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portant, as they show that the great cause of the evangelization of the world, has a growing interest in the hearts of Christians, and that energies, more combined and glowing than formerly, are now put into activity for the enlargement of the kingdom of Christ. May the blessing of God be upon the labours and efforts of the ensuing year, that every succeeding anniversary of the Wesleyan, and other Societies, may present new causes of congratulation, praise, and triumph, till, “the wickedness of the wicked shall come to an end, and righteousness shall be established throughout the earth."

AFRICA. Extract of a Letter from Mr. Shaw to Mr. TaTTERSHALL, dated Little Namacqualand,

Leelie Fontaine, January 11, 1819. It is now some months since I received mously large, and the fat of which is preyour kind letter, and according to your ferred by many to the butter which is request I now take up my pen to write. made here. Our station, as you supposed, now begins The wild animals which formerly to wear a somewhat better appearance roamed near Cape Town, have been de than formerly, though it is far inferior to stroyed or banished therefrom by the the small fruitful villages in England. colonists. In this part, however, we The Namacquas have already cut our have still many tigers, leopards, jackals, corn, which we hope will be sufficient for &c. Not far from hence, at certain seasons our own consumption. They are now of the year, the ferocious lion also niakes busy with their own wheat, &c. which his appearance : he generally pursues & will in a short time be gathered in. The species of deer, called spring-bok, which gardens, which some of our people have run together by thousands, as large made look well, and in ours, we have flocks of sheep. When he cannot obpotatoes, peas, beans, &c. &c. Our tain these beautiful creatures, he makes dwelling-house is very comfortable, but bold to secure a horse, beast, or bush. the worms are quickly destroying the man, for his subsistence. There is a beams, spars, &c. so that the next summer species of wild beast called eland, of (whoever of us is spared to see it), a new great account with the farmers, on acroof will be necessary. Our chapel looks count of the excellency of its flesh, and the very well, being now finished and white toughness of its hide, which is used for washed within and without. With this harness, traces, &c. The buffalo, hippobuilding I have had a great deal of potamus, and elephant, are not often labour ; but the seeing it full of heathens, seen far on this side of the great Orange anxious to know something of Jesus, is a River, which is, five or six days journey, sufficient reward. You request some with an ox waggon, north of the Kbaimes account of the nature of the land, cultiva. mountains. That pretty beast, the zebra, tion, animals, &c. &c. but in the short is often found not l'ar from hence ; a few compass of a letter, I can say little in- weeks ago, a male of that species came deed. The English Barrow, and the within a hundred or a hundred and fifty French Vaillant, both of whom travelled paces. While pursuing his path, he unmuch in Southern Africa, will give abune expectedly beheld the habitations of men, dant information on these subjects. and instantly halted : his ears were

In the districts near Cape Town, the pricked, his neck stretched, and he stood farmers have at length begun to exert looking on us, and we on him. This was themselves a little in agriculture, which the most beautiful animal I ever beheld; was formerly much neglected; (the in- but the fear of human beings coming creased price of grain has doubtless been upon him, he made haste to escape for a great stimulus to their exertions ;) so his life. I expect in a short time the that some of the corn farmis now begin hide of one of those creatures, which, to look exceedingly well. In this remote when opportunity offers, will be sent to part of the colony, many of the graziers the Committee. Here are serpents of never trouble themselves to sow any various species, all of which are supkind of grain whatever. They yearly posed to be injurious, excepting the one exchange their cattle for a few sacks of called boomslang (or tree serpent) so called corn, if they can obtain it; if not, they from its being often found coiled round rest very well satisfied with milk and the boughs of trees. The puff-adder of animal food, swimming in the grease of this land is said to be exceedingly danthe African sheep's tail, which is enor- gerous. Some time ago, I and my wife


