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-the former to correct an error by Merton.-Ibid. vol. 46, p. 43.

Job's wife.- ANTONIO DAS CHAGAS. Ser. mons, tom. 1, p. 79.

p. 387.

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“ The Parish Clerk's Pocket Companion, Why fleas should be cracked, not drownby Joseph Fox, Parish Clerk of St. Marga- ed.—Life of Wilberforce, vol. 4, p. 266. ret, Westminster.”—Ibid. vol. 59,

“ WHEN Mr. Faraday told Davy that he PHILISTIS. Rufane Donkin in PINKER- wished to escape from trade, which he ton's Correspondence, vol. 2.

thought ‘vicious and selfish,' and to enter

into the service of science which he imaRiver Idle. Scene of Edwin's first vic- gined made its pursuers amiable and liberal, tory.

Sir Humphrey smiled at the notion, and

said he would leave him to the experience Asgill.–S. T. C.'s Table Talk, vol. 1, p. of a few years to set him right in that mat244. Ibid. vol. 2, p. 48. 184-5.

ter."—National Portraits.

Among the pamphlets imputed to De Foe Peel's speeches, their effect upon Lord is an Enquiry into the case of Mr. Asgill's John Russell. As Cowper says, “I am afraid General Translation ; showing that it is not it was only clapping a blister upon the crown a nearer way to Heaven than the Grave. of a wig-block.” A. D. 1704.

“ Ceci est une autre paire de manches, Pockets.—IIUMBOLDT, vol. 6-1, p. 12.

et longues à coudre, que j'espère dire ail

leurs, et à propos."— BRANTOME, vol. 9, p. “TURDILLI sunt, tuti contumeliæ causâ."

325. Seneca, in one of his Epistles.

BRANTOME's uncle, M. de la ChastaigneLipsius reads Turdi, “from one Turdus

vays (killed in a duel by M. de Jarnac), when a man of so infamous a character that his

he first carried an harquebuss had halfname became a proverb. Seneca the fa- a-dozen golden bullets cast, to kill the Emther makes mention of him in lib. 9, Con

peror. He said, “ n'estant raisonnable que trov. 4.—Monthly Review, vol. 77, p. 19. luy, estant grand et puissant, et plus que

le commun, mourust de balles communes Rats. WILLIAMS. Missionary Enter- | de plomb, mais d'or : dont le Roy François prises, pp. 68. 146. 151-2. 244-5. Head's qui l'avoit nourry, l'en ayma tousjours fort Home Tour, vol. 2, pp. 62. 64. 269-70. depuis.”—Ibid. vol. 10, p. 215.

Value of women in the Navigator's Islands.-Ibid.


538. See Women, p. 17.

Price of Euryclea.- Odyssey 1.

"Some bold hypothesist has asserted that the pyramids were built, not where they stand, but upon floats in a quarry, and when the Nile overflowed, a dyke was cut through the quarry, and the pyramid floated to its destined site." — Monthly Review, vol. 19,

Capt. SCORESBY.-Ibid. 1. v. 443.

p. 205.

Sir G. Head's Tour, vol. 1, pp. 218-9-21. Doncaster, pp. 24-5. 273. Draining.

“ Dr. UVEDALE (A. D. 1758) prescribed

composing in music and poetry for certain Mason's Church. WARNER's Recollec- heavy disorders of the nerves, having seen tions, vol. 1, p. 309.

an instance, he said, which justified him in

saying that nervous disorders were some- In the Index of obscure words in Dante, times owing to smothered genius, -to a sup- by Volpi, it is said that Cæsar was the first pression of poetry.

person who was ever addressed in the plural “Such genius may exist with the very number, “quando fu creato Dittatore perworst state of nervous disorder. 'I could petuo, per essere in lui solo raccolta l'autoinstance a patient whom I am not permitted rità di tutti i magistrati : dandosi per

altro to name, among whose papers I have seen del tu ad ogni persona singolare.”—DANTE, passages exceeding all that I have read in

vol 3, p. 359. poetry ; and who has at this time, outlines of three great works, which himself will not “ Thomas WHITAKER, Doctor in Physic, complete, and with which I know no one of London, A. D. 1638, in a treatise called else worthy to meddle.' "--Ibid. vol. 29, p. the Tree of Human Life, or the Blood of 507.

