew, Greek, Latin, and tration, by example, of the consequences of English ; French, Italian, Spanish, and great errors in domestic policy, with a view German ; and also of the Common Prayer, to internal amelioration, has not apparently in Greek, Modern Greek, Latin, English, entered into the plans of those authors. Italian, Spanish, French, and German ; or

The Rev. Mr Evans of Islington, has in any Two Languages may be interleaved in the press, the Progress of Human Life, or one Poeket Volume. Shakspeare's Seven Ages of Man ; illustrat. Directions for the Treatment of Persons ed by a Series of Extracts, in Prose and who have taken Poison, and those in a State Poetry, upon the plan of his Juvenile Tour- of Suspended Animation, &c.; by M. P. ist and his Excursion to Windsor, with a Orfilla; translated from the French. view to the rising generation.

Observations on the Symptoms and SpeMr Chamlent, author of a History of Mal- cific Distinctions of Venereal Diseases ; invern, is engaged in a History of Worcester, terspersed with Hints for the more effectual which is now in the press ; it will contain Prosecution of the present Inquiry into the the principal matter of Nash and Green, Uses and Abuses of Mercury in that Treats with the addition of much original informa- ment; by Richard Carmichael, M. R. I. A. tion, and a copious Index.

one of the Surgeons of the Pichmond HosThe Telegraphist's Vade-Mecum, a more pital, House of Industry, Dublin, fc. simple, comprehensive, and methodical Te- A Succinct Account of the Contagious legraphic Work than any hitherto offered, Fever of this Country, as exemplified in the is announced for publication, by Mr Joseph Epidemic now prevailing in London, with Conolly, author of the Telegraphic Diction, the appropriate Method of Treatment, as ary, and Essay on Universal Telegraphic practised in the House of Recovery ; to Communications, for which he has received which are added; Observations on the Na. the gold and silver medals from the Society ture and Properties of Contagion, tending to of Arts.

correct the popular Notions on this Subject, John Galt, Esq. is preparing the Second and pointing out the Means of Prevention ; Part of the Life of Benjamin West, Esq. by Thomas Bateman, M.D. F.L.S. Physi

The Introduction to the ('ritical Study and cian to the Public Dispensary, and ConsultKnowledge of the Holy Scriptures; by ing Physician to the Fever Institution in Thomas Hartwell Horne, A.M. illustrated London, &c. with maps and fac-similes of Biblical Manu- Letters on French History, for the Use of scripts, in 3 vols 8vo, is nearly ready for Schools ; by J. Bigland, author of Letters publication.

on English History, &c. Mr John Nichols is preparing for public Transactions of the Literary Society of cation, in 3 vols Svo, the Miscellaneous Bombay, 4to, with numerous engravings. Works of the late George Hardinge, Esq. A Second Memoir on Babylon ; contain

Captain Golownin, the Narrative of whose ing an Inquiry into the Correspondence be. Captivity has been recently published, is tween the Ancient Descriptions of Babylon printing Recollections of Japan, comprising and the Remains still visible on the Site; an Account of the People and of the Coun- suggested by the “ Remarks” of Major try.

Rennel, published in the Archäologia ; by Mr Chalmers has in the press, an Abridge. Claudius James Rich, Esq. ment of Todd's Edition of Dr Johnson's Dawson Turner, Esq. will soon publish Dictionary

the remaining portion of his Coloured Fi. Speedily will appear, Sermons, by the Rev. gures, and Descriptions of the Plants referC. R. Maturin, Curate of St Peters, Dublin, red, by Botanists, to the Genus Fucus. in 8vo.

