Зображення сторінки

Parks in Manhattan and Bronx.


Morningside Park, between Columbus and AmBronx, on Bronx River, lies north of E. 182d St. sterdam AVS, and W. 110th and W.123d Sts,

and White Plains Road, east of Southern Boule- Mount Morris Park, between Madison and Mt. vard, 661.60 acres. Zoological Garden.

Morris Ave. and 120th and 124th Sts. Bryant, 6th Av. and W. 42d St.

Park west of Harlem River Driveway and north Cedar, Walton Av., 158th St. and Mott Av.

of Washington Bridge. City Hall Park, Broadway, Mail St., Park Row, Pelham Bay Park, on Long Island Sound and Fast and Chambers St

CI ter Bay, no ast end of New Y City, Claremont, Teller Av., Belmont St., Clay Av., 1,756 acres. and 170th St., in the 24th Ward.

Riverside Park, between Riverside and 12th Avs. Colonial, 145th to 155th St., Bradhurst Av, to and W. 72d and W. 129th Sts. Edgecombe Av.

St. Gabriel's Park, Ist Ave. and 35th St. Corlears Hook Park, Corlears and South Sts. St. James, Jerome Av., Creston Av., & E. 191st St. Crotona, Fulton Av., 3d Av., and Arthur Av. St. Mary's, 149th St., St. Ann's and Robbins A vs. De Witt Clinton, 52d to 54th St., North River. St. Nicholas, 130th to 141st St., St. Nich'ls to 10th Av. East River Park, between Av. B and East River, Seward, Canal and Jefferson Sts. E. 84th St. to E. 89th St.

Stuyvesant, Rutherfurd Pl, and E. 16th St. Fordham, Fordham Rd., Sedgwick Av. & 188th St. Thomas Jefferson, 111th St., 1st Av., 114th St., Fort Washington, Ft. Washington Point, Hudson and Harlem River. River.

Tompkins Square, Av. A and 7th St. Hamilton Fish Park, Houston and Willett Sts. Union Square, Broadway and 14th St. Highbridge Park, 155th St. to Washington Bridge, Van Courtlandt Park, northern boundary of city, west of Driveway.

Broadway, Van Courtlandt Av., Jerome Av., John Jay, 76th to 78th St., East River.

and Mt. Vernon Av., 1,132.35 acres. Macomb's Dam, Jerome Av., 162d St., Cromwell's Washington Bridge, Sedgwick Av., Harlem River, Av., and Harlem River.

Washington Bridge. Madison Square, Broadway and 230 St.

Washington Square, 5th Av. and Waverley Pl.

CENTRAL PARK, The great park of New York extends from 59th St. to 110th St., being over 24 miles long, and from 5th Ave. to 8th Ave., being over half a mile wide. It covers 843 acres, of which 185 are in lakes and reservoirs and 400 in forest, wherein over half a million trees and shrubs have been planted. There are 9 miles of roads, 544 of bridle paths, and 31 of walks. The landscape architects of the Park were Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux. Public park carriages can be found (except in Winter) at the entrances on 5th Ave. and 8th Ave. The fare for an extended ride through the Park is 25 cents. Work was begun on the Park in 1857. The following fanciful names have been officially applied to the several entrances to the Park: 5th Ave. and 59th St., Scholar's Gate; 6th Ave. and 59th St., Artist's Gate; 7th Ave. and 59th St., Artisan's Gate; 8th Ave. and 59th St., Merchant's Gate; 8th Ave. and 720 St., Woman's Gate; 8th Ave. and 81st St., Hunter's Gate; 8th Ave. and 85th St., Mariner's Gate; 8th Ave. and 96th St., Gate of All Saints; 8th Ave. and 100th St., Boy's Gate; 8th Ave. and 110th St., Stranger's Gate; 5th Ave. and 67th St., Student's Gate; 5th Ave. and 720 St., Children's Gate; 5th Ave. and 79th St., Miner's Gate; 5th Ave. and 90th St., Engineer's Gate.; 5th Ave, and 96th St., Woodman's Gate; 5th Ave. and 1020 St., Girl's Gate; 5th Ave. and 110th St., Pioneer's Gate; 6th Ave. and 110th St., Farmer's Gate; 7th Ave. and 110th St., Warrior's Gate.

