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Manchester, a society for aiding by the Rev.Mr. Luke (Independent;) the Baptist Missionary Society in sermons by the Rev. J. Herring, of its great objects, and denominated, Cardigan, in Welsh; by the Rev. The Yorkshire and Lancashire Assist- Dr. Ryland, of Bristol, in English; ant Baptist Missionary Society. Mr. from Ps. Ixxii, 17, and Isa. ix, 2.Langdon, of Leeds, preached, on Same day, at three, prayer by the the preceding evening, from Luke, Rev. W. Davids, of Gower, (Indeii. 32. A light to lighten the Gentiles: pendent;) sermons by the Rev. Mr. and the glory of thy people Israel. Jones, of Newtown, in English; On the Wednesday morning, Dr. and the Rev. T. Jones, of RhydwiFawcett, of Hebden Bridge, preach- lym, in Welsh ; from Zech. ix. 10, ed from Isaiah, lii. 10. The Lord and Isa. vi. 49.-In the evening of hath made bare his holy arm in the the same day, prayer by the Rev. eyes of all the nations ; and all the Mr. Roberts, of

Bristol, and sermon ends of the earth shall see the salvation by the Rev. R. Hall, M.A. of Leiof our God. Mr. Henry Pope was cester, from Luke, xviii. 1. then called to the chair, and the so- Thursday morning, at seven, the ciety was formed by passing various Rev. T. Williams, of Salem, prayed: resolutions. Mr. W. Hope, of Li- and the Rev. H. Davies, senior, of verpool, was chosen Treasurer, and Langloffan, preached in Welsh, from Mr. W. Stephens, of Manchester, Numb. xiv. 21.-At ten, the Rev, Secretary to the Society. In the J. Morgans, of Newcastle Emlyn, evening, Mr. Steadman, of Brad prayed; the Rev. C. Evans, of Anford, preached from Psalm lxxii. glesea, preached in Welsh; and the 17. Men shall be blessed in him: all Rev. T. Roberts, of Bristol, in Engnations shall call him blessed.

lish; from Dan. ii. 25, and Luke, ix, More than twenty ministers were 30, 31.–At three, the Rev.J.James, present on the occasion; and many of Aberystwyth, prayed; the Rev. persons attended from different con- B. Davies, of Haverfordwest, preach: gregations, both in Yorkshire and ed in English ; and the Rev. D. SaunLancashire. All present appeared ders, of Merthyr Tydvil, in Welsh; to enter warmly into the spirit of the from Rom. xiii. 11. and Rom. y. 10.great object: and, we trust, the At seven in the evening, the Rev. J. effect of the meeting will be, in the Jones prayed, and the Rev. R. Hall, numerous, churches of these coun- M.A. preached in English, from ties, a growing zeal for the spread Isa. ix. 4.-At the same time, the of the gospel among the nations of service was conducted, in the Welsh the earth. Nearly £200. were col-language, at another place of worlected on the occasion.

ship; where the Rev. T. Morris, of The society agreed to meet again Penrhiwgoch, prayed; the Rev. J. on the first Wednesday in Septem- Evans, of Penygarn, and the Rev. ber, 1816, at Liverpool.

J. Watkins, of Caermarthen, preached, from Heb. ii. 3, 4, and Rom. xii. 11.-All the services were concluded

with praise and prayer. The minisWELSH AUXILIARY

ters engaged seemed to enjoy much MISSIONARY MEETING,

of the Divine presence, and the all

dience, in general, were much afHeld at Swansea, on the 18th, 19th, fected. We trust, that this first and 20th of July, 1815.

Baptist Missionary Meeting in the principality, will prove a real bless

ing, not only to India, but to our TUESDAY evening, the 18th, prayer churches at home. by the Rev. J. Davies, of Pembrokeshire; sermons by the Rev. E. Evans,' At a meeting of Ministers and a few of Caermarthen, in English, and the

Members, Deputies from the three Rev. W. Evans, of Cwmyvelin, in Welsh Associations, held at seven in Welsh, from Rom. ii. 33, and Isa. the morning, and adjourned to three lii. 10.

in the afternoon, at the Baptist. Wednesday morning, at ten, prayer

Meeting-house, on Wednesday, July 19, 1815, the Rev. Dr. Ryland in lish languages, and sent to all the the chair, the following Resolutions churches in Wales. were proposed and carried:

J. RYLAND, D.D. Chairman. Resolved, 1, That it appears de- T. WALTERS, Treasurer. sirable to this meeting, that every J. HARRIES, Secretary. exertion should be made, thoughout the principality of Wales, to assist We understand, that, since the in the propagation of the gospel in meeting, the money collected India, in Ireland, and in the darker (£ 272. 2s. 11d.)--has been divided places of our own country.