The Rev. H. J. Todd is preparing a In the press, uniform in size and execu- Work on Original Sin, Freewill, Grace, Retion-I. The most approved Versions of generation, Justification, Faith, Good Works, the Holy Scriptures, in the Modern Euro- and Universal Redemption, as maintained in pean Languages, viz. French, Italian, Spa- certain Declarations of our Reformers. nish, and German ;-II. A Polyglott Com- The Rev. Dr John Fleming will soon mon Prayer Book, in Eight Languages at publish, a General View of the Structure, every opening of the Volume, viz. Greek, Function, and Classification of Animals, ilModern Greek, by Mr A. Calbo, French, lustrated by engravings. English, Italian, Latin, Spanish, and Ger- Miss Trimmer is preparing a Sequel to man. Lach of the Volumes may be separ. Mrs Trimmer's Introduction to the Know. ately subscribed for; and the List of Sub. ledge of Nature and the Scriptures. scribers will be published.—The Polyglott Memoirs of Count Las Casas, up to his return from St Helena, communicated by of the Community. By the Rev. Robert himself, are printing in an octavo volume. Burns, one of the Ministers of Paisley, Au.

Mr Mascall, a Barrister of Lincolns-Inn, thor of a letter to the Rev. Dr Chalmers of has in the press, a Digest of the Law of the Glasgow, on the Distinctive Characters of Distribution of the Personal Estates of In the Protestant and Roman Catholic Reli. testates.

gion. Mr Soane has in the press, Udine, a Fairy Dr Brewster has in the press, a Treatise Romance, translated from the German of on the Kaleidoscope ; including an Account Baron de la Motte Pouque.

of the different forms in which some ingeThe Rev. J. Bellamy is printing a Second nious opticians have fitted up that Instru. Edition of his Concordance to the Bible, in ment. quarto ; and another Edition in an octavo Dr Andrew Duncan will soon publish an volume.

Account of the Life, Writings, and Character, of the late Dr Alexander Monro, deli.

vered at the Harveian Oration at Edinburgh EDINBURGH.

for 1818.

An Account of the Small Pox, as it apPreparing for publication, an Essay on peared after Vaccination, will shortly apthe Office and Duties of the Eldership in pear, by Alexander Monro, M.D. Professor the Church of Scotland ; to which is added, of Anatomy in the University of Edinburgh ; an Account of the Management of the Poor including, among many cases, three which in the Parishes of Paisley, Greenock, &c. occurred in the author's own family. with various observations on the Compara- A Geographical and Statistical Descriptive State of the Poor Laws in England and tion of Scotland, is in the press ; by James Scotland, on the Different Plans proposed Playfair, D.D. F.R.S. and F.A.S.E. Prinfor behoof of the Poor, on the Assembly cipal of the United College of St Andrew, Report of the State of Pauperism in Scots and Historiographer to the Prince Regent. land,—and on other topics connected with An Historical Account of Discoveries and the several subjects of Charity, and the Mo. Travels in Asia ; by Hugh Murray, F.R.S.E. ral and Political State of the Lower Classes will speedily be published.




A Sequel to the French Exercises of AGRICULTURE.

Chambaud, Hamel, Perrin, Wanostrocht, Letters and Papers on Agriculture, Plant. and other Grammars ; being a Practical ing, &c. selected from a correspondence of Guide to translate from English into good the Bath and West of England Agricultural French ; on a new plan, with grammatical Society, Vol. XIV. 8vo. 78. 6d.

notes ; by G. H. Poppleton, 12mo. 38. ANTIQUITIES.

A Key to Poppleton's French Exercises ; The Cathedral Antiquities of England; being a translation of the various exercises by J. Britton, F.S.A. No XVII. being contained in that book, 12mo. 2s. 6d. No III. of York Cathedral.

*Conversations on Algebra ; being an InBIOGRAPHY.

troduction to the first principles of that sci. Memoirs of her Royal Highness the late ence : designed for those who have not the Princess Charlotte ; by T. Green, 8vo. 12s. advantage of a tutor, as well as for the use

Biographical Conversations on the most of students in schools ; by William Cole, eminent Voyagers of different nations, from 12mo. 7s. Columbus tó Cooke; by the Rev. W. Bing- The Pronouncing Instructor, or General ley. 12mo. 7s.