FACTS ABOUT PUBLIC PARKS. Union Square was purchased by the city in 1833 for $116,051; Madison Square, in 1847, for $65,962; Tompkins

Square, in 1834, for $93,358; Washington Square, in 1827, for $77,970, and Manhattan Square, in 1839, for $54,657. The latter is assessed as a part of Central Park. The other four are assessed at over $16,000,000, and are easily worth $20,000,000, while their original cost to the city was only $353,331. Prospect Park, Brooklyn, contains 516 1-6 acres. In woodland, 110 acres; in lakes and watercourses, 77 acres; in meadows, 70 acres; in plantations, 259 1-6 acres; in drives, 9 miles; in bridle roads, 3 1-10 miles; in walks, 12 miles. Ocean Parkway is 5 1-2 miles long and 210 feet wide. Eastern Parkway is 2 1-2 miles long and 210 feet wide. London has 271 public parks, containing 17,876 acres of ground. The largest European city park is in Denmark; it contains 4,200 acres. The great forest of Northern New York covers an area of 3,588,803 acres.

Jury Duty in Manhattan and Bronx. To be qualified to serve a person must be not less than 21 nor more than 70 years of age, and he must be a male citizen of the United States, and a resident of the county of New York; and he is a resident within the meaning of the jury law if he dwells or lodges here the greater part of the time between the first day of October and the last day of June. He must

be the owner, in his own right, of real or personal property of the value of $250; or the husband of a woman who is the owner, in her own right, of real or personal property of that value. He must also be in the possession of his natural faculties, and not be infirm or decrepit; intelligent, of good character, and able to read and write the English language understandingly.

THE FOLLOWING PERSONS ARE ENTITLED TO EXEMPTION. A Clergyman, Minister of any religion officiating as such, and not following any other calling. A practicing Physician, Surgeon, Surgeon-Dentist, or Veterinary Surgeon not following any other call. ing, and a licensed Pharmaceutist or Pharmacist, or a duly licensed Embalmer, while actually engaged in his profession as a means of livelihood. An Attorney or Counsellor-at-Law regularly engaged in the practice of law as a means of livelihood. A Professor or Teacher in a college, academy, or public school, not following any other calling. Editor, Editorial Writer, or Reporter of a daily newspaper or press association regularly employed as such, and not following any other vocation. The holder of an office under the United States, or the State, or city or county of New York, whose official duties, at the time, prevent his attendance as a juror. A Consul of a foreign nation. A Captain, Engineer, or other officer actually employed upon a vessel making regular trips; a licensed Pilot, actually following that calling. . A Superintendent, Conductor, or Engineer employed by a Railroad Company other than a street railroad company,or'a Telegraph Operator employed by a Telegraph Company who is actually doing duty in an office, or along the railroad or telegraph line of the company by which he is em ployed. Honorably discharged Firemen. Active and honorably discharged Militiamen and active members of the old Guard. A duly licensed Engineer of steam boilers actually employed

as such. Inspectors, Poll Clerks, and Ballot Clerks, or a person who is physically incapable. Grand,

Sheriff's, Special, and Municipal Court Jurors.

Post-Office (Manhattan), New ¥ork City. NOTICE-Care should be taken when addressing mail inutter for delivery in New York City to designate the borough thereon, as many of the streets in the different boroughs bear the same name. WILLIAM R. WILLCOX, Postmaster; EDWARD M. MORGAN, Assistant Postmaster.


SECOND FLOOR. Postmaster.-Room 1, south end. Ofħce hours, 9 A. M. to 3 P. M.

Assistant Postmaster.-Room 2, Broadway side. Office hours, 9 A. M. to 4 P.M. Secretary to the Postmaster, Room l, south end, Office hours 9 A. M. to 3 P. M.