went to the sea for a few days for the and the simplicity, perseverance, and
benefit of our health ; while there, our tience, necessary in instructing them.' I
matrass was laid under a bush where speak particularly with respect to those
we slept, being the best lodgings we advanced in life ; they have never been
could obtain in that place. Towards the accustomed to think, and now forget
evening of one of those days, I rose up almost all they hear. When I have been
from my matrase, and said, “ We will speaking on some leading truth of the
remove our bed to another place," where gospel, and would, before the conclusion,
the bushes seemed better calculated to impress it on their minds; as, for instance,
screen us from the night air. I imme- when having spoken on repentance,
diately began to take away something I would add, " Repentance implies
from the place where we had lodged, godly sorrow for sin, and conversion or
when to my great surprise, a large puff- turning from it. Who can tell me to-
adder was curled up under the end of morrow evening what repentance is ?"
our bolster. I had been sitting within a Having repeated several times what re.
few inches of this venomous creature pentance is, you would suppose, that every
more than an hour, this being the place one would on the ensuing evening be able
where we had always slept ; nor had we to answer, but I assure you, I never
any intention of removing till the instant found one old Namacqua to this day,
I rose up and made the proposal : the who could bring what was required.
proposal was agreed to, or doubtless one, The young can remember, but the old
or both of us, would, during the night, cannot. I find by experience, that to teach
have felt the sharpness of the serpent's by way of similitude, is preferable (for
teeth, of which there were two, formed those pupils) to any other. This method
after the manner of those hooks by I have often adopted when in the field
which fishes we canght. We could not but ploughing, &c. which has a good effect.
acknowledge the providential care of in the chapel also, near which is a tine
Him, who said, “ Even the hairs of your fountain, I have tried the same method.
heads are numbered.” In many parts of “ Behold that fountain! see how the
the colony, there are ostriches in great people daily come to quench their thirst
pleoty, which we sometimes see when by its flowing stream: there is plenty for
travelling through the sands, but with us all, it is free for us all; none of us can
us there are none. The eggs of this bird do without it. Hear then what Jesus
are considered by some as a great deli- says, “Ho, every one that thirstetla
cacy, but I cannoteat them myself. There come,” &c. Behold that shepherd, lie
are many locusts here of the large kind; daily takes his sheep to the field, and
on some occasions they have destroyed watches over them with diligence: hear
whole fields of corn ; when their number what Jesus says, “I am the good shep-
was so great, that on rising from the field herd.” He gathers the lambs with his
to take their Aight, they appeared as a arm, he seeks the lost, he strengthens the
large cloud. “ Locusts and wild honey," weak; therefore call upon him, believe
were the food of the Baptist, they are also him, and you shall not want. Yet, not.
the food of the wild Bushmen in Africa. withstanding their general dulness, I
They sometimes roast the locusts upon cannot doubt, but some of those old
the fire, at other times they eat them raw, Namacquas experience the comforts of re-
but more generally they are ground to ligion. About a week ago, I inquired in the
powder between two stones, and then chapel of an old Namacqua woman thus:
mingled as meal with their water or Q. Tell me, Troy, if you can, what
milk. Honey may be found in such faith is?
plenty in a favourable year in this land, A. Sis, when I found my sins to be
that the farmers fill their sacks (nade of very heavy, I then came to Jesus, and
skin) therewith, which is taken to Cape believed on him, by which I found com-
Town for sale. But the Bushmen eat fort to my soul.
what they find; or make a sort of beer Q. Have you also a good hope, Troy?
therefroni, which is highly intoxicating: A. Yes, I possess that too, thank the

It is unnecessary for me to say much Lord.
respecting our manner of teaching the Q. What is that hope; think you ?
heathens, our prospects, &c. as you

A. I think it is the sweetness that I have almost everything that relates sometimes find in my heart, when I thereto, in the Magazines and Notices. think, one day the Lord shall bring me I would, however, just remark, that a

to heaven. person who has not been engaged in Another poor old woman said, “ The instructing the heathen of South Africa, Lord has brought me into the sweet rond can form no sort of idea of the ignorance, to heaven. I am heavily afflicted, and the amazing ignorance of the natives, have been led to think, that this land is Vol. XLII, ŠOLY, 1819.