Reader's Assistant in the pronunciation of BOTANY.

difficult Greek, Latin, and Scripture proper Part VIII. of Green's Botanical Dictiona names; the names of eminent modern art. ary ; with coloured or plain engravings. ists and men of science; distinguished char

The Transactions of the Horticultural So- acters and notorious, who have appeared on ciety of London, Part I. of Vol. III. 410. the theatre of Europe within the last thirty £1, 10s.

years; and geographical names of places : COLONIAL.

to which are added, Latin and French A Letter to a friend relative to the pre- words and phrases, with their pronunciation sent State of the Island of Dominica ; by and meanings ; by Christopher Earnshaw, Langford Lovell, Esq. 8vo.

author of a much-approved portable exCOMMERCE.

planatory Pronouncing Dictionary, and an Universal Commerce ; or, the Commerce English Grammar. Is. 6d. of all the Mercantile Cities and Towns of A Concise Description of Endowed Gram. the World. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

mar Schools in England and Wales; b;



Nicholas Carlisle, F.R.S. M. R. I.A. & F. & S. S. A.; very elegantly printed, with Observations on a Stridulous Affection o fac-similes of seals, &c. 2 vols Svo. £2, 16s. the Bowels, and on some Varieties of Spinal

Ipswich Reading Lessons; selected from Disease ; with an Appendix of Cases. By the Holy Scriptures, and adapted to the im- J. Bradley, M. D. proved System of Education, for instructing An Enquiry into the Probability of Mr both Adults and Children, by Richard Dykes Hunter's Theory of Life ; new edition ; by Alexander. Second edition, 10s. 6d. John Abernethy, F.R.S. 8vo. 48. 6d.

Observations, proving that Dr Wilson's A List of the Numbers and Prices of the Tincture for the Cure of Gout and Rheu. valuable Library and Collection of Prints, matism is similar in its Nature and Effects Drawings, and Pictures, of W. Roscoe, to that deleterious preparation the Eau Esq. which were sold at Liverpool in 1816, Medicinale ; by W. H. Williams, M. D. Svo, 7s.

F.L.S. 4to. 45. A Series of Outline Designs, illustrative On the Nature and Treatment of Teta. of the Poem of Thalaba the Destroyer ; by nus and Hydrophobia ; with some ObservaRobert Southey, Esq. Poet Laureate. tions on a natural Classification of Diseases GEOGRAPHY.

in general ; by Robert Keid, M.D. Licen. Elementary Tables of Practical Geogra- tiate of the King and Queen's College of phy, in two large folio sheets ; by J. Gould. Physicians in Dublin, Member of the Royal

Spanish America; or, a Descriptive, His- Medical Society of Edinburgh, &c. 8vo. torical, and Geographical Account of the 7s. 6d. Dominions of Spain in the Western Hemi

MISCELLANEOUS sphere, continental and insular ; illustrated The British Review, No XXIII. 8vo. 6s. by a map of Spanish North America and The Philosophical Library, a very curious the West India Islands, a map of Spanish collection of the most rare and valuable reSouth America, and an engraving represente prints of ancient morality, &c. &c. ; as, for ing the comparative altitudes of the moun. example, the lives and morals of Confucius, tains in those regions ; by R. H. Bonny. Epicurus, and Isocrates ; the morality of castle, captain in the corps of royal engin the East, from the Koran, &c.; the politi. eers, 2 vols 8vo. £1, js.