Superintendent of Delivery.-Room 5, Park Row side. Office hours, 9 A, M. to 4 P.M.
Auditor.-Room 9, Park Row side. Office hours. 9 A M. to 4 P.M.
Cashier.-Rooms 21 and 15, Park Row side. Office hours, 10 A, M. to 3 PM,

Money-Orders.-Superintendent of Department, Room 42, City Hall side. Office hours, 9 A, M. to 5 P. M. Domestic Money-Orders, Rooms 40 and 41. City Hall side. Office hours, 9 A. M. to 5 P. M. International, Room 41, City Hall side. Domestic and Foreign Money-Orders issued also from 5 P. M. to 12 P. M. Window No. 3, Broadway side, Ground Floor, Inquiry Office for Missing Letters, etc.-Room 14, B'way side. Office hours, 9 A, M. to 4 P. M.

MEZZANINE FLOOR. --First landing at the head of main stairway, south end of building. Superintendent Carriers' Department (General P. O. District).-Park Row side.

Assistant Custodian.-An officer of the Treasury Department in charge of the building and watch. Room 9, Park Row side. Office hours, 9 A, M. to 4 P. M.

Registered Letters and Parcels Department.-Windows for reception, Rooms 4 and 6, Broadway side. Office hours, 8 A, M. to 6 P. M. Windows for Delivery, Rooms 4 and 6, Broadway side. Office hours, 9 A, M, to 6 P.M.

[All offices on the Second and Mezzanine and Fifth Floors are closed on Sundays, and at 10 A. M. on holidays. No Money-Order business transacted on these days.) No Registry business transacted on Sundays,

Order Department of Instruction.--Room 161A, B'way side. Office hours, 9 A, M, to 4 P. .

Superintendent of Mails.-Sec. 26, Park Row side. Office hours, 9 A, M. to 4 P. M.
Bureau of Information. --South end (Retail Stamp Window).
Bank Window.-Sec. 15, Park Row side.

General Delivery (Park Row Side). -Men's Window, sec. 5; Advertised Letter Window, sec, 6; Foreign Advertised Letter Window, sec, 7; Ladies' Window, sec. 9.

Foreign Supplementary Mail Window.-Sec. 24, Park Row side.

Postage Stamps, etc. -Stamped envelopes and newspaper wrappers and postal cards. Sales in bums over $5: Windows 1 and 2. sec. 19, Broadway side, and 6 and 9, south end. Sales in sums of less than $5: Windows 4 and 5. secs. 17 and 18, Broadway side; windows 7 and 8, sec. 3, south end, and booths 10 and 11, Park. Row side.

OPEN ALWAYS.--Outgoing Domestic Letter Mails Department-Sec. 17, Broadway side. General Post-Office Delivery Department-Sec. 11, Park Row side.

On general holidays, viz. : January 1, February 12, 22, May 30, July 4, Labor Day, Election Day, Thanksgiving Day, December 25, and such days as the President of the United States, or the laws, or Governor of the State may designate as holidays, fast, and thanksgiving days, all mails are closed as on other days of the week, but only such carrier deliveries are made as may have been previously announced.

Mail in Quantities.--For New York City delivery, received at Window 10, Broadway side, Letters for outgoing domestic mails received at Window 16, Broadway side. Letters for foreign coun: tries received at Window 24, Park Row side. Circulars received at Window 12, Broadway side, Mail in quantities must be assorted by States by the sender

before mailing. Delivery for Newspaper Exchanges. -Sec. 23, Park Row side.

Drops. -For outgoing domestic mails, sec. 23, Park Row side, and secs. 12, 13, 14, 15, Broadway side, For New York City delivery, sec. 3, South End, sec. 13, Park Row side, and sec, 11, Broadway side. For foreign countries, sec. 25, Park Row side, and sec. 16, Broadway side.

Lock-Boxes. -South end and B’ way side. Lock-boxes for newspaper exchanges, Park Row side.

A-136-138 Greene St., bet. Prince and Houston Sts. X-631-633 East 138th St., near Willis Ave.
B-Grand St., southeast cor. Attorney St.

Y--1160–1162 Third Ave., near 68th St.
C-West 13th St. and Ninth Ave.

City Island - Main St, and Bay Ave. D--103-105 East 12th St.

Foreign --West St., cor. Morton St. E-110-114 West 32d St., near Sixth Ave.

Fox St.-Fox St., bet. 167th and 169th Sts. F-399-401 Third Ave., near 28th St.