not ours, but only lent us by the Lord for often neglected prayer; I came to the a short time, and I think he will soon Lord again, and called upon his name, bring my soul to another and a better and now I feel if I live longer, I can say, land than this.” Another said, “I also • That is good,” or if the Lord should have been afflicted, and when sick, I take me by death, I can say also, That found myselt only a poor trifler. I had is good.' Extract of a Letter from Mr. BAKER to the COMMITTEE, dated Sierra Leone,

Feb. 19th, 1819. It is with feelings of gratitude and crown. It is my determination, and that pleasure I sit down to address you. We I believe of my colleague also, that, arrived at thuis place on Sunday the 14th, through Divine assistance, we will lay and came an anchor about seven ourselves ont in every possible way, 10 o'clock in the morning; at nine Mr. advance the cause of Christ in this Brown, accompanied by Captain Rowe, Mission. At present I find it difficult came on board to see us, and after breaká either to understand, or be understood by fast we went on shore, and proceeded to them ; but this I hope soon to get over. the chapel together. Mr. Brown pressed I always thought, from the first, that my me much to preach, which I felt unwilling appointment was of God, and I am now to do, as I was so unfit, from having been more than ever persuaded of it. I am deprived of regular sleep, through the fully aware that we shall have to go iniense heat, for two or three nighıs be through violent templations; and surely fore we landed. But, notwithstanding, we need, and shall have an interest in, breaking through, I found my soul niuch your prayers. When I look at the great blessed, and I do believe the people were importance of the work in which I am blessed also. On Monday, we waited on engaged, and my own unfitness for it, it his Excellency the Governor, who re. makes me tremble; but, thank God, I ceived us very politely, welcomed us to feel it a consideration of no small im. the colony, and wished us success in our portance, that he hath promised to help mission, and a continuance of health. our weakness and infirmities. I really

We have been with Mr. Brown to Por- think the present state of the Mission tuguese and Soldier's Town, where he very pronuising. We intend, as soon as had to preach. Never did I see more possible, to set as many schools on foot, simple sincerity than in many of these dear both adult and children's, as we can. people. It appears that the Lord has very There are great numbers both of children lately been reviving his work among them, and adults, who would be glad to learn and many have found peace with God; to read. We intend to form the children and, simple as they are in the manner of of Congo Town, who have been caught expressing their feelings, yet it is very once a week by Mr. Brown, into a regular evident they enjoy the peace of God. On school; here we have a stone chapel buildTuesday evening we went to Portuguese ing, the particulars of which you will have

Town; and just as we arrived, the Dooty from him; and there is a lad with Mr. fhead man) had just sent his boy round Brown now who is able to read; him we with a small bell io summou the people to mean to place over the children as teacher, meet, the term they use in calling them and superintend them ourselves. It is my together. We met one of the members intention, if I can get five or six proper who had lately found peace with God; persons, to spend a considerable portion and, questioning him on the subject, he of time with them, and fit them to teach said, “Oyes, Massa, me feel good in my others, that the schools may not hang heart; me look up, me see Christ; me entirely upon us; in which case, should we look down, me see Christ; me look in a be taken sick, they must surely fall to the bush, me see Christ; me see him all every ground. We intend having an adult school where.” The wattled meeting-house, (of in various places on the same plan on which which Mr. Brown will give you a descrip- such a school is established at Bristol, tion when he arrives,) was filled with and a Sunday School at Free Town chapel, the Divine presence; the prayers of which, for want of help, has been some the people evidently proceeded from their time given up. Our dear friends at home hearts.' We have also been at Soldier's will, I hope, supply us with books for Town, where we have a new wattled this purpose. I wish the kind supporters meeting-house just finished. Here good of such institutions in England could but is doing anong the coloured soldiers and see the prospect of good by the same their wives; several are converted to God. means here, and then I am sure they I never felt happier in my life; I would would willingly and cheerfully send us not exchange my present station for a the help we require.