cal mischiefs of Popery, as far as it regards A Complete Survey of Scripture Geo- the interests and liberties of the Catholics graphy : containing an Historical Account themselves ; a summary of the ancient Irish of Primitive Nations, and of all the Coun- Christianity, and its four gospels; a look. tries and People mentioned in Sacred His. ing-glass for Popes and Priests; with a getory. To which is prefixed, an Introduc- nuine catalogue of the holy relics of the Rotory Essay concerning the Origin, Occasion, man Catholic Church, Vol. I. 8vo. 155. 6d. Character, and Meaning of each Book or Letters from Illinois ; By Morris KirkWriting in the Holy Bible; wherein also beck, 8vo. 6s. the most difficult subjects of the Mosaic Village Dialogues ; by the Rev. R. Hill History are clearly and fully confirmed by 2 vols 8vo. £1, 6s.-12ino. 136. physical reasons and proofs, deduced from The London Guide, and Stranger's Safethe present improved state of science : with guard, against the Cheats, Swindlers, and a List of Texts, Versions, Paraphrases, and Pickpockets, that abound within the Bills of Targumş, in all languages into which the Mortality { forming a Picture of London as Holy Writings have been translated or con- regards active life, 12mo. verted : illustrated by a set of maps and a A Series of Essays on several most imchart of the world. By Thomas Heming of portant New Systems and Inventions, parMadg. Hall, Oxon. royal 4to. £3, 10s. ticularly interesting to the mercantile and

The Survey of Scripture Geography is maritime world, shipbuilders, underwritsold separately from the Atlas, £1, in bds, ers, mariners, and all scafaring men, &c. and £1, 5s. hbd.

&c. ; by Abraham Bosquet, Esq. late one LAW.

of his Majesty's Commissaries of the Mus. A Complete Collection of State Trials ters, royal 8vo. 10s. 6d. and Proceedings for High Treason, and Ford's (of Manchester) Catalogue of a other Crimes and Misdemeanours, from the Curious and Valuable Collection of Books, earliest period to the year 1783; with notes in various languages, departments, and clasand other illustrations : compiled by T. B. ses of literature, 8vo. Is. 6d. Howell, Esq. F.R.S F.S.A., and continued Familiar Lectures on Moral Philosophy, from the year 1783 to the present time, by with Memoir; by John Prior Estlin, LL.D. T. J. Howell, Esq. Vol. XXIV. royal 2 vols 8vo. 188. 8vo. £1, 11s. 6d.

A Dissertation upon the Distinctions in Reports of Cases argued and determined Society and Ranks of the People under the in the High Court of Chancery, from 1756 Anglo-Saxon Government; by Sam. Heyto 1766, from the original manuscripts of wood, Svo. 18s. Lord Northington ; collected and arranged Standing Orders of an Establishment for by the Hon. R. H. Eden. 2 vols royal instructing the Junior Officers and the NonSvo. £3, 3s.

Commissioned Officers and Soldiers of the



Royal Engineer Department, in their Du. ties in the Field; by C. W. Pasley, 12mo, The Principles of Population and Pro8s.

duction investigated : by George Purvess, A Vindication of the University of Cam. LL. D. 8vo. 10s. 6d. bridge, from the Reflections of Sir James An Inquiry concerning the Population of Edward Smith, President of the Linnæan Nations ; containing a refutation of Mr Society, contained in a Pamphlet, entitled, Malthus's Essay on Population ; by George “Considerations respecting Cambridge,” &c. Ensor, Esq. 8vo. 12s. By the Rev. James Henry Monk, B.D.

Profitable Amusement for Children ; or, Familiar Tales ; combining useful Instruc

Annals of Scottish Episcopacy, from the tion with pleasing Entertainment, 18mo. 2s. year 1788 to the year 1816 inclusive ; being Dr Rees' Cyclopædia : Part LXXVI.

the period during which the Right Rev. On the Safety Lamp for Coal Miners; John Skinner of Aberdeen held the office of with some Researches" on Flame. By Sir Senior Bishop and Primus ; of whom a BioHumphry Davis, 8vo. 8s.

graphical Memoir is prefixed; by the Rev. MUSIC.

J. Skinner, M.A. 12s. A Grammar of Music ; to which are pre. dapted to the use of the poorer classes, and

Plain Remarks on the Four Gospels, a. fixed, Observations explanatory of the perties and powers of Music as a Science, chiefly designed for the benefit of schools &c.: by T. Bushby, Mus. Doc. 9s.

and families; by the Rev. James Slade, The Musical Tour of Dr Minim, A. B.C.