High Bridge-Depot Place, near Sedgwick Ave. G-1648 Broadway, cor. 51st St.

Say St.-Jay and Greenwich Sts, (not a carrier H-43d St. and Madison Ave.

station). 1-Columbus Ave., cor. 105th St.

Kingsbridge-Kingsbridge, near R. R. Station. J-2309-2311 Eighth Ave., cor. 124th St.

Madison Square-310 4th Ave., near 2301 St. K-202-204 East 88th St., near Third Ave,

Tremont--1931 Washington Ave., between 177th L-141 East 125th St., cor. Lexington Ave.

and 178th Sts. M-1965 Amsterdam Ave., bet. 157th and 158th Sts. University Heights-New York University. N-Broadway, cor. 69th St.

Wall St.-60 Wall St. 0-122-124 Fifth Ave.

Washington Bridge-Amsterdam Ave., near P-Custom House Building.

180th St. R-Third Ave., cor. 150th St. (Morrisania).

Westchester-Main St., near West Farms Road. 8-Broadway, cor. Howard St.

Williamsbridge-White Plains


near T-3319 Third Ave., bet. 164th and 165th Sts.

Briggs Ave. U-Third Ave., cor 103d St.

Fordham-Decatur Ave. and Kingsbridge Road, Y-Southeast cor. West Broadway and Canal St. near Eighth Ave. W-498 Columbus Ave., cor. 84th St,

College-305-307 West 140th St. [All carrier stations are opened on week days from 7 A. M. to 8 P. M. , for money-order business from 8 A.M. to 6 P. M., for the registry of letters from 8 A. M. to 8 P. M. On Sundays stations are opened from 9 to 11 A. M., and on holidays from 7 to 10 A, M. No money-order or registry business transacted on Sundays or holidays. )

Postal Letter Carriers in New york City. TABLE showlog number of letter carrlers employed in the different boroughs, and the salaries they

(December, 1906.)


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Number of


Number of Carriers.

Carriers. Manhattan and Bronx.........

2, 075 Richmond: Brooklyn... 893 Port Richmond..

7 Queens:

West New Brighton.....

11 Flushing 36 New Brighton....

8 Jamaica.


Rosebank......... Long Island City....

31 Stapleton

Tonıpkinsville.. Total number in New York City, 3,112.

The salaries of letter carriers are graded by law as follows: In Manhattan and Bronx, carriers are originally appointed as substitutes and receive the pro rata pay of the carrier for whom they serve; when appointed as regular carriers they receive the first year $600, the second year $800, and the third year and thereafter $1,000 per annum.

In Brooklyn, carriers receive from $600 to $1,000 per annum each. In Jamaica, twenty-five receive $850 each and seven $600 each Il Long Island City, carriers receive $850 each. In Flush ing, twenty-five receive $850 each,

and eleven $600 each; also nine substitute carriers, who receive $1 per year and the pro:rata pay of the carrit rs whose routes they may be required to serve Rosebank, Tompkinsville, and West New Brighton, carriers receive $850 per annum each, in New Brighton, seven receive $850 each, and one $600. In stapleton eight receive $850 each, and one $600. In Port Richmond, five receive $850 each, not including one rural carrier and onetstar route carrier.

There is no retirement pay for any of the civil service employés of the United States Government.


Post-Office-Brooklyn, New York. Postmaster.-Room 2. Office hours, 9 A. M. to 5 P. M. Assistant Postmaster.-Room 3. Office hours, 9 A.M. to 5 P. M. Cashier.-Room 4. Office hours, 9 A.m. to 5 P. M. Superintendent City Delivery.-Room 11. Office hours, 9 A. M. to 5 P. M. Superintendent of Mails.-Room 12. Office hours, 9 A. M. to 5 P, M. Inquiry Dep't.-Washington Street Corridor. Office hours, 8 A, M. to 6 P. M. Money-Order Dep't.-Rooms 6, 7, and 8. Office hours, 9 A. M. to 5 P, M. Night Window for Money Orders.-Washington Street Corridor, from 5 P. M. to 10 P. M. Registry Dep't.-Room 9. Office hours, 8 A. M. to 6 P. M. Night Window for Registry Busi. ness.-Washington Street Corridor, from 6 P. M. to 8 A. M. Poste Restante.-Window in John. son Street Corridor. Postage Stamps, etc., in amounts over $2.-Wholesale Window, Johnson Street Corridor. Mail in Quantities.-Received at Window of Superintendent of Mails in Washington Street Corridor. Drops.-In Washington Street Corridor. Lock Boxes.- Johnson Street Corridor.