between the Baptist Mission, the 2. That, in order to the accom-Baptist Irish Society, and the Fund plishment of this object, the princi- for the Support of Itinerants in the pality should be divided into six dis-English parts of South Wales. tricts, viz. two in each association; that an annual meeting be held in each of these districts, and that YORKSHİRE ITINERANTSOCIETY. one minister from each district in South Wales, be appointed' to preach at each of those annual meetings: On Wednesday, October 18th, 'and, that as many as can attend, do 1815, the half-yearly meeting of the assist the brethren in North Wales. Yorkshire and Lancashire Baptist

3. That it is highly desirable, that Itinerant Society, was held at each minister, throughout Wales, Farsley, near Leeds. should endeavour to get as many an- Mr. Mann, of Shipley, began by nual subscribers as he can, towards prayer. Mr. Hargraves, of Ogden, the support of this society; and that preached from Acts, viii. 4. T'herean annual subscriber of 10s. 6d. shall fore they that were scattered abroad, be considered as a member of the went every where preaching the word. Welsh Baptist Missionary Society in Mr. Hyde, of Saladine-nook, preacheach district; and every contributored from Matt. vi. 10. Thy kingdom of five guineas at once, shall be con- Mr. Holdroyd, of Wainsgate, sidered as a member for life.

concluded in prayer. Met again in 4. That a committee, to manage the afternoon. Mr. Scarlett, of Gilthe concerns of this society, and the dersome, prayed. Mr. Steadman, time and places for holding the next of Bradford, preached from Mark, missionary meetings, in each district, xvi. 20. And they went forth and be fixed upon at the next public preached every where, the Lord workmeetings of ministers in each associ- ing with them. Mr. Edwards, of ation in Wales.

Accrington, concluded in prayer. 5. That the cordial thanks of this Mr. Steadman, being called to the meeting be presented to the Rev. chair, introduced the business by Mess. Kemp, Luke, Davies, and their stating the nature and importance congregations, for the use of their of itinerant exertions. respective places of Worship, and li- The secretary was then called beral contributions in furtherance of upon to report the operations of the the designs of this meeting. society during the last year, from

6. That the grateful acknowledg- which, it appeared, that the society ments of this meeting he presented aids the regular preaching of the to the Rev. Dr. Ryland, and the gospel on Lord's days, at eight difRev. Messrs. Hall and Roberts, for ferent stations, besides occasional their ready attendance, and most preaching on week days, at upwards able assistance, on the present oc- of twenty places. During the last casion.

six months, about forty persons have 7. That the Rev. J. Harries, of been baptized on a profession of Swansea, be requested to draw up a their faith, and two new churches short address to the Baptist churches, formed, which, it is hoped, are the and other friends to missionary exer- first-fruits of an abundant harvest. tions, in favour of the object of the The following resolutions were above resolutions; the same to be then unanimously passed : printed both in the Welsh and Eng- 1. That the success of the society


not only calls for the liveliest grati- Mr. T. Jones, Rhydwylim, preached, tude of its friends, but affords the from 2 Thess ii. 14 ; and Mr. Robert greatest encouragement to persevere Edwards, Flintshire, from James, i. and enlarge the sphere of their ope- | 18, and concluded in prayer. rations.

At ten o'clock, prayer by Mr. 2. That, in proportion as exer- Owen Williams; and Mess. T. Thotions are made to propagate the mas, John Herring, and J. Harries, gospel at home, we may expect preached, from Eph. iii. 14, 15; Isa. assistance will be afforded in sending xxxi. 5; and Ps. Ixxii. 16. it abroad.

Met at two o'clock; prayer by Mr. 3. That the increased expenditure, T. Symmonds; and Mess. John and and opening propects of the society, C. Evans preached from 1 Cor. xv. loudly call for the renewed exertions 25; and 2 Peter, ii. 22. of its friends to support its funds. At six o'clock, Mr. J. P. Davies

4. That the causes at Oldham and prayed, and Mess. John Roberts and Staley-bridge, be taken under the D. Saunders preached, from Mark, patronage of this society.

X. 6, 7, and Isa. xlix. 15, 16. con5. The next half-yearly meeting cluding the work of the day in to be held in Easter-week, at Bacup, prayer. We had sufficient reason to in Lancashire.

conclude, that the great“. Master of J. EDWARDS, Secretary. assemblies" made his face to shine

upon us.

Met on Thursday morning, at ASSOCIATIONS. eight o'clock. Prayer by Mr. Z.