the Grape, observes that Noah lived twenty

years longer than Adam, which he attributes “ ADAM CLARKE obtained a book of Man- to his having tasted nectar from that plant tras or Charms from Ceylon, consisting of from which Adam was excluded, and which eleven leaves, full of the most grotesque

he calls an inferior species of the Tree of figures of gods, demons, &c. The gentle

Life."--BosweLL'S Shakespeare, vol. 17, p. man from whom he received it was in the 171. N. Supreme Court at Colombo when a woman preferred a charge against a man of extreme The Knight of the Sun was taller than oppression and injury, but she could not the Emperor Trebatius his father, who was proceed in her evidence, being seized with eight feet. “Mais quoy qu'il fust d'une si severe shivering and violent agitations, and riche taille, on ne vit jamais pourtant un sweating most profusely at the same time. corps si bien proportionné que le sien. Il The judge enquired what was the matter; sembloit qu'une main divine l'eust formé. and when a little recovered she said the de- Aussi plusieurs peintres, tant Grecs qu'Asfendant had enchanted her, and if he were syriens, ne peurent jamais representer un searched, she was sure the charm would be corps avec une vraye proportion et mesure, found upon him. Order was given to search jusques à ce qu'ils virent ce Chevalier, et him accordingly, and this identical book was qu'ils l'eurent tiré. C'est pourquoy ils enfound among his clothes. The Judge or- voyerent son pourtraict en plusieurs condered it to be delivered into the possession

trées du monde, comme le plus parfaict de of the Court, and in that moment the wo- tous leurs ouvrages.”Chev. du Soleil, tom. man became calm, and proceeded in her

1, p. 93-4. evidence without hesitation.”—Catalogue of Adam Clarke's MSS. p. 225.

“ The three great original objects of

poetry were self, a mistress, and an enemy; IF you

take Sophocles, Catullus, Lucre- these produced verses upon religion, love, tius, the better parts of Cicero, and so on, and war ; poetry purely descriptive is the you may with just two or three exceptions product of a much later time." — Monthly arising out of the different idioms as to Review, vol. 40, p. 117. cases, translate page after page into good Compare with the Triads—and the truth. mother English, word by word, without altering the order ; but you cannot do so " NATURA, Philosophia, et Ars in Conwith Virgil or Tibullus ; if you attempt it, cordiâ," or Nature, Philosophy, and Art in you will make nonsense." - SAMUEL TAY- Friendship. An Essay in four parts by W. LOR COLERIDGE. Table Talk, vol. 2, p. 56. Canty, Cabinet Maker, 2s. Nicol. Ile

See Aaron Hill's Preface to Gideon. shows that all houses might be built proof

F. R

against fire and vermin, chimnies built so His proposal of making book dehts transas not to smoke, and smoky ones cured, and ferable justly objected to. Ibid. p. 373. furniture and wainscots so constructed as that no vermin can exist therein. - Ibid. “ We remember to have seen somewhere vol. 46, p. 623.

in the Low Countries a print of a booksel.

ler digging in the tomb of an author, and Dr. Lettsom distilled some green tea, saying to himself as he works Il y a de plas." injected three drachms of the very odorous -Ibid. vol. 49, p. 337. and pellucid water which he obtained“ into the cavity of the abdomen and cellular

An anonymous poet in 1774 has this membrane, — by which he paralysed the

couplet, animal. He applied it to the cavity of the

Yet doubly happy could I justly claim abdomen and to the ischiatic nerves of another, and the frog died. And this he One puff of merit from the trump of Fame. thought proved green tea to be unwhole- Unhappy poet. If instead of having some."-Ibid. vol. 47, p. 133.

Snagg for his publisher, he had been in the

service of Henry Colburn, a whole band of The author of an Inquiry into the con- trumpeters would have been employed in nection between the high price of provi- his praise.--Ibid. p. 484.

. sions, and the size of farms, A.D. 1773, says that no small farmer ought ever to rear a

“Let it be remembered that minds are pig, none but large farmers, or dairy-men. not levelled in their powers, but when they -Ibid. vol. 48, p. 348.

are levelled in their desires."