On general holidays the first carrier delivery only is made, and the regular mail s received from 8 A, M. to 10 A, M.

BRANCH POST-OFFICES, A-14 and 16 Graham Avenue,

L-L.I.R.R. Depot, Flatbush Av.,opp. Atl'tic Av. B---1266-68 Fulton Street,

M-Coney Island, Surf Avenue, opp. West 17th, C-5121 Third Avenue.

Street. 1923 Fulton Street.

N-Fort Hamilton, Fourth Avenue and 99th St. E-2634 Atlantic Avenue,

0-Sheepshead Bay, Voorhies Avenue, between F-Flatbush, 830 Flatbush Avenue.

Eas23d and 24th Streets. G-860 Manhattan Avenue.

R-(Vanderveer Park) 1574 Flatbush Avenue. H-Bath Beach, Bath Avenue, near 19th Street. -1262-1264 Broadway. J-Glendale, Myrtle Ave., near Wyckoff Ave. V-Fifth Avenue and 9th Street. K-Blythebourne, 13th Avenue and 55th Street. W-Broadway and South 8th Street.

[All branch stations are open on week days from 7 A.M. to 9 P.M. ; for money-order business from 8 A. M. to 9 P. M.; for the registry of letters from 8 A.M. to 9 P.M. On Sundays stations are open from 10 to 11 A. M. , and on holidays from 7 to 11 A. M. No money-order business is transacted on Sundays or holidays. No registry business is transacted on Sundays, but on holidays letters and parcels may be registered from 8 to 10 A, M. 1

Trust Companies in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn, 177 Montague Street, and Fulton Street | Nassau Trust Company, Broadway and Bedford and Bedford Avenue.

Avenue, and 356 Fulton Street. Citizens', Broadway and Sumner Avenue,

People's, 172 Montague Street, and Bedford Flatbush, Flatbush and Linden Avenues,

Avenue and Halsey Street. Franklin, 166 Montague Street,

Title Guarantee and Trust Company, 175 RemHamilton, 191 Montague Street

sen Street, 198 Montague Street, 67 Jackson Home, 184 Montague Street.

Avenue, L. I. City. Jenkins, Gates and Nostrand Avenues.

Williamsburg, Broadway and Kent Avenue, Kings County, 344 Fulton Street.

391 Fulton Street, Broadway and Myrtlo Long Island Loan and Trust Company, corner Avenue.

Court and Joralomon tresta

Steamships from New ¥ork City.

This table gives the destination of the steamer, then the street from the foot of which the steamships sail, and the location of the office of the agent in Manhattan. Loading berths are liable to be changed from those here shown. Antigua, W. 10th St., Quebec S. S. Co., 29 B'way. Havana, Union Stores, Brooklyn, Compañia Antwerp, foot Fulton St., N, R., Red Star Line, Transatlantica, 17 Battery Pl. 9 Broadway.

Havre, Barber & Co., Produce Exchange. Antwerp, 7th St., Hoboken, Phoenix Line, 22 Havre, Morton St., French Line, 32 Broadway. State St.

Hayti,' w. 25th St., Atlas Line, 82 Beaver St., Australia, Norton & Son, Produce Exchange, and 37 Broadway, U. S. & Australasia S.S. Co., 11 Broadway. Hayti, Royal Dutch Line,

10 Bridge St. Bahamas, Prentice Stores, Brooklyn, N. Y. & Honolulu, American-Hawaiian S, S. Co., 10 Cuba Mail S.S. Co., 96 Wall St.

Bridge St. Baltimore, Md., foot Old Slip, New York, and Hull, foot Bethune St., Wilson Line, 22 State St. Baltimore Trans. Co., Pier 11, E. R.