M. A. vicar of Bolton, and prebendary of and D. E. F.G. ; with a description of a

Chester, 12mo. 3s. 6d. new-invented Instrument, a new mode of

Part II. of biblia Sacra Polyglotta Texteaching music by machinery, and an ac

tus Archetypos Versionesque ab Ecclesia count of the gullabaic system in general, Antiquitus Receptus complectentia. To be 12mo. 2s.

completed in Five Parts, forming one Quarto NOVELS.

Volume. The Three remaining Parts will The Physiognomist; by the Author of follow in quick succession, the whole of the “ The Bachelor and the Married Man." 3 Bible in some of the Languages being al. vols 12mo. 16s. 6d.

ready done. Zuma, ou la Decouverte du Quinquina,

A neat edition of the Septuagint, with suivi de la Belle Paule, de Zeneide de Ro. Apocrypha, in one volume; the text is taken seaux du Tibre, &c. &c. ; par Madame la from the Oxford edition of Bos. 8vo. 28s. Comtesse de Genlis.

The Morality of the New Testament,

properly digested under various heads; Translations from Camoens, and other comprehending our duties to God, to our Poets ; with original Poetry. By the Au.

selves, and to our fellow.creatures; with thor of " Modern Greece," and the “ Re. an introductory address to Deists, in which storation of the Works of Art to Italy.” the character of Christ is fully vindicated, 8vo. 4s.

and the religion he taught clearly demonThe Warning Voice; a sacred poem, in strated to be the pure religion of nature and two cantos : addressed to infidel writers of reason, as it existed from all eternity, and poetry ; by the Hon. and Rev. Edw. John which is so easily comprehended by manTurnour, A. M. formerly of St Mary Hall, kind in general, Nos. VII. and VIII. of Oxford, 4to. 3s. 6d.

Vol. II. 2s. 6d. each.-This work will, if Antonia ; a Poem, with Notes, descrip- possible, be completed in No IX. and is tive of the Plague in Malta ; by Murdo well deserving the most serious attention of Young.

all real Christians. Lines on the Death of her Royal High- ad fidem Codicum, Versionum et Patrum

Novum Testamentum Græce. Textum ness the Princess Charlotte of Wales, to which was adjudged the Prize proposed by

recensuit et Lectionis Varietatem adjecit. the Provost and Senior Fellows of Trinity

D. Jo. Jac. Griesbach. Editio nova, 2 vols College, Dublin, for the best English Poem

8vo. £2, 2s. on the subject ; by John Anster, A. B. 8vo.

Biblos tes Demosias Euches ; or, a Greek 3s.

Translation of the Liturgy of the Church of Ballads of Archery, Sonnets, &c. ; by

England : a new edition, corrected By the Rev. J. W. Dodd, second usher in

the late James Duport, D.D. 12mo. 2s. Westminster school, with Notes, crown 8vo.

Lucanus de Bello Civili ; cum Hug. Gro10s.

tii, Farnabii. Notis integris et variorum The Recluse of the Pyrenees ; a Poem, selectissimis, in usum studiosæ juventutis. inscribed to his Royal Highness Leopold, Accurante Corn. Schrevelio, 8vo. Prince of Saxe Cobourg, &c. 8vo. 4s. 6d.

royal paper, £1, 4s. The Lonely Hearth, and other Poems;

TOPOGRAPHY. by William Knox, 12mo.

Planta's New Picture of Paris; or, the Fashionable Fudges in London ; or, Stranger's Guide to the French Metropolis : Sketches of Public Characters ; a poem : accurately describing the Public Establishwith Historical and Explanatory Notes. By ments, remarkable Edifices, Places of A. Benjamin Flaccus, Esq. de. foolscap 8vo. 6s. musement, and every other object worthy of




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