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Book Lin

The song on the creation

On its dissolution and renovation

Guardians of Paradise, their parade,

watches, &c.

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Re-ascent to Heaven on Adam's fall
Appointed to expel Adam, &c. from Paradise
Descent there
Poft afligned
March possessing it, and expelling him, &c.
Vide God the Father
and Son.

Vide Similes.
Guardians of mankind
Angels, fallen, their after-state


Various pursuits, &c.
Loss supply'd by man's creation
Imbattel'd against the Angels cælestial

Disposition to re-engage
| Their artillery, canon, &c.


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Entire defeat, and expulsion from Heaven
Transformed to serpents
Further punish'd with an illusion of the forbidden fruit
Both annually continued

Vide Satan. Vide Similes.
Apostles, their mission, &c.

Gift of the Holy Ghost

Succeffors (wolves, false teachers, &c.) defcribd
Argument of the Poem
Ariel, Arioc and Ramiel (fall'n Angels) vanquish'd
Ark, its building by Noah, describd

Vide Noab.

irk of the covenant describ'd
tarotb and Baalim (fallin Angels)
foreth, or Astarte (a fall'n Angel)
uthor's hymn on conjugal love
To light

Book Line xii

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Reflection, in prospect of Adam's, &c. fall
On Satan's premeditated attempt
On Eve's parting with Adam preceding it
On their nakedness after the fall
On his own blindness, &c.
razel (a fall’n Angel) Satan's standard bearer.

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ralim and Ashtaroth (fall'n Angels)
abel, the city and tower, built by Nimrod, &c.
The confusion of languages there describd
uptism, what the sign of
aptiz’d, the Holy Ghost given primitively to all such
attel, &c. between the cæleftial, and fallen Angels, (God
the Son concluding it) describ'd

Vide Angels cleeftial and full mo
easts, part of the sixth day's creation describ'd
elzebub, (a fall’n Angel)
His answer to Satan's first speech after their fall
To his second
Speech in council, called by Satan thereon
Promotes an attempt on the world
Belial (a fall’n Angel)
His speech in council
To Satan on their advantage gain'd in the re ingagement

with the celestial Angels
Zirds, part of the fifth day's creation, describd
Blafts, an effect of Adam's fall
Bridge from hell-gates to the world over Chaos, the work,
&c. describd

с Cain and Abel, their story related



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Cham's story




Book List Chance, the common notion of it, exploded

000 Chaos describ'd

VH 2.9 Its court Answer to Satan's speech there Bounds fince the Angels fall, the creation, &c. State before it A bridge made over it from hell-gate to the world, at Adam's fall.

Vide Similes.


Charity, its praises, &c.


Chemos, or Peor (a fall’n Angel)

Vide Angels Celefial, &c.

Vide Similes, Church, hirelings in it, compard to the Devil in Paradise ir 193 Cocytus, a river of hell Comparisons

Vide Similes.
Conjugal love, the praises, &c. of it

Distinguish'd from an amour
Consists in reason, not passion
Expreft on the woman's part) in practice
In words

A reciprocal duty of it
Conjugal obedience, woman's happiness, &c.
Conjugal union, the reason and obligations

of it
Conscience, God's umpire in man

The terrors of it
Laws to force it, censur'd

No infallibility against it
Constellations, their appearances, motion, &c.
Creation, the universal, describ'd
Creatures animal in paradise, describ'd

Have degrees of knowledge, and reason
Their diicord, an effect of Adam's fall
Entry of Noab's ark

Dagon (a fall’n Angel)
Damn'd, the vicissitudes of their torments describd

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} Makter a bridge from thence over · Chaos to the world;}

rvid, his throne why eternal
ly and night in heav'n, describ'd
ath and Sin, their station at hell-gates before Adam's

Their union

Book Line xii

320 vi

4 ü: 648 х

249 282

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after it
Meet Satan in his return to hell froi thence
Their journey thither, and influences describ'd
Arrival at paradise
After-conduct in the world

Vide Similes.
ath described
Answer to Satan at hell-gates
The son of Satan and Sin
is birth
Answer to Sin on Adam's fall
To Sin's speech in paradise

Vide Similes.

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ath natural, the causes, and variety of it, described


to 493

from 425

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More terrible in view than reality


469 Of the faithful, a leep to immortality


to 434 The gate of life


571 ath eternal considered

х 808 :luge universal

Vide Noab. spair, the degrees and colours of it

iv 108 vils, why eternally excluded from grace

129 iscord censured


496 Daughter of Sin, &c.

707 ominion absolute in man, over men, an usurpation xii 64 reams illusive, &c. their source


799 Natural

I10 Divine


611 E agle, a bird of prey, an effect of Adam's fall

xi 185 arth and Heaven

Vide Heav'n and Earth. arth, its general creation describd



2 vii 231 The shadow of Heaven

574 Separated from the waters, part of the third day's crea.

vii cion, describ'd

276 Thc


Book 1 The fruits of it, &c.

vü Its motion, or of the Heavens, speculations thereon

Its praises
The centre of the creation
Destruction by Noah's food describd
Reftitution after it
An universal paradise at the Meffiab's coming to judg.

Vide World.
Eden, the country bounded
Eden, the garden of it

Vide Paradise,
Egypt, the plagues of it defcrib'd
Election asserted
Elements, &c. subsist on each other
Enoch, his story and translation

Vide Adam and Eve.
Eve and Adam

Vide Innocence.
Vide Similes.

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Answer to Adam's discourse on the prohibition of the tree

of knowledge Recounts her first view of the creation, Adam, &c. Answer to him at night


Tomin waking have feelipe.bet dream, the subject of Sa-}

Weeping describ'd
Attending the entertainment of Raphael
Her formation from Adam
Behaviour on view of him, &c.
Discourse with him preceding the temptation (the prevail-

ing on her own sufficiency, and his fondness)

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