Jacksonville, foot Spring St., Clyde Line, foot Barbados, Martin Stores, Brooklyn, Booth S. S. Spring St., and 290 Broadway, Co., 88 Gold St.

Japan, U.S.'& China-Japan Line, 10 Bridgo St., Barbados, W. 10th St., Quebec S.S. Co.,29 B'way. American and Oriental Line, 24 State St. Barbados, Bethune St., Sanderson & Son, 22 State Key West, Burling Slip, Mallory Line, 129 Front St.

St, and 385 Broadway. Barcelona, Union Stores, Brooklyn, Compañia Kingston, Jamaica, w. 25th St., Hamburg-Am. Transatlantica, 17 Battery Pl.

Line (Atlas Line), 37 Broadway.
Bermuda, W. 10th St., Quebec S. S. Co., 29 B'way. Kingston & La Guayra, Bethune St., Sanderson &
Brazil, Lamport & Holt Line, Produce Exchange, Son, 22 State St.
Booth S. S. Co., 88 Gold St.

La Guayra,
Dutch Line, 10 B

dge St. Bremen, 3d St., Hoboken, North German Lloyd, La Guayra, Pier 11, Brooklyn, Red "D" Line, 82 5 Broadway.

Wall St. Bristol. Eng. , foot W. 29th St., Bristol City Line, Leghorn, Union Stores, Brooklyn, Anchor Line, 25 Whitehall St.

17 Broadway. Buenos Ayres, Pier 8, Brooklyn, Lamport & Liverpool, Jane St., Cunard Line, 21 State St. Holt Line, Produce Exchange.

Liverpool, W. 1lth St., White Star Line, 9 B'way. Buenos Ayres, Norton Line and Prince Line London, W. Houston St., Atlantic Transport Line, Produce Exchange.

9 Broadway. Cadiz, Union Stores, Brooklyn, Compañia Trans- Manchester. Dock in Brooklyn, Lamport & Holt atlantica, 17 Battery Pl.

Line, 301 Produce Exchange. Calcutta, Bush Dock, Brooklyn, American & Manila, American & Oriental Line, 24 State St.,and Indian Line, Produce Exchange.

U.S., China-Japan Line, 10 Bridge St. Callao, Merchants Line, Hanover Square. Marseilles, Fabre Line, 24 State St., and Anchor Callao, West Coast Line, 31 Broad St.

Line, 17 Broadway. Campeche, Thebaud Bros., 87 Broad St.

Martinique, W. 10th St., Quehec S. S. Co., 29 B'way Cape Town, American & African Line, Union- Melbourne, Atlantic Dock, Brooklyn, American

Clan Line, Prince Line, Produce Exchange. and Australian Line, Produce Exchange.
Carthagena, W. 25th St., Atlas Line, 37 Broadway Melbourne, United States and Australasia Line,
Charleston, S. C., foot of Spring St., Clyde Line, 11 Broadway.
foot Spring St., and 290 Broadway.

Montevideo, Norton Line, Prince Line, Barber
China, U. S. & China-Japan Line, 10 Bridge St., Line, Lam port & Holt Line, Houston Line, all
Prince Line, and Barber & Co., Produce Ex- in Produce Exchange.

Naples, Anchor Line, Fabre Line, North German Christiania, 17th t., Hoboken, Scandinavian- Lloyd, Hamburg-American, Prince Line, Hir

American Line, 10 Bridge St. , and1 Broadway. zel, Feltmann & Co.'s Line, La Veloce Line, Colon, foot W. 27th St., Panama R. R. Steamship White Star Line, and Cunard Line all call at Line, 24 State St.

Colon, Bethune St., Sanderson & Son, 22 State St. Nassau, Prentice Stores, Brooklyn, New York
Colon, W.25th St., Atlas Line, 39 Broadway. and Cuba Mail S.S. Co., 96 Wali St.
Copenhagen, 17th St., Hoboken, Scandinavian- New Orleans, North Moore St., Southern Pacific

American Line, 10 Bridge St. and 1 Broadway. Co., 349 Broadway.
Costa Rica, W. 25th St., Atlas Line, 39 B'way. Newport News, Norfolk, and old Point Comfort,
Costa Rica, Bethune St., Sanderson & Son, 22 Beach St., old Dominion S.S. Co., on pier and
State St.