Estract of a Letter from Mr. S. BROWN, dated Sierra Leone, Feb. 21, 1819.

In Congo Town (or village) we are have experimental believers in Christ ; building a stone chapel, outside 30 by 20. the good work proceeds, and believers are The inhabitants, who are all recaptured added ; it would do your heart good to negroes, do some work, and have sub- see and hear what God has done for them. scribed about £20. In this place we in- A few weeks ago, at Soldier's Town,while tend to keep service, and teach their their meeting house was rebuilding, children to read. I have heard the we preached in a hut; I wished to excite children lessons every Friday afternoon them to get on with the meeting house, for some time back. I suppose I rather and observed, that a man or a woman under than over rate the adults at 350, who plastered a meeting house, or carried and the children at 50 or 60, wbo reside stones to build it, did as honourable a within a mile of the chapel. I am per- work for God, as an officer did for his suaded that this is a field which promises king when he sat upon a horse, and gave much good, nor does it interfere with the the word of command to the soldiers. labours of any other Missionary. They smiled, and said “ true.” In three

The wattled meeting houses, formerly or four days after, they had thatched, built at Soldier's and Portuguese Towns, plastered, and white-washed it, put the had fallen into ruins, and are now rebuilt. legs in the forms, the door on its hinges, Thank God, at each of these places we and the desk in its proper place. Extract of another Letter from Mr. S. Brown, dated Sierra Leone, Feb. 27, 1819.

On Sunday the 14th instant, at 8 A. M. addicted to gambling, drinking, and the ship Dowson arrived in the har- fighting; when at first I visited their bour of Sierra Leone. I, in company with town, I often had to disperse different our dear friend, Capt. Rowe, went on companies employed in this diabolical board, and were highly gratified by meet- exercise; whom I found sat on a mat ing with Messrs. Baker and Gillison in which was spread on the ground, with health and safety. From the ship we went their money staked down. On one accato the chapel, when, after I had read pray- sion he had three dollars taken away by ers, Mr. Baker preached for us, and in the his companions in the hurry of moving. evening Mr. Gillison. It is truly pleas- After his conversion, which was very ing to myself and our members, to receive striking, he invariably, by the light of his an increase of Missionary labour to this lamp, after preaching, conducted me part of the world ; and what is infinitely about a quarter of a mile on my way more, I am certain it is pleasing to God, home. His reason for so doing came to and well timed. Oh! that their health my knowledge about three months after, and life may be spared ; that they, from and was as follows. When he lost his an enriched and overflowing heart, may money, he was violently tempted to wayever bless their hearers out of Zion in the lay and knock me in the head with a name of the Lord.

stone; but was checked with the thought It affords me very great pleasure to that if he did, that God whom I preached state, that for the last three or four months to them would destroy him." If (said we bave had a gradual and continued he) when I lived in devil's hand he told revival of the good work of the Lord: me to do that, this time plenty of people during which, from twenty to thirty have live in devil's hand, and he can tell them been clearly converted; they are chiefly do all same: this make ine want to take recaptured negroes in the Soldier's and care of you." Portuguese Towns, and the suburbs of I am persuaded that it was nothing but Free Town. Their experience is very the special influence of God's Holy Spirit clear; they have been awakened, struga that prevented him, as you will perceive gled into liberty by the exercise of faith somewhat of his hardness of heart and and prayer, & rejoice in the full assurance abandoned character from the following of being the sons of God. They literally facts, which I had from himself and others. dock to the meetings, like doves to their When Major Peddie was selecting windows; the females with their children some soldiers to accompany him on on their backs in their clean and best the expedition, he and another were attire. Often do they bless God for hav, chosen, and were unwilling to go: with ing been sold by their countrymen, and insolence and anger they lett the parade. been brought to this part of the world, to The one went, and immediately drowned hearGod's word, and find the forgiveness himself; and this man, when he got into of their sins by the redemption of our his house, loaded his musket with six balls, Lord Jesus Christ. One man, a private and declared that he would discharge in the African Company, used to be much them at the first man that durst attempt