Johnson says this when speaking of DryOn common he says, “a few sheep are den's controversy with Settle. maintained as winter food for ravens and crows.”—Ibid. p. 349.

" It is very happy that de tems en tems,

there will always arise certain moral cha“ Tue trading part of the nation,” he says,

racters of very good hearts and very odd dare not retrench their way of living, lest heads, of exceeding benefit in a world too they should thereby ruin their credit, the much disordered to be set right by the revery life of trade."— Ibid.

p. 353.

gular process of sober systematical virtue."

- Letter to Mrs. M. vol. 2, p. 263. MORTIMER's Elements of Commerce,

Mrs. Carter says this of Jonas Hanway. A. D. 1772. “A list was lately put into my

-“ 'Tis a maxim of mine that neither the hands of upwards of 1000 alehouse keepers green-grocers, chandlers, oil shops, and


and rack him till the sinews shrink again, other retail traders in London and the vil- while he hath brought him to twenty-seren lages adjacent, all of whom were originally yards. When they have brought him to that footmen and servant maids."—Ibid. p. 368. perfection, they have a pretty feat to thick

him again. He makes me a powder for it, and

plays the poticary; they call it fock powder: “BROAD cloths deteriorated in quality, they do so incorporate it to the cloth, that it is and deceit complained of both in length wonderful to consider ; truly a good invention. and breadth."1—Ibid. p. 370.

Oh that so goodly wits should be so applied; they may well deceive the people, but they

cannot deceive God. They were wont to make · The stretching of broad cloth and devil's beds of flocks, and it was a good bed too. Now dust are no new inventions. Witness good old they have turned their flocks into powder, to LATINER.

play the false thieves with it.” Third Sermon “ If his cloth be eighteen yards long, he will before King Edward VI. vol. i. p. 122, ed. Watset him on a rack, and stretch him out with kins.-J. W. W.

body nor the mind should be kept to the Fear has been called by Dean Young same food; variety not only gratifies the (the father)“ that most treacherous of all taste but quickens the appetite.” – LADY vices, entangling men into such necessities Hervey's Letters, p. 149.

of sinning, that the fearful are therefore

set by St. John at the head of all those who “ In general I have observed that those have their part in the fiery lake” (Rev. xxi. who live in town think too little, and those 8.)-Sermons, vol. 1, p. 174. who live in the country think too much : the one makes them superficial, the other “ In matters of duty, our power is always sour."—Ibid.

the measure of our obligation.”—Ibid. p. 209. “ One of young Beattie's lectures was

“ I HEARTILY pity the people, however an account of Raymond Sully's mill for wise, who are destitute of the pleasures making books, alluded to by Dr. Campbell which arise from a vivid imagination : for in the Philosophy of Rhetoric. He got surely nothing is so dull as uncoloured Raymond's book in the College Library, sense.”—Mes. CARTER, vol. 3, p. 40, Vesey. and made the mill exactly according to the author's directions ? in pasteboard. The model was exhibited at the lecture.”—Life to the situation of others, it is quite neces

“ To make one's mind easy with regard of Beattie, vol. 2, p. 213.

sary to be persuaded of a very certain truth; Boswell had in his youth one Mr. S. for human creatures substitute for happiness,

that the odd kind of something which an acquaintance,-a riotous old humourist, who used to rank all mankind under the depends on the particular turn of every

individual imagination."-Ibid. p. 79. general denomination of Gilbert. Letters between Erskine and BosWELL, p. 73.

“ Few people give themselves time to be “ The Morleechians (inlanders of Dal- friends,—a natural consequence of a more matia) have in their ritual a service for the general maxim, that few people give themsolemn union of two friends, male or female. selves time to be as wise, as good, and as Posestre (half sisters) the sworn female happy as Heaven designed them, even in friends are thus made ; the men (Pobra- the present mortal state.”—Ibid. p. 245. timi) half-brothers, their duties are to assist and avenge each other. A quarrel between “ I REMEMBER," says Cooke, the actor, two thus sworn is talked of all over the coun. “ hearing a reverend gentleman of Newtry as a scandal, unheard of in former times, castle (Mr. Wanilaw, a Roman Catholic), and owing only to the depravation which an say, that when a person on being asked intercourse with the Italians has brought what he was thinking of, replied nothing, on." — Fortis's Travels, Monthly Review, he was then thinking of a multitude of vol. 59, p. 41.

things, but not any thing distinctly. I have

often, he adds, experienced the remark to ARTHUR Young says, " that about the be just." — Dunlop's Memoir of G. F. year 1760, perch first appeared in all the Cooke, vol. 2, p. 12. lakes of Ireland and in the Shannon at the same time."!Monthly Review, vol. 63, p. A NOTABLE argument against suicide.103.