81 Beach St. Curaçoa, Pier 11, Brooklyn, Red “D” Line, 82 New Zealand, Norton & Son, Produce Exchange. Wall St.

Para, Martin Stores, Brooklyn, Booth S. S. Co., Curaçoa, Royal Dutch Line, 10 Bridge St.

88 Gold St. Demerara, Royal Dutch Line, 10 Bridge St. Pernambuco, Dock in Brooklyn, Lamport & Holt Demerara, Demerara S. S. Line, 106 Wall St. Line, and Prince Line, Produce Exchange, stop Demerara W. 10th St., Quebec S.S. Co., 29 B'way. at this port. Dominica, W. 10th St., Quebec S.S. Co., 29 B’

way. Philadelphia, foot Roosevelt St., Clyde Line, on Galveston, Burling Slip, Mallory Line, 129 Front pier. St. and 385 Broadway.

Philippine Islands, see “Manila," Galveston, N. Moore St. , Morgan Line, 349 B'way. Port au Prince, see Hayti.,''. Genoa and Gibraltar, 1st St., Hoboken, Hamburg Portland, Pike St., Maine s. s. Line, 290 BroadLine, 37 Broadway.

way, and on pier. Genoa and Gibraltar, 3d St., Hoboken, North Port Limon, W. 25th St., Atlas Line, 39 B'way. German Lloyd, 5 Broadway.

Porto Rico, New York and Porto Rico S.S. Line, Genoa and Gibraltar, W. 1lth St., White Star 12 Broadway. Line, 9 Broadway.

Porto Rico, Pier 11, Brooklyn, Red "D" Line,' Genoa, W. 34th St., La Veloce Line, 29 Wall St. 82 Wall St. Gibraltar, Jane St., Cunard Line, 21 State St. Porto Rico, Pier 29, Brooklyn, Insular Line, 116 Glasgow, w. 24th St., Anchor Line, 17 B'way. Broad St. Halifax, Red Cross Line, 17 State St.

Progreso, Wall St., New York and Cuba Mail Hamburg, 1st St., Hoboken, Hamburg-American S. S. Co., 96 Wall St. Line, 37 Broadway.

Progreso, Thebaud Bros., 87 Broad St. Havana, Wall St., New York, and Cuba Mail S. S. Puerto Cabello, Pierli, Brooklyn, Red 'D''Line, Co., 96 Wall Ste

82 Wall St.


Puerto Cabello, Royal Dutch Line, 10 Bridge St. South Africa, Barber & Co., Produce Exchange. Queenstown, Cunard, and White Star Lines call Southampton, Fulton St., N. R., American Line, here.

9 Broadway. Rio de Janeiro, Atlantic Dock, Brooklyn, Slo- Southampton, 3d St., Hoboken, North German man's Line, 10 Bridge St.

Lloyd Line, 5 Broadway. Rio de Janeiro, Dock in Brooklyn, Lamport & St. John's, N. F., Red Cross Line, 17 State St.

Holt Line, Prince Line and Lloyd Brazileirs, all Tacoma, American-Hawaiian S.S. Co., 10 Bridge in Produce Exchange.

| St. Rotterdam, 5th St., Hoboken, Holland-Amer Tampico, Wall St., New York and Cuba Mail ica Line, 39 Broadway and 10 Bridge St.

Line, 96 Wall St.
San Diego, San Francisco, and Seattle, American Trinidad, Royal Dutch Line, 10 Bridge St.
Hawaiian S.S. Co., 10 Bridge St.

Trinidad, Trinidad Line, 29 Broadway. San Domingo, Catharine St., Clyde Line, Pier Valparaiso, W. R. Grace & Co., Hanover Square, 34 E. R.

West Coast Line, 31 Broad St. Santiago de Cuba, Prentice Stores, Brooklyn, New | Venezuela, Royal Dutch Line, 10 Bridge St., Red York and Cuba Mail Line, 96 Wall St.