[*3R 2]

to take him: he sent his wife for a bottle in joy.' Thank God, this is an ample of runi, which he drank up, and sent her recoinpence for every sigh, every tear, for more ; when she left the house, he got every shaking ague, every burning fever, a rope, and hung himself on a cross post; every bereavement, every restless and his wife coming home, found himn in this sleepless night, I have had to endure state, and gave an alarm ; he was cut since I came to Africa. This makes me down just before life had wholly left very reluctant to leave. I feel I love him, and carried to the hospital, when their precious souls ; the affections of my on the third day he came to himself. heart are interwoven with theirs; and 'I

This man was amongst the first fruits know they love me. This, in union with a of my labour in Soldiers’Town; and now joyous sense of my acceptance with God, for niore than twelve months he has given makes me willing to spend and be spent the most incontestable evidence of a for the welfare of the church, and the thorough change both in principle and honour of my adorable Redeemer; to life. The spare time which he formerly count nothing dear to me, so that I may employed in gambling and drinking has finish my course with joy, and be received since been appropriated to the clearing, to that eternal rest which remains for fencing, and planting, of about two acres the people of God. of land; in the middle of which he has My European brethren are extremely built a very decent wattled house. The kind '; many respectable gentlemen usumoney which was formerly lost by gamb ally attend chapel on Sunday evenings. ling, and spent in drunkenness, is now ap. Had we a good chapel, our Mission in Free plied for clothes to cover his wife and chil- Town would prosper more ; but till that dren, to provide his house with furniture, is the case, the narrow limits of our con: and his land with stock. Thezeal, activity, gregration are fixed by those of the prefervour, and constancy of this man's piely sent meeting-house : which is exactly have provoked many others, so that now he represented by one of your boarded barns has about six or seven brethren who liave in England. experienced the same change, and pursee I am greatly obliged by the grant of the same manner of life. In addition to fifty pounds per annum for the instruc.whom there are about twenty women, tion of recaptured children. We have whose piety and stability are not far be- nearly finished the wall of a stone chapel, hind that of ordinary Christians in 30 by 20, in Congo Town, in which England. Does not the above strikingly we shall be able to teach the children to verify that gracious promise in Isasah xi. read, and the adults to pray. There is 6-9, “ The wolf also shall dwell with no other place of worship near, and I the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down calculate that there are about 50 or 60 with the kid; and the calf and the young children, and 3 or 400 adults within & Jion and the fatling together, and a little mile of the place. We have sent in a child shall lead them. And the cow and petition to his Excellency and the counbear shall feed, their young ones shall lie cil, to grant us the ground on which it down together, and the lion shall eat straw stands, and an allotment sufficient for a like the ox. And the suckling child shall but, in which the school-master, Moses play on the hole of the asp, and the wean- Brown (my boy) whom I have taught to ed child shall put his hand on the cocka- read and write, may live. He is an ap. trice den. They shall not hurt nor des. prentice, and recaptured negroe, and troy in all my holy mountain."

truly fears God. I have sown in tears, but now we reap

ST. DOMINGO. Extract of a Letter from Mr. John Brown, late Missionary at Port au Prince,

to the COMMITTEE, dated London, May 14, 1819. As several of the friends of Missions became attached to us,and were considered have expressed a wish to become ac. as of our congregation, persecution occaquainted with the circumstances which sionally shewed itself, yet we had no apprehave led to the departure of myself and hensions that it would so soon break out colleague from Port au Prince, I send you with so much violence. I do not mean to enthe following brief sketch, which, if you ter into details, but it appears to me that a think proper, you can publish in your party was formed, who were determined to Missionary Notices.

drive us from the island, and to accomplish At one period of our mission, our pros- their design,availed themselves of some un. pects were flattering, as may be seen by happy circumstances which then occurred ihe intelligence already given to theworld; to excite the fury of the populace against and though from the time that individuals us. Our house was repeatedly assailed

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