Thomas. The following particulars

being considered, service was conWELSH WESTERN cluded by Mr. Morgan Evans. BAPTIST ASSOCIATION. The circular letter was read by

Mr. Thomas Morris, and it was

agreed it should be printed. Met on Tuesday afternoon, June Agreed, that the churches at Sa13, at two o'clock. Prayer, by Mr. ron, Llandebie parish, CaermarthenD. Jones. Letters from the churches shire, Cwmllwyd, Montgomeryshire, were read, wherein we found, that and Likesomegreen, Flintshire, they are at peace and unity among should collect, for liquidating the themselves; and that there is an ad debt incurred in erecting the above dition to all, except three of them: places of worship. and more flatteriny signs of prospe- Agreed, that the half-yearly asso rity, than has been for several years ciation be held at Drefach, on the back. The voice of gladness is, in 17th and 18th of October next; to general, in the churches; and the begin at two o'clock. Tuesday, Lord seems to comfort Zion, and to Mess. J. James and R. Edwards to “ give unto her beauty for ashes, the preach; and, Wednesday, Mess. oil of joy for mourning, the garment (J. P. Davies, H. Davies, J. Harries, of praise for the spirit of heaviness," and Thomas Jones, to preach. and that her winter season is passed That the Annual Association, next away-storms have subsided-there

year, be held at Fishgard, the second fore we hope to see the time of the Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thurssinging of birds before long.

day, of June; when it will be exMr. John Morgan has been set apart pected, that Mess. Thomas Morris to the pastoral office at Newcastle and David Evans will preach; and, Emlyn, and others exercise their Wednesday, Mess. D. Saunders and gifts in several churches. Mr. David F. Heiley to preach. Evans, Ffynnon-Henry, prayed; Mr. The churches are desired to keep John James, Fishgard, preached, a meeting of humiliation before the from Isa. xlii. 22; and Mr. J.James, Lord, and thanksgiving to him for Aberystwith, from John, ix. 4, and his favourable signs of mercy to his concluded in

prayer. Wednesday morning, at seven after the association.

churches, Wednesday three weeks o'clock, prayer by Mr D Griffith.

Signed by the moderator,


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A meeting of this Association was held at Broughton, on Wednesday, Minutes of the Baptist Association for the 20th of September. Mr. Saffrey Ireland, held at Cork, on Friday, preached in the morning, subject, May 12, 1815, and following days. “ Meetness for heaven,” from Col. i.

(Continued from page 438.) 12. Mr. Welch, of Newbury, in the afternoon, subject, “ The As

State of the church at Rahue taken cension of Christ," from Acts, i.

into consideration. Having no stated 9, 10, 11. Mr. Giles, of Lymington, by the Baptist Society for Ireland, to iti.

minister, brother M‘Carthy (appointed, preached from Rev. vii. 9, 10. The devotional services were conducted the habit of preaching, and occasionally

nerate through the country) has been in by Messrs. Saunders, Clare, Yar- administering the ordinance of the Lord's nold, Owers, Millard, and others.

supper, to that church; this has been · Mr. Tilly, of Forton, preached, considered, by some respectable members, on Tuesday evening, from 1 Cor. i. as irregular, as brother M-Carthy had not 18. Collections were made in aid been ordained pastor of that church. It of the Baptist mission and village was proposed to take this matter more preaching

fully into consideration to-morrow; and The next meeting is appointed to the meeting for business adjourned to ten be held at Ebenezer Chapel, Port- o'clock on that day. sca, in the Easter week, 1816.

On Friday evening, seven o'clock, a Nessrs. Saffrey, Bulgin, and Russel, M'Carthy preached, from Isaiah, Ixii. 1;

meeting was held for worship. Brother are expected to preach.

and, at seven o'clock on Saturday morning, a meeting for prayer.

Saturday, May 13, the ministers, &c. BUCKS AND HERTS.

met at ten o'clock. The Bucks and Herts Baptist Associa Christian friends in the town of Thurles,

A letter was produced, from a few tion met at Great Missenden, May 24.

in Tipperary, expressing a fervent desire, Introductory meeting at seven in the that they may be received, as a church, morning; prayer by Messrs. Tyler and into connection with us; that they have Tomlin.

received comfort and edification under the Half-past ten, sermons by Mr. Tyler, preaching of brother M'Carthy; and exfrom Rom. v. 8, 9, and by Mr. Groser, press a hope, that more missionary labours senior, from Luke, ix. 28.-36. Prayer may be bestowed on this country, which by Messrs. Carter and Lewis.

seeni to promise abundant success. Half past two, met for business. Mr.

It was then proposed, and fully agreed Hunt was chosen moderator, and Mr. to, that this little society of Christians be Tomlin secretary.

Letters from the received into connection with our churches, churches were read. Mr. Groser, senior, and that (as the present meeting of miniswas appointed messenger to the Union Meeting in London. Messrs. Hester and M.Carthy be ordained pastor of that

ters seems peculiarly favourable) brother Collet prayed. At six, sermon by Mr. Anderson, of to administer the Lord's supper to any

charch: thus, being regularly authorized Chalfont, (Independent,) from 1. John, church, it is thought his labours may be üi. 2. Prayers by Messrs. Grošer, junior, more extensively useful and acceptable. and Godwin.