“ Car si l'homicide d'un frère, et le parri1 Yarrel does not mention this, but simply may be traced through the southern, eastern, states, “ In the various historical and statistical and northern districts from Cork to London accounts of the counties of Ireland, the perch derry,"British Fishes, vol. 2, p. 2.-J. W.W. cide sont de grandes fautes parce que le STERNE probably called his Corporal père et le frère nous sont proches, quel doit Trim after Trim in the Funeral. * M. Geestre le meurtre de soy-mesme, puis que neral Trim-no, pox, Trim sounds so very nul ne nous peut estre si proche que nous short and priggish. That my name should nous sommes ?"-Astrée, tom. 5, p. 525. be a monosyllable! But the foreign news

will write me, I suppose, Monsieur or ChevaJacobus BERGAMENSIS, or de Bergamo, lier Trimont. Signor Trimoni, or Count says, “ that Noah planted the vine because Trimuntz in the German army, I shall perhe saw a goat in Sicily eat some wild grapes, haps be called.”—P. 71. and afterwards fight with such courage that Noah inferred there must have been virtue

Donne to Sir H. Wotton. in the fruit. He planted a vine therefore,

“ Let me tell you the good nature of the and wherefore is not said, manured it with executioner of Paris, who, when Vatan (?) the blood of a lion, a lamb, a swine, and a

was beheaded (who dying in the profession monkey or ape.” — Conde de Mora To- of the religion, had made his peace with God LEDO, tom. 1, p. 59.

in the prison, and so said nothing at the

place of execution) swore he had rather Ibid. 163.—“ HORSE and chariot races

execute forty Huguenots than one Catholic; p. won by the help of the devil.” Cassiodorus because the Huguenot used so few words, and Amm. Marcellinus quoted.

and troubled him so little, in respect of the

dilatory ceremonies of the others in dying." TITEA MAGNA was the name of Noah's

-Letters, p. 122. wife. Pandora was Shem's. Noala, or ac

“ When abjuration was in use in this cording to others Cataflua, Ham's. Noegla, land, the state and law was satisfied if the Funda, or Afia, Japhet's.—Ibid. p. 57-8.

abjuror came to the seaside, and waded into

the sea when winds and tides resisted."Nasu, in his Collections for Worcester

Ibid. shire, shows that the name of Percy has been spelt twenty-three different ways. “ I am now like an alchemist, delighte Monthly Review, vol. 67, p. 339.

with discoveries by the way, though I attain not mine end."-Ibid.


172. “Bishop KIDDER and his wife were killed in their bed in the palace of Bath and Wells, “ HALLER's catalogue of medical and chiand yet his heirs were sued for dilapida- rurgical writers, notwithstanding numerous tions!"-HORACE WALPOLE, vol. 4, p. 146. omissions, amount to more than 30,000

names or titles of authors or their works, A. D. 1787. “Old Madam French, who much the greater part having belonged to lives close by the bridge at IIampton Court, the last 300 years."— Monthly Review, vol. where between her and the Thames she 68 (1783), p. 465. had nothing but one grass plot of the width of her house, has paved that whole plot A watch tower in Sicily, where there with black and white marble in diamonds,

once stood a temple of Castor and Pollux exactly like the floor of a church; and this (Polluce) is now called Torre del Pulci, no curious metamorphosis of a garden into a doubt properly enough.-Ibid. p. 596. pavement has cost her £340. A tarpaulin she might have had for some shillings, which PINKERTON (Lett. of Lit. p. 179) quotes would have looked as well, and might easily the Abbé du Bos as saying, “ Different ideas have been removed."--Ibid. p. 426. are as plants and flowers, which do not grow

equally in all climates. Perhaps our terri

P. 121.

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