"D'' Line, 82 Wall St. Savannah, Spring St., Savannah Line, on pier Vera Cruz, Wall St., New York and Cuba Mail a! 317 Broadway.

Line, 96 Wall St. Savanilla, w. 25th št., Atlas Line, 39 Broadway. Wilmington, N. C., Spring St., Clyde Line, foot Savanilla, Bethune St., Sanderson & Son, 22 Spring St., and 290 Broadway.

State St.

Ferries from and to Manhattan. To Astoria.-From ft. E. 92d St.

To Hoboken.- From ft. W. 23d St. to 14th St., H0"Bedloe's Isl. (Liberty Island). --From Battery.

boken. " Blackwell's Island.-From ft. 26th St., ft. 524 “Jersey City.-From ft. Chambers and W. 230 St., ft. 70th St., E. R.

Sts. to Pavonia Ave Jersey City.

(Erie, Northern of New Jersey “ Brooklyn Borough.-From ft. Catharine St. to

and N.J. & N. Y. R. R.) Main St.,Brooklyn Boro.

Fromft. Cortlandt, Desbrosses, and From ft. E. 10th and ft. E.

W. 23d Sts. to Montgomery St., 23d St. to Greenpoint

· Jersey City. (Pennsylvania R. Ave., Brooklyn Boro.

R.,Lehigh Valley R.R., and New From ft. E. 230 St. to

York, Susquehanna & Western
B'way, Brooklyn Boro.

R. R.)
From ft. E. 42d St. to

From ft. Liberty and W. 23d Sts.
B'way, Brooklyn Boro.

to Communipaw, Jersey City. From ft. E. Houston St. to

(Central R.R. of New Jersey.) Grand St., B’klyn Boro.

Pennsylvania Annex from ft. FulFrom ft. Fulton St. to Ful

ton St., Brooklyn Borough, to ton St., Brooklyn Boro.

Jersey City, connecting with From ft. Grand St. to

Pennsylvania R. R., Lehigh Val-Grand St.and Broadway,

ley R. R., and New York, Sus Brooklyn Boro.

quehanna & Western R. R. From ft. Roosevelt St. to " North Brother Island.-From ft. E. 132d St.

Broadway,B'klyn Boro. Queeus Borough (Long Island City).-From ft From ft. Wall St. to Mon

E. 34th St. and James Slip to tague St., B'klyn Boro.

Borden Ave., Long Island
From ft. Whitehall St. to

City (L. I. R. R.).
Atlantic and Hamilton

" Randall's Island.-From ft. E. 26th, E. 120th and Aves., Brooklyn Boro.

E. 125th Sts.
From ft. Whitehall St. to

| “Richmond Borough (Staten Island).-From ft. 39th St., Brooklyn Boro.

Whitehall St. to St. George, College Point (Queens Borough).- From ft. E.

Staten Island. (Staten Isl99th St.

and Rapid Transit R.R. and

Trolley lines.) " Edgewater. --From W. 130th St.

" Riker's Island-From ft. E. 26th St. " Ellis Island.--From Barge Office, White

" Ward's Island.-From ft. E. 116th St. hall St.

" Weehawken.-From ft. Desbrosses and ft. W.42d . " Hart's Island.-From ft. 26th St., E. R.

St. (to W. Shore R.R. Depot.). u Hoboken.-From ft. Barclay, Christopher and "West New York.-From ft. W. 42d St. to Old W.23d Sts. to Newark and Ferry

Sts., Hoboken,


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TWidth of Sidewalks in Manhattan.
In streets 40 feet wide.....................10

In Madison Ave............................19 t.
" 5th Ave ......................
" St. Nicholas Ave.......

.92 “bin.

“ Park Ave, from E. 49th to E, 56th St., * 90'

and from E. 96th St, to Harlem River. 15" " " above 80, not exceeding 100 feet. 20"

West End Ave........

.......30 " " all streets more than 100 feet...........

Central Park West, from W. 59th St, to " Lenox and 7th Aves., north of W.110th 35

W. 110th, east side.....

......27 « “Grand Boulevard ....


Central Park West, from W. 59th St. "Manhattan St........


to W.110th, west side.................. pLexington Ave...........

...,18 “6in.

eding 1001...19 “

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