It was then proposed, and agreed to, State of the Eleven Churches. that a letter be immediately written, to inIncrease.

Decrease. form the friends at Thurles of our deterBy baptism, 90 By dismission 3 mination respecting them; and requesting By letter

4 By exclusion 11 they would (if possible) send a messenger By restoration 2 By death 10 to represent them at the ordination. Bro.

ther Hassel retired to prepare a letter, 96

24 which, being read, was approved. Clear increase 72

It was resolved unanimously, that each

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minister, in the Baptist connection in Ire- | brothers Casey, S. C. Austen, Eben, Ose Jand, shall require, of every head of a borne, J. Young, and Geo. Young, be apfamily in his church, an answer to this pointed a comnittee, for carrying these important question :--" Are you in the resolutions fully into effect. daily habit of assembling your family for Brother Richards having been requested the purpose of social worship?" and that to prepare the general letter, the meeting no person shall be admitted to the table of for business adjourned to Tuesday. the Lord, who cannot give to this question On Monday evening, seven o'clock, a a satisfactory answer.

public meeting was held for worship. BroIt was resolved, that no person shall ther Hamilton preached, from 1 Tim. i. 11. be continued a member of any of our *Tuesday, May 16, several of the minis. churches, who is in the habit of frequent ters, &c. being engaged in making collecing theatres, horse-races, or other un. tions for the Baptist missions, &c. there, godly meetings; or whose conformity to was no meeting for business till after the the present world, is inconsistent with the evening service, which began at seven Christian character,

o'clock. Brother Palmer preached, from It was proposed, that the foregoing re- Psalnu lxviii. 18. The general letter was solutions be attached to the general letter; then read, and highly approved of; and and it is recommended to the several minis- | it was agreed to have 500 copies printed, ters, that these resolutions be read to their with the minutes. churches, at least four times in the year. It was proposed, by brother Palmer,

Adjourned to eleven o'clock, on Mon. that, as brother Hamilton, of Youghall, day, for business.

appears possessed of such qualifications as Assembled, for public worship, at half may render him an acceptable assistant to past eleven o'clock, Sabbath-day morning. the pastor of the church bere, he be embrother Clark, of Waterford, preached. ployed, for six months, to preach in Cork,

Assembled, for public worship, at five and, occasionally, in the adjacent towns. o'clock in the afternoon. Brother Hassel The matter was then proposed to bropreached, from Heb. iii. 10%" Therefore ther Hamilton, who, after taking sufficient I was grieved,” &c. After which, the or- time to consult his friends, has cousented, dinance of the Lord's supper was adniinis. and entered on his labours accordingly. tered by brother Richards. Brother Ha- Wednesday, May 17, assembled for milton was, at this time, received into the public worship, and the ordination of bro church of Cork.

ther M'Carthy, at eleven o'clock. Monday, May 15, the ministers, &c. Brother Palmer addressed the audience, met at eleven o'clock. Brother Palmer, on the scriptural practice of setting apart of Shrewsbury, (appointed, by the Baptist persons more immediately for the service Missionary Society of London, to inquire of God; then asked brother M'Carthy into the state of religion in this kingdom, such questions as seemed necessary; who and to make collections in aid of the

East gave a satisfactory evidence of his converIndia and Irish missions) was introduced sion to Christ, his confession of faith, and to the Association.

expressed a wish to be more extensively A letter, fron several members of the employed as a preacher of the gospel. church in Cork, was read, expressing a Prayer was offered up by brother Hassell

, desire, that the associated ministers, &c. with the imposition of hands of the miniswould give their advice, as to the best ters present; after which, brother West means of reviving the cause of religion in addressed him from 2 Tim. ii. 15–“Study this church.

to shew thyself approved," &c. This subject having been taken into Assembled, for public worship, at seven consideration, it was resolved, that we re

o'clock in the evening. Brother M'Carthy commend a zealous and active assistant 10 preached, from 1 Cor. xiii. 13. the present pastor, as the most probable The Independent church, meeting for means of accomplishing so desirable an worship in Cork-street, permitted a public object, as the growth and prosperity of collection to be made at their place of worthe Redeemer's kingdom, in this church, ship, for tbe mission in India. city, and neighbourhood.

It was resolved, that, in order to proyide for such an assistant, a subscription NEW MEETINGS OPENED. be entered into; and that application be made to our brethren in London, Dublin, and elsewhere, for pecuniary aid.

WAINSGATE. Resolved, that the income enjoyed by Os September 7, 1815, the Baptist the present pastor, shall be continued to Chapel at Wainsgáte, which had been rehim, without any deduction whatever. Resolved, that the following persons, Manu, of Shipley, introduced the services

built, was opened. In the morning, Mr.

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